Saturday, March 31, 2007

Excuse me, are these your peas??

Yesterday...oh, yesterday.
Shiloh had a poopy explosion blow-out to rival all others.
((She was expected to hold out and do it at the Ped's office, but this was such a mess I am glad she was home!))
She was in her exersaucer when I suddenly got a whiff that signaled my afternoon had just taken a sudden slant to the dark side.
The diaper didn't even have a chance...because of her being in the saucer at the time I don't think even a larger diaper would have helped.
Shiloh got hosed off in the big tub for the first time (she was brave!) and then TWO baths after that.
I was afraid she might have a tummy bug or something, it was sooo bad, so I tossed some bleach around the tubs afterwards, just in case.
She seems fine though, and a little rice cereal was her only solid that entire day so I don't know what the deal was.

Shiloh has also started...when she isn't interested in a food or wants to let me know she's finished eating.
She'll blow into her food!!! I have learned that pears fly very far and peas don't fly quite that case you were wondering!
She thinks that's a lot funnier than just clenching her lips shut or turning her head away when she's done.
It's seriously making me reconsider giving her solids the next time we are at a restaurant....I'm sure the neighboring diners don't want to end up wearing peas!!

The other night I had a dream that my DH was working right next door to our house. Then he hung upside-down like Spiderman from the top story and was waving through the window at me, and I thought "what a goofball!" and that was the end of my dream.
I actually had about 3 small dreams...all completely and totally different that night. When I put them all together though, I just really have too much on my mind and not enough time to sort through my thoughts.

In the morning I asked my DH if he could re-enact my dream because...truthfully it was pretty cool! He said he could but then he would be crippled the rest of his life...and so on, and so on.
Whatever...he has bigger muscles than Tobey Macguire anyday, so he's really just wimping out on me! :D

Yay! The snow is almost completely melted from my backyard. Maybe I'll take Shiloh for a little walk to check on my rose bushes and soak up a little sun. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mars and Venus

Okay, so I about died when I read my sister's blog this morning! Too cute and too funny! :D! husband and I are just too much like my parents. Though in my parents case it's Dad's hearing (or lack thereof) in our case it's a bit of language barrier.
For example...
My brother hit a deer the other day...he's okay, the deer is presumably okay...and after major surgery and some time in ICU, the car should be okay as well.
So when my husband calls me on his lunchbreak and asks me how my day is going, I update him on the accident. Our conversation goes something like this...
Me: My brother hit a deer this morning, he's okay though.
DH: He hit a bear?!
Me: No, a deer! he hit a deer!
DH hears (no dear! he hit a beer!):Um...a beer? a beer? how did he do that?
Me: A deer jumped out in front of him.
DH: A bear?
Me: No a deer, you know, you see them on the side of the road...."D" as in dog (now I am thinking he probably thinks Jon hit a dog) E-E-R.
DH: D-E-E-R, D-E-E-R, ohhhhh a deer!!
Me: YES!!!
Both of us start cracking up...when we go over our conversation later than evening we are laughing so hard at my DH's trying to figure out how Jon hit a beer can and why that was a big deal at all!

Okay garbage can died. I bet you didn't think they would do that, did you? Well if the poopy diapers are stinky enough...aparently they do!
There's only so much a trashcan can take after all.
We have one of those cans with the step, step on the step and the lid opens up...not anymore. This plastic rod inside broke, so I have to go shopping for a new trashcan.
The step is so handy with a baby or with baking...step and drop the diaper or eggshells without making a mess.

I made Shiloh some sweet potatoes last night, but she wasn't too interested. No biggie since I love them!! :) I saved some to try at a later date and I'll probably be making some more this week. She's been eating more fruit too so that is good though she still makes funky faces.
I just called and her pictures are ready, so hopefully we can get those picked up this weekend.
Monday is her 6 month vaccine appt. hopefully that will go well. I never look forward to those except to know her height and weight gain.
She nearly always does a huge poopy explosion there too and there is no changing area, so that really stinks for a Peds office. Of course I could change her and leave the diaper with the receptionist, they smell that for awhile and they may just put in a table or koala corner thing or something!

