Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rockin' 'n Rollin'

Last night, I asked DH to bring my rocking chair upstairs.
I had just brought the exercise ball down to the living room because we haven't used it in quite some time to bounce Shiloh to sleep...instead she thinks it's quite fun and it wakes her up because she wants to bounce on it!

It wasn't easy, because it is a glider rocker but he was able to get it up our "L" shaped staircase and into the bedroom. I plan to leave it upstairs, either in our room or Shiloh's bedroom for quite awhile anyways.

Shiloh thought it was the most exciting, funniest, thrilling thing in the world to watch her Daddy try to carry the rocker up the stairs.
I was holding her and she was just squealing with excitement and had her arms and legs going like crazy.
She wanted to get right in there and help Daddy! :)
All that excitement though, meant it was a little difficult getting her calmed down to sleep but the rocker worked great...much more calming than the exercise ball has been.

Shiloh is just growing by leaps & bounds. She's started standing without holding onto anything...this morning for a good 5 seconds! Then she took a step to me and kinda fell into my arms.
I don't think that really counts as a first step but it's close!
She climbing over & through & under things, and even moving items out of her way to get where she wants to go.
She likes to push/kick the exercise ball across the floor, she looks amazed that it moves because it's about 3x bigger than she is! :-D

Monday, May 28, 2007

Shiloh's Crib

I mentioned before about needing to buy some crib rail protectors, and the other day Shiloh just started chewing on her crib....and it was on the top part where they don't even make a protector to cover!
I shopped around and couldn't find anything I liked, with good reviews, and that would also cover the top sooooo.....I made my own!

I'm pretty happy with it. Her theme is mostly yellow & pink, so I bought yellow polka dot material and pink polka dot ribbon! (it's knotted tightly so she won't be able to remove the ribbon)
You can also see all the extra ties I sewed onto her bumper because she kept stepping on it and wrestling it..etc.
Today I removed her mobiles as well, she has one that I can remove the top moving part and leave the music box but I haven't put it back up yet. I moved her crib as well, to a darker corner and I'll drape a blanket over the sides....I'm hoping with a little less sunshine in the early morning hours, she'll let me sleep a bit instead of climbing all over me babbling "Da-Da" and trying to put her fingers in my mouth.
Or if I leave her in her crib, at least she won't be trying to pull her mobiles down on her head.
That's my hope anyways! Wish me luck!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope everyone is enjoying their day off from work, and the un-official start of summer! :)

It's a normal Monday in our household.
Shiloh has been eating so much more food now that her teeth are in! She's enjoying quite a variety and even for the very first time, completely finished a jar of food in one sitting!
It was Sweet potatoes and she really loves far others haven't been quite so eagerly devoured.

We bought bubble soap yesterday and blew bubbles for Shiloh while she was in her bath. She stared at them but they weren't as interesting as her rubber we'll try again when she's a little older.
She's talking quite a bit too, mostly babble but still saying "Mama", she's now added "Ow" (echoing me when she pulls my hair!) and "DaDa".
Today I'm going to work on her crib removing her mobiles. She's tall enough to reach them and started turning them on, which is okay but not when she tries to pull them down.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A tasty review :)

My newest review is of a product that I haven't even seen advertised on TV yet, but had no problem finding in the supermarket.
It was with the canned fruits. I found a coupon & advertisement in the newspaper and it looked and sounded sooo good and I thought the baby would like it since she likes Popsicles so much. It's been terribly hot, and I wanted something a little healthier than Popsicles to cool us.
Delmonte Fruit Chillers: Frozen Fruit Sorbet

I bought the strawberry flavor just to try it out. It is soooo good!!!!
Shi loved it too, and now I want to try the other flavors...well I'll have to think about the Mango since I'm not too keen on mangos.
I really, really like it! I think it's better...more fruity...than sorbet that you normally might buy.

