Monday, April 30, 2007

The wonderful thing about Tiggers...

Shiloh just had her bath...she's very attached to her rubber ducky and it is always devastating to leave him behind at the end of the bath. Anyways I put her in her crib with the side lowered as usual (I lowered her mattress a few weeks back so having the side lowered isn't quite so low) and I went and picked out her clothes for tomorrow.
I come back into the room and she's straight up on her knees holding onto the rail, she's never done that before! So I sat down near to her to see if she'd go further....and she pulled herself to standing!!!!!!

I brought her downstairs and removed the bassinet part of her pack 'n play. Now I'll have to learn how to lay her down much's gonna kill my back, or with her crib either lay her down with the rail up or learn to raise it quietly enough that it doesn't wake her each time.
She also decided if she could do all that, she might as well crawl! So she's suddenly started crawling a little ways, then she reverts to commando crawling, then regular crawling.
She's pulled herself up to standing twice on me since she did it upstairs only 1/2 hour ago.
But she's not really ready, so she'll lose her balance and fling backwards or her legs completely give out. Yeah, Momma's got octopus arms catching her every which way!
So I'm helping her grabbing her hands to make her more secure and she thinks..."Hey, since Mommy's got me and I'm standing soo good...why not bounce at the same time?" She's wobbly as a new calf and she wants to jump?
She thinks she's Tigger!! She just loves her jumper, I had to raise it because she was getting a little too wild in it, so now she jumps AND swings in it. ;-)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sweet potatoes, Rinse, Repeat.

Well, I'm pretty sure I can see the outline of her two bottom teeth in the sides of her gum, and I'm pretty sure I can feel a bump on the top too.
I just don't know how long the wait will be til they make their appearance or appearances. Shiloh's not been to thrilled about giving me a look-see.
Today I gave her a frozen teether, and she thought it was the funniest thing! I don't know if it was just because it was cold or it really made her gums feel better, but she had it shoved in her mouth and was just giggling away! :-D

Yesterday she was in an explorative mood. I was so busy working on our new phones, figuring them out and fielding DH's frequent phone calls and usually Shiloh will stay on her play mat or nearby. Well I'd do something...peek at her and she'd be playing, do something else..peek at her and she'd be gone!
She has a mostly commando crawl still, but she will crawl with one leg before she slides to her belly.
Boy, she kept me on my toes! She's soo fast!! And, of course, always going for something she's definitely not supposed to have or chew on!
She was so devastated when I took my magazines away from her, I had hidden them from her too and she somehow found them...Now, she remembers and I've had to pull her away twice so I guess I need to find another spot...okay, make that three times! I guess she's an American baby who wants to read "American Baby"!! :)

She was eating baby sweet potatoes and then decided to scratch her head or pull her hair or something...Well, sweet potatoes don't make the best mousse!
Kinda looked like she had a little orange barrette, and earring, and beard. :-D
She likes sweet potatoes, she was just sharing some of mine (not babyfood) today and I could barely keep up with her, she'd just swallow and open her mouth again looking at me!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!!

I really don't want Shiloh's teeth to come out for my own sake. After all a very important part of me that I am rather attached to, will be coming in very dangerous vicinity to her chompers.
But for her sake, I do hope they come through quickly.

She was just sobbing in her sleep last night. :(
I thought maybe gas and was rubbing her tummy and paddling her legs (she had baby corn which was giving her gas yesterday). But no, the only thing that stopped the tears was rubbing her gums with my finger.
It's hard to say if I can see or feel anything on her gums because I am just too hopeful that her relief will come soon. I'm probably imagining things.
She's just an emotional wreck. Yesterday she was sobbing and laughing at me at the same time!
I could only hug her...

I keep getting migraines...I think they're teething migraines. ;-)

Shiloh is soo strong too. She's not even fully crawling yet she can pull/push her rocking chair all over the place.
I keep thinking because she's not really crawling, that she'll stay in the same spot and for the most part she does. But the other day she scared me by coming right up behind me and grabbing my shoe, I was so nervous that I could have stepped on her hand or something.
She has crawled with one leg forward before she slides to her belly again, but she's too smart now and will just pull her playmat towards her until the toy she wants comes close enough to grab.
A lot less work and effort on her part!

