Saturday, August 02, 2014

Well, that's trippy

I hurt my toe....yet again, I have injured some part of my feet.
At this point I should know better. Either wear some type of foot protection or just don't walk.
Maybe I could find someone to carry me around when I want to be barefoot.
Yeah, that could happen.

Anyways, I *was* wearing socks...which possibly aided in my slipping off of the step that I was "attempting" to climb.
It bent my big toe. Lots of pain.
I thought (briefly) that I might have to go to the Dr. if I had broken my toe...but how would someone break their toe that way, really?
Anyways, once I saw that my legs needed to be shaved before I could go to the Dr., which would involve climbing the whole flight of stairs that I just slipped off the first step of...well, the Dr. idea flew out the window.

Eventually the pain subsided and I could wiggle my toe so I figured it was okay.
This morning it looked fine but just felt sore, but after cramming it into sneakers and shopping all toe has a lovely purple-pink bruise covering the top of it.

I'm thinking of pairing it with a deep plum nail polish, maybe I'll even add glitter.

Seriously, I would not have survived long in a time without shoes.
I would have been named "She-who-steps-in-bear-trap"...or something.
Sad ballads would have been sung about me wearing water moccasins on my feet.
Tripping over a turtle.
Stepping on some poisonous slug.
Kicking a hedgehog.
The possibilities are endless.

I think I should invest in steel-toed shoes...while I still have toes left to protect.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Sisters

Sometimes it's awesome to be a big sister.

This afternoon I heard, what sounded like, the girls playing with the bathroom door so I went to investigate.
Shiloh was instructing Vivian "Now you say "O-cahpeed" if you are going in there."
Vivian -"What do I say?"
Shiloh - "Are you going in there? I'll let you go in first, you just have to say O-cahpi. okay?"
Vivian - "Okay"
She pokes her head out of the bathroom door and says "O-cahpi!" 
She shuts the door.
I walk over to Shiloh, not understanding.
"Are you guys speaking your own language, now?" (It wouldn't be the first time)
Shiloh- "I'm in line to go to the bathroom."
"Oh, okay"
Shiloh- "You can get in line too."
"Um. okay...."
A few minutes later Vivian pops her head out of the bathroom. "I'm done now Shiloh. What do I say now?"
Shiloh- "Now you say UN-Ocahpeed"
Vivian - Oh, UN-Ocahpi"
She walks out of the bathroom and Shiloh walks in and pops her head out of the door and says "O-cahpi!"
She shuts the door and it hits me.
She is trying to say (she must have read it so she didn't know the pronunciation) and teach her sister
"Occupied and Unoccupied" :-D

Later on Shiloh was playing the piano, and she was playing all of the songs that she knew.
Then she announced, several times, that when she was done playing....she would be available for autographs.
Vivian grabbed a sheet of paper and drew a picture, and wrote "Yay Shiloh!" around it...and made sure there was a box for Shiloh's signature.
Sooo precious! :)

I made homemade mini pot pies for dinner...for the first time.
But I didn't know that it would take so long for them to cool.
I baked them in little ramekins and boy, do those hold in the heat!
I finally gave them to the girls but told them to be careful and eat the veggies on the plate first to give the pot pies more time to cool.

I have never seen a 6 year old nail dead-panning and sarcasm like Vivian.
She finished her veggies and then held her spoon, rotating it like a rotisserie over the steam coming from her pot pie.
"Hmm, just what every kid wants. To roast their spoon."

Color with Coffee

My Cuties, Post-Dance class. :)
Showing off their crowns that made at the end of class. (Frozen theme)

My colorful Hydrangeas.
Amazing what a little coffee grounds placed around the base of a hydrangea will do for the colors.



We're getting all of those colors off even one bush.
Love hydrangeas! :)

It's Summer time, Summer time...

It has been a busy Summer so far. Summer is always like that...goes by in a blink!
The girls have had tons of fun at the Library this year.
Our Librarian ladies are awesome, they know the girls by name and have so much patience with all of the children. :)

The girls' latest craft time was soap making, this is one of their favorites.
They did it a couple of years ago and still play with the little rubber snakes they had in their soap.
This year we went from snakes to a frog (Vivian's) and a stingray (Shiloh's)

I'm not sure why they bypassed the cute little lamb or the otter wearing a little vest but yeah...they always do.
At least we end up with a nice balance of toys in our house, it could be easily over-whelmed in pink but they have dragons and knights, RC trucks, train tracks...and now, frogs and stingrays. ;-)

My counter is covered in library crafts!
They offer a simple craft each week, besides the programs/crafts that require registration.

