Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I yam I yam! I yam I yam!

Shiloh likes sweet potatoes!
A big difference over the bananas.
I fed her some cereal first, then a spoonful of sweet potatoes, then sweet potatoes mixed in her cereal, and when she finished her cereal she just ate sweet potatoes until she was done. All in all about 1/4 jar of the sweet potatoes...I'm glad to know that its just that she doesn't like bananas and not that she's not ready to try new foods.
I fed her just cereal the past couple of days since it seemed the bananas grossed her out so much that she didn't want to taste anything on a spoon.

The sweet potatoes were good too. I could have eaten them myself...I have another couple containers of baby bananas and I'll wait and try them at a later date. Let her taste a few more foods first and know that not all foods taste like bananas.

I was changing diapers like crazy yesterday...thanks to the Rototeq vaccine.
Then Shiloh fell asleep at 10:45pm...slept til 12:45 when I attempted to wake her to feed her...then slept til 5:30am. She then stayed awake for an hour...then fell asleep until about 8am. then she was wide-awake and chatty.
She also screams just to hear herself, baby babble punctuated by a vibrating scream! I don't know how to get that to stop...How do you explain *migraine* to a baby?

I also caught a cold in my neck...or something. It's a lot better today...but I was switching the heating pad between warming Shiloh's crib to putting under my neck all night.
I think it's from when I took the baby to the Doctors. It was 16 degrees and I forgot my hat or scarf...then I had my head bent over her to keep the sun and wind from her eyes as we walked to and from the office and car.
So my neck was pretty exposed.
When you have *so* many things to remember for the baby it's easy to forget things like hmm, should I wear a hat. It's more..Do I have diapers/wipes/extra clothes/bib/pacifier/toys/wallet/car keys/cell phone etc.
For such a tiny, little, thing she needs an entourage to tote her luggage around...and that's just a trip to the Doctors. (But when it takes at least an hour total...I'll use/need almost all those things!)

So is it any wonder that I have walked out of the house in my slippers?

Hmm...thinking about it, it was probably toting around that bag that did my neck in...not the cold weather!

Monday, January 29, 2007

All that and a bag of chips!

Shiloh has a new toy.
Daddy decided that his baby needed a new toy. This took more deliberation that you would think.
Shiloh was tired, so she would barely rouse herself from her dazed stare-into-space gaze to glance at a toy.
Her Daddy is all excitement and picking up nearly every toy on the shelf, and pushing the buttons and levers and spinning the wheels.
It sounded like a barnyard/nursery/zoo/racetrack in aisle 3!!

I was the negative one. I was booing the toys without sound, without lights, too dangerous, too boring, too dusty (how long has that toy been sitting there!)...and those ages 3 and up!

We finally decided on a "Bounce and Giggle Elephant", it doesn't light up but it has three different tunes and vibrates...and has ears that she can chew on.
Shiloh seems to like it. It will be awhile before she is able to push the nose hard enough herself to make it work, but she holds onto it while it's moving and pulls its ears.

We also went to PriceChopper. I had to pick up a few groceries and usually it's easier with my husband along...usually. He wanted chips...so I hand him a coupon, and tell him if he can find the chips on the coupon that would be great, if not, another brand is fine.
He comes back with two packages of BBQ wings!!! Not BBQ chips...BBQ chicken wings. "I couldn't find the chips" he says. "Did you find the chip aisle?" I ask.
"No...I found BBQ wings!", I send him off in the direction of the chip aisle.

I finish my shopping and I'm waiting in the front of the store with the baby. He comes back with his arms full...various sauces, some meat, some toothpaste...and two canisters of chips. I think we have a different definition of the phrase "Pick up a bag of chips".
I like Price Chopper though....they opened up another line and just let us go through. Us alone!
That's the third time since I became pregnant that they have let me go ahead in packed lines. Once while pregnant and twice with the baby, Shiloh was only slightly fussy too, wonder how fast they move if she's screaming? I don't want to find out, I just think it's really, really, nice.
Though I think unusual in an elderly community.

