Monday, October 30, 2006


I just got off the phone with Technical support ((for the 3rd time!!!)) for my treadmill, and the very, very, nice guy (who will be a very elderly woman, when I tell my husband about this phone call :D!) said that the speed sensor is bad and is sending me out a new!
Now I just hope that is the actual problem and that this works.

Shiloh was sooo good in church yesterday, just sat in her Daddy's arms through the whole service.
Even when Pastor got really going and came down the aisle right next to her, she only peeked open one eye...saw that she was safe with her Daddy and fell back asleep. My husband was pretty proud of her for being so good. :)

We wanted to stay indoors the rest of the day since the weather was so awful, but we ended up having to make a few stops...and she was very quiet.
As long as I was out, I picked her up some baby tylenol and baby anbesol....I figure its best to have them on hand anyways, and if she's anything like me, she will probably need the tylenol after her vaccines next month. :(

We also saw her first snow.
My husband said it didn't count since it wasn't sticking on the ground...but anyway, it probably won't matter much to her until next year, then she may react to it.
And technically she didn't *see* the snow yesterday since we had her so buried under blankets and sheltered from the weather that she didn't even feel a breeze, much less a snowflake!
Crazy weather though...I mean, it supposed to be over 60 degrees tomorrow! Typical of New York, I guess...
Time of year that you have both shovels and rakes on your porch, and umbrellas and woolen mittens are sitting next to the door, and you are drinking both lemonade and hot cocoa!

Friday, October 27, 2006

A treadmill! My kingdom for a treadmill!!

*sob* my treadmill won't work...*sob* *sob*. Yesterday the baby turned 6 weeks old and I am approved to resume my regular exercise....and now this!!
I've called tech support twice, their first suggestions didn't work...and now they are suggesting that the belt is over tightened and also needs lubing. Well, since the bolts to adjust them are so tight I can't loosen them myself, over-tightening does seem a likely possibility!

So I'll have to patiently wait til my husband comes home....Ha!!!
What will happen honestly is....after I persistantly try to do it myself a dozen times....and fail...then I will watch the clock...then try it one last time and probably injure myself, and then...but not before...I will very *impatiently* wait for my husband to come home.

At least I am very thankful that I know he will do it for me and not put it aside like it is no big deal like some men would.

So, I tried my Tae Bo excersise video yesterday to compensate for my inability to walk.
Now, how to compensate for my inability to Tae Bo??
I felt like the most uncoordinated person on the planet...and my living room isn't big enough for some of the exercises so I had to add a little turn here or make a half-kick there instead of a full kick because I like my lamp and didn't think it would take well to flying across the if!

It also doesn't seem like it would help me much with self-defense, unless the assailant was rendered helpless by laughter from my attempt at a kick-kick-punch combo... and then when he was down, giggling uncontrollably...I guess I could pummel him with the DVD case??

I really need exercises that I can do with the baby though, maybe need to look at mommy & me type exercise programs. Shiloh does like bouncing on the exercise ball, and while that does work the legs very well...doesn't seem to do much for my baby tummy that I'd like to target. tired of fussing with my treadmill!
I just want it to yesterday would have been great!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If the shoe fits....

Don't nurse a hiccuping baby.
This is something I have learned...I mean it made sense at the least I think it did...a lot of things "make sense" at 3am.

Yesterday I tried fancy black dress shoes on Shiloh and they fit!
I was so excited, I dressed her up and she wore them the whole day...even though we didn't leave the house. :)
They are so cute and I know she'll outgrow them so quickly.

I am getting tired of television...but you tend to be limited to what you can do while nursing a baby.
So I tried looking at magazines, but sometimes I don't have a hand free to turn the page and end up intently studying an ad for a "Wonder Mop"....aparently it is versatile, removable, and machine-washable which leads to a "cleaner way to clean".
I will let you know if it lives up to the hype.

I guess it's cheaper just to watch the same old sitcom again....but I have started to watch some of my old movies again, and my husband just bought me the classic "An Affair to Remember" so maybe my mind won't turn into couch-potato mush!

Monday, October 23, 2006

milk mustache???

My talented daughter.
I don't want everyone to think I only complain about my lack of's just a main part of what sticks in my head. I have tons of things about Shiloh that I want to post and when I get a chance to post my brain's only mantra is "'t... type...can't... spell" (This is true since I have been stumped by the stupidest words that the spelling has completely escaped me, and this irks me to no end since I hate misspelling things!)

