Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What pregnant women do @ 37wks. 1 day....

I just ordered a few nursing tops online... a very difficult thing to do when you are so far along pregnant.
Looking at sizes and not knowing if you will be back in that size or not...measuring yourself, when the tape no longer fits around you and you have to guess the gaps!
Not to mention that my daughter is impatiently kicking me the whole time! :-) Is measuring my ribcage...supposed to include the tiny foot that keeps sticking out or not???
I ordered her a sweater that I just couldn't that should placate her some.

My family threw me (Shiloh) a shower on Sunday. I really enjoyed it!
I don't like being the center of attention, so my face was beet-red. I asked my husband if he noticed it, and he did and was wondering if I was okay. We got a lot of things that we really needed...that was neat, to realize that not only did we get spoiled but our real needs were met as well.
Not just pretty dresses for the baby, but also the baby bathtub that I really wanted and the baby monitor and an adjustable positioner that she needed.

I was putting things away in her memory box, and I wanted to put a ribbon that was used to measure my belly during a game at the shower our church threw for us on 8/20. Well, it no longer fits around my just over a week, my belly itself has grown 1 1/2"!!
Ok, doctors...if you thought my belly was small, guess you will be surprised this week!

I have my first internal exam on Friday (September 1st). This can cause you to go into labor, so I am really trying to be prepared before then. Packing bags, cleaning, practicing with the carseat and stroller features. I also hope to make some chili and get that frozen for a day when I am hungry and tired after the baby is born and my husband returns to work. Maybe, I'll make and freeze a quick bread as well...have to see how ambitious I get.

I am not interested in my knitting anymore...too difficult when the knitting needles keep sliding off my big belly, that is another pregnancy thing I didn't think about beforehand. I always pictured the last weeks, calmly awaiting the baby by knitting booties in my rocking chair. Well, reality is another thing...
Instead I am compulsively cleaning floorboards (which are next to impossible to reach), and my kitchen cupboards (like the baby will even reach those in the next decade) and...well, this is good though but I am obsessed with noting things in my pregnancy calendar and baby book.
I hope I can at least attempt to keep those updated after Shiloh's arrival.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Naked and cold, just a sittin' on a doctor's table...

Yesterday I had an ultrasound, and Yippee!! the baby is now head-down!!!
Everything looks good, and she's weighing in at 5lbs. 12oz.

Today was my Dr.'s appt, and GBS test. My appt was at 12:45pm...I arrive on time, and was quickly ushered into the back waiting room...waited patiently outside the bathroom door to leave my sample.

Then waited...other pregnant woman is called into a room...
Then "outdoor-voice" pacifier-sucking 3yr.old and his mom leave....
Another pregnant woman comes in...this one reeks of cig. smoke...
Then at 1:15, as I get up to use the bathroom OB rushes in harried and in scrubs. Not a good sign.
In the bathroom, my sample is still there and hasn't been checked yet.
I frown at sample...this isn't a good sign either.

1:25 I am finally brought back, weighed etc. Then taken to another room, where I need to half-strip and am given a stiff white blanket to cover myself with.
1:30 I carefully arrange the blanket around me so nothing is exposed, flip through a parenting magazine, look at the pictures on the wall, there is a whole poster on contraceptives...guess this isn't a maternity room.
1:35 I poke Shiloh, hoping she will play with me, I am bored...and surprisingly tired. If I laid down, I would be asleep in a matter of minutes...the thought is interesting, maybe I will be able to relax in the hospital after all.
1:40 Examine my, should have manicured them. I meant to paint them...but I am still weighing the outcome vs. the effort.
I am jealous of women who get pedicures for a moment...though I could still never picture myself getting one.
1:45 Dr. comes in..measures my belly, asks about my ultrasound (she hasn't seen it yet),listens to the baby's HR, does the GBS test...
1:50 Dr. leaves
1:52 I wait outside the scheduling office to make my next appt.
2:10 I finally arrive back at my vehicle.

(( Yep my 5 min exam took 1hr. 25mins.!!!))