We're under a Code Orange air quality alert. Never recall having one of those before? I guess they are pretty rare for our area, so instead of running out to pick up donuts like I planned, I'm sticking close to home.
They say to limit outdoor exposure of the very young today, so I'm keeping her in.
Um, guess we'll eat Shi's cheerios tomorrow for breakfast?
Speaking of cheerios...they don't make me feel too cheerio! They go everywhere!
Shiloh is too funny, she wants to hold one in each hand, but wants to eat them too...but her hand won't give them up!
I find them stuck to her chubby thighs when I take her out of the highchair, or I'm chasing them across the floor. ;)

It's so warm, I wet Shiloh's hair and put it into a tiny topknot so I'd have enough hair to clip with a little butterfly clip. It's cute and she was good for me too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Mighty Mouse!

My daughter is only 8 months old!
Shiloh is such a daredevil!! She climbed up on her riding toy by herself, and I snapped the pic before she started trying to climb higher.
The SDcard reader caught her eye and she was determined to pull it out, she also flung the mouse and it popped apart.

So....this blog is now being typed from my laptop's new home on the dining room table!!!

Shiloh just amazes me. When she falls she rarely cries because she is hurt, but rather because she is mad that she couldn't do what she was attempting to.
She'll give me this cheeky grin and giggle gleefully just before she lunges for a table that is a step away or just before she does her "no hands" standing, or as she attempts to topple another barrier of her freedom.

Today we made a trip to the grocery store, I decided to carry Shi in the sling and it worked well. She chewed happily on my purse strap most of the time, I just had to pry it from her when I needed to reach for something far away.
We saw a lady from our church there and Shiloh was just fascinated by her.
Arlene is a very cheerful, expressive woman with red hair who showed off her new colorful plants to Shiloh.
Frankly, she fascinates me as well. :)
Shiloh was staring at her, then tipped her head with this curious smile, then she'd beam and show off her teeth, and squeal happily.
This attracted the attention of several other shoppers as well... :)

But Shiloh is not too helpful with the coupons though, crumpling them into a soggy wad doesn't really help Mommy...but she tried.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Whirlwind of babyhood...

Yesterday we had a busy day!
Ran to Wal-Mart and picked up a new ride-on toy for Shiloh (she started trying to push her toys and walk behind them), then to Lowe's to pick up materials for a fence for our backyard.
I always assumed that by the time Shiloh really started walking it would be near wintertime and the fence wouldn't be necessary til next year...but since she's already so mobile, that doesn't appear to be the case and we have a major drop off in our backyard.
We also took her to Ponderosa for the first time, she was very good. She sampled a variety of foods, and learned how to drink from a straw for the first time...she loved that so much I think she would have just drank water the whole time if I let her!
Then she stuck her hand in my salsa...guess she likes her food spicy, like her Daddy! ;)
I took her into the bathroom to wash her hands and she started laughing because she saw me in the mirror.
Sometimes when she sees me in a mirror, she'll reach for the mirror image...thinking that somebody else is holding her! :-D

Her 2nd tooth popped through! It's been less than a week since the first one came up and now she has two!
She's already using her tiny teeth to scrape stickers off her toys!!
Guess I really need to get going on buying the crib rail protector...Target didn't have them and I've been procrastinating about ordering them online.

Shiloh has been on the go, so much!
She still loves to sit on my lap for a long time but just started occasionally wriggling to get down so she can play. :(
She figured out how to pop her Daddy's games out of the stand...then started to use his sub-woofer as a walker, pushing it across the floor!
I was using the exersaucer as a barrier/child-gate...but she just figured out how to crawl underneath it to get to the other side!
She's also started (when standing) reaching onto the table or couch and pulling things off, so now those have to be child-proofed as well!
Child-proofing is definitely a work in progress, it's just impossible to think of everything those little fingers can get too...and then they get bigger and can reach more things!

But today I realized that it really is nice though that she is able to play and do those things. I was able to put her in her jumper and get the whole house mopped, and then she played quietly and happily while I did some other cleaning.
Before I could only do those things while she napped...even just before the teeth popped through she was so clingy I had to carry her everywhere.
They don't seem to bother her as much now that they've popped through. Yay!

