Friday, September 29, 2006

Shiloh's Day @ 2wks. old

Shiloh's Day ~ Today September 29th 2006.

11:30-midnight ~ Eat
12-3am ~ Sleep
3-3:30 ~ Eat & Diaper Changed
3:30-5:30 ~ Sleep
5:30-5:45 ~ Eat & Diaper Changed
5:45-6:45 ~ Sleep
6:45-7:00 ~ Eat
7:30-9:15 ~ Woke up, won't sleep in bassinette...sleeps with Mommy
9:15-9:50 ~ Put to sleep in bassinette
9:50-1o:00 ~ Change clothes, hiccups
10:00-10:30 ~ Eat
10:45-11:35 ~ Sleep
11:35 - 12:00 ~ Poopy Diaper changed..Wide awake, tummy time!
12:00-12:30 ~ Eat
12:30-3:00 ~ Sleep
3:00-3:45 ~ Eat & Diaper Changed
3:45-5:29 ~ Awake, just want Mommy to hold...get Mylicon because I am cranky.
5:30-6:00 ~ Eat
6:00-6:25 ~ Awake...want Mommy to hold me
6:25-7pm ~ Sleep
7:00 ~ Wake up because my diaper has flooded...get a new diaper, new onesie, new outfit, new blanket...
7:00-8:25 ~ Awake...want Mommy (you get the idea)
8:25-8:55 ~ Eat
8:56-9:20 ~ Awake...
9:20-10pm ~ Fall asleep on Mommy (I think she gets the clue that I don't want to be put down!)
10-til this post ~ Sleep (I don't know about Mommy...but I am tired!)

Okay I actually wrote all this down because Shiloh's Dr. kinda ticked me off with wanting her to gain more weight (She weighed 5lbs. 14oz. at her appt. yesterday which is an ounce *over* her birth weight!)
So I thought maybe I was zoning or something over how much she actually eats so I would try to keep track of the feedings/changings etc.

Well, this shows I have already changed her diaper at least 5x.
And she has eaten 9x already...and her feedings have been between 1-3hrs. apart. I cannot feed her anymore if I tried!

This is just one day, but they kinda follow the same lines. Tomorrow she may sleep more or be a bit more contented outside of my arms, but still this was her day today...and I can relax a bit anyway that I am not forgetting a feeding or something.
She's got the double chin and chubby cheeks, and is just perfect.
This Dr. is probably advising these same parents whose babies he wants to gain weight to watch for obesity in a few years!
New parents give ourselves enough to worry about, we don't need anyone adding more stress unnecessarily!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

my baby love...

I recently heard this saying "You never truly know how much your mother loves you, until you become a mother yourself."
This is sooo true.

Thanks Mom...

It's unbelievable the amount of emotion you feel over such a little person. I was watching "Everybody loves Raymond" (I think it was at one of our pre-dawn feedings) and I actually related to Marie...the over-possesive mother!
I was surprised since before I had Shiloh, she just seemed nutty to me, but suddenly there is a understanding of her actions (okay, *some* of them anyways! ;-)

Wei and I are so enraptured with our daughter...he often muses, "she sneezes on you and you don't care"...or "she never has bad breath"..."even her toes smell nice"..and we both love breathing in that sweet baby aroma.
I even think she is adorable when her face is beet-red, scrunched up and she screaming her head off.
(though this is less enjoyable at 3am! ;-)
Even when breast feeding was at its most was worth it for that contented milky smile on her face.

Gotta baby calls.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

good morning beautiful day...

Shiloh seems to want to sleep very well during the night.
I woke her up again after 4 1/2 hours of sleeping last night (I just keep automatically waking up at that time...I am not sure if she makes little sounds, or it's my mommy internal clock?)...which actually was good since she needed a changing...of everything. :-P But it was nice that Daddy woke up to hold her a bit, so Mommy could wash everything thoroughly.
Then she woke up again...about 2 hours later to eat again.

