Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

13 weeks! (Start of the 2nd Trimester!!)

Last night, or rather early, early, way too early, this morning wasn't nice.
Shiloh was up and miserable with gas, it took a lot of comforting and two doses of infant gas drops to get her to fall back asleep.
I wracked my brain to think of what might have been the cause, and the only thing different was green beans.
So those will be off the menu for quite awhile!
On top of that, she's getting molar or two in as well.

She slept in about an hour later than usual this morning. About 1:30, I tried to lay her down for a nap...but after all of her resisting, she only fell asleep for about 30 seconds then popped up again.
Her nap schedule and routine were soo good, and then she caught that cold and couldn't breathe well when she laid down, so I let her fall asleep on my lap...and the cold lingered for a couple weeks so it has been awhile since I got her to fall asleep in her bed.
Now I am desperately trying to get back to what it was.

At 2:30, I knew she was tired and tried again. I was exhausted after all...she had to be tired, right? Shi fought it for about a minute, and then fell soundly asleep. Yay, right?!
It doesn't stop there....she slept for FOUR SOLID HOURS!!!

It was just so good, because I was feeling like such a bad Mommy forcing her nap, and starting to get so frustrated.
I was able to nap myself, and get so much done around the house as well. I did have to check on her though, because I really was just expecting her to nap for 1 hour at the most! :-)

Shiloh was so cheerful after her nap as well. She was hungry (of course) and happily ate her grilled cheese and babbled at me while I did some baking for breakfast tomorrow. Yay!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after...


We had a wonderful Christmas! :-)

Shiloh got into the opening of presents and enjoyed the entire experience immensely.
She also enjoyed our breakfast of blueberry pancakes, she almost ate an entire one!
We went to my parents and after our wonderful Ham dinner, Shi couldn't wait any longer and fell asleep just before the gift opening....with my full stomach, I wanted to join her! ;-)
She woke up just as the other kids had finished opening their gifts, and the expression on her face was so cute because everyone had piled her gifts around the chair where she was sleeping in my arms.
So when she woke, she was just surrounded by gifts! :-)

Today she's been playing away, mixing old toys with new. I bought her a dolls diaper bag and she's been filling and emptying that all day.

Shiloh got several bathtoys and I also bought her some bubblebath now that her skin has cleared so well. I've had to give her plain water and special soaps for sooo long now!
So tonight she had her first bubblebath! She wasn't too thrilled with the bubbles at first though, but then I scooped up a handful and blew them around and she was okay. Shiloh liked all of her new water toys, a spinning bug that moved around in the water from Uncle Jon, and various squirt toys from Aunt Heather that were soooo tricky!!
I was picking them up and squeezing them, showing them to Shi and there was one with holes all over it and I didn't know and soaked myself!
Then I examined the next one carefully, but I couldn't find the holes so I gingerly squeezed it and the water shoots out of it's ears!!! So sneaky!!

Yeah, if you couldn't tell....I'm having fun with Shi's toys too. ;-)

Even baby #2 received some gifts, I love my Mom and sister! They are so thoughtful to think of everyone...born or not. :)
This pregnancy seems to be flying...I can't believe there's just 6 months left.
I spent each day of my 1st pregnancy just in amazement, amazed that I was actually pregnant. Finding things that were the size of the baby and looking at them in awe as they gradually got bigger...sitting quietly waiting for the slightest hint of a kick, poring over tidbit of pregnancy info I could find!
It seemed to go so slowly though.

Shiloh doesn't give me too much time for over-thinking. She needs her milk spill cleaned up, and her toys picked up, and her head pulled out when she gets it stuck under the couch....she's kinda nosy! ;-)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

No more shopping til after Christmas!


2 days til Christmas!

The weekend just before Christmas isn't a good time to go out...much less go shopping. Whether or not you are actually "Christmas shopping" or just need a 1/2 gallon of milk is irrelevant.
Not that I am likely to remember this next year!

We had a lot of running around to do today, Church services and delivering cookies and presents to a couple of stops.
Then to the store to replace the "bop bag" we bought for Shiloh, that was missing the stopper. From there we were off to another store to pick up a stocking kit for the new baby (while they are still available), sewing one with Shiloh around was hard'll be next to impossible if I wait until the new baby arrives to start on its stocking.
Then Wal-Mart, where DH had a specific purchase he wanted to make but was unable to find one of good quality.
Of course, Wal-Mart was insane...but you realize that before you even walk in the door or spend an hour finding a parking spot that is still within visual distance of the building.

Then the clerk so nicely rings up our little container of milk....THREE times!
So we had the nice holiday joy of standing in the line at customer service.
They must hire the people from the DMV to work holidays for them....S-L-O-W!
Anyways, then to grab a quick bite to take home for a late lunch, and DH had to run back inside because they completely forgot to give us Shi's food.

For the day, 4 store/restaurant stops and we had three errors/mistakes in checking out.
I do feel sorry for the clerks though, it's a rough time...rough weekend for them.
But it hardly makes it worth going out, battling the crowds and then dealing with the mistakes.

Getting home was nice. Nice to be able to relax. Gave Shiloh her bath and opened some new baby lotion, it doesn't smell like baby lotion smells so nice and girly! I think she smells a little like a "Strawberry Shortcake" character. :-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Countdown to Christmas


6 days til Christmas!

Today I am wrapping Christmas gifts. Yeah, I never got beyond the two done the other day but I made a lot more progress today.
Pretty sure I won't get it *all* done today, but I'm making a dent. ;-)
Now that Shiloh can reach the tabletop, it seems all tasks are more difficult and nothing is safe. She kept grabbing small presents or pieces of wrapping paper....really, whatever her inquisitive fingers could find.
Finally I gave her a small gift bag and she had a blast with that and it kept her occupied for a good 1/2 an hour anyways.

Since Shiloh slept completely through last Christmas...both opening presents at home and at my parents, I am pretty excited to watch her enjoy Christmas this year.
Judging by the way she shreds my magazines into itty-bitty pieces, she should have a blast ripping into the wrapping paper. In fact, the only problem might be that she's more fascinated by the paper than by the actual present!

On Monday, Shiloh climbed up the staircase unassisted until she reached the top step...then she needed a hand because there was nothing for her to hold onto. Yesterday, she climbed it totally unassisted!
She is not daring about it, which I am so thankful for, and repeatedly looks to make sure I am right behind her.
When her Daddy runs up the stairs and doesn't close the door, she'll stand at the bottom and yell for him until he comes back down. lol.

She's getting so big and having such milestones! This afternoon, she wants to practice shaking hands...last night she was trying to copy me and whistle.
It's just too cute. :-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Rush


Shiloh and I had a couple shopping stops to make today.
Rather disappointed though, with the amount of things the stores had run out of, and the mile-long checkout lines as well...made it not really worth venturing out.
Also so thankful for animal crackers, and their ability to quiet an impatient 1yr. old! ;-)

It really is funny....the power of suggestion, that is.
Shiloh was bored or something, so she leaned back in the cart seat and was looking at the ceiling while I was pushing her through the store.
You would not believe the amount of people I caught looking at the ceiling to see what was she was staring at!
It was almost like a Candid Camera set up or something! lol!

We had an older lady come over, comment on "my beautiful baby"....then ask if she was a boy or a girl.
Okay...soooo what part of the "beautiful baby" was she looking at?
Hmm, not the pink shirt....or the pink-trimmed hat with "Princess" written on her forehead in plain view??
Lol, If I had said she was a boy, I probably would have gotten such dirty looks too!

