Thursday, November 30, 2006

Believe it or not

I know you are all on the edges of your seats...Has she really done it? Can it be true?? Is the mystery really over!?!?

This is your last chance to guess what could possibly cause Shiloh's afterbath meltdowns...but you won't guess it, it's just too simple!
Are you ready to find out??

Oh, it's so silly....but so hard to figure out! So simple, you will feel like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz...with my brain I should have thought of that!

Okay......the answer is......

She is ticklish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this seems to be the reason! As long as I don't apply moisterizer to her ticklish parts she is fine, or I use a rougher (less ticklish) hand on those areas she is fine. So that drama seems to be resolved...and bathtime is once again a happy, peaceful time...and the peasants rejoiced. :-)

I took Shiloh out running errands today, the bank, then Eckerds, then to see Heather.
It was so warm today (60's!!!!), so I carried Shiloh to the store since I wasn't sure if they had a cart or not and she was awake so she would want to be held anyways. She was soooo good, she didn't make a peep...just took in all the sights. They did have a micro shopping cart there, I don't think her carseat would have even fit in the basket part it was so tiny!
It was sized enough that Shiloh could have sat in the seat, but she still too young for that so I carried her and pushed the cart.

Not too bad of a trip, nice to get her used to little outings...At least Eckerds had a cart.
Unlike Peebles, Rite Aid, Hallmark, and any of those nice tiny shops....well, Peebles does have some type of funky black canvas and metal on wheels thing that I guess you are supposed to use for a cart. But I think I will avoid that.
And I guess, those stores too...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wonder Woman

Getting ready for Christmas already...the tree is up and decorated. The baby seems to really enjoy looking at the lights...almost as much as looking at her mobile anyways. I am wrapping gifts...but it seems too early!!!

Shiloh had a bath today, and I may have found the key to preventing her after-bath meltdown. But I want to try it a few more times to see if it works continually or today was just a's so silly too, I should have thought of it before!

Shiloh is smiling so much more now, she has a big grin when she thinks you are funny, but so far no laughs except when she is sleeping. Her face is so expressive (like her Daddy's)...when she is happy, her whole face lights up...and when she is upset, her whole face shows it. Still not sure what color her eyes are going to be, they seem to lighten daily...and are definitely a very dark blue, but will they stay? A lot of time for them to change yet...

She also is going through the stage where she just wants her Mommy. It depends on her mood though, sometimes she is fine with Daddy or other family members, and other times as soon as I hand her over she acts like it is the end of the world.
Last night, my husband and I were playing video games, and I had to hold her as she didn't want to be put down or for Daddy to hold her...and my husband still wanted us to keep playing.

So I wielded a controller, a 10lb. wiggling baby with her blankets, and kept tabs on her pacifier which I had to keep popping into her mouth because her hands kept knocking it out, and.....I still managed to win the race!

Whoohoo! I *am* Wooba Wooba!!
Now off to my invisible jet....shoot! I always forget where I park that thing...or lose my invisible my invisible mansion...on my invisible plantation...located on my invisible planet...

Friday, November 17, 2006

No splish splash while taking a bath...

Ahhh, I am sipping "Mandarin Orange Spice"'s my favorite!

This morning I gave Shiloh her bath...had to remove the hammock since she was getting too long and her feet were hanging over the edge.
I didn't know how she would like sitting in the baby tub, but she didn't care much.
She just got upset that it was taking me longer to bathe her than normal...because I wanted to give her a chance to play in the water and she didn't care about that.
So she had a pouty lip.

Then for some reason, I can apply her diaper cream...put her diaper on...moisturize her legs...but as soon as I start to moisturize her arms and anything above the waist, the fussing starts and usually lasts through her dressing and hair combing, and she's usually not fully happy again til she's had breakfast of the day.
I've tried changing just about everything about ending her bath, but she's still just not happy about that part of bathtime.

She's smiling soo much more now, she moves her mouth too like she wants to talk but rarely does a sound come out. She also is finding her hands more and sucking on her fingers....and her hands keep finding her hair and ears fascinating.
Thankfully her hair isn't long enough for her to pull out yet or I am certain she would have by now.