It's just started snowing here. They say we might get 6-12" but I don't know...they thought it would start snowing earlier.
I even got Shiloh's Dr. appt. moved to this morning from this afternoon in case the snow was bad. It was pretty cold today too...I think 16 when I left the house.
She just had to get the Rototeq oral vaccine from the nurse today.
The Receptionist is an older woman and we've seen her since Shiloh's 1st appointments when she was just a few days old.
Now, the Doctor is in a new building merging with other Doctors and their staff.
So today when I brought Shiloh in the Receptionist acted just like a proud Grandma and called the other ladies over to see the adorable baby.
And she announced proudly "Her name is Shiloh", and the other ladies oohed, and aahed and told the Receptionist (Char) that Shiloh liked her because Shiloh was staring at her.
I thought it was cute, Shiloh didn't smile though...too many strange faces.

She did smile for the nurse though after she got her vaccine, guess she didn't mind the taste at all.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Send in the clowns...no wait! send them back! send them back!

Shiloh has started falling asleep earlier at night....but instead of sleeping longer she'll wake up that much earlier in the morning!
And for some reason, it doesn't matter at all what time she falls asleep, she wakes up at 1:30 am. to eat...whether or not she fell asleep 1 1/2 hours earlier or only 30 minutes earlier.
It's weird, but I can count on it.

At least she tends to be pretty happy in the morning. I'll change her diaper and bring her into our bed and she'll just look at the window blinds for a long time. Or I'll turn on her mobile, and she'll watch that.
She is by no means quiet!...but she's happy anyways. :)
My husband has mentioned that he needs to wear *more* earplugs...I really don't know how he plans to do that, unless he's going to cram two into each ear??

I played video games with my husband last night...I don't usually, but he was really stuck in this one game. I was sitting cross-legged on our living room floor, trying to keep a grip on Shiloh...who kept arching her back because all she wants to do these days is stand, and trying to beat up a mean ole mob of clowns...yes, clowns.
Finally Shiloh settled down enough to be fascinated by the controller, and tried to help me...but it just takes her too long to get the coordination to push just one button hard enough to do anything. By that time...well, the clowns had gotten me. At least she tried to help me...my husband left me to the mercy of the blood-thirsty clowns.

Yes, it was sad.
But my husband...(who still feels bad that he left me to fend for myself against the clowns), was able to escape...and then about an hour later we passed that level. whew! Shiloh, long ago losing interest in the clowns, and the controller, and standing...fell asleep in my arms.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

We're not bananas...Really!

Shiloh's Doctor appt. was Monday.
She gained another 3lbs. and about 3" in length!!
I gave her Tylenol and she quieted pretty quickly after the vaccines, though they bled more than I would expect and she has a tiny bruise now where the two shots were given in one leg. She fell asleep the *instant* I put her in the car and slept most of the rest of the day.
I was so nervous before we went to the appt. too. I felt calm, and I thought I was calm...but the stomache doesn't lie. :P

Shiloh tried baby bananas on Tuesday. She doesn't care for them...she doesn't really make a face or anything but mostly spits them back out.
I can't really blame her, neither of her parents really like bananas though we will eat them.
It's so gross. I mean...I want her to try foods even if I don't like them, but... yuck! I had to warm them up...then taste them to make sure they weren't too hot.
The smell of hot bananas...the taste of warm banana mush...and hot bananas are just everything magnified 100x...ick!
The Gerber people have really improved their baby food too, I mean it tastes like just mashed bananas, but still just that is gross. I am trying to smile and show her how yummy they taste and control my shuddering!

I am planning to try more foods that I like next...and maybe that won't be so bad. Like make my own mashed carrots... I like carrots.

Meanwhile...back at the Ranch (Hey, remember that book?) just came to me.
Shiloh keeps trying to sit up...she spends more time on her tummy, content. I love to watch her use her hands...working with both of them to try and push the buttons on the remote or to hold something to her mouth. She doesn't grab her hair as much anymore...she'll rub her eyes if she is tired or hold onto my hand when she is nursing.
Tuesday....Shiloh watched me so serious and intently as I stuck out my tongue and moved it around. Then she did the same thing!!
I then tried to get her to do some other things but she thought the tongue thing was great and was stuck on that.