The worse street on our whole way, was our own. Such a slushy mess, I put the truck in 4-wheel drive just to get down the street without slipping everywhere...and really needed it to get over the snowbank into our driveway.
The fun remnants of our weekend snow & sleet storm.

Shiloh is starting to say a few more words here and there. She'll say "Bye Bye, Dada" and waves, when DH leaves for work in the morning.
One of her favorites is "Bless You" (she whispers it) when she sneezes or anyone sneezes, she also has to nod her head at the same time when she says it.
I could not figure out where she picked that up from, until I realized that I nod *my* head when I say it! It's so funny that she even picks up on my expressions and body language, but she's always observing and absorbing everything.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just in time for Christmas!


I finally finished Shiloh's Christmas stocking! Here is a photo of the completed stocking and also one of all the far!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow, snow, everywhere!


Today we're snowed in! My husband is out clearing the roofs, sidewalks, and driveway as I write this.
I'm not sure how many inches have fallen already, since I haven't been out in it...and it's still snowing pretty steadily, but it is a pretty good amount.
They've actually plowed our street twice since the storm began around midnight...each time the plow comes through it scares and wakes up Shiloh though. :(

Today was supposed to be my Grandmother's Christmas party, but that's been snowed out and wouldn't have been a fun trip to make today in this weather.
Yesterday though, Shi and I visited with Mom & Dad and enjoyed Mom's tasty holiday baking and cooking. :)
The past two days I've been feeling much better which has been wonderful!
It was great to really be able to really enjoy Mom's cooking....and try to gain back the pounds I've lost!
I guess it is a good time of year to actually *try* to put on pounds! ;-)

Okay, Shiloh's not really happy with me being online at the moment..........

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paper or Plastic?

I wrapped TWO presents today!!
Then I became tired. Yeah, this is going to be a l-o-n-g Christmas season if I am dragging each task out like this.
Even if I wrap two gifts a day, some people would still end up getting hefty bags instead of nicely colored paper. Hmmm...

I do have the excuse of having had virtually "no" sleep last night. Shiloh had a really bad night, not sure if she actually has a cold or it's teething, or even a result of her Flu vaccine she received on Monday...either way it was miserable.
She didn't even want to nap today.

It's cute the certain things that Shiloh picks up.
My husband caught her grabbing a napkin off the table and pretending to blow her nose. :-D
Sometimes when I chase her through the house, I do a fake evil laugh "muwahaha". Today, Shiloh was peeking at me trying to get me to chase her and started going "hahaha" in a low voice. It was too funny!
Then yesterday, for the first time, she picked up her Glo-Worm doll and cuddled it under her chin and started patting its back.
Yeah, that almost got those pregnancy hormones going! Not that it takes much! ;-)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Socks and Dolls

My daughter is having a grand time....playing with my socks!
I just opened a new pair of super soft, very fuzzy socks for myself tonight, and Shiloh has completely stolen them!!
She's petting them and stroking them against her face, putting them on her head and wrapping them like a scarf around her neck....she's completely involved in playing with a pair of socks.
Hmm...Who'd have guessed? :-)

I saw some Cabbage Patch dolls the other day, and I was just remembering how much I loved my own CP dolls when I was younger.
I had a pony-tailed doll named "Jennifer", I had a lot of dolls named Jennifer actually. ;-)
My sister had a red-haired one named "Pamela". They were great, but I really remember when we got the CP babies. Mine was "Brian Fernando" (I wonder where CP comes up with these names) he was bald and had a nice white suit and hat...and I was totally in love.
I still feel something when I see those dolls today, really the love that a child has for their toys shouldn't be can be really strong.
Anyways, the dolls had grand adventures with us, riding in the flowered wicker baskets on our bicycles...riding on pretend wagon trains while my brother (with a cowboy hat on his head, toy rifle in one arm, and baby doll tucked under the other) shot at the bad guys that would be chasing us.

Not sure exactly when my brother's CP doll "Hanky" had his head crack. But I remember a great deal of our time playing with him, that he had a large white bandage on his head, and he wasn't allowed to go on too daring adventures again.

Eventually when Shi gets more into dolls, she'll get her own CP doll.
She's a bit young yet, I think a lot of dolls are for ages 3 and up and really she's not been too interested yet.
She likes her Glo-Worm doll but mostly to push the button on its belly and see its face light up and she claps to the music.
Not really for cuddling or acting like it is a, she'll save that for my fuzzy socks! lol.
We did get her a simple baby doll for Christmas, mostly so I can show her how to be gentle with a baby and just demonstrate how to treat a baby etc. etc.

Shiloh has been doing wonderful this week with her naps. It's been such a relief to my mind!
She's been letting me know when she's tired, and today I was actually able to just lay her down in her little bed, cover her with blankets and basically she was out.
It was soo amazing, I really hope it continues. I was a little nervous that she was too young for a toddler bed, but she was really hating her crib and it does seem to be the best thing. It is very low to the ground and I have the floor very padded, so even when she doesn't quite land on her feet, she just gets up giggling....she meant to that...Tada! :)
As long as I can keep her from getting into mischief when she wakes up!
That's a different story.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mother's helper

Shiloh and I had to take a quick shopping trip today. We're both recovering from colds, so we haven't been out much...but we needed some household staples.
I had Shi really bundled up, it's pretty cold and the snow from last night never even melted today.
So because she was so bundled she could hardly move in the seat of the cart, But she was just the happiest thing! (she's really been so happy, even through this cold)
All through the store, she just looked around and then would burst into giggles over who-knows-what that caught her eye.

Then we ran to another store, then home again.
Only problem is that I usually try to limit my shopping bags, so that I can carry them and my diaper bag or purse, and have Shiloh on my hip and keys in hand.
I barely managed it this time.
Just got to the porch and I had to set everything down, including Shiloh because my arm muscles were screaming and I needed hands to get the door open.
Shiloh *loves* to help me with the groceries. So she promptly picked up a lighter bag and after I helped her over the threshold she carried it into the kitchen and tried to help unload. She's such a helper! :)

She's been eating really well also. (thus the need for a trip to the grocery store! lol!) Sometimes even finishing an entire sandwich, but always at least half. She also ate an entire banana yesterday, I was amazed because I still remember the effort of getting her to eat even one bite of banana before!
If I ask her if she's hungry now, she will nod and scratch her belly. :-)

She still doesn't eat well when we're out, I think there is just too much to see and do when we are out for her to really take the time to eat or nap.

Okay, Shi's up from her second nap....almost 1 1/2 hrs! yay!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I rushed Shiloh & myself through our bathing tonight, there are so many holiday movies playing!
There are about 5 that I would like to watch, but of course they're all playing around the same times.
Right now I've settled on "White Christmas", I love it soo much! I can (and have) watched at all times during the year. :) Still trying to figure out why I cannot get my toes to tap like that, still getting misty-eyed each time the General does...loving that it mentions liverwurst. ;)
But I am also flipping on commercial breaks to catch bits of "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage. I just love his facial expressions in that movie, he conveys a lot with just his expressions.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and tasty!
Mom outdoes herself every year, it was so good! I was a little queasy in the a.m. but it was long gone by dinnertime so I was able to really, really, enjoy my meal. :) Shiloh even tried a few things, and turns out she's a fan of pumpkin pie as well.
It's a vegetable after all....and apple pie is fruit...It's all a good part of a balanced holiday diet! ;-) Not a big gathering but it was so nice.
So much to be thankful for this year...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful *tasty* holiday tomorrow!

