Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas developments...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas...I definitely did!

Shiloh found the excitement of opening presents a bit overwhelming, and during both opening presents at home, and at Grammy's...she fell asleep!
We have the video proof to show her when she is older!

She was soo showered with gifts, I was amazed! Both Grammy & Aunt Heather certainly over did themselves!!

I think I am enjoying the toys, as much, if not more...than she is!
Her newest development...(seems almost every week there is a new one).
When she is on her back, she can move herself forward. She's been doing that for awhile now, so I always find her at the other end of the bassinette from where I lay her.
Well, yesterday when she tired of laying on her back playing...I put her on her tummy. She was complaining away because this is much more difficult for her, but she was just whining so I sat next to her and just let her be.
And she managed to move more than a foot, on her belly....backwards!
Even watching her, I couldn't figure out how she was doing it. It really looked like her motions should move her forward but they didn't.

So now, I will need to be especially watchful of her...she can start going places soon, and she moved quickly too. She has such powerful legs, that I insist on having her buckled in everything even if I am just setting her down for a second. If one of her feet touch *anything* she is able to push her whole body very fast and forcefully.

Shiloh is getting so big. I weighed her on our home scale today....13lbs!!
I kept saying she was 11, maybe 12!
My husband made a better guess, but he keeps groaning how heavy she is when he picks her up.
She's been rather clingy to me recently, so I am carrying her a lot...maybe that's why I didn't notice her weight gain so much.
Or maybe I am in little 5lb. newborn has more than doubled her size!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

'Tis the season..

Merry Christmas to All!

I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything at the moment. Well, at this exact moment I have some time...the baby is finally napping, and I have all the holiday stuff done as much as possible at this moment.

Tomorrow starts another whole list of things....but hopefully with my husband's help I can get that done quickly and then just enjoy the holiday.

I need to enjoy this holiday, after all it is Shiloh's first Christmas!

Just a little hard to get beyond...what *needs* to be done....and the fact that there is no snow....and my aunt passing...and just savor it.
But I will.

Shiloh hasn't made getting any work done, any easier. She likes to have her Momma's 100% un-divided all times.
She is trying so hard to be independant, refusing to sit instead wanting to stand etc....but she wants to be independant as much as she can while being held by me or on my lap, not actually by herself! :) I know I will miss that in a few months/years, so I do savor it.

I started showing her mirrors...and she thinks she is pretty cute! Today she just smiled and cooed at herself...then got a little upset and confused when she saw me in the mirror. I think it was "Hey if you're over there....then Ack! a stranger is holding me!!"
You could see the bewildered look on her face, and then she was done with the whole mirror deal.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December Day

Last night my husband asked me to show him what I did to make Shiloh laugh.
So I did.
Well, he started laughing so hard!! He almost choked on his dinner! Guesss it really is funny then.... :-D

Today is supposed to be another nice one, maybe it will melt the snow from yesterday. Really surprised me that it snowed pretty good and it is still on the ground this a.m.

I am writing this quickly while Shiloh takes her morning 30 min. nap...I call this her power nap. She is so tired that you can't keep her awake...but it only ever lasts about 30 min. Then she'll not take another til afternoon.
I've been taking more photos since we need a 3 month old photo for her frame, but it's difficult now, because she has discovered her hands are tasty!
So the hands are usually in the mouth or finding there way into the mouth...and it doesn't matter if there are sleeves or mittens in the way, because those can be sucked on just as well.
I guess they call this "pre-teething".

She's started to try and reach her toys, and can even push the button hard enough to make the music start. It's so fun to watch her try and get those hands to move the way she wants them too...She frowns at them and one finger will move, and you can see her concentrating on getting her hands to do what she wants.
Her legs are already in constant motion...she insists on having them free and kicking as much as possible.
If she had hard shoes...I'd be pretty bruised!

I am watching the "Star Trek Voyager" marathon on television when I exercise. I haven't seen may episodes of that, pretty cool though...they *transported* a baby out of its mother instead of a c-section. Gotta love imaginary futuristic medicine! Of course the baby had spines on its I guess I would have chosen that route myself.
The more fascinating the show, the more miles I can walk without it seems a good fit.
And you gotta admit...spiny-headed, transport-delivered, babies are fascinating!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

She laughed!

Today, Shiloh laughed for the first time!
I sat her on the couch and I was making raspberry sounds at her, and she smiled away...then started cooing...and then laughing...then I started laughing because she was laughing...and she's laughing at me, and I could barely make any more raspberries because we were laughing too hard! :D

She's just too cute! And it was just the pick-me-up I needed after yesterday...which was yucky.

Shiloh was sleepy yesterday (after the party & shopping on Sunday), but whenever she woke up she was cranky. So in the evening, she was fussy and I finally set her in the swing and decided to make some microwave popcorn because I was hungry and it is fast.
So I start the microwave...then have to move her swing away from the microwave...then start to look at my recipe box since I need to make something for breakfast and since I need like a billion *fast* recipes to make this week for this weekend and I'm anxious about it...and I'm looking and I'm talking to the baby...