This morning, as every morning, she sat in her swing while we ate breakfast. I gave her a toy, but she was just ignoring it and yelling at the top of her lungs. So finally I said, "No" and took the toy away. She studied my face and took me for serious and was quiet for a bit...then found another game.
Everytime I went for a spoonful of cereal, she'd yell...then I'd look at her and she'd beam...meanwhile her Daddy is eating away right next to me and she let him be!
She sure thought it was great fun! Somehow she does it so charmingly though! That huge grin is hard to resist...and the giggle even more so.
We both end up laughing like idiots while my husband sits next to us, quietly eating and shaking his head...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cereal...it's killer!

I just received the latest issue of "BabyTalk" magazine and it happens to have a section recommending Shiloh's highchair!
I thought that was pretty neat.

Shiloh's Doctor appt. is tomorrow...and she'll get more vaccines as well. Ick! I think she's growing very well so I am excited to see how her weight/height etc. are coming along. Then I want to compare at home with my own scale and yard stick and see how close the two are.

I am taking serious consideration though...in exclusively breast-feeding Shiloh until she is potty-trained! ;-0
Phew!!! These diapers need radiation stickers on them!
And these are just with cereal...what will I get into when I add carrots/bananas/peas etc. to her diet??
I am afraid to find out.
My husband peeked inside one diaper...then he was gone so fast I think there was a little cloud of dust behind him!

I can't say as I blame him much, and I really don't want him to change one anyways.
It's a task that has to be done quickly and correctly or it can just get so much more messier than it already is....
Especially now that she is more wiggly and you're trying to keep her behind and legs and clothes and socks that she is kicking off out of the mess...and putting on size 2 diapers are still a little big, so you have to work on getting them on snugly....and if you jiggle a full diaper too much, well, need I say more?

I probably won't have a chance to post until sometime after the baby's Doctor appointment. So please pray that all goes well, and especially for no reactions...Mommy has the tylenol ready so hopefully this time will go as well as her 2 month vaccinations. :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Recalling the Recall of the Recall...

I fed Shiloh her cereal this morning, and she started to fall asleep before she was done! That is the fastest, and with the least resistance, I have ever seen her take a nap. Too cute!

I also found out there is a recall on her Graco highchair. This is the highchair with the complicated harness straps, what kind of recall could it have??
So I check it out, but it is mostly a human-error type recall. You have to make sure the legs are locked open before you put your child into it...mine is...was...is?
I still ordered the *repair* kit though...better to be safe.

This is after the whole carseat recall...then a recall of that recall! I have an Evenflo, and I was pretty surprised with that recall to begin with. I even put it in the car and bashed and twisted it around a bit and it wouldn't come loose...and I can't count how many times the carseat has attached itself to a shopping cart so well that it took two of us to release it! I still went to Evenflo to see if they had a repair kit or something, but they were just ticked with the report and reassuring everyone that their products were fine.

Just wish these companies would make products for children right the first time...though in these two cases mostly they did. It's just so unnerving to see a product you use for the most precious thing you have, having a recall saying it's dangerous!
On other note...what about quality control? In my delicious box of cordial cherries, one leaked, forcing me to have sticky cherry juice hands, that I must lick clean. Can't waste the tasty juice...oops! spilled some on the mouse...lick...lick...and the keyboard...um, excuse me a moment................................

Okay, I'm back....where was I? um, oh yeah....

Shiloh is using the highchair a lot more now, yesterday she woke from a nap when I had just finished my baking but was still cleaning up.
So since she has started a new "screaming at her toys" thing, I just put her in the highchair in the kitchen with me and talked to her while I cleaned up.
She sat in there for 20 minutes watching me without making a peep! :)

The "screaming at the toys" thing.
I think it has to do with teething...and having a bit of her Daddy's personality might have something else to do with it!
So She grabs her toys, and if she can't manage to get it to reach her mouth (such as a tethered toy)...she screams at it.
If her toy won't fit into her mouth enough...she screams at it.
If her toy is too hard and hurts her gums when it does get into her mouth...well, you get the picture.
It's a new scream too...a screechy, ear-piercing, migraine-inducing scream, that is yelled with all the power her little 4 month old body can muster.

