Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Uncouth Tooth

DH has a bad tooth.
Well actually it's bad under the tooth. An abscess. Eek!
Apparently it's under a tooth that already had a previous root canal.
DH said three Dentists came in to look at his X-rays because they couldn't figure out how the infection got there.

He ended up having to take off work due to the pain. :(
Three prescriptions and about 36 hours later and the pain is finally subsiding.
We're not done with Dentist appointments though, they have to wait until the infection is gone before they can do anything with the tooth so this will drag out into next month.
Vivian kept telling him "Don't worry Dada, once it comes out, the Tooth Fairy will bring you money!" 

I've been so busy the past couple days running everywhere it seems.
Yesterday especially.
After I drove DH to his early Dentist appt., the girls and I went to Walmart to pick him up some high-calorie shakes because he couldn't eat anything with his mouth hurting.
Then when we left there, we came close to a white SUV that was going the WRONG way in the Roundabout.
The guy was pretty freaked when he realized his mistake. I'm not sure how he got back out.
All that was before 9:30!
Then we got home and found most of a bottle of apple juice had spilled into one of the girls bags and was dripping everywhere...
Sticky everywhere...

DH hadn't even been able to talk much so it helps that we've been married so long that I knew all his information to give and can basically figure out what he was trying to tell me.
Vivi was watching me trying to figure out his gestures yesterday and finally she ran up to him.
"Dada! This means Yes! She vigorously nodded her head.
"Dada! This means No!" She shook her head.
"Okay? That's how you do it!"
Lol, love this kid!

In the afternoon, a storm came through, and a tree fell down blocking our street.
That was despite Vivian's song that the..."Rain, Rain, go away. All the way to Canada or some other far away country."  She was making up this little song while we were driving.:)
Thankfully we didn't lose power!
Crazy day!

Shiloh has been accumulating her own injuries. On Monday, she bumped her head on the dining room table which I wasn't too concerned about because the table is on sliders and moves pretty easily.
Though it did hurt, it didn't bruise or swell....though she was convinced it was swelling until I had her feel her other temple.
Ta da! They match!

On Tuesday, she banged her knee on the dining room chair while jumping/bouncing/hopping into the seat.
(whatever way she was trying to sit down, it wasn't just calmly sitting down for sure)
She makes certain our "Disney Princess" ice pack gets a lot of use.
No swelling or bruising again, but she was again sure that her knobby knee was just not right.
Until....Ta da! 
I pulled up her other knee so she could see it was equally bumpy.
Her face was priceless. lol

Today is Wednesday. Today I have her bandaged in bubble wrap. ;-) 
Well, it's an idea, but probably wouldn't help anyways. Lol

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Birthdays and Baby books

How quickly seven years can pass!
My baby just turned seven!

The night before Vivi's birthday, Shiloh lost another tooth.
So I pulled out their baby books because I keep a chart to record their lost teeth in their baby books.
Well, the girls loved reading through their baby books and laughing hysterically at what their first words and sounds were etc.
Such a fun way to celebrate a birthday. :)

Vivian asked for chocolate cupcakes, but her ideas for decorating the cupcakes changed by the second. So I looked at the Wilton website....which is just awesome.
And it gave me a ton of ideas.
I thought I could attempt rainbow frosting, but maybe just start with just three colors since it would be my first time.
Vivian loved the suggestion of rainbow frosting, but she insisted on four colors.
Okay, but lets try to make them light colors, like pastels so my errors are not so glaring.
Ta da!
The rainbow frosting was soo pretty.
It gave me the confidence to try the swirl technique that I also saw on the page.
I'm overly-impressed with my new-found talents. lol

The birthday girl reading her new book.
A new series I discovered written by her favorite author. :)
She wore her favorite dress and "Princess" pin too.

The girls putting together a new Lego set this morning.
(and yes, Shiloh sits like that quite often!)
They both had a lot of fun.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Dust bunnies be gone!