But that seems to be what works for her, a grouping of feedings and then she can go a longer stretch. If she is still weighing well at her Doctor's appt. then maybe I won't be waking her during the night...and we shall see how long she goes.

Shiloh now has her periods of wakefulness. Usually once in the morning to noon-time and then around 9-10pm. (This actually does kinda follow her movements when I was pregnant).
She is awake for about 2 hours during that time...I am glad that her times seem more situated, because earlier she was waking at 2am....eating...and then just wanted to look around etc. for an hour or so.

This morning she was awake from about 10am til 1:30...she took a couple short, short, catnaps, but otherwise....wide awake.
I was trying to pull out my winter clothes, kinda depressing to still wear maternity stuff around...but it might be worse to try and squeeze into my old jeans.
But instead, I dressed her up and took pictures/ we had "tummy time"/ I read "Tiki Tiki Tembo" to her (actually made it half-way through before she got tired of that/ we played piano (good thing I can play with one hand)...etc.

Two more diaper changes, and one more feeding, and she's, well, a baby in her swing.

And Mommy finally got the clothes organized....and now "I" need a nap.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


A tropical poopy explosion!

Last night, the baby slept for 4 1/2 hours straight!
Woke up around 5:30am. and watched "Chicago Hope" while I nursed her. Much better than watching "Adoption Stories"...don't end up sobbing...just frowning at the idiocy of some of the characters.
I watched two episodes and still couldn't remember the name of the show, except that it was the show that tried to compete with "ER", until finally they announced the name.

Also watched a lot of re-runs of "Saved by the Bell", not really sure why I liked it so much as a kid. It's a bit too much teen drama and over acting...but I guess not unlike the more current teen shows.
These are the types of shows they play in the middle of the night...other than infomercials....though I did find "Underworld" playing the other day around 4-5am. and Wei actually woke up to watch it a little as well.

Then he tells me to get some sleep, rolls over, and is unconscious in a matter of minutes.
"good idea, dear." I reply.
I still have Shiloh attached to me, and her eyes are wide awake and looking around....okay, I have at least 20 more minutes of feeding...then 5 more minutes of burping...then *maybe* I can lay her down if her eyes are closed...if not then who knows?
I resist the urge to push him off the bed....

Tried "tummy time" with the baby yesterday...she didn't care for it.
But she is still in the cuddly stage, so any time she is put down and is not sleeping or not adequately entertain with the swing etc. She thinks you are abandoning her and pitifully wails.
Even with me right there, she wasn't thrilled. We'll try it again.

Had two potty explosions yesterday...there is an annoying commercial on where the guy tastes something and says it's a tropical explosion.
Now I catch myself saying in his annoying voice..."It's an explosion...a tropical poopy explosion!"

You have to find the humor where you can!!! :-)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Week One...

(Right now, Shiloh is sleeping peacefully in the living room while Daddy is battling forces of evil on the X-Box, affording me some blogging time! :)

This has been quite a week.
Dr.'s appts/ the highs and lows of hormones/the clothing questions...will they fit? will I burst into tears if they *don't* fit?/the three points of pain...that are impossible not to inflict more pain upon/the sleepless nights/ the "wack-a-doo" people around here/the sweet smiles of my daughter/ the quirky smile she gives just before filling her diaper/ the way she studies your face so seriously...then her eyes cross ;-)...etc.

My husband goes back to work tomorrow. I was worried he was going to be bored during his time at home, since he is very much a go-go-go person. But he was such a help to me!
I know I probably would have just grabbed a piece of fruit or something during these first hectic days, but he made sure I had full-course meals...and special beverages.
And held the baby as necessary so I could eat.
And held the baby as necessary so I could catch a few hours of sleep as well.

He even volunteered for those 1st poopy diapers...'course we didn't really realize that those 1st meconium diapers were going to be like trying to get tar off her behind! But it still floored me that he volunteered.