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Swamp are amazing!

I am tired of research. Researching my million+1 questions for the ultrasound techs and doctor.
I need to write them all down too, but then I have more questions if they say this or that...

Basically, the baby is transverse. I want to know there a why? Cord wrapped around her? placenta in the way? my size?
Is there too much fluid? not enough? Is she small? or big for me?
Is a version an option? Do they even do versions? what are the risks that they consider?
And on and on and on.....

Well, I have my ultrasound tomorrow and my OB appt. on Friday so hopefully I will have answers to at least some of my questions...or they might shoo me out of the room as the most annoying pregnant woman ever seen?

Other husband has two spider? bites on his calf. And he still has a scar left from a bite a few months ago...that was definitely spider.
And he comes home last night, with yet another bite! So I told him I wanted to find a spray or something to keep them away and he said "No, because.....

".... I want to be Spiderman!"

Ok, I'm just glad he doesn't want to be "Swamp Thing"!!! :-D

Friday, August 18, 2006

Smelly cat, Smelly's not your fault!

My cushions stink!!! I just noticed it the other day, so I took all of their upolstery covers off and hand-washed them, then hung them in the sun to dry....and they smelled worse!
I then sprayed them with lysol....didn't help. Then I sprayed them with my favorite perfume...didn't help.

When my husband got home, I casually asked him to smell the cushions..."Mmm, smells nice!" he replied. I looked at him rather dumbfounded.
Later I smelled the same smell in the I must believe it is just me and my pregnant nose! No other explanation in sight....

Another restless then cold...couple trips to the bathroom...and I woke up around 2am with my stomach growling, no food even sounded good and I couldn't bear waking up enough to actually go down to the kitchen, so I just drank water instead....which led to about 3 more trips to the bathroom!

This morning, the baby has her feet tucked up into my longer stretched out to my side. When I went to bed last night, she still had her feet stretched out because she was kicking away and I was playing with her feet even late in the night.
Then this morning, she is even higher...I think she is getting too comfortable, rent control, no pests, no stress, complete room service...she rules!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Daydream believer...

Last night was another difficult one...if you had seen my hair this morning, you would have thought I had slept upside-down...or been laughing too hysterically to muse about it! have some fascinating dreams while pregnant. Like dreaming about the entire cast of "Friends", but they are like "Sims" and have happiness/food etc. bars over their heads.
This probably just means that I have been watching way too much Friends and playing too much Sims!!
Hmm, wonder what other combo dreams I can come up with?? ;-)

I am still surprised...or should I say, it's growing more and more...the attention that I receive and the inquiries regarding my pregnancy and the baby. Perhaps it is just that my own curiosity is limited, unless I truly know a person well...but I have practical strangers asking me so many questions regarding everything from the baby's my weight my doctor's name!
Does it really matter to most people how much weight I have gained?? I think most women just compare it too how much weight they gained during their own pregnancy...and then I will hear that it is not enough or just right etc. based on their own experiences.
I am thinking about just replying...80lbs. or 100lbs. and just waiting for the reaction. :-)

I mean, I love talking with other moms about their babies movements while pregnant...and watching them get a dreamy look on their faces when I mention the baby's hiccups...even when their own children are long grown.
But it seems like nice conversations like that are far too rare...okay that is my vent for the moment!

Personally I am still loving my pregnancy. She gets hiccups and I pat her back...and she kicks my side and I play with her feet (I got my husband to enjoy this game too!) She is still not head-down, but her head seems lower as she tries to get more room for her feet and legs to move around...but it's still hard to guess different bumps as she shifts.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sunny days...

Last night....I slept!!! :-D!
I finally folded one of my two pillows in half to elevate me even higher (though my sweet husband did offer me his pillow to use!) and I was so comfortable, I was out.
I mean I still got up a few times to use the bathroom, but my back didn't ache, legs didn't ache, and it didn't feel like I was squishing the baby.
I hope this lasts!!!