Shiloh's also started letting me know when she likes something that she's being fed too, like pieces of popsicle. She'll tap my arm or pull on my sleeve when she's finished her piece to let me know she wants another. :)
It's great to have a little more communication with her.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Quality control

There are far too many recalls, I think. Especially on baby products!
Is it so hard to make it right the first time? I thought, that is the reason after all, for product testing and quality control.
At least we now have a seemingly good system of notification, and with the power of the web, I can find out about recalls before the company even notifies me.

Anyways, Shiloh's carseat had a recall for the handle. So for about a week we couldn't carry her around in the carseat by the handle, though thankfully it was still safe for driving purposes.
The repair kit came yesterday, mustard colored latches to replace the bright red ones....4 plastic bolts, and a metal rod to assist the removing of the old handles.
Shiloh immediately crawled over to help me, so that meant the incredibly not child-safe parts had to be quickly put up.
It wasn't easy removing the old latches, took quite a bit of force but together with my beautiful assistant we got it repaired.
Shiloh shook the whole carseat for me to test my work, and DH double-checked my bolts to make sure they were super secure. :)
See we have three person quality control right in our own home!!

Shiloh's little tooth is so sharp! She was chewing on my hand and I could really feel it!
Now I know why, when she chews on her own fingers, they are in the corners of her mouth and not where the tooth is!
Her 2nd tooth is playing peek-a-boo, not yet able to be felt and only sometimes seen depending on the swelling of her gums.
Hopefully once that comes through things will go smoother, though today I noticed a little bump on her top gum.
I hope she's not just going to pop out all her teeth at once!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's not perfume, it's drool...

The teeth are coming! The teeth are coming!
I can just barely, barely see the top of her bottom teeth poking through her gum. The right bottom tooth has the entire top showing, but there is just a glimpse of the left one.
You can't really feel them yet, since they are still just barely there.
Yesterday, Shiloh was eating my Popsicle so fast I could barely keep up, and she chewed on a frozen teether until it was completely melted inside!

Last night, the teeth were really, really, bothering here. She fell asleep easily enough, but then woke up an hour later sobbing hysterically.
I gave her Tylenol and Ora-gel and in about 30 minutes, she fell asleep again....only to wake up an hour later sobbing again.
Then I gave her a couple of teething tablets, and ended up taking her downstairs because she was so upset and I didn't want her to wake her Daddy.
So we watched "The Cosby Show" (there isn't much on at 2:30am), and about another half an hour later, she fell asleep again.
After that, I kinda lost track of how often and how long she woke...but I don't think it was as bad.

She breaks my heart though, peering at me over her crib rail with her red face and huge tears, going "Uh-Ma-Ma-Ma" which is what she cries when she's really upset. Today, she's just chewing on her teethers, and drooling a lot...I'm wearing drool.
My blessing is that she is an excellent napper, and usually naps very well after a bad night, so I have high hopes of regaining some Zzz's today.

I was starting to feel kinda old. What with next year being one of those *big* birthdays...
But then yesterday the postman brought a package for my husband that needed signing, and he said "I have a package for such-and-such, is that your Dad? Is your Dad home?".
I told him no,the package was for my husband.
He looked shocked, then stammered "Are you serious? You look 12!!"

I was probably beaming at that point!...
Which I think, how excited I got about it, actually shows my age more than anything else!! But I haven't heard any comments like that in quite some even if postman, who for all I know is legally blind, thinks that I am 12 it'll keep me on cloud 9 for a few days. :)

But you know it's just the simple things...a surprise gift of an iced coffee, a sunny day, baby babble, ooh...and painted toenails! I finally found time to paint my toes, for the first time since Shiloh arrived!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

My 1st *official* Mother's Day was nice.
DH had already gotten me a ring the Sunday before, so we didn't do too much special.

