Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's drool, you fool

Shiloh is contentedly playing next to me in her bouncy exersaucer. She loves it!
I just picked up a few toys that she had flung to the floor and found a HUGE puddle of water on her exersaucer tray.
She only has one teether that has water in it, and has no teeth yet...but I checked it anyways and it is full with no leaks.
So the whole puddle is just drool!

I had a big fluffy bib on her the entire day yesterday and it was soaked, if she has no bib her outfit is so soaked that she'll be chilled.
Still no teeth in sight or feel, but everything is in her mouth...her fave is my knuckle to chomp down on.
This morning I woke up to the sound of her sucking on her fingers and hands, she was so loud.
But it was nice that she was content and not yelling for me.

She's such a Momma's girl, she studies my face so adoringly. It's such a touching part of motherhood that I never expected, that you are the world to this little person.
Her Daddy likes me to be out of her line of sight when he plays with her, otherwise while she's laughing and cooing and playing with him...her gaze is still locked on me.
She went through a "Mommy-only" phase around 2 months old...and I expect another around 6-7 months when she realizes there are strangers.
I really need to try and get her professional pics done while I still have this window where she'll smile at anybody.
I feel a bit bad that I haven't done it earlier, but for soo long she was frowning at everyone and that wouldn't have been a nice photo at all.
And between snow, germs, and having a nice camera at home it hasn't been a huge priority.
Now I guess I'll just have to be wiping her chin a lot for nice photos.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Baby Inquisition

We went shopping yesterday, got the oil changed on the Rav, and even gave it a laser wash. That was pretty cool! No brushes or anything touches the vehicle so I really liked that.
It was *very* noisy though, so I thought it would scare the baby and though it startled her at first, she just looked at the water spraying around and was fine. She's really a tough cookie. :)

We had breakfast at Denny's. Their carseat holder wasn't too good though, it ended up slanting her so her feet were over her head.
I held her instead and she was very good, just observing everyone and patting the table. She tried a micro piece of pancake...but her sippy cup kept her busy and happy the longest. She *loves* it, and is trying to hold it herself and even trying to bring it up to her mouth on her own.
A lot of water still dribbles down her chin but she doesn't care...I think she thinks it is a teething toy with a bonus of a little drink here and there. :)

Sometimes the oddest things catch her fancy and she thinks it's so funny. I turned my head to look at her and must be she thought the way my hair flew around was hysterical...she laughed so hard, over and over!

We also decided...after observing the cleanliness (or rather lack of cleanliness) of the shopping carts & restaurant highchairs, and the fact that Shiloh's hands are all over everything and then in her mouth in a purchase a "Shop & Play" It looks like it might fit onto the highchairs as well.
If I can remember to put it back in the truck, it will be a nice playmat for visiting Grammy's house as well. (though Shiloh won't be staying in one place for much longer!) I think we'll get a lot of use from it.

Shiloh gets a lot of attention when she is out too! While waiting for my husband to finish shopping in a particularly crowded area of the store, I played peek-a-boo with Shiloh but soon stopped that because her coos and beaming toothless grin were attracting a crowd...guess it's like when people gather to watch babies have their pictures taken and they're smiling and happy and it's just impossible to look away. :)
Though I think I lost count of how many times I was asked her age, and name, and whether she's a good baby or not (does any mother really answer "No"??), and whether she sleeps through the night or not...etc.etc.etc.
Guess babies bring out the talkative side of people, and with some the interrogative side...
I tend to get mixed comments about her name...(I think all babies get this). But one woman yesterday was soo sweet! She said "It's a beautiful name for a beautiful baby". I think that was the nicest compliment I've heard! Even if the name is not exactly your style, I just think it's a very nice and sweet compliment.
I'd like to use that myself...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Walk? without a red carpet? I don't think so!

Everything for my vehicle comes due at the same time...inspection, oil change, registration, insurance update.
I know summer isn't really a good time to buy a vehicle (sale-wise) but doing all this stuff in winter stinks! Especially with nearly 3 feet of snow around.

Today we had the Rav biggie, since it's new. We walked next door to BK to have breakfast while we waited.
The walk is basically the distance of walking across a parking lot from your car to a store, but a (busy-body type) woman came up to us offering money for us to take a cab because of the baby!
Now that I think about it, it actually was pretty funny.
That would have been the shortest cab ride they ever had...literally about 10 seconds! Got me wondering if even the richest people in the world would take a cab *to* their limo from a store??? Even celebs themselves will actually *walk* the red carpet!

Though I don't want to be one of those people who think they look sooo young...I do think that is what it was. She thought we were too immature to be good parents.
When she came over and saw Shiloh was bundled in her snowsuit with only this tiny opening around her face and even that was covered by a heavy blanket she mellowed, and Shiloh was gracious enough to smile at her.
I will tell you, I was ticked because though this could be a very sweet gesture from some was not from the condescending-type of woman this was.
I can laugh about it now...well maybe tomorrow anyways.