Today she is cooing like a dove all day..Whoo...whoo...whoo. Add a shriek for emphasis. Whoo....whoo...whoo.
It seriously sounds like a very loud mourning dove is in the house!

She thinks it's funny when I try to shush her...then she tries to eat my hand.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rolling and Growing

Last night, Shiloh rolled over (on the floor) from her tummy to her back...all by herself!!! That is officially the first time for a complete roll-over on a hard surface.
In a nightgown, no less!!
That assures me she's been able to do it for awhile and just doesn't want to.

Proof positive...today I laid her on her belly, and she just flailed around helplessly and screeched like an injured parrot the whole time.

I don't know if I should push her more or not to achieve these milestones. But I figure it's not that big a deal, no one asks an adult...when did you roll-over? on your job resume or intelligence quizzes.
And she certainly has a stubborn side so I think I could have let her lay on the floor for quite awhile and if she didn't completely *want* to do it, she would just lay there and scream the whole time instead of even trying. (like today!)

At least, I can now tell her Doctor on Monday that we can check that off her list of accomplishments.

Shiloh's also been needing more naps these past couple days...she's frustrated by it because she wants to play and do and see everything. But she can only last 2 hours at the most, this morning only 1 hour, before her eyes are red and she's rubbing them...if only she didn't resist the sand-man quite so much!
Probably yet another growth spurt on the way, she's seemingly outgrowing her 0-3months stuff overnight!

Okay, Shi's awake from her nap....so I'll write again later...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop...goes the diaper!

Shiloh is napping now.
She had a bath, watched her mobile, played under her playgym, then played & rocked in her chair, then ate some cereal, had some milk, all in just a couple of hours...so now she is exhausted. :)

It's bitter cold today, 10-12 degrees! I have the baby dressed very warmly, but it seems we always start a dissimilation of her outfits in a short amount of time. First the headband comes off...then a shoe...then a sock etc. etc.

I just found out that they started making a banana-flavored cereal, so I am excited about finding that and seeing if she enjoys that as much.
She's been eating well, as long as she's not too tired. Her Dr.'s appt. is Monday and I think she's going to have gained well...definitely not looking forward to more vaccines though!

Last night, we were all sitting on the living room floor while my husband played PS2. While we were busy watching the screen, Shiloh was fascinated with watching the silver controller that lights up!
Then she wanted to touch the controller....then she wants to take the controller...then she wants to taste the controller!
She missed and slobbered all over her Daddy's hand. ;-)
Then she thought he was pretty tasty and forgot all about the controller.
She'll really chomp down too...believe me, I know. owie!
No sign of teeth yet, but she's drooling and everything is going in her mouth.

Oopsie...I hear the makings of a poopy explosion, and she's outgrowing the size 1's, um.... Gotta go...Fast!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Being neighborly

Waiting for the UPS man...waiting for the UPS man...
Places to go, people to see, things to do...but, here I am...waiting for the UPS man.
He's bringing me my birthday present! :-) So what, if my birthday is more than a month away...by that time my husband will have forgotten he bought me this present...soo, two presents! yay!!

Okay, other idle chatter to pass the time away.
On Sunday, just as we came home from church, we heard a shriek that was likely to peel the paint off our front porch...In fact maybe that is the reason our porch always needs painting? Anyways...one of our neighbor ladies had spotted us carrying the baby.
Great! Which one? We looked around frantically...it's either "Smoking-on-her-backporch-in-her-nightgown" lady or "Mcdonald's-eating-tattooed-rock-music" lady. Hmm, wonderful choices....and now you are even less-inclined to visit us, right? :)

Tattoo lady jogs over (how bad am I not to know my neighbor's names?!) chanting "Can I see the baby? Can I see the baby?" and oohs, and ahhs, over the baby. Shiloh frowns at her. I think tattoo lady is missing a tooth.
Tattoo lady comments on how cute Shiloh is and waves bye to us as she goes to her car...bye...um, Tattoo lady.