My brother was married this past weekend.
It really was a beautiful wedding. I was afraid that Charith was going to cry during the ceremony....which then would have started me crying, and both of us without waterproof mascara, it wouldn't have been pretty!
But then Jon unknowingly promised to " and charith" her, which was funny and lightened the mood considerably. ;-)

We also went to the Harvest dinner at the church on Sunday which was crowded but nice. Still having a problem getting Shiloh to eat "outside" food, whenever we go to a restaurant or the wedding reception or harvest dinner....she'll only eat foods that I bring for her, besides a few tastes here and there.
I hope she decides to eat more for Thanksgiving!

I put away Shiloh's crib yesterday and set up the toddler bed. But then she was fussy last night, so she didn't end up spending much time in there at all.
She seems to be doing okay with it though. I'm just working on making sure she knows how to get out of bed makes her Daddy extremely nervous, especially since she plays it up and knows how to pull on his heartstrings.
She seems to have a goal to never be put down at all when Daddy is around. ;-)

I took a bunch of pics of the taking down of the crib, and setting up of the new bed. I'll have to put them up soon, too much computer time recently though has been giving me a headache, which then leads to morning sickness so I've not been online too much.
Working on my crafting projects instead.
But my morning sickness seems to be improving, so that is really wonderful....especially since I've been counting down the weeks of the 1st trimester until I could anticipate relief, so to feel even slightly better now is wonderful.
I'm still avoiding everything that might upset my stomach....and I still can't watch the Food Network channel but it's better. :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

1st comes love, then comes marriage

Let's see, to catch up on my blog from my last post...
On Saturday, Shiloh ran a fever after her morning nap, she was also very lethargic and it made me pretty nervous.
But I gave her a dose of Motrin and within half an hour it had kicked it and her fever was gone and she was running around like normal. She's been fine since, though I am still keeping an eye on her because they said she could have a fever & rash from her vaccines even a week or two later.

On Monday, I had my 1st Doctor's appt. for my pregnancy. I decided to try a new OB/GYN, and they even had an u/s machine right in the exam room so it was a pleasant surprise.
Baby was hiding out, so the idiot doctors start their speech on how I'll need to come back in a week because they aren't sure this is a "viable pregnancy".
Don't you love that!
I was actually really calm, because we had a minor scare with Shi's 1st u/s as well....and I was pretty sure I had seen the baby in the very 1st part of the scan.
Sure enough, they look around and there is the baby! Pretty big least in comparison to what I am used to.
Shiloh *always* measured small on all of her scans...and she was just a petite thing anyways.
But this baby actually moved my due date up! To the 3rd instead of the 5th!

Well, they say every pregnancy is different...and this baby is certainly proving that true so far. I am sooo ill!
Yesterday, I found that one of my triggers is cold water, yep....
Also Shiloh hasn't been sleeping well at all this week, I'm not sure if it's her teeth or what really.
I told DH that my kids are really beating me up here. ;-)

Tonight is my brother's rehearsal and tomorrow morning...the wedding!
It's really been such a long wait, and yet seemed to come so quickly.
Hopefully my babies will let me enjoy this weekend, the best man is a little nervous but I think he'll do fine. I just might have a problem keeping his daughter from wanting to join "Dada" on the stage!

I remember being nervous as my wedding approached, but on the actual day...I felt pretty calm. Which for me is a big deal, because standing in front of crowds of people, as the center of attention is the last place I want to be on any given day. It's like the day flies by, rushing through the morning preparations...then it slows when you say your vows....then is another blur of activity the rest of the day.
But most of life is like slow down for certain parts, but it does fly by.

I hope Jon and Charith are able to slow down and enjoy their day, also hoping the weather cooperates...not sure if they were planning on a white wedding or not, but with the snow in the forecast they might get it!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Vaccine Day

So I started out lovely vaccine bowing at the porcelain throne.
My sweet daughter, who absolutely positively insisted on being in the bathroom with me...smiled at me and patted my back. ;)

I managed to eat 1/2 piece of toast and drink some tea, and Shi ate the rest of my toast. Then I adjusted my sea bands, popped a stick of cinnamon gum in my mouth and we were off.
I was not about to cancel the appt. after all the hassles of rescheduling from before!
I load Shi into her seat (it's freezing this morning!!), turn the key in the ignition and the stupid tire pressure light comes on again!!!!!!!!

So we go to Shi's Dr. appt. She really behaves excellent! Fascinated by the other kids and babies in the waiting room, but she doesn't try to get down at all...she's content to watch them from Mommy's lap.
When the waiting room is empty she gets a bit noisy, just babbling away.
Then we get in and get her weighed and measured. She's gained 2.4lbs. and grown more than 2" in height since July, which the Dr. said is excellent and she's right on track.
She didn't like being laid down to measure her tiny tear.
Then she sobbed in my arms as the Dr. checked her heart/ears etc.
I think she actually cried less when she got her vaccines....all FOUR of them.
The poor little thing!

I got paperwork to get her lead level tested. I didn't do it. She had enough.

She was sound asleep as soon as she was in her carseat.
But the tire pressure light still mocked me. I looked at all 4 tires and they looked fine.
I decided to run it right over to the dealership and not mess around, I'm soo tired of messing with the tires.
If it was the tire that they just replaced then they needed to fix it. Otherwise, I know all four of the tires were *just* filled with air and something isn't right.

I carried Shiloh (sound asleep) in and saw the same guy, who was very nice about replacing the tire last time. He said he could probably tell me without looking at it what was wrong, but to have a seat and he'd check it out to be sure.
Turns out there is a tire pressure sensor.....on the spare tire!!!!
I'm so glad I took it in, that would have drove me nuts, knowing all the tires were filled with air but still having the warning light on. So they filled the spare for me.
The repair guy said it's really a design flaw of the vehicle to have that sensor, but that even the new ones...and other models have the same thing.
He said they're having about 10 vehicles a week coming in with the same problem, especially with the weather getting colder.

Well, I'm relieved to get it taken care of so quickly. Otherwise it would always be in the back of my mind....this annoying little warning light.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh Baby!

Shiloh has her Dr.'s appt. tomorrow.
This is the big one, even though its been rescheduled so many times and she'll be 14mos. next week....I am still dreading it.
Mostly I'm dreading the blood draw, especially since poor Evie had such a hard time with it when it was her turn.

Also, I really realize how fortunate I was to feel sooo well during my 1st pregnancy. I was working full-time and besides feeling a little "off" some mornings...especially when my co-workers were burning conflicting Yankee candle scents at the same time, I didn't feel too bad.
Fast forward to this pregnancy, which I assumed would be the same.
Nope...since about Tuesday, I've been queasy or just not feeling well all-day.

Yesterday's shopping trip was...not fun. In the morning I just had some tea and toast since I wasn't feeling great, then I was fine right until it came time to grocery shop.
Then it hits...I'm chanting "I don't want to shop, I don't want to shop" under my breath...breathing through my mouth, taking off my coat, chew on some gum...sip of water.
Okay, I'm doing okay...Insane place, the grocery store. What kind of person thinks of a place where you just line up and make piles of FOOD. Smelly food, and what's with putting pictures of the food on the boxes and containers anyways?? I mean if it "says" mac & cheese, I will trust that is what it is...I don't need a visual reminder right now!

DH was with us on our shopping trip.
He apologized later, because he has never been pregnant and doesn't know what to do when I don't feel well. ;-)
But actually we didn't go through this the 1st time, so he really doesn't know what not to say to a nauseous pregnant woman in the grocery store.
Definitely not "Do you think this sauce goes well over....?", "Do these look good?", "Which flavor is better?"
Lol, I thought it was funny when he wanted chips and he's asking me which ones, and I'm looking at the ceiling of the grocery store. Then I take a quick glance at the bag and say "Ugh, yuck...don't show me chips! But not those ones, I want the Sour Cream and Onion flavor!" ;-)
That's pregnancy for you!