Her new favorite thing is to get up on her hands & knees in the bassinette part of her pack 'n play and rock back and forth. It's like a suspended bed so it rocks really well!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Multi-tasking has such different meanings when you are a Mom!
It means making coffee with one hand, while holding your baby and keeping her hands out of the sugar at the same time.
Or changing a diaper, singing show-tunes, and giving your husband directions to a webpage at the same time.

Yesterday, I had a million and one things to do...and my baby thinks naps are a game where I lay her down and she'll instantly wake-up, flip onto her belly, and beam at me.
So first things, first...I need to do my hair. Removing the beautiful highlights & the less beautiful natural *highlights*...yeah, that's a nice word for them, with a haircolor that I only forgot at the exact moment of purchase why I don't buy this particular haircolor!
Shiloh was great, content to sit in her highchair and attempt to eat fruit puffs and smash rice crispies with her spoon.
Fruit puffs make a horrible mess though, they shrivel with the addition of baby drool into this inedible gob of concrete that is glued onto the highchair tray, the floor, and the baby's onesie.
As I clean those up, I step on a dropped rice crispie which instantly turns into powdered crumbs all over the kitchen floor...Hmm, concrete or dust...which is better?

Then I have to order contact lenses online, though I am not sure my optician will let me, without a current exam. But I decide it's best to do now and then I have time to figure out how to do an exam if necessary.
Shiloh decides at this time that if I put her anyplace besides IN my lap, that it is just my way of ignoring her, which is devastating! Exersaucer/playmat/jumper...nope. Sitting next to Mommy...nope. On Mommy's lap, pretending that I am a jungle gym...perfect!
So I am typing my all these important things, and having to read them 5 times before I can hit enter.

Then...I have to order new cellphones and get a new plan before the sale expires, which of course I find out the last day IS Monday! So I shop and fill out important forms and numbers while also being a baby jungle gym at the same time. Whew! I thought I was good at multi-tasking in the office...I had no idea!

So thankful for Evie's old baby sling..a lot lighter material than mine and I ended up carrying Shiloh most of the afternoon while I did other tasks.
Silly girl though, she keeps trying to touch everything with her foot while I'm trying to do things. "Ooh, newspaper! I can just barely kick it with my foot....Ooh, countertop! I can tap it with my toes!"

Shiloh's rash, where do I begin? She's SUCH a warm baby that now she has heat rash to top it off. I have her in just a onesie, when her Daddy and I are in pants and shirts...and her little feet are just as warm!
She's soo hot, that the Vaseline just started melting off her!! I was having a moment, just looking at her feeling so helpless and useless because I couldn't think of anything else.
Then I remembered my Lansinoh, lanolin cream for BF mom's. So that's what I am using now. At least it stays on though it's too soon to say for sure the results. But both heat and teething will aggravate the rash so it may be an uphill battle.

Today..I get an email from Verizon saying there's some problem. Call them and I have to re-order everything because their computer didn't register me as a returning customer when I placed my order but rather as a new customer??
What?? I mean it's not like I have been their customer for FOUR years or anything!
At least Verizon has excellent customer service, I can't complain about that. Very nice people. Just need to get there online stuff together better!
Meanwhile, Shiloh was supposed to be napping but instead climbed around her pack 'n play (right next to me) and then managed to reach over the side and was trying to pull the wall clock down by its cord. Yep.

Oh...and in case you were wondering. I was my daughter's gymnasium/drool cloth/teething ring/tissue/exersaucer/bouncer/lunchbuffet for 98% of this post.
How's that for multi-tasking???

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yay! Yay! Sunny day!!

Yay!! It's a sunny ((WARM)) day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
Can you tell how excited I am? Finally it seems like it took forever.
It's well in the 60's, so I took Shiloh out for a walk around our backyard actually we took like 5 walks around the backyard because I just couldn't bring myself to go back indoors.