The timer on the microwave beeps...oh, no! I'm supposed to get the popcorn when it is done popping...not when the microwave is done.
I open the door...and a little smoke wafts out.
Hmm, I shake the bag as usual and it doesn't look too bad. I open the bag...smoke comes out of the bag. I decide I don't want cajun popcorn and toss it in the trash.
But burnt popcorn stinks!...I mean really, really stinks!!
I move the baby to the other room...throw the trash outside...and light a scented candle...then I light another candle.
Still stinky! And my microwave stinks too!

So I remember wonderful Heloise hints about cutting up a lemon and boiling it to help the smell go away. I look in the lemons...just oranges.
Okay, same family. I slice the orange and some slices and water go on the stove and some go in the microwave.
Well, when it's said and done....I have a smoky orange smelling kitchen.
Another Heloise hint comes to mind, so I heat up a bowl of vinegar & water in the microwave....yes, you guessed it.
Now the microwave smells like barbecue...vinegar...oranges!!!!!!

I am seriously writing to Heloise...she is not helpful at all!

I turn up the dial on every air freshner I between all this I nurse the baby, and bounce her until she falls asleep.
Then I make bread pudding, because I still need something for breakfast. I wash all the dishes in a ton of soapy water...then wash all the counters...and every surface.
Still smells.
I sweep the floor, and mop it.
Still smells.
I spray air freshner in every room.
I can still smell it, but I think the scent is stuck in my nose now, because other wise the house *should* smell like smoky...vinegar...oranges...hollyberry...pinesol...lysol...rose...pumpkins!

I have exhausted every avenue on my part and exhausted has now been 3 hours.
I sit down to feed and comfort the baby who is awake from her short nap, my husband will be home in less than 30 minutes, and I realize I still haven't eaten anything. I was hungry and the popcorn was going to be my snack...3 hours ago.
Might as well wait to eat when he comes home.

That is my dieting story, so that (for all who are wondering) is how I lose my post-baby fat. I doubt this diet will have the fad appeal and grand following of some of those plans out there.
But it is mine.

Perhaps I should name it? Hmm, "The I lost my mind with the placenta" diet?
I thought the only people who burn microwave popcorn were college students who goof off. How hard it is to watch a microwave?
Aahhh!! This is not me, this is devastating to a perfectionist...this is my brain without sleep...and it's not a pretty picture!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

my baby love

I think Shiloh is going through her 3 month growth spurt. She is now 3 mos. old/13 weeks.
It seems when she is awake she is eating on an hourly basis...I feel like people might think all I do is feed her when she is fussing, but really that is her main reason for fussiness, and she *is* hungry too.

Believe me she won't eat when she's not hungry. Like this am when I wanted to feed her because we were going grocery shopping and I didn't want her starving in the store. It's like trying to feed a chimpanzee with a squirt gun!
She's looking here, and there, and if her Daddy speaks then she has to whip her head around to look at him...then she smiles at me...pulls her hair...etc. everything *but* eating!

On our good days, I am pretty in sync with her and I'll feed her before she fusses but also when she's hungry, that's really nice because then we have a nice calm day.

My sling came in the mail yesterday, I am so excited! I tried it out a couple of times, I want to get the baby used to it. She seems pretty content in it, as long as she can look around.(and she's not hungry!)
I thought perhaps it is too big, but I am going to work with it first and I think Shiloh is more comfortable in it being bigger. She likes to kick her legs a lot and if they are too confined she's not happy, and it has a nice deep pouch for her to settle in.
We can now shop at Peebles too! Yay!

I thought I was going to need to be pulling out 3-6 mos. size clothing for Shiloh now. But actually I have been putting away some of her 0-3 mos stuff is tooo big! Got tired of some of the pants falling off and some gowns coming off of her shoulders.
So now I have two waiting sections of clothes...the next size, and the PRE-next size! I don't mind it though...she's trying to do so much now that I still like her cuddly and tiny.

She's borderline to laughing and rolling over...I love it. It's so exciting to wake up and maybe this is the day she will accomplish one of those things. But even if not..then the excitement continues!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas in the Carribean?

I have the back porch door open...and it is mid-December!!!
This is a little crazy! Our back porch is nice and warm, so I turned down the furnace and opened the door.
Our lawn is nice a green too, maybe we'll be putting away the shovels & rock salt and pulling back out the lawn mower and rake??

My sister & I agreed that it's difficult to get in the christmas spirit, when all your life, snow has been tied in with christmas. I really don't feel like making christmas cookies or playing christmas carols...the weather has me confused.
Guess I need to get into the "christmas in July" spirit instead...well, they are still saying we have a 70% chance of a white christmas so I guess we shall see.

I am not going to complain...nicer weather means I am less house-bound than I would be normally with a baby, and also lower heating $, and safer driving. But it is one of the nice things of living in NY...different weather for each season....just hope it doesn't all catch up with us in a later month!
Feel a bit sorry for those who depend on the snow for a ski resorts around here...guess it's my love for the movie "White Christmas" that reminds me of those people.