He more than redeemed himself later though, he saw me laying down watching Shiloh from sleepy eyes and asked why I didn't take a nap. I told him this is how I nap, with an awake and active 1yr. have to nap with your eyes open! lol.
So he watched Shi until her nap and I got a wonderful hour-long rest! Heavenly!!! :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Encore

Just as I am debating the name of my blog...Such as it doesn't have to stand for being physically pregnant. It could mean that a mind that is just "pregnant" or full of musing and ideas and ponderings etc. etc....
Anyways, I find myself no longer have to debate it with myself. It can now stand for both, as I am expecting another little one in July!!!

My "Under Construction" Maternity shirt got a lot of use as my announcement, but really it was a little too subtle...(especially based on how long my brother stared blankly at the shirt before it dawned on him ;-)
I really needed one that just said it, plain and simple. "I AM PREGNANT!" with neon writing or glitter or perhaps if it flashed the message.

We had Heather's Birthday Party yesterday, which was great. Heather looks great, skinny with her edgy highlighted haircut!...I am going to be bringing her lots of donuts as I grow bigger to make myself feel better! ;-P!

The kids had a great time playing together.
Shiloh much prefers the army men to the dollhouse...which she thought was a chair and tried to sit on. :)
Unfortunately for her cousin Noah, who was trying to line the army men and Indian figures in perfect formations, Shiloh-zilla would often come stomping through grabbing the captain of the army and chewing on his gun....thus ending the battle in her own mediating way!

I am feeling pretty well so far. The worst day was when my husband cut up the pumpkin for me to cook and freeze that day....apparently the smell of raw pumpkin and pregnancy aren't a good combo for me.
I didn't get sick though...Yay me!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

After all Homemade costumes are the best ;-)

Shiloh made her own costume for Halloween, lol.
We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas for a late lunch....and Shiloh took a HUGE handful of mashed potatoes and put it in her hair.

I just didn't know she wanted to be "Miss Potato Head" for Halloween! :-D
So she got an early bath and I called her Miss Potato Head the rest of the day...
She needed the bath anyways because she put sweet potatoes in her hair earlier in the day! She was REALLY a potato head! I don't know what it is, that she has to put her food in her hair....she gets plenty so it's not like she has to save some for later. lol.

When her Daddy came home, he wanted to do some caulking in the bathroom. Shiloh was trying to get his attention but he was it was "dada-dada" "dada-dada", "DaDa-DaDa!", "DADA-DADA! DADA"!!!!" ;-D!
She was just yelling it over and over, trying to get him to look at her!

I tried to catch it on video, but now she's learned about the camera and does this huge, cheesy grin when she sees it.
She thinks her cheesy smile is sooo funny too, that she keeps cracking up and falling over when she smiles.
Such a ham!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The grass IS greener!!!

With the heat turned on now (boy, last night was bitter!), we need to have more doors open in the house.
So gone is my completely childproofed two the entire downstairs is opened to Shiloh, except the bathroom that is.
I can't keep the door closed because I don't want to worry about the pipes freezing, but I was able to get the child gate secured in the doorway.
Of course, you can't *close* the bathroom door now....But I won't think about that now, I'll think about it tomorrow.
At least the baby (and my socks) are safe! Sooo priorities first...

We have a center to our house where the staircases are, which normally is blocked at one or two points from Shi.
So opening the doors...Shi ran around the center of the house so many times, she thought it was just wonderful!
Then I was washing dishes, and she'd run around one side and make her "gasp" sound...when I looked at her she'd put her hands over her face playing pee-a-boo, then I'd make my whole surprised/shocked show....and she'd giggle hysterically and then run around to the other side to do the same thing all over again. :)
So she was pretty happy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Up on the housetop...(to the tune)

....there's roofers 'cause, the roof needs repairing with their saws.
They make lots of noise, and they smoke too much...and man, how long does it take to eat lunch?
Oh, oh, oh...fix it fast!
Oh, oh, oh...and make it last!
Up on the housetop...nail guns too! But they'll be gone before it's time to say "Boo!"

I had a little time, I can't really do anything upstairs because it is too noisy.
Shiloh is okay with the noise, as long as I stay near her...which means she's a bit clingy so I can't do much downstairs either.
The contractor is very taken with Shiloh, and she just beams at him...which is really funny because he is a large, gruff looking person, and Shi doesn't usually take to men very quickly.
They are supposed to be done with the roof today, they said they would be done today, I hope they are done today, because tomorrow it is just supposed to pour the whole day.

Shi has been napping good downstairs on blankets. It's actually nicer than her crib because she wakes up and there little/no crying, and she just runs over to me happy. I think she hates the confinement of her crib...she also can roll around freely (she moves a lot in her sleep) without getting a leg caught or banging the sides.
Makes me consider switching her to a toddler bed or even a low mattress on the floor. Except I'm not sure she wouldn't just get into mischief if she woke early, or if she would sleep-walk and might hurt herself walking into something.
But it's something for me to think about a few months down the line.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Imitation is...

Shiloh took her morning nap downstairs today.
We have roofers coming, and I was afraid they would be going onto the roof right during her nap...and that noise would probably be quite scary to her.
Sometimes I can only get her to go down easily in her dark bedroom...especially when she's teething, but I hope that won't be the case these next few days.

The roofers have set up their plan this morning, dropped off a trailer (for debris), and also set up plywood to protect my roses when they toss stuff off the roof. I am grateful for that. They are supposed to drop off another trailer or bin for the back of the house as well. Then I don't know if they will start work today or tomorrow.
Even though my husband said not to worry about it, I brought our owl statue in. I know he's not very valuable, but....the main thing is that Shiloh just loves it so I want to protect it for her.
It's just so cute that every trip into the yard, she has to pat the owl on the head. :)

Shiloh has been eating better, she's just at a picky stage. But nodding her head if she wants something is so very helpful. It means a lot less fussing and also a lot less applesauce in her hair, because she whips her head away from the spoon when she doesn't want it.
I made some pumpkin mini muffins, hoping she would feed herself those as a healthy snack. She will eat them, but only if I feed her. But they are scrumptious anyways so they won't go to waste! ;)

She's still not talking much...well, I should say she's not saying words that we know much. "Ba" is her main word, and she'll talk non-stop conversations just saying "ba" with different inflections, tones, and "bop" or "da" mixed in.
She's much more into imitation of actions than words. She'll watch me pick up toys and she helps...I started clapping when she would put a toy into its bin or bucket, so now she pick up everything. But when she's done, she dumps it all out again so she can "play pick-up" again. (it's a work in progress ;)
She'll comb her hair, pretend to use a phone, play peek-a-boo, gives me "5", read a magazine, even point the remote at the television. I'm trying to teach her to blow a kiss, but it's too similar to her "peek-a-boo" so it confuses her.
Last night after I had bathed her in the tub, I always let her have some time to play with her duckies and bath toys...and she picked up the washcloth and started washing her head and face. :)

Okay, I can see that we need to play a game of pick-up, right now! Shiloh is trying to rearrange the living room, and also wanted to sit in her rocking chair with her basket full of play food...but she tripped so now there is toy food everywhere. Yep, clean-up on aisle 5!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is love, baby don't hurt me...