We checked on the roses which DID manage to make it through the storms.
Since the bees & cane borers aren't out yet I still have time to take care of the broken canes, and because we still have a few 30 degree nights in the forecast, I'll still wait to remove their grassy winter covering. Even my budding daffodils made it through...we'll see how the blooms do, and my tulips have bright green leaves. Our lawn needs a raking though after those terrible blowing winds, but it seemed too difficult a task to do with a baby on my hip, so maybe I'll pull out the stroller if we are blessed with more sunny days so I can do some lawn maintenance.

I don't know what I want to plant this year. I only have 4 rose bushes this year, (compared to the 6 maximum that can fit in the gardens) last year I planted veggies but since Shiloh is already a go-go-go girl and not even fully crawling yet, I imagine that will be an impossibility to maintain them properly and will end up being more of a nuisance this autumn.
So I'll probably look at flowers, not bulbs though since one section tends to flood...don't need bulbs popping up all over to lure the Rambo groundhog into our lawn!

Yay for Vaseline too!
Shiloh's rash is finally looking much better. :-D!!!
After the hydro-cortisone cream made her eczema first better, then much worse.
I wasn't sure what to do, the rash was now bothering her which it never had before and she'd actually start rubbing/scratching it...which made it worse still!
Her drool, teething, and rubbing were wiping off all the other creams as fast as I applied them. And it seemed her rash was soaking the moisture in so fast that even when I applied it when she was sleeping, in a short while her skin was dry and peeling again. So I pulled out the trusty blue-capped jar...and it really seems to be helping...yippeee!

Shi is such a blur of motion these days. Always something moving! Now with her jumper practice she's adding jumping to her list of motions. This is difficult because she's been clingy and wanting to be held a LOT.
My arm aches not only for holding her for long periods of time, but also containing her nose-dives and keeping a hand on her while she's bouncing or jumping or rocking or lunging.
She's about five handfuls...and I only have two!!! ;-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is spring just a fling??

Today I lowered the baby's crib mattress, since she's starting to pull herself up on the railing. Then a totally different nut fell off which made the bed part slant, so I'm glad I did it today and was able to get everything tightened properly.
Then I took off her bumper pad to sew on a missing tie, and decided to make additional ties as long as I had my sewing kit out and extra ribbon on hand.
So there are 7 additional ties now because Shiloh is very rough on it.
I had found her taking the loose corner of the bumper and bear-wrestling it!

Shiloh's eczema is not being improved by the hydrocortisone cream, it's rather worsening. So I stopped that cream and I'm now just being super-vigilant with keeping the area as moisturized as possible.
Because it's so near her mouth...this means that all her toys are moisturized, and my shirt, and my neck, and my hair, and the computer mouse pad...don't ask!
It doesn't help that she thinks the creams are food and keeps opening her mouth and leaning towards my hand when I'm trying to apply them! :-)

She was beating up her Daddy last night. It was incredibly funny because she's such a toughie! She was grabbing his hair, pounding his head...then proceeded to kick his face, all while laughing gleefully!
I was laughing so hard because her Daddy had no clue what he was getting himself into...He thought "Awww, I'm going to play wrestling with my sweet, tiny, baby daughter." And Shiloh a total "No mercy!" player!

We had terrible flooding weather, our creek has changed so much due to a tree washing downstream, and one area damming up due to debris.
I did get to see a couple of beautiful woodpeckers taking refuge under our giant pines, and also saw the woodchuck venturing out...though he's still in his winter burrow as his summer one is under quite a bit of water.
I'm thankful here for a still dry basement. Yay!

Sunday was such a bad snow day, we only made one quick venture out and I saw skid marks where someone had slid across the road in the slush. We couldn't even push a cart through the thick slushy snow, and on the way back I followed the police to another spin-out on the same road! It was okay as long as you were nice and slow, but this particular road tends to run in the 60's so slow for some people just isn't slow enough.
I put heavier blankets on everything. They say the weather will warm up to the 60's by next week. I don't know, I was fooled before only to end up having to pull out our winter boots and shovels, hat and gloves all over again!
I guess we'll see....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rx: Chocolate, please!