BTW...BK coffee is terrible. yuck! I didn't even finish it.
It looked strong and dark but the taste wasn't there. I was tempted to make a pot when I got home because it just wasn't my morning joe!

Shiloh tried baby meats today. She spit it out, I don't blame's pretty gross and bland. Maybe if I mix it with some veggies? She's doing really well drinking out of her sippy cup though, I was able to find one with a soft mouth that works well. I think she half thinks it's a toy but it seemed she drank some and not all of it dribbled down her chin.
She's also determined to open her wipes container. I'll probably have to move it, but it's so convenient where it is (in her pack n' play). I have a few toys in there to distract her...but this afternoon she woke from a nap and I was sitting nearby.
I let her be for a few minutes, to let her wake up fully and she was pretty content just making little sounds to herself.
When I went to pick her up she had flung diapers (clean) all over her bassinette and was working on trying to open the wipies.
She's only 5 months old!!
Oh boy...what do I have to look forward too...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mall days...Greenbean nights...

Yesterday, my sister was nice enough to let Shiloh and I tag along on her trip to a local mall.
Shiloh's first visit to a mall...she did really well and even stayed in her stroller the whole time. I was worried that I was going to end up having to carry her and push the stroller around, but the atmosphere and probably mostly her cousins were enough entertainment to keep her happy.

I **love** getting to visit with my sister or my mom. It's amazing to talk to people who are on the same page as you, and you understand and agree with each other. It's great affirmation, especially being a new parent when you tend to doubt yourself a lot.

Shiloh is learning to sit so well...better each day it seems. She's recently learned the amusement of peek-a-boo...that is a lot of fun, she laughs so hard!
And now, she definitely lifts her arms for me to pick her up when she is tired of her highchair or exersaucer.
She's also a veggie girl!...loves her veggies, doesn't like her fruits, and I haven't tried the baby meats yet.

Last night, I had to watch the new episode of "Grey's Anatomy". It was kinda lame, but I still couldn't tear myself away.
On commercial breaks, I scrubbed strained green beans off the inside of my microwave...another Mommy lesson - 10 seconds is all it takes to plaster the inside of a microwave in green concrete!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007


I am a SAHM or for those who don't do abbreviations...a "Stay-at-home-Mom".
Actually I am really surprised how many new SAHM's are so shocked by their first realization of those first 3 words...stay at home.

Stay at home...for me anyways, means what it is.
I think especially with my having a baby during Flu/Cold/& RSV season...and with our chilly winters. I tend to leave the house only 1-2x a week, and I actually am fortunate because I do have a vehicle available for my use.
I'm a homebody anyway so it really doesn't bother me. I have crafts & baking, internet, and my jabbering, cooing daughter....and even the poopy explosions to keep me busy. :) Often the weeks past too quickly and I barely know what day it is!
Yesterday, when leaving the house...that I hadn't left since the following Sunday. I was surprised by how much snow is out's quite different walking in it than just looking at it from a window! And also by how cold it was!! Definitely not my temperature-controlled rooms that I grew accustomed too!

I will confess that I haven't been to a Shopping Mall since I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant...and I do miss that. But I know that all I'd have to do is walk past someone sneezing or coughing away and I'd be wheeling that stroller so fast out the door, you'd think it had broken the sound barrier. :-D!

I actually am trying to plan my next project. Shiloh is such a warm baby that my knitting is on hold for her...and she actually was blessed with an abundance of beautiful blankets and sweaters.
But now I have a bunch of iron-on appliques that I'll probably work on putting on some of her plain white onesies this week.
From there...I have a sweater of my own to repair. Then since I miss knitting...I may go back to it for a project for myself that I started, then found out I was pregnant and unraveled it so I could concentrate on making baby things instead. I don't know...the world is my oyster...I'll make my own pearl. Or however that saying goes...or maybe that's not even a saying and I just invented it.
Hmm...well, Ta Da!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Play it again, Sam...

Shiloh is rolling over constantly now...still just from back to belly though, so I get called in when she's stuck and tired of being on her belly.
It amazes me each time I find her in a different position or moved from where I set her.
She's learning so much each day. But boy, it's making it difficult to change her clothes or diapers!

Today she napping a lot, so I think another growth spurt is coming on. Soon I'll be putting away the last of her 0-3 months clothing. We just put away her swing this morning...since she insists on leaning forward in it, in an attempt to sit up, it can't push her any longer.
We're going to try putting her either in her Rainforest rocker or Highchair while we eat.
It worked last night putting her in the Rainforest chair...which BTW she pulled on the monkey for the very first time last night...which makes music.
So she did it again...and again...and again...and again.