We have paper plate spider webs, UFO's, rocket ships...and on and on.
The girls made a marshmallow launcher on Monday.
Shiloh launched one marshmallow, and then when I told her she couldn't eat that one...(because it landed in a houseplant!) she decided to eat the rest of her marshmallows instead of launching them.
Vivian asked me to write a "V" on her bag and then just set it aside, not even trying to launch one.

When DH came home from work, I showed him her marshmallows and launchers and the girls freshly-made soaps. He said "Which ones are Vivian's?"
I pointed them out and he quickly stashed her soap and marshmallows on top of the microwave. "I want to tease her in the morning and see what is her reaction."
<> What is it with Dads?!?!?! 

In the morning he told her "Vivian, your soap was so nice. I used it last night."
Vivian: "But you don't even use soap!"
DH continued "And I was sooo hungry last night that I ate all of your marshmallows."
Vivian: "But Mama always makes you food, didn't you eat your food?"
DH: "I was still hungry."
DH: "Is it okay that I used your soap and ate all your marshmallows?"
Vivian: yes..."


I started getting things ready for the new school year.
I've mailed in all my paperwork to the school but I am still waiting for their response.
It could take awhile since our whole school system is in upheaval.
They've started a new system that would make both of the girls have to go to totally different school buildings, on opposite sides of the city this year...*IF* they went to public school.

So very thankful to be able to Homeschool them!! <3 br="">
Shiloh needed a new Number Places chart. She has not needed her old chart in awhile and it's already being used by Vivian now. But Shi did need the bigger chart this year as the million's places are confusing her.
 We've gotten a lot of use out of our simple chart over the years!
Number charts
There are a few school supplies that I need to pick-up...a package of pencils, good-name glue sticks, and those big thick erasers. But I went a bit overboard last year so we still have a good-stock of other things.

A sheaf of strange yellowish-brown paper that was on clearance for $0.60
Yep, got that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Vivian took awhile to warm up to reading and writing but now she loves writing stories.
(Often on a dry-erase board though, so I have to take pictures to preserve them!) 

She thinks that she is an expert at rhyming too.
She's often heard going "Orange-Porange, Dresser-Bresser, Truck-Cruck, Street-Preet, Kiwi-Tiwi"...and so on.
Then she crows "I am soo good at Rhyming!" ;-D

Despite an invasion of Japanese beetles, the garden still seems to be doing okay...maybe even flourishing.
Vivian is honestly eating the blueberries as fast as we can pick them though. So three bushes supplies just her and I think we might need to buy a couple more for the rest of the family... 
We only had one of our new raspberry bushes survive the winter so we're only getting a few berries at a time. That bush has horribly sharp prickers though, it's drawn blood from me many times already!
Hopefully it produces more next year because the loss of blood is not balancing well with the amount of fruit gleaned!

We're having an unusually good crop of green beans. This is our second harvesting of them...I had a surprising amount of the plants actually survive the seedling stage and it might be due to the fact that I bought more expensive seeds this time. Hmmm...

The girls go through the green beans almost as quickly as the blueberries.
They love them covered with butter and Parmesan cheese. :)

We also have one zucchini that's ready for picking..but I want it just a little bigger. ;-)
Gardening is easier with little helpers.
We leave an area that is just dirt so they can play with their cars or dig, plant things and make ant hills.
But they also help with the watering and harvesting and finding beetles so that I can pick them off.

And of course, as I mentioned before...they help with the eating!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mama's famous Glitter Pie

The girls have been very fortunate to get into several library programs over the Summer.
Usually the space is very limited and they can only go to a couple.
So far they have been able to spend an afternoon doing Shrinky Dinks.
(those are always fun)
And another afternoon doing "Icy Art" which is basically watercolors, crayons, and salt.

Too messy though, every time I move a picture, salt drops everywhere.
, I already had to pick glitter out of my pie dough so I'm not feeling a lot of patience for messy crafts theses days...

The library program has been a lot of fun this year. The girls especially love to do the "Feel in the box" and then checking off what they find. Vivian has a hard time finding everything in the box....and Shi has a hard time not getting her fingers/hand stuck inside whatever she finds in the box, but they both really enjoy that part of their library visit anyways. ;-)

Have you seen the "Share a Coke" bottles yet?
I found one to share with Katie, but she was not in the mood to look at the camera.