Shiloh has just started lifting her butt in the air when she's on her tummy...the beginning of her crawling venture? I'm not ready yet!! There's just so much for her to get into!
Now...she trying to climb under the pack 'n play...gotta go!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Movies, M&M's, & Rice Crispies

So we watched "The Holiday" it just came out this month on DVD. It has Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, & Jude Law in it.
I thought Cameron Diaz's acting or her promiscuous character...which ever or maybe both, were horrible, but Jude Law was really good. I have never seen him in a movie before, that I can recall.
I think the movie is worth watching just to see him when Cameron Diaz's character runs into the house towards the end of the movie.
(I am trying not to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it)
We did end up watching it twice...and we still laughed and I got teary-eyed...twice. It was supposed to be my "girly movie" that my husband would fall asleep instantly during, but he actually watched the entire thing...twice.
Wanted to see more Jack Black, I liked him in "Nacho Libre"...oh, I'll be singing that stupid song all day..

I've been snacking on dark chocolate M&M's....Brilliant! yum-yum-yum!!!
Definitely buy some...and bring them to me! :)

Shiloh keeps trying to eat her diapers. Not the ones she is wearing, but any loose ones that she can get her hands on, she'll start eating. We've had to find new places to keep them so they are still available for a quick change.
I think it goes along with her likeness for magazine pages and chewing on denim.
It might just be because she was born in the year of the dog? now she must chew everything in sight?
It's more of a pain to put a bib on her than not, it seems. When she has a bib she has to chew on it! Then I have to take the bib out of her mouth, put in a spoonful of food and repeat. I'm not sure how much food goes onto the bib and how much goes into her tummy.
When I try to hold the bib down....she eats my hand instead.

She has started liking small bits of food, so I fed her some Rice Crispies (she still can't pick them up) and she gummed those for a long time so they kept her happy for quite awhile. She's been very cautious and slow about eating pieces of food so I have felt more confident trying a bit more.
But no toys at the same time...and no Daddy around at the same time. They make her too excited. Then she'll cough on her own drool much less a piece of food! :P

Maybe I shouldn't have been letting her sip water out of my coffee mug though. Now I can barely have a cup of coffee in the morning without her wanting a sip! She's got her arms outstretched and her fingers going. She tries to hold onto the cup too...but that's not helpful at this point. I figure with the amount of drool she's producing, she could use a sip of water now and then!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunshine & Dust Bunnies

It's a gorgeous day! About 56 degrees right now. I had Shiloh wearing a long-sleeved onesie, a sweater, and a hoodie...she was pretty warm! I am usually colder, and they say to dress your baby the same as you...well, Shiloh is a hot baby! Probably could have done without the hoodie.

Took her Aldi's this morning, she sat in the seat part with her new seat protector in place....of course the tiny section that ISN'T covered by the protector is where she places her hand!!! There is a pillow thing that I didn't grab out of the truck that attaches to it, and she really did need it as she's not sitting perfectly yet.
I think with that I wouldn't have to hold onto her so much.

She was so good and quiet too, just observing everything and enjoying her new view. Picked up some sweet potatoes. I think she'll like those, she's been preferring bites of food that I place into her mouth vs. on a spoon so I thought I could dice those micro-tiny and she'd like that.
She doesn't have the pincher grasp yet, I try about once a week offering her rice crispies to see if she can pick them up yet....she prefers to smash them with her spoon that she flings around. That way, the WHOLE kitchen is crispy! ;)

I wish it was warm enough to open the windows, and do some spring cleaning. I have things that I want to wash and hang out on the line...get that fresh air/sunshine smell going...and chase the dust bunnies outside.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

0-6 months in 2 seconds flat...