That's another new thing of hers...when she finds something that makes noise, she'll keep doing it.
Makes it easy to keep track of her and how happy she is, I can be in the kitchen and know as long as the music is playing she's in the same spot and happy.
She likes music so sometimes I'll pop in a nursery rhyme cd while she's playing...just annoying to catch yourself singing nursery rhymes in the abnoxious sing-song voice on the cd...why couldn't they have a nice voice on them? Like Gary Allen? or a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill duet??

Shiloh has just started learning to put her arms up when she wants to be picked up. It's so precious. She doesn't have it completely down yet, but she's learning it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mission "Impossible" Control

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's.
We spent Valentine's night digging out from our snowstorm...well technically my husband dug us out. I was more like "mission control".
He, along with our neighbor, dug out our shared driveway.
I manned the microwave, keeping a cup of tea warm for him and also warming baby food for Shiloh.

Then he climbed onto the roof to clear that off...I put Shiloh to bed and had a baby monitor in one pocket of my bathrobe, and a cellphone in the other pocket so I could keep track of both members of my family.
I decided it was best to keep an eye on my husband as he was on the roof, which was a good thing because once he got up there, he found the entire roof was glare ice under all that snow.
I ended up having to unseal the window, and open all the windows (window, storm window, and screen) to let him in that way, it was way too dangerous for him to attempt to get back to the ladder. I didn't envy him his job one iota!
Just in opening the windows my fingers were sticking to the metal of the frames it was sooo cold. I even had to have him close the window with his gloves on, because my fingers were sticking so bad to the cold metal!!

Shiloh tried applesauce, but she only will eat it mixed with her cereal. Otherwise she's not too crazy about it, and even made some faces and gagged when she first tasted it. Funny kid!
I thought applesauce was one of those things that all babies liked. Oddly enough, she's not crazy about the fruits so far. I still have peaches and pears to try though so we'll see how she feels about those.

Shiloh has soo much that she wants to do, and attempts to do but isn't ready for yet. She's trying to sit up all the time now, but can't hold her balance yet.

She suddenly lunged forward out of her bath seat yesterday and startled me, since she did it soo fast and powerfully! Those legs of hers are just too strong!
I'm doing one-handed bathing from now on, one hand is on duty just to keep her behind planted in its seat!

She's started suddenly leaning backwards when you are carrying her...I think in an attempt to sit up. (scared her daddy this morning doing that to him!)...
She arching her back all the time wanting to stand and walk...she's making walking motions and going places too, and grabs anything and everything she can get her hands on!

It's a super-vigilant phase of parenthood starting, where she's kinda her own worst enemy pushing herself to do things she can't do. I feel like I have to warn anyone...even my husband, when they are with her.
I'm listing these cautions. Because she looks so tiny and cute and cuddly, like a little baby who won't try these things...and I'm always..."Watch her head because she tends to fling it back into your lip", "Oop, move your mug because she's grabbing it", "Hold her back, because she's going to lean backwards"..."Um, what's in her mouth..." etc...etc...etc..

Call me paranoid...or just call me a mother.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A white valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! (well in a few hours anyways ;)

We will most likely be snowed in for Valentine's, since they are calling for 12-36" of white stuff!
As long as there are no power outages, it'll be okay. I guess, a lot of places are already planning to be closed.
It's only about 3 degrees out right now!

Shiloh has just figured out how to roll from her back to her belly....but, for the past couple nights, she has woken me crying because she has rolled onto her tummy and is stuck, not knowing how to get onto her back and not used to sleeping on her tummy.
Yeah, we get so excited when they learn a new milestone...until we really figure out what that means and I'm awake at 3am. :)
This morning she was tired though...I was feeding her peas, and she kept opening her mouth, but she started to blankly stare at me and lean, then blink and jolt awake, she kept opening her mouth but I decided it was naptime! :)

Shiloh is trying to sit up sooo much now. She can't stay up unassisted but that doesn't stop her from trying. She's very determined!
Her swing can't even push her because she is trying to lean forward the whole time...

She's so smiley too. The other day she had just woken from a nap (or so I thought) when her Daddy came home from work.
I picked her up and was cuddling her...she lifted her head, focused on Daddy...gave him a big grin.
Then her eyes closed, her head dropped and she was out again! It was too funny!! :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Taxing taxes

I've been really busy so I haven't had much time to post anything.
Finally finished our taxes and even filed them. It's such a stressful thing to me, I honestly cannot believe I did taxes for a living for over 2 1/2 years!!!
I hate it!
Of course, at work, I never had a 4 month old yelling in my ear the whole time either...that does add to the stress factor. :) Little mini boss on my lap! (She even tried to help by sweeping a huge stack of tax papers onto the floor with her arm...guess she thought I needed a break?!)