She is getting so good with her head control, but occasionally she'll lift her head and just slam it down on my collarbone...then little pitiful crying.
But yet, when I set her down for a second so I can just go to the bathroom....there are wails to raise the roof and huge alligator tears!!
So, I am not sure what type of crying to expect when we go to the Doctors on Monday....I think she will be mad, and that I can handle. If she has a hurt cry though...I don't know.
I still get emotional when she smiles at me, after all.

We're trying to plan our Christmas shopping...hoping to do at least some of it online. I am not used to that...but it is rather nice not to have to battle the crowds. I love regular store or mall shopping any other time of the year....but at this time and with the baby, I am thankful that internet shopping has come so far.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My treadmill *didn't* walk towards the light...

Okay, I am giving a tentative Yay! treadmill appears to be finally fixed!

I received the new belt for my I pulled out just about every tool that my husband owns yet I couldn't loosen the bolts! I felt soo wimpy!!

But when my husband came home, he took his hand to it...and his hammer...and his mallet.
These were from the factory machine-installed bolts!!
Finally with leverage of the hammer he was able to loosen the bolts with his hex key set. And their 3 pages of instructions were lousy, and we ended up doing most of it without them...they told you too remove this screw but not that there was a nut underneath the machine to loosen first...or that it would take two people propping up the machine to unscrew the bottom plate, or that you even needed to unscrew the bottom plate to reach the bolts!

Aparently they thought we were Gumby people or something and could reach our rubber hands around the motor and undo these bolts!

Anyways...1 1/2 hours later, we had the treadmill repaired!! The old belt was pretty chewed up on the inside, so it definitely needed to be replaced.

I was nursing the baby, so my husband tested it out starting out at 2 mph which is recommended to make sure the tread is on correctly...then he wanted to try it out at the speed that I normally walk on it...which is 4 mph. He nearly flew off it!!
Of course, I never walk my miles in my gym socks, like he was testing it with!

So I exercised today...and it ran well. It left me, glowing with precipitation, yeah thats it.
The baby was soooo good, in fact she seemed lulled by the treadmill, the sound didn't bother her one bit, and she even napped long enough for me to get my shower!

Now to start seriously working on these baby pounds...and with Thanksgiving and the holidays coming, I will really need to be walking and exercising in general.
They say you are what you eat...and I don't want to spend the holidays as a sweet potato!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Laugh and someone laughs with you

Your laugh for the day, it's impossible to watch this and not at least smile!!!

Baby Babble?

The new rage with Mommies of infants, is the new baby language decoder that was talked about on Oprah...and the DVD comes out later this month.

The link to the Oprah show is here:
While it is fascinating and actually helpful...I still found that my insticts were better and faster than waiting for her to cry and then trying to deciper the cry...especially since Shiloh is so impatient!

She has no patience for any type of language barrier.
She is used to just fussing a little and I will react, not for me to pause and try to find out exactly what she is saying...that made her 0 to 60 flat.

Also basically I found that Shiloh will cry for food...all the time, even when I know she is just bored (they don't have a cry on there for bored)...and then she seems confused that I am feeding her, but of course, will eat.

She also does a lot of squeals and grunts, or pouty sounds that aren't on there...a *very* vocal child! (Just listen to her cries on her rolling over video and you will see what I mean)

But there was a time last night, that she started to make the sounds for burp...even though I had just burped her. So I thought I was hearing her wrong, but put her to my shoulder and sure enough, she had a big burp.
That was pretty cool.

But Shiloh herself, seems to be a bit confused as to what will help her gas pains...she makes the sounds for discomfort/gas/ and food together.
But I think that is just the way the pains her an empty feeling in her stomach, a burping feeling, and the pain of the gas.

So while it is helpful, I'm not sure it is up to the fuss that the Mommies are making it out to be....after all babies are babies, and don't always know what they want...even themselves.
Anyways, it is only useful until the baby is 3 months old...then they come up with new ways of communicating. And Shiloh, I think, is already on her way.

Other news...remember I said I would update you on the "WonderMop"? Well, it is living up to it's does its job well, and no strings on the floor like our old mop, and your hands stay nice and dry, and the floor is clean.
So feel free to try the "Libman Wonder Mop"...there's my advertising.

