Monday, July 31, 2006

Turn Baby, Turn!

We bought a new trash can for the is red/silver. I wanted to put that one in the kitchen because it would match our coffee pot and coffee-themed red rug/towels etc.
My husband disagreed and wanted the silver trashcan that is already in the kitchen to stay because it....matched the new water filter on the kitchen faucet? Guess that is the difference between guy/girl decorating...FYI: We went with my husband's suggestion, since I was to tired to really care either way.

I am 33 weeks pregnant...and now baby has decided to be in a transverse (side-ways) position. This is not comfortable for me, she's pressing on my ribs and I keep getting backaches...which even wake me up. She tries to stretch out side-ways as well, so I do get some cool images of her feet...I just hope my belly holds out!

Since she has been in this position since Wed. I am trying various suggestions to turn her.
Tried lifting my hips up on several pillows...this only gave me a backache.
Put headphones on my lower belly, which she is supposed to turn down to listen to...I am supposed to play classical music, but we don't listen to classical music. I tried some Christian music, and only the song "El Shaddai" actually got her moving but not enough to change position....My husband is suggesting Disco-Tech music, (which since she seems to be taking after him, just might work!)

To think of this tiny baby that isn't even born yet....but already has personality and even musical preferences! I mean, what if she prefers rock to country? or strawberry milk to chocolate? or...gasp!....actually likes lima beans!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Attack of the Can Opener!

Beware of Attack Can Openers!

Perhaps this is one of the side-effects of pregnancy. A combo of your body growing out of control....loss of co-ordination...a strange aligning of the planets that causes normal simple aides in life, to suddenly turn menacing??

Anyway..8pm. I am hungry...and I have a headache. The only thing that sounds slightly appealing is a tunafish sandwhich with tomato slices.
Okay, I pull out a can of tuna...and "the can opener". It is a simple model...white/metal, not mass control by an android mind or the such. A simple hand-turned crank model.
I position can and "the can opener"....and as I lock "the can opener" onto the can...the attack happens.

The handles of "the can opener" snap onto the flesh of my unsuspecting belly that now is large enough to rest on the countertop while I am working.

Now...I have two belly buttons. About 1" above the regular one, there is a new dark-red one. OUCH!!!!

Okay, you have been out, and beware of their friends the bottle-openers. Mine looks suspicious.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

the beat of my heart...

Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary!
We didn't do much...ate homemade blueberry pancakes, then lunch @ The Windmill and shopping in Amsterdam.
Then steaks at home...roses from my husband...and off to our Childbirth class.

It was a nice class, we got a tour of the Maternity Ward. And I also got to be hooked up to the HR/Contraction monitor (I forgot what it is called).
I thought it was really neat...the baby disagreed as she hates anything to touch my belly.
So two straps with monitors really agitated her! The previous baby had a HR of 130's...pretty calm.
Ours had a HR of 150-160's...and she kicked and kicked at those straps the entire time!

I have a feeling it will be next to impossible to keep booties on this little one!

It was really nice that they gave us the HR strip afterwards....and it has our anniversary date on it! It makes it even more special for the baby book.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just call me Bubba...

As I watch "A Baby Story", and "Birth Day", and various other baby programs...I have to have a talk with the baby.
Usually saying something like...
"You won't do that to Mommy...will you?" "Noo, you're a good girl!!" "You're going to come out as quickly and painlessly as possible, right?"
I think she is listening...and I *hope* she is agreeing!

It is hot, muggy, weather. So my belly is hanging out...not really by choice. I took a shower, grabbed a shirt and it isn't long enough to cover my belly. But I am too hot to really care or bother changing...since I am not planning on leaving the house tonight anyways.
After all, it is the new style of Mommy celebs like Britney Spears...though I think I look more like a "Bubba" than a celebrity!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Techno baby

I love technology!!
I was just thinking about that...I mean I have been pregnant for 30 weeks and I have 12 pictures of the baby and know her gender.
I have watched her kick and cross her legs, and wave tiny fists. They can measure all her tiny bones and assure me that she is growing just fine.
It's just amazing!!