I was thinking how very different a newborn is from a 6 month old.
I didn't get much sleep when Shiloh was little, but when I did, I was woken up it was by a mewling cry....this morning I was woken up by tiny fingers being stuck up my nose.

Newborns won't even look at toys...6 month olds have some how opened their own Toys 'R Us in your living room.
I used to carry burp clothes, bottles, and pacifiers in my diaper its toys, sippycups, and jars of babyfood. (Still *very* heavy!!)

You know that "Whack a Mole" game? The little moles pop up and you try to hit them with the mallet. Try putting socks on the little moles instead....that is what I feel like trying to get Shiloh dressed each morning. So much time spent on getting tiny socks on...when she'll just pull one off the second she can and kick the other off later.

We're getting to the "throw & pick-up" stage. She throws, and I pick-up...repeated multiple times a day. I don't think I could keep track of how often, even if I wanted to.
Good exercise I guess. Occasionally it's purposeful throwing and she looks to see where it landed, but more often than not it just fumbled through her fingers.
Shiloh is doing very well with drinking out of regular cups...she has a couple of sippy cups but I'm trying to keep those reserved for when we are out, and teach her to drink out of a regular cup at home. She does soo well already, when she's had enough, she'll start to let the water dribble out...

She's started doing this funny laugh when I nurse her...particularly when she's tired or hungry. It's this "heh-heh-heh" laugh, all I can think of is a kid that got what they wanted but weren't supposed to have. It's so funny.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Shiloh has always been very good and still during her bathtime. But last night she started kicking away in the water, she even splashed water onto her face...but she just gasped and started kicking harder! :D Even handing her the rubber duckie did nothing to distract her.
I am still using her baby bathtub that I bring into our bedroom as it is warmer there and it's easier on my back. I finally had to make her sit in the bottom instead of on the reclining that time the walls had a bath, oh...and the floor...and me....

Today she ate her cereal in the morning, later had some peaches but wasn't too thrilled with those so I gave her small pieces of the banana I was eating. She liked that! She refused the mashed banana (yesterday) but small pieces she liked?!
This evening she had a hold-me time. She didn't want her saucer, didn't want to play on her mat....definitely didn't want to sit. She stretched her arms to me and wailed "mama" just as clear as day *each time*!
I wanted to get the camcorder out it was so clear, but I had a crying baby so in order of importance... ;P
So then she sat on my lap, and pooped. yep. After I got that cleaned up, she ate and is napping now.
Guess sometimes a Momma's lap is good for a variety of things...aparently mine makes a good potty.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ta Da!

Wow, I did it!!!
I finished a "tag" blankie!!!
It only took the afternoon, and that was with Shiloh not being exactly helpful.
I wanted a funky kind of print, and had a zebra pattern on hand.
I think I would have liked it better with a bit of hot pink ribbon, but I didn't feel like waiting until I could get to the store to make it. I also had a pretty lavender ribbon that I wish I could have used, but it was wired and that wouldn't have been good for this particular project.

I actually ended up doing the hand-stitching one-handed while I nursed Shiloh in the other arm because I was impatient to get it finished since I was soo close to completion, and Shiloh was doing one of her long...refuse to nap without Mommy things.
I'm actually very happy with how it turned out! (Here are some pics)

Shiloh slept another 7 solid hours last night. That was a nice surprise, and I actually got to enjoy it and wasn't up every second checking on her. But then she was awake an hour before it was that was tiring again.
She's interested in faces now, and keeps touching mine and sticking her fingers in my mouth...she thinks it's sooo funny!

She's saying "Mama" and "mom-mom-mom-mom" though she doesn't know what it means yet, it does seem like she makes that noise a lot when she wants me. Or maybe it's just that she always makes the noise, and always wants me? :D!

Well, I gotta and my little protege are going to make cookies. She said she wants double chocolate-chip, so Daddy is out-voted! Lol!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Sun is out!!!