I bought Shiloh a pair of shoes. I had found them at one store and fell in love with them but they didn't have her size...then this weekend I found them in her size so I had to grab them.
I gushed over them so much that my husband told Shiloh that "Mommy really wants those shoes for herself". It's true, I really like them so much! :)
I have her wearing them today, but I bought a slightly larger size for her to grow into so one shoe keeps coming off, then Shi tries to eat it.

Yesterday, Shiloh was getting into things....pretty much like everyday. ;-)
She found the cord that charges the baby monitor, then brought it across the room to the area where I always charge the monitor (the outlet is way above her head) and she was holding the cord up wanting me to plug it in.
I thought it was pretty smart of her to know where it goes...probably because she's always trying to reach it and grab it when it's plugged in!

She's starting to communicate better as well. I was taking my vitamins (ha ha! I remembered!!!) and Shi came up to me, grabbed my leg and opened her mouth like a little bird because she wanted what I was having.
Lol, of course she'd only do that when it was something she couldn't have!

The other day, Shi-Shi began nodding her head when I asked her if she wanted something. I'm working with her now so that she'll nod more often when she wants things and understands it better.
I guess nodding is not that easy of a muscle control, when she started she looked like an extra from "Night at the Roxbury" but she's getting better. :)
It's soo nice to know what she wants!

Now Shi is playing peek-a-boo with herself. :-) She has a little toy mirror that she looks at herself in, then she pats her face (which is her version of peek-a-boo), It's just too cute. :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shiloh's Shower ;-)

I am pretty sure that my daughter thought that Uncle Jon & Charith's wedding shower was a party for her. ;-)
After her initial fears (and being glued to Mommy for about 15 minutes) she warmed up to the party.

She enjoyed the party favor immensely ( a scented candle wrapped in tulle, with charms attached) at least until she thought the scent of it was tasty.
It *almost* kept her quiet through the speech & prayer, just almost. :)
Heather brought a artichoke/spinach dip that I think was the food hit of the party. I should have let Shi try some but she was loving Glorified Rice and a little pasta salad and fruit salad.
I didn't end up bringing "baby food" like I mentioned but I did bring the fruit so that way I was positive there would be something for Shiloh to eat while we were there. I needn't have worried though...the rice was a hit with her. :)

Shi happened to nap extremely early that day, so I knew she was due for a nap right at party time. I was able to get her to close her eyes for about 2 seconds (seriously! not two minutes, two seconds!) then she was up and full of energy again. After all she didn't want to miss too much of her party!

Mom did a wonderful job with the cake, it was beautiful double rings...and tasty too!
Charith didn't really want to be in the limelight, she'd freely admit it, but Shiloh was more than happy to take it....after all it was her party! ;)
I really wasn't sure how Shiloh would be, the last party that was attended by more than immediate family was probably the Christmas party when she was just 3 mos. old.
The shower had people from our side of the family, Charith's side of the family, and church people. So there were a few that even I didn't the annoying 4yr. old that kept following poor Autumn and Autumn kept trying to escape by saying she had to find her Mom and help her Mom.
It still makes me smile though, because it was so unlike Autumn and she had such a deer-in-the-headlights look trying to escape this kid. :)

Mom took Shiloh to the front to watch Charith open her gifts. I think Shi "watched" for a few minutes, before she wanted to help especially with pulling off all those colorful bows and curling ribbon cascades!
Then she had to give beaming toothy grins and giggles because everyone was looking at her and laughing....! ;)

She was exhausted by the end though, and fell deep asleep before we had even left the parking lot.

Today I'm still trying to catch up from being sick most of last week. Still not 100% better, it's just lingering. I tried taking cold meds but for some reason exactly 4 hrs after I take it I am wide-awake! It's really annoying, especially since the baby will be waking me anyways...but I thought I needed it since I kept waking up coughing.
I probably should just remember to take vitamins instead. Hmmm......that's the problem with being a MOM, even your mind nags you with Mom sense.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday night fever

So I was REALLY sick!

I am a basically cool person (temp wise....not necessarily personality wise! ;-)
My temps normally never even reach 98 degrees, usually more like 97.5, last night before the Tylenol Cold kicked in my temp was 100.5

I was so dizzy, that when I took the baby upstairs to change her diaper I decided that wasn't the safest thing to go up and down the stairs, so I used the diapers from her diaper bag instead, and hoped that they would last until DH got home from work.
I can't remember the last time I had a fever like that. My face felt like I had a bad sunburn, almost like it was swollen because my cheeks actually hurt.
My muscles hurt...everything hurt.

I woke up around 4-5am drenched in sweat, but feeling much better since my fever had broken. My temp is 97.7 this a.m. so I think I'm back to just a regular cold. I just feel much better not having a fever, even with the other cold symptoms.
Needless to say, DH called and canceled Shiloh's appt. and I'll reschedule when I get my voice back.

Shiloh was very good for me when I was feeling bad. I had just brought out some toys that she hadn't played with in awhile so she was entertained with those. The living room was a wreck of toys everywhere but she was happy and content. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it hot in here...or is it just me?

Yay! My laptop is back up!
On Monday, I lost the wireless connection and spent hours trying to get it back up...with a restless baby at my knee.
Thanking God that we were able to get it back up, especially so that I could put up Shi's new videos and photos that had just been downloaded to the laptop shortly before the loss of connection.

Today though....I am sick. yuck!
Yesterday the baby had a little runny nose and a cough, but I couldn't really tell if the cough was fake since she loves to do that, so I was concerned.
Then last night my throat felt funny.
I woke up at 4am, wide-awake with a very sore throat! I laid awake for about an hour, so that I could fall asleep just in time for Shi to wake me up at 5:30. :(
Now I my throat is so sore I am barely talking and I'm clammy and feverish. Using a lot of stomping my feet and snapping my fingers to get Shiloh's attention. lol.
Shiloh seems fine though today, no runny nose, no nothing...yay!!
I am hoping there is a benefit to all this nursing that she does and she'll have protection from this cold/flu thing from nursing.
Stinks though that I can't really take any meds because of it...well that and the fact that I need to be as alert as possible watching my active girl!

I'm hopeful it's just a 24hr. flu since I rarely get a fever with a cold.
I have a busy week, and...(like the old commercials) "I haven't got time for the pain." Shi has an appt. but it's going to depend on how I feel and how she feels whether or not I postpone it. They canceled on me just an hour before her appt. earlier this week, so I figure if I have to cancel last minute then it's not a biggie, and I am not going in if I can't even talk to the doctors.
I also want to be 100% especially when Shi won't feel great after her vaccines, and I want to be observant and attentive to her.

Also I want to feel good (and Shiloh to feel fine) for my brother's wedding shower this weekend, and all the preparations before that.
Yep, see I haven't got the time...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Tires & A Toddler

Shiloh and I just returned from getting a tire replaced on the truck.

We had found a screw w/washer stuck in the tire about a month ago, and two repairs later we thought it was fixed. So I was pretty bummed when the low tire-pressure light came on once again when I was running errands yesterday.
So then I had to make arrangements to get the tire ordered...Yep, (of course) it's an expensive, odd-shaped, specialty, has-to-be-ordered tire.
Fortunately, the tire could be delivered and put on the very next!

Very nice people there though, and having Shiloh with me made people very talkative. I now know that Dave who heads up the repairs has a 2yr. old son who was visiting the pumpkin patch for the 1st time today and that one of the salesmen has a 4yr. old son..... ;-)
Shiloh was really good, I had a diaper bag full for her.
She...oddly enough, preferred to chew on the plastic bag containing her cookies. She didn't *want* the cookies, just to chew on them through the bag, so now I have a bag of cookie crumbs....and a mangled bag...
Towards the end of our wait, she kept wanting down so I walked around with her, she tugged on my shirt a few times. Hint, hint! then laid her head on my shoulder, we were there a good hour and it was cutting into her nap time.