And electricity...I am thankful for that too. Today was the hottest day I got to a muggy 96 degrees in the shade. And the fan and AC were so nice...and I could still work out on my treadmill. Because if I had to walk outside, I would have been really nervous about passing out since I am terrible in the heat and actually wouldn't even have attempted it.

I finished another baby sweater....after I took a close look at it today and realized that knitting while watching "Baby Story" wasn't the best idea and I had to go back about 13 rows to correct a mistake! :-PPPPP
But I got it fixed and on to the next project!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Don't sweat the small stuff....

I measured my belly with toilet paper...which sounds extremely weird, but is apparently a common thing to do while pregnant.
And the total is (at 30 weeks)....9 squares! Ta Da! Do I win anything?? C'mon, streamers of TP should be shooting out of the ceiling about now!

Today is rainy, which is nice in the fact that it is much me a bit more ambition to taking care of things around the house. Like the big pan of brownies I just made...yep, need to take care of those!

I actually am doing pretty well with my eating, trying to eat veggies and fruit....but don't tell that to the oft-visited pint of chocolate-peanutbutter cup ice cream in the fridge!! ;-) But hey, I have to get my dairy from somewhere, and those chewables are just not that appetizing, unless you are one of those people who eats chalk and crayons etc...

Just went and got my soaking wet mail! I guess the mailperson was using it to cover their head or something. I can't even rip up the junk mail, it's more like mush and crumple instead.
I won't complain though, after living in the countryside, it is nice to just lean out my door on my dry porch and get my mail without even having to put my shoes on.

Be thankful for the small things, I guess. Like this small little person growing inside me...and I'm thankful, she's not too bad of a roommate either. :-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

8 below

My belly is getting bigger. I kinda noticed today....Yep, bigger.
I can't sleep comfortably without two pillows propping me up now, sometimes in the morning I will remove one of the pillows, but shortly after my back will start aching.
Baby will sometimes wake me up with her gymnastics too, she is getting strong!!!

We watched "8 Below" last night. I told my husband that I would cry....but we had watched half of the movie the night before and he really wanted to finish it. He was sure that I wouldn't cry as long as I knew from the beginning that two dogs would die and which ones they were.

I sobbed on his shoulder for about 20 mins. before he even realized I was crying!! I would have thought his soaking wet shoulder would have been a clue.
He couldn't figure out why I was *still* crying, but apparently once you start it is nearly impossible to stop. Then there is a rabid looking seal, that made both of us jump off the couch!

Watch at your own peril!! And as my husband said...they should have a warning on the movie that it is not for pregnant women to watch. :-)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Groundhogs & Cats...

My first blog post!
I finally got tired of writing and re-writing things on my webpage, so I decided to follow in my sister's footsteps and start a blog.

I discovered today that groundhogs and cats get along amazingly well. Since our backyard groundhog has relocated across the street (due to flooding)...I have watched him defend his territory aggressively from any squirrels or birds that venture too close to his tasty vegetation.

I have also watched the neighborhood cats defending their territory equally aggressively against other cats.

But apparently, these two species have no problem with each other. I have seen the groundhog come in contact with several neighborhood cats and the cats seem bored with the groundhog...who seems a bit nervous, but not nervous enough to stop his feast at the salad bar!
I am now 29 weeks + pregnant. Supposed to be making sure the baby has at least two large movements a day...No problems there! She certainly is an active girl, sometimes when I lay on my side it feels like she is trying to "walk" on the bed.
And she hates to be prodded, so any pressure on my belly usually results in a vigorous kick. I guess her bedroom is small enough as it is, and she wants no crowding!!
Good thing she isn't a twin, otherwise I would feel sorry for the other baby who would probably come out looking rather black and blue...(much like my insides must be! :-)