Today is gorgeous weather, cool but sunny. Around 7pm last night I got my garden *finally* weeded, and picked a large handful of green beans...and I didn't get bit by any bugs either (though I was attacked by a finicky rosebush!)
So today, I brought my knitting outside and soaked in some sunshine on our backporch. So relaxing...and because of the noise of our creek it is easier to forget that I am in a city.

My belly looked so funny last night because of the baby's position, it was looking rather square. My husband thought she was going to be too tiny, until I pointed out the bumps to him, explaining that this bump is her head and this bump is her back, and this whole hard part is her back.
My whole belly is really just baby!!

And she still has about 5 1/2 weeks of growing left til her due date!

Friday, August 11, 2006

My hip is her pillow...

I had my 34wk. Doctor's appt. yesterday.
The baby is still transverse and according to the midwife, using my hip as her pillow.
That doesn't sound too cozy!

Last night it felt like my bed was assembled by the Vikings from the credit card commercial.
Soo uncomfortable!! Where did all these lumpy bumps come from? Am I feeling the boards? Is this some type of torture device??

If I laid on my back, the baby was pressing on some nerve in my back making it ache from my neck to my thighs (guess this is my sciatic nerve?).
And because of the baby's position, lying on one side is like laying on a baseball of the baby's head, and laying on the other side is her feet...which wakes her up and she kicks and *walks* on the bed...or uses my ribs as her xylaphone!

Well, I think she will turn if she thinks it is her idea. She seems to be getting frustrated with the lack of room for her feet, I don't think she can cross them as comfortably as she likes...and my hip cannot be too comfortable a pillow.

So despite my best efforts and attempts to get her to turn, she'll probably do it when I least expect it...and I just be vegging on the couch eating a popsicle or something.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grocery shopping

Went shopping today...well, just to Price Chopper. But I put on my make-up, and jewelry, and a cute maternity oversized T-shirt for an actual "outing"!!

I thought shopping before noon would be more saner with our crazy such luck! The streets were packed...the store was packed...

I kept getting jammed in the aisles, by those stalker-shoppers (the ones that are always in or going into the same aisles as you are) They were a couple who were completely and totally pretending that they only had the infant that was in their cart...while being followed by two horrible acting children...that were much to old to be acting so bad...think 8 & 10yrs. old.

The nice thing was...all the cash registers were jammed (well, that wasn't the nice part). So I just pick a line, and people are lining up around and behind me, and I am being patient...just shifting back and forth on my feet since my feet hurt a bit.
And a young woman (cashier) came and picked me out of the line, and said she would cash me out separately so I wouldn't have to wait any longer!!
I don't know if it was my pregnancy or maybe she saw that I only had a couple of boxes of noodles, a few taco kits, and a bag of plums with me?...but either way it was nice, though I felt a bit bad since there were so many people around waiting too.

God sometimes gives us little blessings, and the plums are good too. I wanted to get some grapes as well...but the selection left much to be desired...and the weird thing was there were a ton of women, sorting through the grapes trying to find some good they somehow think they will beat out each other and find the *magic* bag of good grapes?? Grapes are good, but it's no shoe sale ladies!!

I am craving an onion bagel w/cream cheese...but I am resisting!! Either the craving will go away or I will find diet bagels, but I can't find a good reason for that 500+ calorie treat...okay, so pregnancy is a reason. But I need a bit more than ooh, bagels make babies turn in the head-down position....or bagels are packed with vitamins....or bagels make labor pains d-i-s-a-p-p-e-a-r!!

If anyone finds these bagels...let me know 'k?! they would be worth fighting off a horde of women...more worth it than squishy, old, grapes!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hiccups and shopping and chocolate...oh my!

It is almost 6pm. and the baby is having her second set of hiccups for the day.
They were starting to annoy me, so I could only imagine how they bother her.
They last so long belly jumps with each hiccup.
I finally started walking around so I wouldn't feel them as much and she just gave me several big she is fed up with them too!!!