When I finally got my freshly washed and newly shod truck back, I think she was asleep 2 seconds after I put her in her carseat!
Now I am driving so gingerly looking at every stone or debris that looks like it might puncture a tire. It makes me wish that around here they washed the streets on a weekly basis like up at my parents' camp!

Now Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh....
While I was soooo busy on the phone arranging the ordering of the tire and my appointment and running everything by my husband.
Shiloh was fussing around me, then I saw her heading to the bathroom. My daughter had taken one of my socks from out of my sneaker, which was in the shoe rack and was very happily swirling it in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ew!! She'd never even bothered with the toilet before!

Shiloh is starting to learn to use her cuteness. Later that day she tipped a chair over and scared me so bad. I picked it up then picked her up...she was just standing next to the chair with both a surprised and very guilty look on her face.
I sternly asked her what she had done, and she very quickly gave me a kiss, lol.

Earlier today I told her not to touch the window...she likes to play with the blinds and caulking. Shiloh walked back to the window, then looked to see if I was watching then started shaking her head "no", then she looked at the window again and shook her head again before walking away.
She had to keep telling herself "no". :-)

I've also had to resort to applying nail biter solution to a few things around the house that Shi was just obsessed with teething on. One was her wooden childgate, after I found she had splintered the wood I knew I had to put a stop to that.
I did try some tape, but that turned into a snack that I had to pull from her mouth.
I also applied some of the solution to the entire edge of the remote control because even though we try to keep it away from her...well, where there's a will there's a way and she kept chewing on it.
So I caught her with it and she's holding it at an odd angle trying to chew on the buttons without letting her mouth touch the edges.
It was funny and just unbelievable how determined she is!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Who doesn't like babyfood?

When you are expecting a read everything it seems you can get your hands on regarding childbirth and just everything baby. (Which is actually good because there will be no reading, whatsoever, after the baby arrives...I'm not sure for how long because I am still in that place)
But you will soon find out that there are about a million different opinions and ways to do just about everything!
One thing I remember reading was that a baby joins your life, you don't join a baby's life so basically it implied that life would go on normally but just with one extra person around.

It's more like saying a big brass Band, with a choir, and dancing chimpanzee act will join your life and you won't notice, lol!

Shiloh ate a little bit of beef stew for lunch today, with a bite of biscuit. Then she pounded the biscuit flat with her sippy cup.
I can't say there haven't been times when I've been to a potluck dinner where I didn't want to mash or hide...maybe even fling gleefully at the taste bud-less chef, some unappealing dish. Ah, to be one again! ;-)

Shi was excellent during the entire church service yesterday. Keeping her entertained usually requires about 3 diaper bags full and two professional parents...Instead she's stuck with just us and one diaper bag.
But there was a lot of singing that she was interested in, and she was just very content. She didn't even try to join in the choir special or add emphasis to Pastor's message or practice her lovely spray spitting.
I am sure that Uncle Jon and Charith, who were sitting in front of us, appreciated that! ;-)

I have been thinking of dishes to bring for the upcoming shower. It's funny, because I kept thinking of some things that Shiloh would like.
So if you are at the shower and there is a big bowl of applesauce, yogurt, diced peaches, or cheerios..... ;-)

I have my newest "Shiloh project". I bought a kit to cross-stitch her Christmas stocking. Since both, my husband and I have personalized cross-stitch ones, Shiloh needs one as well. Last year, she had a "Baby's 1st Christmas" one so she was going to need a new one. Hope I can get it completed in time!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stew...everyone have some stew for supper!

I just finished making some beef stew and biscuits. Yum!
Good Fall time food, DH was really the one to be craving it. I usually start craving Apple cider, Cider donuts, and pumpkin pie as my first fall foods.
The crock pot is doing the rest of the work on the stew now. That's the best way to cook something like beef stew which is tastiest after a long cooking period.

It takes me a ridiculous amount of time though to make a rather simple meal.
Browning the meat on the stove, while scrambling an egg that will be happily squished between her fingers and not eaten at all by my daughter.
The peeled potatoes had to take a long water bath, while I changed Shiloh and fed her and laid her down for her nap, and hoped that they didn't darken on me.
Thankfully, I have a sweet husband who peeled & cut the carrots and onions for me.
I can never cut onions without sobbing as if I am watching "8 Below" while pregnant! ;-)

Lol, while trying to find the link to the old post, I read some of my other pregnant musings.
I am silly when I am pregnant...shush, I am not like that right now! ;-)
Like worrying that Shiloh would have frostbite on her head...hee hee!
Her head is fine, thank you very much!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Super Shiloh and the Lipizzaner Zebra!

My daughter is such a daredevil!
She could star in a Lara Croft/Indiana Jones adventure for toddlers!

She is just loving all her birthday presents. :)
Her Aunt Heather got her the FP Bounce & Spin Zebra, and Shi absolutely loves it. On Sunday she figured out how to climb on and off by herself.
She couldn't have been more proud of herself either, she was just beaming! :)
She's still a little short for it (only one foot touches at a time) but that doesn't stop her from bouncing and spinning and climbing on and off.
By Monday, she figured that was a little tame.
So while riding it she tries putting both of her feet through the handles...I took her off the toy.
Next thing...she's STANDING on the back of the zebra, BOUNCING and giggling hysterically! Lol.
She looked just like a little circus girl!

What else would I expect from a child who uses her rocking chair to climb on top of the end table so she can play with the remote controls?
A child who tries piling pillows & stuffed animals so she can climb onto the couch?
A child who uses the drapes like a rope ladder, and who puts her toy car on her foot like a roller skate? (Yeah, she's been walking all of 3 months so that got a little tame)

She just figured out her ride-on toy as well. At first she only went backwards, but within 1/2 hr she had it figured out, of course now she's trying to flip it.
I received a big, shiny, silver, AAA sticker in the mail, so I put that on her toy. She loves it!
She keeps trying to see her reflection in it! :)

Some of the other toys she's loving....her Glo-worm, she claps every time it finishes a song. lol. Her little car that plays music, she has to laugh every time the toy laughs. :) Her little bath boat is teaching her, that although her hand might fit in the shape hole, her hand *with* a toy in it, won't fit back out!
She keeps trying though! :-D
She loves all her toys though and who knows which one will having a starring role in her next adventure. ;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The great outdoors

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I decided to take Shiloh outside to enjoy the nice weather.
I put her socks on, set her in the enclosed back porch and fetch both of our pairs of shoes and bring them to the back porch.
Shiloh has taken off her socks and is waving them like tiny pink flags from the country of Nike.
I put her socks back on her feet, then realize I forgot my cellphone.
Grab that off the table and put it in my pocket.
Go back to the porch, once again...put the socks back on Shiloh's feet, quickly capping them on with her sneakers.
Put my own sneakers on quickly before she figures out the velcro straps on her shoes.
Then we are ready to enjoy the outdoors!

(If you know Shiloh, you know this is not a dramatization in anyway)
I let her run around a little without holding onto my hand...
She takes off full speed towards the paved driveway. I lunge and catch her envisioning her trip on the edge and skinned up chin or worse.
I redirect her to the soft grass.
She makes a beeline to the concrete stones lining the thorny rose garden.
Once again, I lunge and redirect.
Then she runs around, and stumbles almost landing on the *ONLY* pricker plant (the flat, hidden type that has to be dug out because a mower won't touch it) in the entire yard....I am right behind her so I catch her.
Then she heads to the fence, to shake it vigorously....Ta da! isn't there a small apple tree leaning against the fence that is FULL of hornets & wasps!