Woke up a little early since Shi was a bit fussy, we went to church and all the Mothers received their carnations.
Shiloh became fussy/tired in the service so I went to nurse her to sleep then bring her back. When she's that tired it usually takes about 5 minutes.
But there was a *screaming* 4 month old, whose Mommy brought her over to see Shiloh, I guess in an attempt to quiet her child.
Shiloh was funny, she gave the baby such a disgusted "Chill out, you're hurting my ears!" look and then turned her back on the baby and wouldn't look at her. :)
Unfortunately, the baby completely woke up Shiloh and she wouldn't nurse, just kept casting annoyed looks in the direction of the baby's screams.
I'm just glad Shiloh didn't burst into tears too, you never know how a baby will react to another's cries.
Then I would have been annoyed with the other Mommy...who was kinda weird anyways.
She acted like she didn't have a clue about her child, so I thought she was just a first-time Mommy and I thought the baby was younger than it was, until I asked.
But later I saw this Mom with at least one other older I don't know...maybe she works long hours or something and is away from her child alot, and I should have offered help?
I just feel weird about that with older (been there done that) moms, since I am a first-time Mommy myself...

Shiloh was fascinated by her Uncle Jon's beard, since she has never seen one before. She even grabbed his arm to try and pull him closer so she could grab it! :)
She was exhausted and fell asleep almost before we pulled out of the church parking lot. So we ran our errands quickly while I stayed in the car with her.

Later we installed the ac unit, DH mowed the lawn, and I did a bit of gardening while Shiloh napped. Had our first BBQ of the summer too.
We watched a movie that night, while Shiloh climbed all over her Daddy...he told her "Now I see why your Momma calls you her monkey baby!" lol. :)

We watched "Firewall" with Harrison Ford, boy...that was non-stop action! DH liked "Hostage" with Bruce Willis better because he said the bad guys were more intelligent in that one.
Have to agree about the intelligence thing, but I think this had more suspense & action because it felt like you couldn't blink or you'd miss something.
Though I thought the dog thing was stupid, because as soon as I saw the dog in the van I told my husband "why in the world would they kidnap the dog too?" I guess maybe to threaten the family with harming the dog? I don't's a long-stretch.
A lot of famous actors & actresses though. I kept telling DH that lady was in "Frasier", and that guy was in "Knight's Tale" and this guy was in "Rat Race", Ooh, and that guy was in "Terminator".
Guess I watch too many

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mover and Shaker

I tried taking videos of Shiloh crawling this morning...actually I took three.
They were all abruptly stopped at various points as
  • She became distracted from crawling, and wobbly tried to pull herself to standing against her pack 'n play with NO handholds.
  • She became distracted by her Daddy's sub woofer which she likes to pull herself up on and strum like a guitar.
  • She, yet again, became distracted by the alluring tastiness of the treadmill!

It's actually pretty funny, and gives a good picture of my day! lol!

Last night her teething was really bothering her! It took Tylenol, teething tablets, anbesol AND being up until 1:30am to get her to finally fall asleep. At least she slept well after that though. She's been loving the frozen teethers & frozen washcloths, though she doesn't like when she drops them and they chill her belly! :-D! She also loves Popsicles though she makes the funkiest face when she first tastes the cold in her mouth. :)

She's sitting excellent now, I don't have to spot her at of course, sitting is now boring to her and she doesn't do that too often. She's now started sitting on her knees, more of a challenge I guess.

Once conquered the interest is lost.

But standing is her obsession. She's pulling herself up on EVERYTHING. But she hasn't learned how to get back down or sit back down yet, so I am back to spotting her. She also doesn't just pull herself up and cling tightly to balance herself...nope...she's reaching for this or that, and likes to hold on with one hand looking around, as she sways and wobbles and her legs give out. Sometimes if she sees me she'll just lunge for me out of the blue...

She keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. :)

Its actually been a bit too hot to do much around these past few days. Shiloh just melts in the heat so I've been reluctant to take her out, and kept the house closed up to keep it cool. Had some storms last night that the thunder actually made the house vibrate! Some cool side-ways lightning as well. I still haven't pulled out my summer clothes yet, you know as soon as you snows! I just packed up Shiloh's preemie & 0-3mos. stuff...well except for a few pants that are making perfect fitting capris now. :)

Hard to believe they still fit since she's been getting so know how a little sun will do that! We're going to have to raise her exersaucer to its highest level since I noticed this morning that she can be flat-footed in it...and then she tried to climb OUT!!! Containment of any form is not too popular with her. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'll call her Dyson...for her powerful sucking action!!

Last night I was talking to my Mom on the phone, and I had to pick up Shiloh and put her on my hip because she was fussy.
Shi started sucking on my arm and it was painful, so I quickly put her down and this is what I found!

I have baby hickeys!!! Okay, I'll prefer to call them baby "love bites" lol.

But it looks kinda like a hickey vampire bite. My DH noticed right away, he inspected it, laughed, and then teased me about some guy coming over to our house while he was working....yep, and sucking on my ARM?!?! :-D :-PPPP!

They look worse today, lovely purple with yellow undertones! I won't be going sleeveless anytime soon. Just glad it wasn't on my neck or someplace more obvious, that'd be a bit hard to accessorize for Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

But when I dream...

Sooo I've been having some funky dreams.
I took a nap the other day, because I was pretty exhausted due to sleepless teething nights.
But it wasn't restful at all! I dreamt that ants had invaded my kitchen and house, and woke up itching!
According to "dream analysis" websites, it could mean that I have multiple small annoyances in my life...but who doesn't??
Whatever...yeah, I have the annoyance of having ants in my dreams!

Even though we've not had, even one ant in our house, I still had to check my cupboards to make sure there was no impending ant invasion in the works. ;-P

Then last night, the baby was up several times due to teething, but somehow I managed to dream again.
It was that her poor lower gum was grossly swollen, red & purple, and yet still no teeth was popped through.
It looked so incredibly painful, and yet no teeth?!
Then how does anyone get teeth and get through teething?
Are teeth really that necessary? I imagine a good blender could do a great deal to keeping the toothless happy?
I woke up, exhausted, and had to check her gums to make sure they weren't purple.
Nope...just slightly swollen...and no teeth..
ALSO, she apparently swiped her hand through the Tylenol I gave her in the early morning hours before I wiped her mouth...and had a sticky side of her face and funky hairdo

On the lighter side...I've just taught Shiloh to cluck her tongue. It's so cute!
I hope to catch it on video, but the camera keeps distracting her...she tends to do it most when she's bored.
She also stood up for the first time in her pack 'n play, yeah, I didn't remove the bassinet part a moment too soon!

Hoping to buy her a crib rail protector (teether) over the weekend. I saw online that Target has them. I've checked Wal-mart and K-mart and neither of them do, but I've found some online.
I'm hopeful the store we visit will have them otherwise I'll be ordering online, as our crib has soft wood.
Even though I don't know if she'll chew on does seem 99% likely, and anyways I'd prefer it covered.
I've already been draping a blanket over the rail to deter her from using it to stand. She's on a mission to pull herself up on everything and anything possible.

Last week I was really appreciating my mixer that my DH had bought me as anniversary gift years ago.
I was making a recipe where it tells you to "add as much flour as your mixer can handle", and I knew I could just dump the whole amount in because it's a Kitchenaid...the mixer of every cooking show out there!
Ta Da! It's great!! Then I used my spatula to scrape around the sides of the bowl and SNAP!! my spatula breaks in two! Lol!
I guess cooking utensils are only as strong as their weakest link and a package of multiple spatulas for like...96 cents is definitely the weakest link.