Shiloh had a difficult time falling asleep last night.
The wee morning hours and she's sobbing "Mom...Ma-ma-ma-ma...Moo-m" over and over again.
I wasn't sure if it was her teeth or gas or what.
I have gas drops and Tylenol, teething tablets, & baby anbesol at hand but I didn't know what to use!
Finally I just started rubbing her gums with my finger to see if that was the problem, and it worked!
She stopped crying!! Then she let out a couple of toots! (????)
Anyways, I was able to get her to sleep soon after.

She's in constant motion. Even in her sleep she tosses & turns.
Her legs are always kicking or arms flailing...or she's even shaking her head.
When she's sitting on your lap, she has to rock back and forth.
I think that is her main problem with keeping her balance while sitting by herself. She was doing so good sitting up, then she decided sitting was boring and started rocking as well....she's good but not that good.
I jammed my finger catching her mid-air on her way to a face plant last night...she was making a mad lunge for Daddy's cellphone that he had set on the floor near her.
She's a handful to say the least...

And I know it's just the beginning. Shiloh has just started getting up on her hands and knees and rocking...and just started grabbing the sides of her pack 'n play and pulling herself up. It has Velcro though so that makes a sound which startles and deters her fortunately.
But in other ways she's sooo good & quiet, content to sit for periods in her highchair playing with toys, munching on rice crispies, and watching me clean or bake.
And often she'll play contentedly on her floor mat for a long time in just one general area, if something catches her eye she's on it in a flash but mostly she'll stay in her toy area.

Shiloh had a good 1st Easter, able to enjoy some of the meal...and some sweets through her milk. lol. Hard to believe it was snowing on Easter...but here we are expecting yet another snow storm tomorrow.
Supposedly a big one!
At least it all has been melting quickly, our last storm didn't amount to more than a few inches and melted quickly away.

I bought Skittles to munch on...just thought you would like to know.
I don't usually buy too much candy, except chocolate and that's not a candy, it's medicine...I only buy that for my heart and blood-pressure you know! :-D
That's the same reason I drink Hot Cocoa! :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April snow, brings May....?

I'm a bad baby.
I've been trying to child-proof my house, one room at a time, but I think I am getting a little carried away...either that or I have the mind of a very bad child. ;)
It gets nerve-wracking though, it's just a normal house, but there's just so much for little fingers to get into.
I think it will be a work in progress as she grows and I find out what things are irresistible to her.
Already some of those things are the remote control, any books, magazines, or newspapers and also any cords.

What crazy weather! They are calling for 3-6" of's April!
Well, April is usually a wet dreary month with the endless rain, so I guess I'd prefer snow that then melts away in sunny weather, though I'm worried about my roses that are just starting to turn green again...fortunately they have proven themselves quite hardy and I still haven't removed their winter covering.

I still haven't seen our groundhog yet this spring, not that I get to spend much time just looking out the window. But maybe he knew about this impending snow and just remained in his burrow a bit longer?

I set Rice crispies on Shiloh's highchair tray for her the other day and she was trying so hard to pick them up....then she got tired of that and started banging her spoon on them. It was funny...she didn't get upset just found another way to play with them.
I've started washing her hair with baby shampoo instead of the all-over baby wash because her hair was starting to get a little knotty in the back...not that I am sure the shampoo will help.
But the funny thing is, the shampoo doesn't make me think of babies.
Every time I smell it, it's like suntan lotion and I think of summers spent up at the river, snorkeling and Dad scuba-diving and putting baby shampoo on the masks so they wouldn't fog up. :)

Funny the way certain smells are like that.
But I can certainly use some summer memories if we're about to be blanketed with snow yet again.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don't inhale the M&M's

We picked up Shiloh's vitamins the other day.
It tastes yucky (yes, I tasted it!), but Shiloh has been very good so far about taking it.
She even smiled at an older man who talked to her while we were in I'm hoping Monday's meltdown was mostly a fear of Doctors thing?