To be truthful, when we moved into the neighborhood...she never introduced herself. We know her husband/boyfriend thing's name...because he introduced himself and somehow we remembered it.
I know we were introduced to nightgown lady, but I can't remember her name...um, Donna?, Diana?, maybe it didn't start with a "D"? Hmm, their last name starts with a "D" though, I remembered that because they have a sign on their house with their name on it. Hee-hee!

Okay, I'm tired of waiting...UPS guy! I am going to go do my things, and deal with that later. Heather, I'll see you in a bit!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Houston, we have a highchair!

So I decided it was time to pull out the highchair I received at my baby shower, and put it to use.
I hadn't realized when we put it together...and I was still pregnant and not looking at such things...that it has a harness type strap and the straps are very strange and much more complicated than they need to be.
Yesterday I put Shiloh in the seat for the very first time, and I am wrestling with these straps that need to be loosened to fit on her, and have this ridiculous clasp. So I am talking to her, while I fiddle with the harness...I'm muttering away and frowning at the stupid thing.
Meanwhile Shiloh is studying my face intently...then just burst into laughter!
Ahh...she finds humor in her mother's frustration. :)

I don't know what is with the straps though, she's just eating mush..not rocketing into space, though I have seen her shoot a pacifier extremely high before! But still, the straps don't need to be that complicated!!

Otherwise it is a very nice chair...it even goes low enough to pull up to the table, which really helps save some space. Shiloh is still eating her rice cereal very well, gave her a bit more today and made it slightly thicker and she still did great. I fed her early today so that her Daddy could see her cereal face before he left for work. :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's on the menu?

Shiloh tried cereal for the first time today...and she not only likes it, but she finished all that I had made for her!
She is 16 wks. 5 days, and showed signs of being ready.
I was so excited and pulled out the camcorder and the camera...then realized that it was impossible to hold them *and* feed her at the same time!

She didn't make a face at all, just kinda let it sit in her mouth for awhile at first...then she smiled at me...and it all dribbled back out. Then she realized that something was in her mouth, rolled it around and she liked it! She opened her mouth for the spoon & smiled, so it went better than I could have hoped for.
Later the fingers went in there...along with the cereal, so I can see this getting very messy, very quickly!

Of course I had the camera & camcorder...but did I remember a wet washcloth to wipe those sticky fingers?? :-P
I needed it too....because while eating cereal....she sneezed!

Other Shiloh news...
Last night, she didn't go to bed until 2 a.m. then was restless and ate at 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. then wide-awake at 8:30 a.m....Mommy was less so.
Okay...the baby calls!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Cleaning Sponge...Bob

Today I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, I really was on a cleaning streak too! Washing walls, scrubbing tiles, swiffering the ceiling....even removed the faucet handles and scrubbed those out.
Kinda surprised myself...usually it takes a Latte to get me in a cleaning streak like that! :D
It started when I was scrubbing the bathtub and remembered how impossible that was to do when I was pregnant. There was just no way to position myself and my belly around without falling in the tub or getting light-headed.
So I thought well now I can, so I'll do it and more...and I did...until the baby woke up.

Of course I wasn't as well planned as I should have been, so when she cried I had the bathroom furniture pulled out into the bedroom and buckets & cleaning supplies everywhere! Not to mention the fact that you could no longer turn on the water to the sink...But I turned on her mobile and that kept her happy for several more minutes so I could put the bathroom together again.

Shiloh likes whistling, music, & singing. She was being cranky today while I changed her diaper, so I started singing some song or the other, and she went instantly from crying to beaming smile! Yesterday we took her on a few errands, and she fell asleep while her Daddy carried her through the store (Peebles which has no carts and the canvas/metal things they have, specifically say on them "Do not use with a child seat")...so she woke up when I put her in her carseat and was still tired.
While my husband ran into our next stop, I whistled a tune and she stopped crying. It worked great!! That is...until my mouth went dry.

Last night we watched "The Cave"...it gave me nightmares. Well, I should have known it would when my husband moved his foot and it made a shadow on the floor and I jumped a mile! I think maybe my Dad would like it or at least the "making of " part, since it was a lot on cave diving.
But I wouldn't even let the baby glance at the screen...I don't know when she'll start to be scared by things, but I certainly didn't want this movie to be it.