Also, he got a lot of things done around the house as we prepare for the coming winter season. Time to start changing the screens to the storm doors/windows...making sure everything is sealed inside...and protected outside. Toss another comforter on the bed and throws on the couches.
I am not quite ready yet...
I missed a lot of summer because I was so hot when I was pregnant, and my feet would swell in the heat. Now, I would like to enjoy a few days of
summerlike weather before the leaves start flying and I feel more like
apple cider than lemonade.
And a few more days of summer would be nice until the baby gets a little fatter as well, though she already seems to be taking after her daddy and is quite warm beneath the layers I've been dressing her in.
But I guess we shall see...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's my Due Date!!

It's my due date today....And I still can't believe Shiloh came early.
I was so convinced she would come on her due date or later.
But as it was my entire pregnancy, she did her own thing.

Name: Shiloh Xin Hui
Born on: September 14, 2006
Weight: 5lbs. 13oz. Height: 18 1/2" Head: 32 cm.
Apgars: 9/10

After arriving at the hospital @ water broke @ 4:30...and Shiloh made her appearance @ 8:32am!

Ta Da!

Her first Dr. appt was Monday...though she isn't too thrilled with the carseat just yet, and we were going through transitional stools that day (Ick!) But it all went well....Her weight is now 5lbs. 7oz. (it was 5lbs. 10oz on Friday and 5lbs. 8oz. on Saturday) and she has no signs of jaundice!
Yippee!!!! it was one of my biggest worries...her next Dr. appt is Thursday and I am hoping there is no sign of jaundice and that she hasn't lost any more weight...and hopefully gains some.

Today we have yellow poops! I know you were all hanging on a thread to hear that. But really my world is now centered around these little things.
It's like, alright! another milestone is passed! :-)
She is already so alert, studying my face and watching lights etc...of course she has a bit of bad timing though and loves to be awake at 2 and 4am!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

got sunglasses?

I really appreciate that Shiloh will move when I want her to. She was making me a bit nervous yesterday morning, only moving her foot when I poked it but nothing more.
I was at the Dr.'s office, waiting for the midwife to show up and considering whether I should mention it to her....does one foot moving count as a major movement??
Then I rubbed my belly and talked her...and my belly starts bouncing!
Ok, we're doing good! :-)

And...I am 70-80% effaced, and a fingertip dilated. The baby seems to want to push her way out...Yesterday evening it felt like she was trying to push her way out by bracing her feet on my ribcage!! owie!

Also got my first major headache in quite awhile last night. When my headaches get bad, I get bad light sensitivity...and there are a ridiculous amount of irritating lights around that you never notice before....lights that you can't turn off!
Lights when I open the refrigerator for a drink of water....lights in the microwave when I want a cup of cocoa...lights on the annoying alarm clock while I try to nap...nightlights/streetlights/headlights...moon...etc.
I have even watched television with sunglasses on before...yeah, that's my moviestar statement. I am just too cool! ;-P!

Today is better...and for some reason, I have more energy than the past week or so. So maybe I can get some more things done around here before the baby arrives...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This is my brain...on pregnant.

The doctors & nurses keep telling me to watch when Shiloh is awake or sleeping now, and that will help me know when her awake and sleeping times will be after she is born.
I don't know...
There are certain times when she is probably awake at the same time each day. But if I excersise or am really active at a different time...this rocks her to sleep. And if I eat, most anytime this will wake her up.
Such as last night when I had a craving for hot cocoa after midnight...she woke right up, kicking away...then got hiccups for about half an hour. (takes after her Mama and gets a little too excited about her chocolate!!)

But those things wouldn't affect her after she is I can't figure that out too much. I do have a feeling she's not going to be too patient to wait for her meals...I know usually if I am hungry, I can feel her having a little temper tantrum.

I have been so tired...I sometimes feel like I can barely keep coherent thoughts together. I am getting tired of conversations since they are just too hard to follow...I mean, what are you talking about?? do I really care?? It's like my mind is wandering to 50 different things, and it takes a lot of focus just to follow one train of thought.