We've been busy doing Spring least while we still have a few days left of Spring.
I've been in a deep cleaning mode.
I even pulled out the heavy piano and vacuumed behind it, and then put it right back in the same spot.
So nobody even knows how clean it is back there...which is why I am announcing it here. lol
Yesterday DH and I moved a bunch of furniture around and cleaned under and behind everything.
Thankfully he caught my cleaning bug too, either that or he's worried about me getting squished under a dresser....
It's making me buff. I have biceps again!

Vivian is always eager to help with cleaning. She likes to wear her over-sized rubber gloves and dip a paper towel into a soapy bucket and scrub the dust of things.
Yes, I end up with a lot of drippy wet things...but at least they aren't dusty anymore. ;-)

BUT what Vivian does not like is any kind of throwing things out!
She's turning into a miniature hoarder.
Shoes that she's outgrown but "likes to look at". (sorry kiddo)
Seriously, the kid has a bubble envelope that is filled with bubble wrap that she won't let me toss.
She says she likes to pop a bubble here and there. :-D

We've also been taking a lot of walks enjoying the beautiful weather.

We've also been a lot of trips to the library.
The girls have been zipping through books, heavy books.
I told them we may have to make a rule that they can only get as many books at a time, as they can carry.
Carrying both their book bags is tough!
Probably the other reason I have biceps!

The library put in this cute reading tent, a couple weeks ago.
The girls enjoy reading there if we have a little extra time.

After school lets out it won't be so serene, but we love that we have the library to ourselves most days.
Though the library is running out of books! Seriously!
The librarian mentioned that the girls keep getting books they've already read, and how I could order books for them.
We've done it occasionally before. But they read through them so quickly it almost wasn't worth the wait.
Maybe we'll find some special ones to order though.
I've started reading a bunch online and I enjoy that...but it's just not the same as a book in the hand. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring and School

We made these flowers the other day. :)

They were a pretty simple craft, flowers made from paper cups with green straw stems.
The girls decorated them with foam pieces, pompoms, glitter and markers.
It was a kit but I think it's be pretty easy to recreate.
They look so nice in my bud vases from "The Christmas Tree Store"!

I had to bring in my little violas tonight, another frost in the forecast.
They are so cute.

The girls both had some writing work to do about ice cream/ice cream shops.
Vivian wrote this huge thing...the girl likes ice cream! ;-)

It reads "I love vanilla, rainbow sherbet, and strawberry ice cream.
Sometimes I like chocolate ice cream.
I like all flavors of ice cream but I'm lactose intolerant. I can't have too much dairy. The End."

She was reading about the tradition of giving an apple to the Teacher.
The next day she drew me my own Teacher's apple. :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Private Condensation

Our Summer-like days seemed to come to a rather abrupt stop for a bit.
More than 20 degree drop in daytime temps and the addition of frost warnings.
Just hoping everyone stays healthy through this!
I was just reading a planting guide that said the last frost for our area was normally the middle of April.
Hmm, really?

When I last saw our neighbor's dog it had acquired the new bling of ...a choke chain!
Yay! Though I would've been happier with a collar, anything to hold onto is good with me.
Ultimately I hope she stays in her yard and I never have to grab onto her anyways.
BUT she's still constantly trying to watch the girls when they're outside from under the fence.

So I thought I should do a dog safety lesson with the girls.
Knowledge is power and all that.
I did google search and found a lot of information.
So we learned how to do a "tree pose" when a dog comes around.
I found a printable booklet that the girls could color in, from the AKC here.
I didn't print out the whole thing, but selected a bunch of pages.
The girls also enjoyed taking turns pretending to be the dog, and practicing their tree poses and how to back away from a dog. lol

Shiloh has started reading "The Secret Garden".
It's been so neat to talk about the book with her, and especially about how we've pictured parts of the story in our minds. :)
Also the fact that we both thought "Colin" was pronounced "colon" the first time that we read the book. ;-)
We were talking away and DH came and interrupted, he needed me for something.
Shiloh said "Dada! We are having an important condensation!"