Treadmill update...they mailed me the three pages of instructions, but no part yet. They weren't kidding about the instructions either...I think they are figuring I'm going to need a head-start on taking this thing apart before they send me the part! :(

Thinking about my Thanksgiving baking...but a bit worried about how much time the baby will give me, some days she is so good, but yesterday...the whole day...the longest nap she took was 30 minutes!!!
Yet *another* growth spurt?????

Saturday, November 11, 2006

At 8 weeks...

Well, I kinda found a temporary solution to Shiloh's after bath meltdowns.
Do everything in the bathtub!
Fortunately she is still in the hammock in the baby tub, so this morning, I put her diaper on and applied her moisturizer while she remained in the hammock...this kept the wails away for a bit.
But she still started fussing when I applied the moisturizer around her neck and chest, so I am thinking the main problem may be that she is not liking the smell of this moisturizer....which seems odd, but aparently is common.
And her hating to end her bath started at the same time as I started using this moisturizer for her I'll switch back and see.
Always so hard to figure it out when they can't tell you...and it's hard to read a pout.

Her eczema is healing really well...difficult to apply the cream and not have her rub it off, or wake her up, but it seems to be worth the effort.
I so desperately want to get her out of her mittened gowns and into her cute little outfits, but even when her hands were left out for just a few hours yesterday she left a little scratch on her face.
Even with her nails trimmed she still can scratch too I'll have to watch more carefully or wait til her skin heals up more. Scratches are just a part of babyhood but it can cause the eczema to become infected and worse and I definitely don't want that.

Wow, it is 65 degrees in our backporch. Practically a heat wave! I am burning a pumpkin candle, and the baby is contently sleeping in her swing, and I have a few apples that I need to use up...So I'll go, and hope you all enjoy a nice autumn day!

Friday, November 10, 2006

What not to wear

Today I was wearing a long cat-themed apron, over bleached floral flare jeans, and fuzzy pink slippers.
I suddenly looked down at myself and realized that Clinton & Stacey would have ripped my outfit to shreds.
But, they never do make-overs on nursing have to take special considerations of your wardrobe when you are a Mom.

The Rules...if you will

No dangly earrings that the baby can in a ponytail because you have no time to go get it cut and you are tired of pulling strands of hair from the baby's zippers or buttons that might hurt the baby's face when you burp long fingernails that might scratch her (you don't have time to paint them anyways) rings that might scratch *non-nursing* shirts that don't pull up or open dresses for the same heels because you don't want to wobble while holding your child.
And your major accessories will be your child and a diaper bag the size of Rhode matter how petite you might be.

Of course some can be bent, but still it is a major factor on how stylish you might look.
And the apron was more for function that style anyways, as I was making scalloped potatoes and needed protection while peeling potatoes and something to wipe my eyes on while cutting onions..(I have tried every trick in the book and still they make me cry!!)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Treadmill is treading on thin ice!!

Ok, it's never nice to start a post like that...but I am soooo frustrated that I even feel jittery or something!
I am ready to scrap this treadmill into tiny pieces and run it over with my truck.
We got the speed sensor installed and it seemed to be running fine...until you step on the belt! Then if it is running slow it stops...or running faster it hesitates which is pretty dangerous when you are walking on it.
So I loosened the belt, then re-tightened the belt, and dumped a can of lube on the thing....same problem.
Called tech support (for the 5th time!) and got a lady who gave me the run around about maintaining it...and maybe it just needs more lube (ahem, more?!?!?) and that it sounded like it *should* be working so just let it run longer to spread the lube before attempting to walk on it, and call them back if I had more trouble. My hands are black from fiddling with the belt, and the baby is fussing...and she's giving me the run around?!

So I took it apart...:-D ((that's my Dad in me)), and the rubber belt that connects the belt of the treadmill to the motor is rather chewed up on the inside and has left tiny bits of rubber all in the bottom of the motor case.And when I run it, the rubber belt doesn't run smoothly...Hmm...