But anyways...On to my talented daughter.
I have her baby book and it simply doesn't give me enough options/space to write down everything that I want noted. Like it has a space to note the date that she first rolls over...but no space for her first smile, first laugh, first finds her fingers.
So I have all these things noted on the sides....and all of her weights are in the margins...etc.

We have a new thing to add to the baby book.
I can picture her face when she reads it years from now....

But last night, as I said before, she was really fussy during our movie. The only thing that really placated her was nursing, so I nursed her burped her, patted her, soothed her, tried the pacifier (which started her screaming) etc. which didn't work and she kept crying so we start the cycle again. Nurse, burp, pat, soothe, paci, scream....Nurse, burp, pat, paci, crying...Nurse, burp...and she spits up a little milk when I sit her up.
I tip her back a little and wipe her chin, sit her back up and milk pours out of her mouth....and her nose!!!

My husband I are both a little shocked and scramble for the cloth to wipe her. Shiloh for her part just looked at us and didn't even so much as cough. I remember thinking "Aaah, that's not supposed to happen...but hey, her nose isn't stuffy anymore...." :-D

First time milk poured out of her nose...10/22/06!!! (had to edit...since I had the date wrong!)

I just know somewhere there is a 11yr. old boy who is quite jealous of her talent!

Good Days = Sleepy Nights

Shiloh is 8lbs. now! Yay!!
The dilema now is what size diaper...Size 1's start at 8lbs. so I tried one on her, within an hour she peed which somehow went completely out of the leghole...soaking her...soaking me.
She has a chunky belly and skinny legs which these diapers were not made little sumo baby.

Took her shopping yesterday, and she was sooo good. Slept through the carride there, the entire time in the store, (including when I changed her diaper on the hard plastic changing thing of the Wal-Mart bathroom that was definitely mounted wrong or made for a taller Mom, I was pratically on my tiptoes to change her!), and she slept the carride home...which included a stop at F.Y.E. and to fill up the truck.

But....later she made up for it.
We tried to watch a movie, and it took us about 3 1/2 hours to watch what should have been a 1 1/2 hr. movie...and I probably need to watch it again to really get it...because she was fussing so much.
She gets herself really agitated, then you have to wrap her up tight...get the pacifier in position...hold her hands (this is important!)...and talk softly to her, to get her to calm down. You feel like an octopus and need all those arms...sometimes I have to hold the pacifier in with my chin!!

Then this morning she woke up at 3:30 and stayed awake until 5am...I am so sleepy at that time!
She fusses later in the morning and I have my arms cradled and I am looking at them because I can't remember if I am holding her or not. ;-) she's really awake so I'll post again when I can...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Shiloh is growing so fast right before our eyes. We opened up a package of Pampers, which is the brand we first used with her...then we switched around to various other brands.
When we first used them, I had to overlap the little tabs to keep them on her tiny they are just *barely* closing!!!
I am looking at the diapers and at her...and it's just Wow! did you really get that much bigger!

We are going to pick up some more diapers for her this weekend...but I guess size-wise is going to depend a lot on how much weight she has gained at her Dr.'s appt. on Friday.
I still keep meaning to weigh her on our scale at home, but I don't know where my days go.
I just know that I fed the baby about a million times, and changed her diaper at least that same amount...patted her back until my hands are numb...sang lullabies til I lost my voice...and I think I ate and maybe took my vitamins...and hey, what day is this anyways???

All I know is each evening I have a lot of goals for the following day...a lot of ambitious goals...unattainable goals...foolish taking a shower.
Ok...she's crying. Um, what goals??

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Laughing at the moon...

The other day I was holding the baby and she was sleepy so I wasn't really paying attention to her...and she started twitching weirdly.
I looked now at her nervously and her eyes were closed, her mouth was open in the widest grin...and she was laughing! :-)

Laughing in her sleep...which was the odd movements she was making, perhaps she'll have a good belly laugh when she gets older. Yet, another milestone!

The only bad thing is that I don't know what made her laugh, so I can't replicate it. I am starting to get little smiles now and she's discovered her fingers and enough control to usually get at least a couple into her mouth.

Seems she is growing so fast...she is so solid, with little dimpled hands, and creases on her arms, double chin, and chubby cheeks.
Finally her 0-3mos. clothing is starting to fit! So nice to be able to dress her in outfits, little socks and the whole deal and she's not swimming in them.