Hmm...I may end up making Shiloh a "tag" blanket first instead of the dress. Similar to these.
She's just started playing with the tags on the backs of her stuffed animals. The blankets are pretty basic and I have a beautiful ribbon assortment so that should be a fun and simple project.
Just don't know what material I will use. For some reason she is in love with my denim jeans...she likes to touch them, scrunch them up...attempt to eat them. (As I am typing this, she creeped over to me and started chewing on my (denim covered) leg...Aww, my little puppy! Lol)
But denim is very difficult to work I'm not sure, I may just look at what materials I already have on hand first.

I went to DD's for an iced coffee this afternoon, then a quick trip to the DollarTree. They had a really nice selection of artificial flowers...I was so tempted but I think I have's getting to be an addiction of sorts.
I love having flowers all year round though, and they've started making them look pretty realistic, and as yet I haven't killed one! :)
Even when the blooms and leaves fall off you can just put them back together. ta da! I keep getting all these crafty ideas, then I really think about it and it would look too cluttery. Ah, well...
It was nice to enjoy a sunny day...cold, but sunny anyways! Just getting hard to lug the carseat around. If it was warmer I could just carry her into the store but with the weather I prefer to keep her covered under the blankets in her carseat.
Just a little bit longer now, I keep telling myself!

Shiloh's cheek is already less red today, but now it's rough looking, so I'm applying her cream even more frequently. I love this cream though, I'm tempted to use it myself if it could get my face as soft and rosy as hers! It's "Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream", and it's been working pretty well for Shiloh.

Okay, I'm hungry...time for lunch.'s 3pm, already?! Guess, that's part of my Mommy diet! ;)
((Edited to add: Aparently this Blogger doesn't adjust for the new Daylight savings time...'cause it IS 3pm! ))

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Solicit to me...not!

Here are some photos of my completed legwarmers projects (on my cute model). I found a basic pattern on another blog actually, but I had to change it since the original was for a 3yr. old to go just above the knee...and also I didn't have the correct (circular) needles so I kinda did my own thing.

Shiloh's holding her toes, she's discovered them and likes to pull off her socks now. ;)

They tend to fall down a bit though, despite the ribbing on the top, so I may put them over tights or something for awhile. I made them longer so that I can use them to cover her feet too. Not too bad...I didn't do things exactly as I wanted but I had the baby to care for and would forget specific details I wanted to do. My next project will likely be sewing, I bought a pretty purple patterned material for Shiloh that I'd like to make her a summer dress out of. But I'll either have to make it large now or wait a bit so I'll be sure the measurements will be correct for summer.

Shiloh has a tiny spot (less than dime size) of ezcema on her cheek, next to her mouth. It was such a bright pink this a.m., but doesn't feel too rough, so hopefully I can get it taken care of and it won't spread any farther.

For some reason she's not been to enthusiastic about eating solids this week, if I wait until I know she'll have an empty tummy...she eat a few spoonfuls eagerly, then she clamps her lips shut. I've only been able to get her to eat a decent meal by alternating foods, spoonful of this, spoonful of that...and only when she really hasn't eaten in a bit. Don't know what this is....but she's certainly not losing any weight over it! :)

Okay I have a bunch of baking to do. Just got the baby down for a nap (again!), after some people rang the doorbell and startled her awake...I didn't bother with the people at the door. I had the baby in my arms and was trying to get her back to sleep, and waiting for my phone to ring if it was someone I knew at the door.

When I did look out the window as they walked to the next house, I was glad I hadn't bothered to check to door. If they are selling something or whatever, they should look decent and proper first (ie. SHAVE) if they expect people to open their doors in today enviroment!

(I saw some of my neighbors talking to these people through their screen doors, they didn't even open their doors to take a flyer or whatever...they don't look trust-worthy to anyone I guess. And these days you just can't be too careful.)