We went shopping yesterday, I was actually amazed at how much I didn't want to shop...considering I have been rather housebound during the week.
But I was feeling tired and just longing for my couch and not at all interested in shopping...the energetic days come and go, all too briefly! I also had a belly ache from trying to eat too much dairy to give the baby calcium...which my body didn't tolerate too well.

We did go to Aldi's for groceries though, since it is a *lot* easier to go with my husband.
Last time I went by myself, it poured buckets, and I didn't have a raincoat, couldn't find my umbrella, and was wearing sandals that kept falling off once they got wet! Not fun!!
Of course, we bought more bananas...uh, yum. But my leg cramp hurt for days so whatever helps!
Also I strongly would not recommend diet fudge pops...if you want a fudge pop. Go full cal. It is worth it...never skimp on something so vital as chocolate! My new advice!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sleepless night...

Had a bad night, last night.
Went to bed around 1-1:30am...
Around 3am. woke up to pee, baby kicking me, laid back down...tossed and turned.
At almost 5am. Woke up so hot! went pee, baby kicking me, changed into lighter pajamas, splashed cold water on myself, turned up the fan...finally fell asleep.
Around 7am. Woke up to pee, turn off nightlight....recycling truck rumbles down our street.
Around 8am...woken up by a terrible charley horse in my left leg. Rub leg which makes it worse, finally subsides.
9am. Time to wake up. Leg still aches as I hobble down the stairs for breakfast.

Now it is 11:30am and my leg is *still* sore, ironically a couple of weeks ago my legs were giving me clues that they might cramp up on me during the night...and dreading being woken by a charley horse I started eating bananas compulsively.
At least one a day for the past 2 weeks!! And I still get a charley horse....AND I don't even like bananas! :-P

Ok, enough whining...Other news. Hmm, bought an excersise ball, and I like it a lot! They showed us a birthing ball in Childbirth class and I really liked it so I bought an excersise ball which is basically the same thing. I like excersise equipment that I can use in the house, especially with a newborn and winter on the way.
Can't do most of the excersises on it though, until the baby is born. But I can do the labor practice excersises...and the ball is supposed to help your abs, and those will definitely need work after the stretching they are getting now.

The baby is still very active...but refusing to shift positions yet.
Tried another suggestion of placing a bag of frozen veggies where her head is to try to get her to turn...
She didn't even wake up...and it made me nervous that she would have a poor frost-bitten head.
I could just picture having a conversation with her in the future..."Yes, you were stubborn and wouldn't change positions, so we put frozen peas on your head...and that's what happened!" Lol, I am pregnant and it's hot...I don't need the added stress of picturing a frost-bitten baby!! Though I must admit it was nice and cool for me!

Honestly, I think she *may* be s-l-o-w-l-y drifting into the proper location. I really don't want to force her too much in case she is tangled in her cord etc. and she is very active anyways.
Yesterday she was pushing her tiny fists out into my side and it was soo painful. Bony little fists pushing as hard as they could! Okay, keep your hands inside the ride at all times, please!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's finally August!!!

It's HOT!! :-P!
I ran the AC for a few hours...and fell asleep for a bit. Which was nice since I woke up last night too hot, and had to turn the fan up higher so I could get comfortable enough to sleep.

It is so Yankee candle arrived today and it is all melty.
Actually dripped "Cinnamon Appleberry" all over my hands when I tried to smell it. I guess it is not supposed to be in over 80 degree temps...Oh, well, my hands smell really nice! :-)

I am drinking so much water that I am sloshy, but it is my relief and really the only thing I am craving...and helps keeps my headache at bay.

Baby is stubborn about, music didn't even make her wiggle. :( She is kicking and moving as usual...but no position changes. Since her feet are kicking my sides, and occasionally my ribs...her fists have found my bladder. Kinda weird to feel these little jabs down there...and her more frequent hiccups last quite awhile now.
This is supposed to be a good sign that she is practicing breathing...and the good thing is that they don't seem to annoy her as much as they did earlier in my pregnancy.
Maybe she is still feels like she is crossing her legs too, like in the ultrasound.
Will be interesting to see if she does that after she is born!

It's August month the baby arrives!!!