Shiloh hasn't been sleeping too solid these past few nights...I think it is because she is strong enough to get out of her swaddle and wakes herself with her flailing around. If I can get her tucked in tight enough, she sleeps well, so I think I will try a double swaddle tonight and hopefully my little houdini will sleep better...and then so will Mommy!
Daddy sleeps no matter what...except the other morning when Shiloh had the hiccups, for some reason that woke him up.

I don't like our new mailman...he is lazy and delivers the mail late...and he just wears a grungy t-shirt, and a baseball uniform!
It keeps startling me to see this bum-looking fellow on my front porch, and I feel nervous about having him pick up my mail. We had a young 20-30-ish woman and she was excellent and delivered my mail early...but now I have Bubba post-man! I feel nervous for his colleagues...if you catch my drift....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sushi Nog

This morning we went grocery shopping at Price Chopper...needed to pick up some soda for Gram K's party next weekend.
Also picked up some holiday flavored coffee...expensive but soo worth it. Got some eggnog as well, since I haven't had it in...maybe 5+years!
It's good..I don't think I really remembered it. I think my memory taste is different, if you know what I mean, this is Garelick farms and it tastes rather like melted rum ice cream, maybe Stewarts is better?...anyways I think this one little carton will last me another 5 years.

Bought some sushi too, since their's is excellent and I haven't had any in over a year because I was pregnant.
So I am eating sushi and drinking eggnog...not together, but still...ew, that sounds gross. :P

Shiloh was good, each time she fussed I just started talking really expressively to her, and she'd grin at me and coo...and then was content for at least a few more minutes. She loves to kick her feet too, it's getting difficult to keep a blanket on her at any her swing, or in her bed. She's often kicked off everything...then starts working on kicking off her socks.

She had her bath this morning and I decided to bring her bathtub into our bedroom, rather than wait for the bathroom to heat up. Well, the tub *never* leaks, but the 1st time I set it on carpet and the little drain plug loosened enough to soak the carpet pretty well!
But Shiloh stayed warm, and was content to look at her mobile while I ironed and picked out our Sunday outfits.

Have to pick out something for her to wear to the party next weekend, but it's a bit difficult since she overheats so easily, and one room tends to be super hot, and the other...pretty cold. So I guess layers are the way to go...she lets me dress her with no complaints so at least that isn't a problem.
And she looks like a porcelain doll in anything!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Growing pains..

Today my baby is 12 weeks old! Growing too fast!
Of course she will always be my baby, she was cuddling with me and I told my husband that I didn't care if she was 80 years old, if she still needed to climb into my lap, she could. He said "But you'd be like over 100 years old!" ((thanks so much dear!)). Well she can climb onto my wheelchair then...whatever!! :P

Yesterday I was having a difficult time laying Shiloh down for a nap.
She'd sleep in my arms but wake up as soon as I laid her down, so I decided to try laying down with her on the bed, and feeding her until she fell asleep, then I could set pillows around her and I had a bunch of things to do in the room anyways...bills/new calendar to update/balance checkbook..etc.

Well, Shiloh didn't fall asleep...I did!
And each time I woke up, she had her eyes closed, but was *still* nursing...and refused to let go of me too! This went on for over an hour...well, at least I got *my* nap, didn't even know I needed one!

I also decided that she had enough body control that I no longer needed to elevate her mattress. I didn't *need* too, but I felt better about it.
So I removed the blanket, and switched the mattress around to give it better shape.
This morning she had kicked out of her swaddle, kicked off the heavy blanket I use to keep her legs calm so they don't wake her...and in her gown managed to scoot herself from the bottom of the bassinette to the top.
So I think she doesn't need the positioner either.

Today she is practicing her voice....all different sounds. She also LOVES whistling...don't know if it is the sound or the breeze on her face. It's so cute.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So bathtime is now all good once again. :)
I take a little time at the end of Shiloh's bath to splash her arms in the water...she doesn't care, she's still too young to play in the bath yet.

We had snow when we woke up this morning...about 1" and it's sticking too. Pretty cold now, kinda funny to see the neighbors outside who were wearing sweatshirts the other day and now they look like eskimos, they are so bundled with fur hoods.
So glad not to have a reason to go out...
I dressed Shiloh warmer according to the weather, so she is sweating! Such a warm baby, I hold her to keep *me* warm! :)

Shiloh has really mellowed, now that she can see the world around her, and isn't hungry every minute...
On Sunday...she was peacefully quiet in church...fell asleep during grocery shopping...and slept while we ordered some take-out...and was good while Daddy watched her while I got my hair cut.
I haven't had my hair done in sooo long. I was nervous as I was sitting there because the hairstylist was very slow and clippy crazy....she clipped up all my hair and would only cut small sections at a time!
But I didn't hear a peep from the baby, so it went smoothly....and I like my haircut, when it was finally done.

my daughter calls...TTYL