Saturday, April 11, 2015

Green Thumb

I like hydrangeas and I cannot lie.

The stores are setting them out.
Putting them on sale.
So many colors, so many choices.

Like this new addition.
Pointed pink tips, and matches so nice with its new spring green blossoms.

Or this lovely coral colored one with more rounded petals.
Looks like an impatiens.

Or this third beauty, similar to the first....but not exactly.

Or this bouquet. Okay, this one is fake... ;-)

My aloe plant has gone insane this winter.
In the fall time I bring it in from our front porch.
It's always a challenge to find room to put it.
It's heavy and takes up a lot of space.
This year I decided to stick it in the dark corner next to our staircase.
I thought/hoped that the darkness would cause it to shrivel a little...maybe even some leaves would die off.
No, adversity is its friend.
Instead it reaches for light, growing even longer leaves, impossibly long tentacles!
Nobody puts aloe in the corner.

It has become our guard dog.
Demanding attention from all that pass by.
Often this winter I have heard the sounds of my children captured in its spiny grip.
"Mom! Mom! The aloe has got me! I can't move!"
While I run and shout "Don't move, you'll tip it over!"
It's reaching its pointed arms through the banister to grab at our ankles as we go up and down the stairs.
Amazingly, it hasn't lost even one baby plant.

I measured it recently and it's reaching well over a yard, forty-four inches to be exact from point to point.
I wonder if I could win some type of green thumb award?

I'm tempted to glue some googly eyes on it.

Unbelievable to remember how small it was when we first got it.
Now it even has a leaf that is so heavy it split down the middle, but healed back up again of course...we just can't loose any leaves! ;-)

Dentists and Dragons and Spelling!

The girls had teeth cleaning appointments this week.
Vivian was excited but Shi was anxious about it.
Everything went smoothly until fluoride treatment time.
Then Vivian looked very concerned, "Mama, they said that Shiloh can't eat or drink for half an hour. Does that mean I can't eat or drink either!!"
"Yep, but it's just for 30 minutes."
Vivian: "But I want to go to Cracker Barrel!"
Me: "It will be all done by the time we get there."
Vivian frowns sadly.
Me: "Are you going to make it Viv?"
Vivian: "I don't know. It's a long time and I'm hungry!" :-D

Later they dug out their castle set and were playing with their Daddy.
The girls have a big dragon and they made it go to the Dentist.
The Dentists were Eagles who cleaned its teeth like it was a crocodile.
A little "Wild Kratts" meets "How to train a Dragon"?

Then they shot little flame darts at Daddy.
"Daddy your clothes are on fire! Stop, drop, and Roll!
Stop, drop, and Roll!" Vivian shouted.
DH didn't know what "Stop, Drop, and Roll" was...apparently those commercials and public safety announcements weren't played with the cartoons in Singapore. ;-)

Vivian is doing her spelling list online right now.
We like to alternate between writing them on paper, the whiteboard, or online.
I found this site spelling training
where I can put in her spelling words and she can listen to them and type them in.
Makes spelling a little more interesting to be able to do your lists different ways. :)
Plus I keep losing the link, so putting it here will make one place where I know I can find it! 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Happy Easter!

We had a very nice Easter!
I think I'm *still* full! :)

The girls colored Easter eggs.
(That was the day that Vivian decided to empty her jewelry box and wear almost everything in it at one time...including her "Frozen" crown from dance class!)
Some of the finished eggs...Well, not quite finished.
The girls added some stickers afterwards.
It snowed, quite a lot actually though at least it didn't stick.
Certainly the snowiest Spring that I can recall in quite awhile.

Thankfully we're all recovered now and were able to enjoy our Easter fully.:)

Monday, March 30, 2015


Don't come near us!
 We're basically a big germ fest over here. :-S

Since Shiloh was the first to come down the plague here, she is the most recovered.
But of course she does sickness...with an extra flair.

Last night, right before bed, she suddenly breaks out in hives all over her face...near her eyes, all up her ear.
Crazy puffy pink hives!
So I quickly gave her Benadryl, then brushed her teeth and got her all ready for bed but kept her down on the couch with me.
They came on so suddenly that I wanted to keep an eye on her until I knew the Benadryl worked.

Thankfully today she only had a spot appear here and there and then fade.

Vivian has a slightly worse cough.
Unfortunately the girls were well enough to play together, but still too sick to really get along well.
Made for a long day for Mama...who also needs the tissues now.

We had a light schoolwork day, including a little whiteboard quiz.

What makes Shiloh feel better? She wrote "Mama".
Makes the sleepless nights worth it. :)

Vivian's list...long list of what makes her feel better.
It's basically a menu! Blueberries, shrimp with butter, raspberries, peaches, mixed fruit...
She also drew a picture of sitting on the couch watching "Wild Kratts". :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

The sickness continues...

I called the Pediatrician this morning but after the nurse spoke to the Doctor, he decided that Shiloh has a virus and that I should keep doing what I am doing (alternating Motrin/Tylenol and giving her lots of fluids) and call them after the weekend if she's not improved. 