And then Rainbow was in a mood because I didn't have a bottle for him. lol
(Look at that frown!)

Tiny Dancers

I was able to get the girls into a dance class for the Summer.
I was excited to find a class for both of their ages so they can be together.
They love it!

Also reading their library books before their class is becoming a routine now.

The class is based on the movie "Frozen" so music from the movie plays while they learn little dance moves.
And they do games/dance high-kicks to catch snowflakes, and Sven skips. ;-)

They also get a little time to do a "Frozen" craft...while Mama gets a little uninterrupted reading time.
Not a bad way to enjoy a Summer at all. ;-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Gardening and Mad libs

We started working on our garden. I was putting in the rows while the girls helped me.
(Which mostly consisted of them finding worms)
Then they sat on the deck with popsicles and shouted "Good job, Mom! You're almost done, Mom!" at me. lol

I still have a lot more planting to do but the first few plants didn't make it so I'm waiting for some milder weather before I put anything else out.

Vivian lost her first two teeth.

Awful cute, but it's not helping her lisp at all. ;-)
She actually woke up sometime early this morning, got all dressed, then climbed back into bed and fell asleep again.
Shiloh and DH kept asking me if she was okay.
I let her sleep in (she overslept) and she said she woke up and got dressed but her eyes were very tired and wouldn't stay awake so she went back to bed.
I think her clock was off a little today. (She was a bear yesterday so she likely needed the extra sleep!)

The girls have their own set of little cars that we keep out the garage. But they always make me draw some roads with chalk before they can play.
This last time they wanted houses and driveways for each of their cars.

AND a hospital (with a helicopter landing pad!), fire station, police station. Wal-Mart, Target, a park , a mall...and a mansion for the Mayor.

The girls each have a dry-erase board that I put some work on each day.
They need to write the date down and then I add some problems or a game for them to work on.
Vivian loves the addition cubes, so she asked for me to put some on her board today. :)
I was explaining to Shiloh about Mad Lib games since she's learning about nouns and adjectives...and not too happy about it.
Vivian thought it sounded like fun so we did a Mad Lib on her board today. :)

Roses are Red, Couches are Blue

We sold our couch and love seat recently and I realized it's very hard to put a value on things when you're a Mom.
We had our living room set for quite awhile.
But it's not the wear of the fabric or how sturdy the legs were that came to my mind when trying to price it.
It's the fact that both girls pulled themselves to standing on those couches - priceless.
Proud little baby smiles when they first managed to climb onto the couch by themselves -
Nursing both of my babies there - priceless.
Endless baby, toddler, child naps taken - priceless.
Forts built with the cushions - priceless.
My husband had to bring me down to earth. :)
Couches are couches and memories are to separate the two!
He thought we would probably end up needing to have the old set hauled away but I did find a buyer and managed to sell the set rather quickly, which was unexpected and then we were stuck sitting on blankets on the floor.
Time to go shopping!
Or rather time for ME to go shopping!

The story of our first living room set is that we didn't even have our first house yet.
I had recently started working a new job for a CPA, and my husband called me one day at work and said
"Would you be upset if I bought couch and love seat without you?"
I said "YES!"
He said "Oh, 'cause I bought them today."

Me: "Really?!?! Well, I guess as long as you didn't buy white ones it will be okay."
Dead Silence.

Then "Well, they're not really white....more of an off-white."
A few sets of couch covers later and here we are. 

So this new couch selection meant I got more of a say. Much more.
DH did input that he wanted a chaise on one side (which I liked as well) and solid legs.
I was leaning toward getting a blue or bluish-gray couch and the store happened to have one that fit all our requirements.

When I went to talk to the sales lady she mentioned that they had the same exact couch in clearance.
Even the same color!
Someone had ordered it and then decided that they wanted it in a different color.
The couch I want, the color I want,...on clearance. Yes, please!
When I went to set up delivery I mentioned that we were currently without living room furniture and sitting on the floor.
Normally I would have had to wait three days for the delivery, but they managed to get it to me later that same day!
Unbelievable, but awesome! :)

I was wondering if the couch would be too small but it really fits in nice....and actually barely through our door!

Monday, April 28, 2014

TV Glasses

Just when you think she can't get any cuter...
(with a photo bomb courtesy of Vivian, lol)

She does it!