Lol, I'm glad she enjoyed our "condensation" as much as me. :)

Vivian has been doing reading comprehension work using Shiloh's "Milo and Jazz" books.
Shi has read those books backwards and forwards so she sometimes helps Vivian with the questions that Viv is supposed to answer after reading each chapter.
So far Vivian is loving the books almost as much as Shi, so it has made her actually enjoy the work. Yay!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Dog Days

Today was gorgeous and hot!
After schoolwork I took all the books outside that I needed to check over and Vivi came out with me.
It was nice to get some sunshine, though Vivi is a little too chatty to get much work done around. ;-)
Then we drew a whole chalk town for their matchbox cars.
Shi came out then and added to the town with her own neighborhoods. 
Vivi had to have Kohl's and Target and Walmart, along with the usual police and fire stations and hospitals.
Then a whole row of her favorite restaurants. lol
It was turning into a city!

By then we were quite hot so we went inside and I made ice cream cones for the girls.
I sent them out to the garage while I put everything away.
Then I heard Vivian shriek at the top of her lungs!
Followed by shouts of "Mom! It's a dog!
A dog! Mom!"
I ran outside and our neighbors huge Labrador is running around the girls with one of my husband's work gloves in its mouth!

The dog has been wanting to play with the girls for awhile. It's always peeking under the fence or out the windows at them and getting excited.
Today the dog escaped, or rather wandered away from his inattentive owner, and made a beeline for them.
So I'm running down the driveway barefoot (because you don't grab your shoes when your kid shrieks like that) and trying to grab this dog.
Which doesn't have a collar, and has that greasy short-haired coat...and it's fat so its neck is the same size as it's head!
And it just kept jumping on me!
Such a pain, and then it kept chasing the girls as I tried to get them in the house.
I managed to get Vivian in first.
Then Shiloh threw a broom at the dog and I hustled her into the house too.

Without the girls around the dog quickly ran back to its house.
Poor Vivian was shaking. :(
She's been afraid of big dogs for awhile, this latest encounter definitely did not help.

Shi said she heard the neighbor yelling at the dog and saw him put it inside.
Later, I saw DH's glove had been tossed back over the fence.

My Mom vs. dog battle injury.

Once I knew the dog was inside, we went out and the girls played a bit longer.
I don't want Vivian to fear that this dog is going to escape all the time.
This was just the owners fault. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

It's actually a rather dreary, rainy Wednesday here.
I made breakfast for everyone this morning, then started a load of laundry before I finally sat down with my breakfast.
About that time everyone else was at least half-way through their breakfasts.
I get up again before I even take a bite, to get a dish of peaches for Vivian.
I sit down and take a bite of my breakfast.
DH asks for more coffee.
I take another bite of my breakfast. "Just a minute..."
Vivian chimes in "Mom, Dada wants more coffee!"
I frowned and got up.
Just as I reached the coffeepot, I heard Vivian say in a stage-whisper to her Daddy.
"Dada, Mama might pour the coffee in your lap."


DH said that she built him up by joining his side, then poured ice water on his head.

We worked on Earth Day crafts this week.
Our "Earth" was made with markers on a coffee filter, then sprayed with water and left to dry.

Vivian said she helps the earth by taking care of plants. (which she is good at doing!)

Shiloh said she helps the earth by not wasting food.

Shi had a harder time coming up with a way that she actually helps the earth.
I was mentioning conserving water and turning out lights.
"I help plants by not peeing on them."
I laughed until I was almost in tears.
But then she said she was just confused and that wasn't what she meant.
She had a larger list of things to help the earth, just not things she she could actually do at the moment. ;-)

I moved our giant aloe to the front porch yesterday.
It has gotten incredibly heavy.
I was going to weigh it but when I picked it up...bending carefully at the knees to avoid injuring my back.
Well, I ended up hurting my knee! :(
Pulled something and it hurt the rest of the day whenever I knelt down or used the stairs.
It's feeling better today but I'm not moving that aloe again.
It even left dents in the table top that it was on.
So it's a floor plant now.

Ankle biter.