We went to Dunkin Donuts today, and one of the cashiers came bounding up to the register with a very cheery "Hi!", not a cashier "Hi" but like she knew me. I smiled, and gave her my order...and tried to think about where I might personally know her from.
I still don't know...
Maybe after the baby is born, my brain will be bombarded with these repressed thoughts....Oh, that's who that was!....Oh, 2+2=4!!.....Oh, the monkey says banana, I get it!!
I guess I can hope...

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Last night, I was dreaming that I was in the hospital...and all that I wanted was a bowl of Cocoa Krispies. I think I had sent my husband down to the cafeteria to see if they could find some for me.
Then I woke up ridiculously early and starving!! I think I may have to put something next to my bed, for the next time I wake up so hungry....I am just too tired to go to the kitchen (which would also wake up my husband) but my stomach was so hungry, it was painful and I couldn't sleep much. Also getting BH contractions at night...maybe that is what makes me sooo hungry!

Anyways, this morning I ate my bowl of Cocoa Krispies and a corn muffin so I am pretty content.
I made corn muffins and choc. chip cookies yesterday...and froze a bunch too for after the baby's arrival.

We need to pick up a few last minute things for the baby today, and also our photos should be available to pick-up from the showers!!
That was a pain to order last night, but hopefully once we see the photos it will be worth it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Whenever I want you...all I have to dream...

Ok, now I know pregnant dreams are weird...but sometimes!!!

You remember the story of "Hansel & Gretal", how Hansel was trapped in a cage in the witch's candy house, and she tried to fatten him up...(to eat him, really, who writes these things for kids??) but she couldn't see very well, so she would ask him to stick out his finger and she would feel it to see if he was getting plumper...but Hansel (being the smart, plucky boy of most fairy tales!) stuck a chicken bone out the cage instead of his finger for the witch to feel, so she wouldn't know he was getting fatter...

Well, my dream last night was that the doctors kept feeling my belly to see if the baby was ready to be born yet. And the baby kept poking the doctors' hands with a chicken bone so they couldn't feel her...and so the doctors were telling me "Nope, she's not ready yet....she's still too tiny...she needs to fatten up...she's not ready to be born yet!"
This was going on for several doctors appointments and then I woke up.
Too weird!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

September is here!

It's September finally!!
The countdown can really begin now...I am officially full term as of Tuesday, 9mos. pregnant...due in 2 1/2 weeks. Could be any day....
It's exciting! After being pregnant 200+ days, it's finally coming down to the wire.

She's kicking and squirming more and more, it may just be that I can feel her more as she grows bigger and runs out of room...or perhaps she is getting impatient to make her appearance.
I had, yet another, Dr.'s appt. today...and though the baby is getting ready and in position. My body is not ready to release her yet...I guess, she needs to put on a little more body fat for the temps that are already dropping.

But we are trying to be as prepared as possible for her arrival. Kinda hard to prepare for something so big, but that you don't know exactly when it will happen. Or exactly what to be prepared for...Night or Day...Early or Overdue etc.

Otherwise, today we packed the carseat and stroller and my suitcase, in the Rav. I visited my sister and nieces and nephew for an hour before my appt. Then I made a potato soup...that is really good! And I got my September candle..."Farmhouse Apple" which smells really nice and makes me want to bake Apple Pies and Pumpkin Casserole.
Oh, and I watched the neighbors get a hot tub delivered to their house...which mystifies me...well, if you knew them you would be mystified as well. There are too many reasons the size of the woman...and the size of the hot tub...
I walked my 2 miles too, I am a bit proud of that. It isn't easy (really, walk in a 9mos. pregnant woman's shoes!)...takes me longer because I want to be cautious for the baby and stop 1/2 way to make sure she moves and I am hydrated etc. But it is good for her and for me...and the way my belly is growing I am sure it won't affect her "baby fat". But hopefully will affect mine! :-)