So last week I went and bought a good, sturdy spatula. Looks it could withstand Emeril.
But it's still in it's nice packaging in my drawer...and I ended up using my cheesy, cheap spatula instead. No, not the broken one...what are you thinking? ;-) But another out of the .96 cent package.
Honestly, I just forgot that I had a nice spatula available.
Maybe that's why DH insists on opening every package, installing, washing, using, making, etc. as soon as we're home from the store.
He knows I'll forget.
I'm running on 4 hours of sleep, so it's amazing that I even know how to work a mixer...or a spatula for that matter.
Though apparently I'm not sure how to spell it, as every single time I've typed "spatula" so far I've spelled it "spatual"??

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Energizer baby

Yesterday it happened, as it was bound to...she pulled herself up and fell over. :(

She's been trying to pull herself up on *everything*, but most things are slippery or too tall or moves when she grabs it. The exersaucer moves when she grabs it, so she's been deterred from using it to stand.
Last night she was playing around the exersaucer, she likes to crawl underneath it and then gets stuck because she doesn't know enough to lower her head when she backs she keeps backing out and feels the tray bump her head so she'll stop, then try again, and again...and then I "rescue" her.
So she's playing near the exersaucer and I am close by, going through our recycling, and I see her stand up so I lunge for her but I was a second too late.
Actually, I thought for a moment she wouldn't cry...she landed on a stuffed bunny so it was mostly surprise that scared her. I felt bad's my Mommy job to catch her.

I put some big ole hunking shoes on her today, I'm hoping that will keep her from trying to stand so readily. I try to help her stand/walk to gain some balance, but if I hold onto her hands she feels so secure that she starts bouncing!

She makes soo much noise! Her Daddy came flying down the stairs in a panic because she started jumping in her exersaucer which makes a real ruckus that sounds like the house is falling down around you.
Or she starts kicking her feet, which makes it sound like someone is at the door or the furnace it out of whack.
While her general commentary on the world isn't too noisy, it is nearly impossible to shush at any time, particularly in church.
She agrees with the message or disagrees, thinks the lights are pretty, or wants to grab the hair of the woman in front of is all vocally expressed.

Shiloh certainly has energy too, I'm thinking we're going to have to find some type of baby treadmill or baby gym to wear her out...I think I'm the only one getting worn out these days...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday...I get a little side-ways

Yesterday, on top of standing for the first time.
Shiloh ate quite a bit of solid food, the most I think ever for her....
And she started biting me when nursing!!
Soo glad there's no teeth if she's going to do that!
Last night when she was doing that while trying to fall asleep and wouldn't stop, I gave her some teething tablets and that seemed to help...which is good because I was thinking of using the anbesol for both of us next! ;-)
Her teething was really bothering her, but it's so neat how it all falls into place that I can start to cut down on her nursing because she's eating more solids.
Though of course, this is just cutting down on her nursing like a newborn...maybe getting her to the amount of nursing it says on all the websites and feeding pamplets that I have regarding babies her age.
(Kinda sad though that's she's doing all these "growing" things, all at once) :(

Her Daddy is such a "doubting Thomas", he thought I must be exaggerating about her standing & crawling and that I was helping her etc. etc.
But Shiloh showed him! Even though she was tired and a bit fussy when he got home and I wasn't sure if she'd try it or just fuss to be held. She pulled herself right up...mostly because she saw the newspaper sitting on the couch and wanted to grab it.
Then she took of half-crawling/half-commando crawling for the treadmill, because she wanted to chew on its rubber mat!
Yeah, she keeps me busy!

She's already had a bath today...don't ask...just another enjoyable teething side-effect in the works. :-P
I've started bathing her in the bathtub, putting her little tub inside. I just haven't found an easy way of doing this yet, it's hard on my back and knees and I've got to try somethings to see how I can get it working for us.

Her rash was almost gone. Then we wake up this morning and it's bright red, dry, flaky, and oozing again!! *sob* The only thing I can think of is that it's related to her teething, since the weather has been the same and the same cream etc.
I'm really working on keeping the cream applied today and it already looks better, though Shiloh keeps rubbing the cream off on I have an oily spot on my jeans and shirt.
Just some more work for me...she's pretty diligent in making sure I don't get too bored as long as she's around. :)