I call tech support (if you are keeping track, this is the 6th call!) and get a guy this time. I explain it to him and he agrees with me that the rubber belt needs to be replaced and that this *could* be the cause of the problem.
He wants to know if I can replace it myself, (I guess since I was bold enough to take it apart)...I asked him to please send instructions.
He pulled up my record (remember, I now am special enough to have a customer number!) and says he will send me 3 pages of different instructions, along with the belt....aparently you have to loosen this thingy and move that thingy and take off this thingy just to replace this belt.
THEN if that doesn't work....I'll have to do major surgery on the treadmill and remove the front roller and replace that!

I have an 8 week old baby in the house, I don't have the time or patience for this!

Well, I can tell you what type of anesthesia I will use on it...It begins with an "H" and ends with an "ammer"!!!!

At least the tech guy was nice, he seemed apologetic that I've had to have such troubles (like them sending me the wrong part before) and that hopefully this would work so I would actually be able to walk on my treadmill...that is the goal after all.

Well, even though they are sending these parts free it is still such a pain! I didn't go to mechanic school because...I don't want to do this!!!
Also had an *incident* with a bottle of baby oil, which does not clean up I am just generally frustrated today.
If you made it this far through my rant...Pray for me! please!! :(

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Polls & Pouts

Yesterday, I voted! Yay me!! :-)
Well, it was difficult because Shiloh drew so much attention! The polling people insisted that I set her carseat right on there table so they could see her.
She was sound asleep after her bath, and never even blinked as she was admired and cooed over.
They loved her cheeks, they are a pretty rosy color because of her rash (which is improving daily)....and so chubby too! Then they wanted to know her age...the color of her eyes...her name...etc.
I was a bit overwhelmed by it all, to tell you the truth.
There were 6 polling people and then a couple of nurses came over as well (my polling place is a nursing home)....and they all ask questions at the same time!
That was the fastest I ever voted too, good thing I knew ahead of time who I was voting for!

Only bummer is that they don't give you the "I voted today" stickers, so you could go to Stewarts and get a free ice cream cone like they used to...:p

Shiloh was sooo funny after her bath...recently she has been *hating* getting dressed after her bath, and yesterday was no different.
I was talking to her non-stop to try to keep her distracted and keep the wails from starting...but as soon as I started to dress her, out came that bottom lip in the hugest pout ever.
She kept that bottom lip out the whole time too, just so I would know that even if she wasn't crying...she still was NOT happy with the situation.
Even when pulling her shirt over her head, dislodged her bottom lip...she stuck it right back out just as far.

Now who does that sound like??? Hmmm??? :)
I am soooooo in trouble, she's her father's daughter!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 7th

We are waiting for the bathroom to warm up so Shiloh can have her bath...but Shiloh fell asleep while waiting! I wake her up for her bath, or shut off and put away everything that is all set up and give her the bath this evening???

I wanted her bathed and napping, so then this afternoon I can go out.
I have to vote!! And the weather isn't too bad either...though I just read an interesting news report that states with the worst weather at voting time (Maine, Washington, New York etc.) have the best turn-out for voting versus the warmer states like Florida and Texas.

It's called "cabin fever"! We just want out!! ;-)

But seriously, all you people sitting on your lawn chairs, or sunning at the beach, or eating ice cream cones....get out and vote!
If we can haul through snow and rain and whatever else the mailman endures....and bring our kids and babies all bundled up with us...then you can suffer through the threat of a sunburn to your polling place.

Got my treadmill all put together again last night! Yay!
So I can exercise again, though I have still been using my exercise ball. Shiloh loves for us to bounce on it when she is fussy....she actually fell asleep in my arms while bouncing last night.

Well, I guess I'll see how sleepy she least she likes her bathes and wakes up happy!

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!!!!!! :-D!!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Matters

Today Shiloh's little cheeks look improved! With continued treatment, I think she'll have her baby soft cheeks again quickly! :-)!
And I weighed her on our home scale and it showed 9lbs. So she's still gaining well at 7 weeks! :)

I spent this morning washing Shiloh...her sheet...blanket...onesie....nightgown....*and* sleep positioner.
She is now in size 1 diapers, but it didn't have a chance! It's kinda funny, but I have "Shout" stain pre-treater that we received as part of a household package for our wedding ( Over 3 years ago) and I never used it until Shiloh came, it is making up for lost time!