Shiloh had her first eye exam earlier this month.
I was a little anxious because she is bouncy ( I call her Tigger all the time!) and just generally it's really hard for her to sit still and the last time I saw the Optometrist there he was a rather crabby older guy.
But thankfully the Doctor who saw her was a young man who was great with kids.
I had explained everything to Shi as much as I could so she knew what to expect and the Doctor was great about explaining each device that he was using.
She was so tiny in the chair that he had a hard time positioning the slit lamp so he could see her eyes and it was squishing her legs a bit.
When he was done he chatted with me a bit and then asked Shiloh if she had any questions for him.
She said "Yes. When can I get out of this chair?" lol

She has nice healthy eyes. (yay!)
She can use some help reading words that are far away, like the closed-captioning on the television so she calls these her TV glasses.
She mostly just wears them when she's watching television or playing video games.
Looking stylish while we fight those Lego bad guys...that's how we roll. ;-)

Easter 2014

Finally getting a chance to put up my Easter pictures. :)
I got a new camera recently so I've been playing with the different settings a lot.
So some photos might look "different", I'm not sure what I did but....Ta da! 

Coloring Easter Eggs with Grama

In their Easter dresses on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night...Vivian lost her first tooth while brushing her teeth before bed. :)

The girls got glow wands in their Easter baskets from Grama and Grampa.
I got some awesome photos of them enjoying their wands that night...somehow.
Ta da!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow and Elsa

The girls have been sick with bad colds.
My counter looks like a pharmacy of cold and cough syrups, tissues, Vicks, and vaporizers. :-P
I had to run to the store for more tissues and Starlight mints for their sore throats, and minty ice cream for the same reason.
We had to get some cookies too, of course! After all I'm sure double fudge is a known immunity booster!

I got on my laptop before I left to check the weather, look for coupons, check my email etc.
And what did I see in my mailbox but a notice that Robo hamsters were on sale.

Le sigh.

I'll just look, see what they have.

And I'll just bring my little pet travel carrier...just in case.

We get to Petsmart and we do our usual circuit.
Visit the rescue cats, then watch the dog grooming...if we're lucky enough to see any.
Then on to reptiles, birds, fish and finally the pocket pets.

I look in the Robo case, they only carry males, and I can see one brown one running around and one more in the little plastic igloo they have in there for them to sleep in.
Two is all I need, so I call the assistant over and she takes the case down, lifts the igloo and little baby hamsters go scurrying everywhere. Lots of them!

Right away we notice this little guy. A white hamster!
Too cute! And I've never seen a white Robo in the stores before.
Shiloh claims him and promptly names him "Snow" short for "Snow White".
I call him "Snowball" or when he's being feisty "President Snow". Yes, I'm in the midst of reading the Hunger Games books...just a few years behind the trend.
Shi keeps correcting me though, it's Snow White.

Then from out from the pile of slowly-waking brown hamsters, another little white face pops up!
A totally white Robo. Vivian wants that one!
He likes his sleep, a little fatter  fluffier than Snow. A bit slower and calmer, and terrible at running on the Silent Saucer. He can barely stay on there for 15 seconds without losing his footing and flying around it for several rotations or being flung out most-unceremoniously on his back.
After much thought, Vivian finally named him "Elsa" from the movie "Frozen".
She didn't like any of my suggestions of "boy" names, but actually "Elsa" fits. :)

I need to buy more bedding materials now (I didn't realize that I didn't have much left from Rory) and maybe another Silent Spinner...they both keeping crowding into this one and it's already beat-up, a larger size one will fit both of them better.
Since they are from the same litter they are supposed to get along, if they are never separated.
I also read-up on a few other tricks to help them cohabitate peacefully such as having double of most things (this helps with kids too) and no food dish. 
Apparently they might fight over food at the dish so it's preferrable to scatter the food around for them to find like a scavenger hunt.
Ah, makes it easier for me. No dish to clean. :)
So far having two in the same bin is not really any harder than having one in the bin. They don't seem to make any more mess or smell.

They make me miss Rory though, which I didn't expect.
Little things like the way she always woke up and came out when I opened her bin (probably just looking to see what treat I put in her dish) while these babies just snuggle back down to sleep.

But they are much less jumpy than she was at being touched and petted, which is really nice as they are so extremely soft. They feel like tiny, tiny, rabbits. :)