I just wish I had some type of noise to play when those types of solicitors or whatever comes to the door. Not really like a barking dog noise...more like the tape recording we made when we were kids, in Jon's sing-song voice "Two more necks have arrived" LOL! :D

that just might work.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Day at the Mall....

I think I fell in love with my family all over again yesterday. :) (LONG POST)

It was an extremely hectic and busy day! We decided to head to a local mall and after much discussion we decided to have photos taken at the Sears Portrait Studio. I really wanted to wait to do some Wal-Mart ones during the week sometime because they are much less busy, less $, and with them being less busy I could make sure the baby was happy at photo time.
My husband won though because he wanted to see her get pictures, wanted family pictures, and thought Sears would be a better quality.
Sears was packed!!! Aparently one of the photographers had a flat tire, and they quickly backed up with toddlers in various stages of temper-tantrums.

We came back at our appt. time, and I took Shiloh to the bathroom and changed her diaper and put her hairbow in.
15 minutes later, Shiloh is rubbing her eyes. Another 15 minutes, her face is turning red, her eyes watch & my body are telling me she's hungry...and we have to keep fending away curious 2 yr. olds that want to touch the "Ba-bee's" face!
I give her a sippy cup of water, and my husband says 10 more minutes maxium, then we'll leave.
We're next though, they start with family photos. Not too bad though the draping looks like it's seen better days. They don't pose the baby at all...which is fine, she still smiles.
Then the baby's turn, the photographer pulls the chosen backdrop down across the floor and wants us to lay the baby on her belly on it...then stand behind the camera with the her.
Shiloh is tired and hungry, and on the floor in the middle of a strange room, with a strange lady shaking a dirty, dirty, stuffed clown at her. Her face just drops.
I scoop her up and she's instantly fine. So the photographer snaps a few shots with Shiloh over my shoulder. The rest of the photos we take with Daddy on one side and Mommy on the other side, and Shiloh is fine smiling at the camera and not constantly looking at us. She's pretty outgoing and smiley at strangers but like any baby, she just wants her parents close by...not across the room! She was such a sweetheart to be tired & hungry and still smiling!!!

The photos came out well, I liked their wooden wagon prop...but I seriously doubt I would ever use Sears again.
I was feeling sooo bad too that I hadn't had professional pics taken of Shiloh before now, but now I am glad I waited.
I might attempt them again when she is closer to 1yr. but at Wal-Mart, and during the week.
At least these should be ready by Easter for handing out. :) AND I did get a lot of good photo-taking ideas!
It took us another 30mins or so to leave, with waiting for the girl, picking out what photos we wanted and ordering, paying etc. I gave Shiloh a small bottle of milk and her sippy cup of water and she took a 15 minute nap.
Then I got her decently fed and we went through the mall. It was 2:30 before we adults got to eat. (edited to add: The mall was packed with racecars, drivers, and fans from the local track, which was a major source of the huge crowds at Sears and everywhere at the mall)

We bought her this new Baby See 'n Say, which she likes though she's mostly interested in eating it, and I got her some clothes from K-Mart. Her Daddy had to get her a couple of balloons that they were handing out from the raceway, but at that time she was pretty deeply asleep. If it had been a less hectic day, we would have gotten a pic of her in a racecar which would have been cute. I know one racecar driver there and my husband knows another.

Anyways, we leave the mall and the winds are incredible!!!! If I had any clue it was ever going to be that windy, I wouldn't have even taken the baby out at all.
It was insane, it ripped the balloons right off the tops of the strings.....flung one of my gloves out of the stroller basket and sent it flying down the street....and whipped the blanket right off of the baby. (thankfully she had a heavy knit poncho on under that, and she didn't even waken). We barely had enough hands to keep everything together to reach the Rav, plus all the mush on the parking lot had frozen so it was difficult to get the stroller going to say the least...and then it took two of us just to load the back because the wind kept slamming the door shut! It was crazy!
I couldn't even drive too fast because the wind was pushing the vehicle so much.
We still had to get some very necessary groceries. But while I fed & changed the baby in the car, her Daddy had to make a special trip to the store....JUST to get another helium balloon for his baby! Sooo sweet! She didn't even know about the first ones because she was sleeping! :)
He had to tuck it all under his jacket too so that it wouldn't be blown away like the others.