Okay, so we walk around the yard...hand in hand. ;-)
We also make a few laps around the house. There are a few taller weeds, at least from Shiloh's viewpoint, and she comes to a dead stop then carefully side-steps them.
She picks a older dandelion flower and carefully studies it, before wondering how it tastes.
She sees a small piece of wood, and pulls me over to it so she can carefully balance on one leg while stomping vigorously on it with the other. There that piece of wood won't be bothering us anytime soon!
So much entertainment, in such a small walk. :)

Shiloh has started giving kisses all the time. It's really sweet! Also if I am laying on the floor playing with her, she comes over and hugs and pats my head. :-D
She also has a little mirror, and when she sees herself in the mirror she has to kiss it.
This morning I was trying to get her to be quieter, so I put my finger in front of my mouth and said "Shhh!".
So she stuck her index finger into her mouth and was wandering around going "shhwaaa"! lol.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It was the Headless Horseman!

Yesterday morning after eating our breakfast, I was busy with the baby in the living room and my husband was in the kitchen.
He looked out our front window to check the thermometer so he could tell me the temp.
Next thing, I hear him all upset "There's pumpkin on our front porch!", "Why is there pumpkin on our porch?!" Sounding quite upset, he says "Who would DO such a thing?!?!"

I set the baby down and rush to the window, fully expecting smashed pumpkin to be covering our porch...I know we have teen pranksters around though it seems a bit early for pumpkin smashing, and I'm also wondering how we didn't hear it smashing since pumpkins tend to be rather heavy.

I look out the window, and there is a perfect, beautiful, WHOLE, pumpkin just sitting nice & rather decoratively on our porch.
I went out and rescued the pumpkin.
I'm laughing as I bring it inside..."Dear, it's just a pumpkin. I know you're not crazy about them...but it's a nice pumpkin and not some malicious threat. People don't just *set* pumpkins on your porch as a evil act...or do they? muwah! muwahaha! <-that's my typed evil laugh" :-D
All day long I was giggling about his saying, "Who would DO such a thing?!"

Anyways, my Dad dropped off the pumpkin...which was really nice and not a bad thing. :)
In fact, I want to take some Fall pics of Shiloh & the pumpkin, she's pretty interested in it.

Shi's teething again...still? Gotta love Tylenol & frozen teethers though!
These are top ones so those tend to be pretty miserable.
Surprise though! I got her to eat lunch today!
When she teethes her eating tends to be even less than usual, but I gave her a frozen teether at the same time as her food and I guess that eased the tooth pain enough?
She had yogurt, then some cereal, yellow rice, bite of hotdog, bite of oatmeal cookie....all in one seating!!
Amazing! Maybe we've finally reached that point where food becomes appealing to her, I hope so.
I actually took her cue that she wanted to nurse and instead plopped her in the highchair and started piling on the food hoping "something" would interest her...and she tried it all! :-D

Monday, September 17, 2007


Shiloh had a great time at her birthday party!
Even missing her naps, she was still pretty chipper.

We had some really good pizza, I was worried about trying a place that hadn't been open long, but it was great! Shiloh tried a couple bites then preferred to chew on her frozen teether instead.
She fed herself some cake too, she just didn't like the messy hands afterwards...but at least some got into her mouth. :)
And she was pretty neat considering, didn't even mess her clothes.

Opening the gifts, Shiloh didn't know where to look next, it was all so fascinating! From the cards which she opened and closed repeatedly, to the colorful enticing ribbons & bows, and the clothes & toys.
I tried to get her to open some of the wrapped gifts...even ripping a hole so she could see the toy inside, but she just reached her hand into the ripped paper and played with the toy that way instead! my new issue of "Woman's Day" looks like it was lining a gerbil cage, but she won't tear the paper on her birthday gifts? Hmmm... ;-D

One of the highlights of the party, was Uncle Jon being scared witless and nearly losing his eyebrows to a possessed spinning, sparkler, musical flower candle.
Sparks! Flaming candles spinning! A shrill shriek! (from you guess who)
hee hee! All part of my plan to throw an entertaining party! :-D

Hard to believe though that I am the mother of a 1 year old! Wow!
I miss the smallness...but I just love the hugs & kisses, pats on my head, giggles and smiles. The singing and hearing "Mama" ...yep, it's all good. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Superheroes have birthdays too

This morning, the three of us ran some errands getting ready for Shiloh's party tomorrow.
We picked up her birthday cake this cute, but I think I went overboard with the candles & decorations and now I'm not sure they will all fit! lol!
The past few times I've taken Shiloh grocery shopping she's been fascinated with the conveyor belt at the checkout!
She loves it and watched very closely as I put each of my items on the belt and they move down the line.
Next thing I car keys are going down the line and she has one hand shoving my wallet on next and the other is reaching into my purse for more things! I didn't think she could even reach!!
Yes, she's very helpful. lol.

We also bought her some helium balloons since she loves those. She was so happy in her carseat watching those balloons bounce around. If only I could see better driving while they were in there, they would make a great baby soother on a car ride! Also have to add how cute it is when a wobbly one-year old is trying to walk AND look up at the helium balloons on the ceiling at the same time!!! :D

When we got back, I wrapped presents. Mostly decorative bags go a long way...but I really wanted her to have some to rip the paper off so I did wrap a few.
Then Shi played happily with the empty cardboard wrapping paper roll. ;)
With her favorite Cool-Whip container hat, and her trade-mark one sock look, and her cardboard sword...she's a pretty stylish super hero! ;-D

I decorated too, my husband wanted to get those long balloons that you can make into shapes.
So I made some dogs & swans & a sword...that looks rather inappropriate, truth be told.
That is the limit of my creativity, though I got tired of the rest of the balloons falling off things and floating everywhere so I just twisted them together....looks like a giant pink spider, or maybe some type of anemone.
Ta Da! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wearing my daughter...on the catwalk..

I've been pretty busy lately, and not had much time for posting.
We had Shiloh's 1yr. photos taken on Monday. She did very well, and the lady was pretty good at getting a smile from her.
I had wanted a photo taken of her standing but though we didn't get that, we did get photos taken with the number "1" which I really wanted.
Then we went out to a late lunch, and my husband noticed that Shi had two new bottom teeth that had just cut through!
That means she has 6 now!!!

Yesterday, Shiloh was pretty miserable....and only took micro-naps. I'm not sure if it's the two new teeth? Those are already cut through, so I'm thinking there may be more on the way....and her lingering cold didn't help her mood any either.
She just wanted to be held or carried...even though she was fidgety, and really she just wanted to nurse 24/7.

She was so clingy and whiny...which then rather frazzled me.
So I ended up badly bruising my knee trying to climb over her child gate, and later *twice* burning my hand trying to remove a pan out of the oven while trying to keep Shiloh away from the hot stove.
At least I found another use for those frozen teethers! They work great on burns!

Then last night, after Motrin, a frozen teething ring, teething tablets, and Anbesol....It was still 2am. before I was able to get her to finally sleep.
It's Shi's typical teething regime so I need to try and check if any more may be on the way.

This morning, she's slightly happier so I'm hopeful I'll get the floors mopped like I need to. Maybe if she takes a good nap, because it will be awful difficult to mop which a one-year old velcroed to my leg. Hmm, now that's Attachment parenting! :-D

Hard to believe she'll be one in just a few days. Time flew!
She was just so incredibly tiny when she was born, and now she's just doing so much. I found her teeny-tiny hospital bracelet and that got me misty eyed.
It's just sooo small!