I am so proud, even though it's a very small thing...but Shiloh won a small parenting web site's photo contest. All we won was a small trophy for my signature, but I was still excited!
She got Runner-up for Silliest Photo.
And 1st place for the Best Outfit, Most Grown-up, and Cupid categories. ((3!))

Shiloh looks like she's pouting a lot now, but it's just that she's started chewing on her top lip....sometimes she sucks on both lips. Just making a lot of faces these days. (though there is the genuine pout as well!)
I was having a hard time getting her to eat solids these past few days...until I sat down with my own dinner with her. Then she ate quite a bit!
So I've been trying to time her meals to mine, and it's helped but she'd still prefer her milk to anything.

If possible...don't see a spider while eating an M&M!
I was walking up the staircase carrying the baby, & eating an M&M when I saw the black, leggy, menacing arachnid...hanging sneakily from the underside of the top step.
I had the reaction to sharply inhale...and inhaled my M&M.
I'm okay...but what a waste of a good M&M!! :)
It was a gross spider, even startled DH when I asked him to get it. He had walked over it moments before, and was completely oblivious to it's dark spidery presence!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tough being in the limelight..

Shiloh has just started (this weekend) with stranger/separation anxiety. Saturday her Daddy went to pick her up from her highchair and she said "Mama" and lunged for me with her arms outstretched.
I thought she was too young to understand "mama" but she sure uses it appropriately!
Then Sunday I noticed that she would no longer smile at strangers, and her pout started to come back.

Yesterday was her Dr. appt.
BTW: She started learning to clap while waiting in the exam room...She loves it when I say "Yay!" and clap, and while holding her I said "Yay!" and she tried to clap her hands several times!! :)

She weighs 15lbs. 5oz. and 26" long!!!

She got two shots and an oral vaccine, but she was already crying.
She cried as soon as anyone touched her or I laid her on the table...just sobbed these HUGE alligator tears.
Not my usual brave girl, so it was hard emotionally. Okay...I'm going to get weepy thinking about it!

Anyways...the rest of this may sound like bragging but it's just what actually happened and I'm rather bewildered by it all.
There was a new nurse that saw us, and she said that she had been waiting to see Shiloh because everyone had told her how beautiful she was? I thought that was odd, because I know they see a lot of babies/kids...otherwise I wouldn't have to spend 40 minutes in the waiting room!
Then the Dr. comes in and says "There's our celebrity baby! I've been waiting to see her! We have her photo up on our wall".
I'm confused because I never gave him a photo, though I know he does have a photo bulletin board of his patients.
The Dr. says "Did they show you?". So he takes us out into a new waiting room, I didn't even know he had.
He has the regular photo board up in there, and there is an additional bulletin board.
And there is Shiloh's photo birth announcement from the newspaper, along with a few newspaper announcements from his moving into the new building, all surrounded by this gold christmas garland.
Then he announces to the packed waiting room "We have a celebrity here today, this is Miss Shiloh, her photo is on the wall there...isn't she pretty!"
I was still mystified at so much attention...but it was sweet.
Shiloh wanted anything BUT to be the center of attention.

I gave her, her sippy cup after her shots because she loves it, and it was sip-sip *sob* sip-sip *sob*. Even when we checked out though, the receptionist called people over to see her, and gushed about her newspaper photo but Shiloh was okay then....just not about to smile for anything. (she had her new sunbonnet on, and she did look awful cute!)
Maybe I should have taught her the "beauty queen" wave instead of clapping?!?!

Other news...She'll get vitamins now, actually I'm going to go pick them up in a bit.
Now the Dr. agrees with me that Shiloh has eczema...before he just said it was heat rash! But I researched it and knew it wasn't!!
So anyways, he said I may need to use the hydrocortisone cream on her spot on her cheek now because it has been awhile and her usual cream didn't make it disappear as quickly as normal. I think it's aggravated by her drooling since it's so close to her mouth.

No reactions to anything, she wasn't even more sleepy than usual, so I didn't bother with any additional doses of Tylenol last night.
She's happy and trying to eat my necklace now!