Such a busy day, we wore Shiloh out! For the **very** first time she slept for 7 hours straight, from 11pm til 6am to nurse, then slept til 9:30am after that.
She didn't even wake up when we moved her from the downstairs bassinette to her crib! (Though I was awake several times at night checking on her, so I didn't get to enjoy it much! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I spent the day knitting, and I just now finished the 2nd pair of legwarmers for Shiloh.
I want to try them on her and see how they look and fit! model is asleep! :(
Now I have to patiently wait, how ironic that I was trying to get her to nap so that I could get the knitting done, and now when I am done...she's napping!

While knitting I watched some episodes of "Man vs. Wild", pretty interesting stuff. You learn a lot, like should you ever be lost in Kenya (you know how frequently that happens!) that if you are desperately thirsty you can drink water out of elephant poo. Makes you kissable too... :PPPP
Okay, quite face would look like one of those dried-apple faces before I would take that step.
The host always dives right in too, never just explaining.."if" I were that desperate. I kept wanting him to hold out before he eats the snake or bug, or finds that certainly un-appeasing way to keep his head cool in the desert heat. Surely you can last longer man...don't drink the poo! don't drink the poo!
What can I say it certainly is entertaining television.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Vaporize me, Scotty!

It has begun.
MORE snow is falling...and sticking. They are saying another 8-14"
From nearly 50 degree temps to 1-2' of snow, it's crazy March weather!
We're popping vitamins and going to run the vaporizer tonight to attempt to ward away the sickness that tends to fall when the weather so rapidly changes like this. A vaporizer sounds like a weapon on StarTrek, hmm...

Shiloh is resisting a nap...I think she needs it because she started losing her temper at her toys (usually a good sign that it's sandman time)
I have tried rocking, bouncing, nursing, nursing in bed, and even letting her fuss in her crib.
Actually I have her in her pack n' play at the moment, but she's just destroying it right now. Flinging diapers and toys and blankets everywhere....she's quiet and happy at it too! :) She keeps lifting her head to see if I am watching and then just beams at me. Such a ham!
She's also rolling back and forth, looks like she's just figured out how to roll both ways now.

Shiloh is commando crawling around now, mostly in a circle...but she did back herself under the pack n' play this morning. She lifts her feet high in the air and her arms do all the work, she's pretty good at backing her self to where she wants to go. :)

I got my hair cut, and then I colored and highlighted it myself. Shiloh was nice enough to nap during the highlighting which was great since that took awhile to do.
I really like the highlights and I think I'll do them again someday.
I'm also knitting another pair of legwarmers for Shiloh, I made her a fuzzy white pair and I like them so much! I am now making her a larger pair but these are multi-colored stripes. Too cute...and very modern too. I guess legwarmers are the "in" thing in baby clothes. Who would have thought?
I guess you can make some with cutting regular adult socks etc. but these are warmer and I like their more finished look.
They're really nice for when she's in her exersaucer and her pants tend to ride up and her little legs are cold. Also with crawling time coming soon, they'll be nice on her knees.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She's 1/2 year old today!