Shiloh still has to be swaddled tightly to sleep, she is too active otherwise and keeps herself from sleeping...even in her wearable blanket we bought her.
But she is getting strong enough now to kick out of even a tight swaddle...usually I end up swaddling her with two blankets, but I am trying not to let her get too warm since that will irritate her rash.
But she keeps kicking and waking herself up...I was watching her bassinette and her little blanketed feet kept kicking straight up in the air until they were free of the blanket. (then she'll fall asleep until her cold feet wake her up!) Even if I try a half-swaddle with the 2nd blanket over just the lower half of her body...she'll kick free.
So my solution has been to lay a heavy knit blanket over her feet & legs and this seems to work. Just her legs are very warm, but at least it isn't her whole body.

The mail contained the new part for my treadmill...and it works!!!
I unscrewed the old wiring, replaced the part, and ran it for 5 minutes!! Yay!!
Can't exercise on it until my husband gets home to put all the casing back together and we adjust the belt and lube it...but it works!
A broken speed sensor was the problem!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soft as a baby's....

But, as I cleaned the shelves of our local convenience store this morning of all their products that might help Shiloh's skin, I was irked that they didn't have a cart for her carrier...(thankfully my husband was there to carry it around!) and amazed at the amount of products for babies skin out there.
Creams, and washes, and oils...oh, my!
Normally I am very conservative about purchasing tons of this stuff...especially at convenience store prices....but not when it comes to my baby. I don't want her to have to go through this one moment longer than necessary.

At home, I gave her a bath in the wash and slathered regular moisturizer all over her body, then applied the ezcema cream to her face and she screamed!
I think I probably went white as a sheet thinking I was applying something toxic to her...but then I remember that she usually starts with the crying at the end of her bath....and she starts fussing when I apply regular cream to her neck and ears....and she doesn't like her face washed...and the place where I started with the cream didn't even have ezcema!...and it's very mild, it's for babies!...I researched and researched it before I bought it!..etc. then I calmed down a bit.

She doesn't seem to like the smell either, so unlike the other cream that I could apply while she is sleeping...this one wakes her up. :-PPPP

I don't know if it is better or not....when you stare at something non-stop for hours trying to see if anything is happening...well, as they say "A watched pot never boils"!
So I just pounce on my husband when he comes home..."look at the baby...does it look any better??...slightly better??... a different shade of pink??...not worse, right???"

Shiloh for her part, is being a good-natured, happy baby today. She didn't fuss at all on the trips into town, even though she was awake and her carseat was covered and she couldn't see anything.
She is giving smiles at random, and taking her naps like a dream!
Mommy can actually eat...go to the bathroom....write on my blog!
So I am relieved at least that it isn't bothering her. I must have caught it early enough, because they say it is a very itchy thing.

I think she just wants me to earn my Mommy stripes...since I lucked out of the stretch marks and 48 hr. labor...I have to earn them somehow!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Walking in a winter wonderland...because my treadmill still isn't fixed!

Yesterday I received the parts for my treadmill...and they sent the wrong one! So I had to call them again this morning, for the 4th time!!
I now have a customer number too!! Maybe they issue those after you annoy them enough times?
I found a bunch of recalls for this company's I am not too hopeful to getting this resolved, even though mine is not part of the recalls.
But I lost 4lbs....don't ask me how!! I was soooo bummed about them sending me the wrong parts and Shiloh was having *such* a bad day yesterday (She would only sleep if I held her, AND I didn't move at all)that this was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Shiloh has a spot of ezcema on her cheek.
I found out that one way that Mothering is a 24hr.'s the worrying fills up any extra minutes.
I laid awake at night wondering if it was going to look better or worse in the morning, and what other things I should try.
It started with baby acne so I was treating it like that...but then turned to baby ezcema which is basically the opposite treatment.
So now I can worry about aggravating baby acne or am I actually treating the ezcema?
It boggles the mind, doesn't it!

Woke up to an inch of snow everywhere, and it lightly snowing.
I guess November is bringing winter with it.
Actually hard to believe November is here! I spent all year waiting and counting down the days til September, and the baby's birth...and now it is November!
Have so much to do before the holidays!