It's a bit predictable, on the basis of most scary movies...like 200 go in and only a few come out, and you just guess who will make it.
Just didn't think it would make me nervous...I mean, when you have to pause the movie to change a poopy diaper & rewind it a 1/2 dozen times because the baby cried or fussed or needed nursing...well, you think the ambiance is gone.

Ah, maybe it's just a sign that I'm ready for some children's programming.
Bring on the Mickey mouse, Pooh, Sponge Bob, and Elmo!
Now if Elmo wants to lead an expedition where Pooh falls off a cliff and they must rescue him despite the SpongeBob-eating-monsters, and Mickey mouse's mid-life crisis...well, hand me a bowl of popcorn, I'm in!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just call her Shiloh Spice!

Yesterday, I went through all of Shiloh's clothes...bringing out her 3-6 mos outfits and lining up her 6-9 mos. sizes so I'll have those ready.
I was pulling out outfit after outfit, and thinking this is ridiculous...this stuff is huge!!
But I started to organize things anyways, and decided I would get a load of 3-6 mos stuff ready for laundering anyways since Shiloh is slowly outgrowing the 0-3mos. stuff and she'll have to make do in these huge clothes until she gets bigger.

Well, of course, when I have everything pulled out and piles of clothes everywhere....then Shiloh wakes up from her nap.
Since I don't want to lose momentum, I bring her into the mess with me...rather than putting it off until her next nap.
So I start laying the outfits on her to compare their size....and they aren't as gigantic as I thought!!!
She'll have growing room, but they won't be swallowing her up like they looked on the hangers. Wow....surprised me!

And (my fave) her fancy black dress shoes....don't fit!! She just wore them...and now they suddenly don't fit at all!
That, I am kinda bummed about since I wanted to pick her up the next size last week and they were completely out of all sizes. (must be due to the holidays).
Now, until I get her another pair she'll only have pink dress shoes or sneakers to wear to church...or fuzzy pink bunny slippers...that could start a whole new fashion trend?!?!

I should have been prepared...this whole week she's been kicking off her socks like never before, or just wearing them on her toes. I should have realized she had suddenly outgrown them.
She was good for a long time too with Mommy laying outfits on her and putting on shoes and hats on her...but, she is a girl after all! :-)

Shiloh also has just started playing without needing me constantly by her side. She's also starting to reach and grab at whatever catches her eye...and even started to get into things!
I leave a wipes container in the corner of her bassinette for easy/quick diaper changes. So I changed her, then threw away the diaper, washed my hands, and by the time I came back...she had the wipes container on its side and open!
It probably was just an unintentional swipe of the hand that did it, but I was looking at her like maybe she knows how to do more things than she's letting on. :)

Also she laughed the other day...I was singing....Spice Girls!
A commercial came on with their song and I just went with it, and she loved it!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe 2007 is here! Going to be a big year too, I think.
Lots of birthdays...from Shiloh's first to my Grandma's 84th today!
And then both of our brothers will be getting married this year...and anniversaries galore.
So many firsts will be upcoming for Shiloh...going to be getting her first taste of food soon. Good thing we have plenty of bibs on hand!
And the way she is going, she might be running around here like greased lightning by her birthday!

New Years Eve, we did some shopping...but the store was lacking in a great deal of things on our list, guess Christmas depleted their stocks!
New Years night, we had a quiet night at home...watching the ball drop. Shiloh decided to nurse-in the new year...and we celebrated with sparkling cider and caramel popcorn clusters.
Then Shiloh spent the night for the first time in her crib instead of her bassinette....well, I should say...what time that she actually spent sleeping...er, um, well, anyways, some of the night was spent in her crib for the first time!

New Years Day, we visited my parents so we could have a combo birthday party for my brother & husband...and have dinner with my brother's future in-laws...and get to meet "Hector Rodriguez" for the first time.
Hector is Jon & Charith's new chihuahua puppy...guess Heather is the only one to name her pets simply! :) Well, he's no "Gizmona Contessa Espurranza"...but it's a fun name...as my husband keeps saying "What the Hector?"
Definitely not a name to name your child for that same reason!...