My little, teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy (you get the point) baby is 6 months old today!
Half a year old! Wow!!
Sometimes I wish we took more pictures of those first days...but really that is just insane since the child already has a cd of pictures of just her first 6 weeks!!
I do like to look at them, but I think I take even more pictures of her now, after all when they are newborns they don't do much more than sleep. Then you just have pictures of them sleeping in different places. :D

Oh, I definitely take more pictures now. In just 2 days alone I had over 100+ pictures on my camera and would have kept taking more but the battery died!
Unfortunately it's impossible but any future siblings of hers will have photo-envy. It would be very difficult (to say the least) to keep up this level of photo-taking with more than one subject...I'm going to get some type of carpal-tunnel syndrome of the shutter-pressing finger. Probably no such thing and I will be the first documented case.
At this point, I doubt Tom Cruise has been photographed as much as my daughter. :D!

She sat up today for nearly 15 minutes without toppling over! Then she looked at me, saw I was behind her and leaned back on me. But I think after sitting that long for the first time is pretty tiring.
Yesterday as soon as her Daddy came home from work she started laughing hysterically at him.
He wasn't really doing anything but she thinks her Daddy is the best comedian around and whatever he does is hilarious!

She slept for 6 hours last night, which I think is the record for her. She still eats a couple times at night...which at this age can be a sign of a growth spurt.
But I think for Shiloh it has been a never-ending growth spurt since birth to get her from a tiny 5lbs. to her current 15lbs!
And I'm used to it, I don't miss the sleep much and if she actually delays a feeding I tend to be up, worried, and checking on her.

Monday, March 05, 2007

no oatmeal, rice...

I stopped feeding Shiloh solids for a couple of days. She tried a new food...oatmeal baby cereal, and then was extremely cranky & whiny...had bm's all day & night long and instant diaper rash!
So even though, those are symptoms you'd have to search to associate with a food reaction, I decided it was the only thing that had changed and to treat it as such.
Also she started screaming as soon as I put her in her highchair which could have multiple reasons...she hates fruit, and I was trying to sneak that into her foods to soften her bm's.

This morning, I fed her plain rice cereal and then squash...not mixed like she likes. She was so happy it was like a different baby!
She opened her mouth eagerly, cooed while eating, happily kicked her legs...and that was despite the fact that she was a bit sleepy.
Also, already her diaper rash is almost gone! :)

Had my birthday party yesterday, it was a good time and Shiloh enjoyed watching us play with the balloons. She liked the whole singing "Happy Birthday" and candles and clapping too.

Lol, okay I gotta go. Shiloh is playing on her tummy with some toys and she keeps frowning and laying her head down. Diaper change time!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby!

I just rotated the extra toys that I place on Shiloh's exersaucer...put away some and brought out some others.
She thinks it's Christmas...she was so excited and chewing on this and that. Then she jumped all around and flung her teething ring over her head! I laughed and handed it back to her and she did it again.
Okay...guess that's how she plays with that toy?!

It's a cloudy, icy, rainy day here. I need to mop the floor but it will take forever to dry on a day like this. That is my excuse for writing on here instead!

Shiloh has just started laughing at tickling. She now thinks it's funny and doesn't scream...just cute giggles. Much better.
I think she has my smile.
It looks like some of my baby pictures....

She can sit up very well as long as she stays focused. If someone walks in the room, when she looks at them she will topple over. She can't really look to the side and still remain sitting upright.

My birthday was yesterday, had a small cake with three candles. Since I like my frosting un-melted. I think 3 candles are more than adequate...3 wishes etc. I'll just say it's my 3rd anniversary of, 21. And those who know my real age, just hush!
Shiloh kept me up the other I was exhausted on my b'day. We both took a 2 hour nap together. That didn't help me feel any younger!
I actually felt like I woke up and had become an entire year older in just one night!!
My husband was asking where the candles were, and I was so sleepy I thought he was talking about having candles out in case of power outage from the ice storm. So I told him, I had some large Yankee candles that I'd put out.
Yeah, when I realized that would have been some mushed cake with a giant Yankee candle on top!

Ok, my daughter is too funny!! She has a moveable toy attached to her exersaucer, but instead of trying to grab it with her hands she is trying to chase it with her mouth, with her tongue sticking out licking it. :-D!