Okay, she needs a nap now...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tissue Issues

Shiloh has her first cold, I think. :(
She did have a bit of stuffy nose when she was about 3 wks. old, but I think this is the real deal. I still keep hoping it's just the weather change....

She woke up several times last night and was congested, having trouble breathing and nursing at the same time. Today she mostly just has a super runny nose...that's she's just loving me wiping btw! She went through two tissues in just the first hour of waking...and it doesn't help that she keeps grabbing the tissues from my hands and trying to shred them!

She's being good-natured otherwise, playing and she ate some of her favorite...sweet potatoes.
I'm hoping to get a nap when she does but (today of all days), our neighbor on the side of the house where both of Shi's beds tearing up his driveway with a jackhammer & a backhoe!!
The jackhammer scared Shiloh and she was clinging to my leg as I walked around so we ended up cuddling on the couch looking through a "One Step Ahead" magazine...and turning on the television to drown out the scary sounds a bit!
I have the Vicks vaporizer running today, and she has no temp so it's not too bad.

I think she's mostly over her fear of stuffed animals...not sure about the ones that make noise though, but last night she brought me her socks that she had removed....then she brought me her stuffed bear. So I put her socks on the bear.
She loved that, thought it was pretty funny....removed the socks and wanted me to put them back on the bear...and repeat....and repeat.
No fussing, she's been patting the bear on the head instead so that's a good sign.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

13 1/2 hours later

Not too long after we got back home from camp yesterday. Shiloh fell asleep.
I expected she would be tired, after shopping and long hours of traveling and playing with her cousins.
I put things away, unpacked, did a little baking since we had nothing for breakfast, took a shower, and got things ready for the baby's bath.
Little did I know that except for barely rousing to nurse several times, Shiloh would sleep for 13 1/2 hours...even through a diaper change, and being moved to her crib!!!

We had a busy, fun, weekend. Boating, shopping, talking, eating. Shiloh followed the kids around, and made her fussy face, and pretended that *everything* was a phone...from a coaster to a giant bubble wand. She ate pretty well too.
Today, she's playing with all the toys she missed so much.
We had to run out to the grocery store as well, because we didn't have any milk or bread or other staples.
Shi ate her goldfish crackers and pulled things out of my purse and handed them to me while we shopped.

It is true though that you will buy more things when you are hungry! I also wanted to get different things, hoping more things will tempt Shi's appetite.

This afternoon, Shi-Shi just started carrying a blanket around and hugging it.
I think it must be just from watching her cousins and their blankets this weekend? Anyways....she's trying to eat it now, so I better go!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Who needs weights when you've got a baby?

I weighed Shiloh this morning on our scale...19lbs! Yay!

I decided to weigh her after about the millionth time of carrying her up the stairs because I just needed to grab something but Shi-Shi insisted on being carried along.
19lbs. I should be getting some pretty nice biceps by now..

She's talking more now, at least in baby babble. She'll have a conversation with me, showing me things and babbling away...much more than she ever has. Shi also likes to hum or sing...even when eating or nursing!
She's so hard to keep an eye on constantly!
Even when she's sitting quietly looking at magazines...the next second she has her mouth crammed with the front cover!
Perhaps the anorexic cover models make her hungry?
I was trying to hang up laundry yesterday, and everything seemed to be picked up well, she was happily playing with the remote control behind me.
Next thing, I turn to check on her and she's managed to grab a cup of water off the nightstand and dump it completely down herself.
Not a peep out of her (actually that's usually my first clue that something is humming or babble or playing sounds), she just tried pulling her soaked clothing away from her body. If I could just get this outfit off....Mom will never know what happened!
Fortunately her diaper absorbed a major amount of the water. Hmm, so that's why babies can't swim with a diaper! ;-)
That's the problem with them growing and getting taller...suddenly they can reach more things.
And Shi certainly is not one to look, and not touch.

Just gotta close with this. I just laid Shi-Shi down for her morning nap...Is their anything cuter or more precious than a sleeping baby??? :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

Now that Shiloh can clap her hands, and loves to do so, she can express her thanks to me. :-)
Today, while preparing to nurse her...I got a standing ovation! Then when she was done eating and sat up...she applauded her thanks over a good meal. :-)
How's that for gratitude?

Some of the nice, sweet things about Shi-Shi walking now, are walking with her holding her hand and having her come over to me and wrap her arms around my legs hugging me. Too precious!

Right now, Shiloh is walking around holding her phone to the *back* of her head and babbling "Ohhhh....Ohhhhh....Dada! Dada!"
She's imitating my pretend conversation with her Daddy, but for some reason we can't get her to say any words into a real phone.
But maybe that's because we're holding the phone to her mouth instead of to the back of her head! Silly parents! ;-D

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'll never grow up...not me!

My daughter is bouncing in beat to Polka music!
No, I am not so lame as to play polka music, the Cascade commercial came on the television which has polka music....and Shi really enjoyed it! :)

I've been trying to teach Shiloh to clap for months now. Yesterday she just walked over to me and started clapping and she's doing it all the time now.
Early this morning, she must have been having a bad dream. She was fussy, eyes closed, didn't want to nurse but she kept wiggling and tossing & turning...then started clapping! Eventually she fell asleep but I had a hard time laying her down.
Then she slept in until after 10:30 this morning!!

Today I shook my head, "No" to her. Now she's trying to do that...and keep her balance at the same time, it's quite a feat!
I was sweeping my hand over the carpet, making sure I got all the pieces of a cheerio she had dropped. Shi thought that was funny and imitated me, now at random times she's petting the carpet. lol.

I was baking yesterday, I told my husband that I really need to take a picture of the kitchen afterwards because of Shiloh's rearranging while I am busy.

She moves things into odd places so sometimes you don't notice right away until you find her sneaker tucked in the cupboard next to the flour or her sippy cup in the basket of fruit. ;)

My poor hip is so black & blue and SORE!!
I also have some nice rug burn on my knees...and bruises on my shins.
Playing hide and seek with Shiloh, crawling around and hiding....then I banged my hip twice on the corner of my piano...then another time (while crawling) on the floor molding.
All the same hip which is the one that I usually carry Shi-Shi on, so it hurts every time I pick her up now!

My legs look like I'm 9yrs old again! Well, I wanted to look younger but that's not exactly what I had in mind! ;-P

Saturday, August 25, 2007

'crikey she's a feisty sheila!

She might not be ready for weaning, just yet.

This thought occurred to me last night, as my daughter with all the speed and ferociousness of a hungry crocodile, lunged at my husband's bare chest, latched on and tried to do her "death roll" into the nursing position.
He yelped.
She frowned.

Shiloh sat back and studied him very seriously.
Then with her fingers, flicked first one, then the other of his "non-functioning" nips.
Figuring out that this was not an alternate source of the good stuff, she whined at me and she half-climbed, was half-pushed into my lap by her father to quench her thirst.

I think perhaps I won't be hearing the endless question "When are you going to stop nursing?" from him anytime soon! :)

Anyways, Shiloh is walking/running great these days. Walking best barefoot, socks tend to be too slippery and with shoes she steps on her own feet.
She likes to make these laps around the living room, she'll come to me and take a cheerio then make a lap and repeat. It's like I'm her pit stop!

It's a super muggy day, but it just started raining so maybe that will cool things off. There are some warnings and I heard some thunder, so it's probably best to be getting off line now.