She was so good yesterday, being hauled around to my Dr.'s appt (where we spent over an hour), and they my old office, and then her Aunt Heather's where she had a poopy explosion...but at least it wasn't at the Dr.'s office where they have no changing tables...or extra set of helpful hands! (thanks Heath!)
Last night she was on a 3 hr. schedule...12:30/3:30/6:30/9:30 for feedings. I much prefer a 4hr. schedule, but I am not going to complain since at least she didn't wake up at 2am and stay awake for 2 hours as she has done in the past.

This morning I am pretty sleepy...but it's a rainy fall day so that tends to make people groggy anyways. Starting to feel like a nice cup of hot cider, and maybe an old-fashioned donut would be nice.
Should probably pull out my Autumn decorations...depends on if I am truly ready to say goodbye to summer. I think I tend to stall too much then I end up just going from Summer decor to Christmas!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bible times...

I was just reading an interesting article on SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which was talking about how this problem has been around all the time, but only more recently has this name.
It even implied that the baby who died in Solomon's time (1 Kings 3:19) from being "overlaid" was actually a SIDS death.

Kinda interesting when you find out these things that you think are new problems have been around basically forever. Now we have more preventative measures that they didn't know then...but it is still a problem.
Then I realized that what this woman did when she found out her baby had died (stealing her roomate's baby and trying to pass it off for her own) is exactly what women in similar situations are doing even today.
The recent kidnapping of the 10 day old baby girl has made me so nervous to even open my door...(just a note, call me okay...'cause if you drop by there is no guarantee I am answering that door)

I also got to thinking about Moses, and how his mother hid him from the soldiers for 3 months. (Exodus 2:2)
Definitely had to have God's hand in that...even if Moses was the best baby in the world. Especially in a time without pacifiers and bottles and swings and vibrating bouncy seats.

We took Shiloh out today and had to cover her entire carseat with a blanket to protect her from the cold. She didn't like that!! She couldn't see what was going on! She has several different cries now too...but they all have pretty much the same theme (attend to me NOW!) and are mostly pretty loud too...or warnings that they will be getting loud soon.
She also isn't really quiet unless she is eating, since she is a pretty noisy sleeper.
I just couldn't imagine trying to keep her quiet or hidden...even when she is in a deep sleep she is very likely to let one rip.

I could just picture trying to convince a soldier that perhaps a pig had gotten into the house or maybe the house is settling (and um, yes, it does made that sound!) or "Urp! sorry sir, must be all that manna I've been eating"...ok, so they weren't eating manna at this time but you get the idea.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mom's 24/7!

Today was Shiloh's 3 week old appt.
This was mainly to check her weight since the Doctor said she wasn't gaining enough, quickly enough.
Last Thursday she weighed 5lbs. 14oz. and this week....
Drumroll please.....6lbs.12oz!!!!!!
Almost a pound in one week! I thought the Dr. was going to fall over he was so shocked. Annoying though...he stressed me out for nothing, saying that she wasn't gaining enough last week!
He said Shiloh and I are a great team, though he seemed concerned that she is wearing me out.

Well if you are nursing a baby nearly every 2 hours, 24/7...because her Doctor is on your case for her to gain will be a bit tired! But he wanted her to gain weight, so I busted my butt to get it done. (Shiloh had no complaints...the little chub!)
I wanted her checked over because she is showing slight signs of coming down with a cold. Guess the signs are pretty slight because the Dr. kept asking what her symptoms were. (As she contentedly hiccuped in my arms)
I told him that she got a little stuffy when she cried (later she cried there and was *not* stuffy, because I had already cleaned her nose) and I told him if you look at her eyes you can tell she doesn't feel great.

I heard myself, and knew what he was thinking...he deals with the facts. And I am telling him to look at her face and know that she's not 100% fine. Such a mother comment...but I *know* what I what I know, I spend every moment with her. Listen to person!
Her temp was slightly elevated (100.1), but he said it didn't really count as a fever since it is normal for babies who are bundled up against the cold. So basically to him she showed no signs of being ill.

So I am to keep doing what I am doing, and just keep an eye on her temperature.
Shiloh was fed up by the time she was done with that appointment...and had a bit of a temper tantrum on the car ride home (after she spit out her pacifier) the whole red-faced, hold-your-breath, screaming thing.
So then she had to nurse for over an hour to calm down...even though she had just eaten an hour earlier...while Mommy's stomach growled noisily.
Hmmm...wonder how she gained so much??