While working on my taxes this morning, I was holding Shiloh on my lap (she was yelling her head off everywhere else) and suddenly hear this dripping sound. I'm looking all around thinking she knocked my cup over, or something fell over etc., Shiloh was drooling so much it was dripping and making a puddle on the floor!!! The only thing I could think was "if only her Uncle Jon could see this!" hahahaha!

Also, on Sunday evening, I developed a clogged milk duct...eek! It's not only painful, but can develop into mastitis so I was online finding help ASAP.
I ended up watching the SuperBowl while alternating between a heating pad, expressing milk, and nursing Shiloh.
I think I only missed a few lamo commercials, and maybe one of the billion fumbles. Oh, and I fell asleep during the last 10 minutes or so, but I guess I didn't miss much as the score didn't change during that time.

Shiloh tried squash this morning, and she likes that too. :) I was surprised how much she ate! And yes, there is a squash song. ;) It was actually easier than coming up with a green beans song, for that I actually came up with a song where she is eating Oscar (as in the grouch).
But...she's a funny kid, her favorite song at the moment is "Kung Fu Fighting", especially the beginning part. She beams this huge squash-y grin at me everytime. :)
Oh, yeah..there's no "Rock a bye Baby" going on here!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pink Bunny Day...anyone??

Shiloh & I spent the day visiting her Grammy & Grampa and cousins. :)

Today is also Groundhog Day. He didn't see his shadow, so spring is supposed to be early. Ta Da! the celebration is complete.

Autumn was a bit upset because she didn't know what to *do* for Groundhogs Day or how to celebrate it. I told her to do a Groundhog dance...she looked at me like I had just told her the moon was made of Jello.
o-k-a-y....I guess that isn't what she had in mind.
Guess I should think of some way to celebrate these odd holidays with Shiloh, that would make them a bit more fun.

'Cept groundhogs aren't really fun... In fact the groundhog around our home is rather scary looking. Not the cute dark furry creatures you occasionally see (or around here...often see) in field or near roadsides peacefully nibbling on vegetation.

Ours is the "Rambo" of the species. Tie a red band around his head and he's the spitting image! Galloping around the creek's edge...chasing squirrels...hanging out with the *bad* cats in the neighborhood.

Maybe we could change it to "Pink Bunny Day" or something similar and eat pink bunny marshmallow peeps, and make bunny pictures with cotton ball tails! I think bunnies can see their shadows as much as a groundhog anyways...

That would be better I think, I mean there are no groundhog games...what would you do? dunk into a hole, pop out...then chase some squirrels?? Around here they call that "Admission to a mental hospital day". ;)

And groundhog day food? I mean every holiday has to have its you eat a salad?? I mean cakes or even cupcakes that look like a groundhog aren't going to be too appetizing.

Okay, I think I've exhausted that subject.
Shiloh loved her Grammy's tablecloth...she actually pouted when I moved her away from it. So now her favorite things are: the remote control, my cellphone, and a plastic tablecloth....someone notify Fisher-Price please! :P
Noah thought it was so exciting that Shiloh is *talking* and laughs. Evie still seems nervous, though very curious about her.
My highlight was Autumn flinging her candycane across the floor while expressively talking with her hands. :D

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Muppet Theatre

I think that it's all well and good to remove your shoes when you enter a home.
But there is a time *inside* the home, when you need more protection on your feet than simple house slippers.
Such as...well, just off the top of my drop the tray of the highchair on your feet!

This is very painful, which makes it difficult to not to alarm your child (who is already startled by the loud clatter and your yelp of pain) nor to loosen your grip on your child (who wisely has a death hold on both your necklace and your hair).

Then gritting your teeth, you say in a sing-song voice. "Silly Mommy...dropped the tray...on her feet...and now has contusions....and possibly some broken...b-o-n-e-s!"
It is hard to be cheerful all the time. I feel like a muppet...and not Oscar either. And really, I liked Oscar the best...or maybe Barkley, but nooo, I am like annoying Elmo...
But Shiloh is constantly watching me, and watches my face so intently, and she's already a serious child. But if I smile...she smiles. If I sing...she smiles or laughs or coos.
How can I not encourage that...all the time, even when my feet are throbbing?

On the upside, I think I can make a song out of just about anything.
We have a banana song, a cereal song...and now a sweet potato song.
Shiloh likes her dinner theatre! :)

Do you have any idea how far sweet potatoes will travel when sneezed? It's impressive. Shiloh had them on her nose, on her sleeve...inside her sleeve, on the highchair, on me, and somehow even on her diaper.
It was a really amazing...biblical even...sneezing spell!

Well, I guess I need to go shopping...for some steel-toed slippers and a sneeze-shield.