She had such a frequent cough Wednesday night that no one was getting any sleep. 
So last night we set up a little bed for Vivian in our room.
Vivi still has just the sore throat, but she needs her rest to keep it from turning into anything else.
She's actually quite in love with the whole arrangement.

We've been waking up early most mornings this week with Shi's coughing, so we often end up on the couch watching PBS.
We were watching one cartoon where they mentioned  making"smoked barracuda"
Vivian made a face and said "Ew, he smoked a barracuda?"
Me: "Not like that. He smoked it as a way of cooking it."
Vivi: "You mean, he burnt it until smoke came out!"

Um, well that is the way that *I* smoke things...
 I was having trouble with a bear-shaped pancake pan last week and Shiloh came into the kitchen and said "Mmm, are you making barbecue!"
That is a definite sign that your pancakes are in trouble.
Well, there ARE black bears after all.
Not barbecue...authentic! ;-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fever, fever, go away...

Day one of having sick children, the Mom-jump into Caregiver mode.
Fetching drinks and apply cool cloths to foreheads.
Tucking in blankets, dosing out medication, taking temperatures, hauling out vaporizers.

Sleepless night of spending part of the night in your own bed, part of the night taking care of sick children, and part of the night of the night curled up on the foot of the children's bed holding the fevered hand of a child who can't sleep without your presence.

Day two, Caregiver mode is now fueled by coffee and chocolate.
Television is on constantly. Mom drifts off during an episode of Curious George...wakes up 15 minutes later to find George has (once again) gotten himself into another mischievous mess.
Thankful my children are not curious monkeys.

Sleepless night #2, basically a repeat of above.

Day three, Why won't the toaster make coffee? Why do we even have a toaster if it won't make coffee?
Want to cry because toaster won't make coffee.

Basically, I've realized day three is my breaking point.
Vivian woke up with a sore throat but it has only been bothering her off and on today so I'm hoping it's nothing.
She is not a good patient at all. She gets man-colds.

Shiloh's fever is finally gone tonight! I'm waiting for her Motrin dose to wear off completely but so far the Motrin has never brought her temperature down this far.
I'm hopeful!
I was planning to call the Dr. in the morning if she still had this fever.
Hopefully I won't have to make that call!

She also lost a tooth tonight!
It actually was good timing as it kept her focus on wiggling her tooth and less on her sickness.

Now hopefully the Tooth Fairy is not too tired to remember to make an appearance tonight!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One down One up

Shi has come down with the Flu. :(
I'm not sure where she got it since we haven't gone out a lot but somehow...
I wasn't sure if she had a cold or flu, so I looked up a list of Flu symptoms and she had every single one.
She was pretty down today with fever (30hrs and counting),and never really left the couch.

Vivian was in rare form, having the house and most of my attention for herself!
Oh, she is such a character.
We were teasing each other and I said "Vivi, what is going on over here?"
Vivian: "Sorry! It was an accident!"
Me: "They say "there are no accidents", Viv."
Vivian frowns: "Then why is there a word "accident", Mom?

She helped me make brownies this afternoon.
She stirred the brownies, showed me her muscles, and said if I bought her the 2lb weights at Walmart, she could get bigger muscles and stir better. ;-)
She ended her argument with "C'mon Mom, I have to lift something!"
We had a hard time deciding what add-ins to use but we finally settled on Oreos.
(With the stipulation that Vivian would get to eat an Oreo when she was done stirring...of course)
I chopped them up, but that didn't work out very well and you can't really taste the Oreos at all. :(
I guess next time I'd have to try adding whole Oreos.

She served me "stew" from the play kitchen. She included a huge pitcher of "spring water" and even remembered a napkin.
The stew included everything from a brownie, to pineapples.
Actually it included a "pea apple" too.
One of their plastic pineapples has a weird bumpy texture and Vivi said it looks like peas.
So it's a pea apple.
Then she brought out little picnic baskets so I could take my leftovers with me. lol
It's so funny the little things that they notice and include in their play.

Then Vivian wanted to make her own PB&J sandwich for dinner.
She had a hard time getting the grape jelly to spread though.
She handed the knife to me and said "Can you do it? I think it's Mom work. I can't do it." :)

Gotta get Shiloh settled for bedtime now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Our neighbor tends to be a bit paranoid. *ahem*
....or is he? (cue eerie music)

The other day he dragged my husband over to his house to look at his front door, which he insisted had been tampered with.
Apparently he stuck a clothespin in the door as an assurance against someone opening the door and when he returned...lo and behold, the clothespin was across the floor.
Now the calm mind might think the clothespin sprung clothespins are known to do.
So boring. *tisk*tisk*

The colorful mind apparently can come up with a whole conspiracy theory of people who like to mess with old men by springing their door clothespins in broad daylight.
What is this world coming to?

I have my own theory...

This also goes along with my neighbors next complaint.
He found a couple of dead squirrels in his yard.
He has huge pines on his property which are always full of squirrels.
Dogs, Cats, Hawks, Owls. Foxes...all plausible explanations for the bodies, yes. no?

Not according to our neighbor who believes it is another attack by his pranksters.

My theory...

...bunnies with lightsabers.
Squirrels with lightsabers!
Squirrels lose.

The force was not with them. :(

You have to laugh...right?