Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's not perfume, it's drool...

The teeth are coming! The teeth are coming!
I can just barely, barely see the top of her bottom teeth poking through her gum. The right bottom tooth has the entire top showing, but there is just a glimpse of the left one.
You can't really feel them yet, since they are still just barely there.
Yesterday, Shiloh was eating my Popsicle so fast I could barely keep up, and she chewed on a frozen teether until it was completely melted inside!

Last night, the teeth were really, really, bothering here. She fell asleep easily enough, but then woke up an hour later sobbing hysterically.
I gave her Tylenol and Ora-gel and in about 30 minutes, she fell asleep again....only to wake up an hour later sobbing again.
Then I gave her a couple of teething tablets, and ended up taking her downstairs because she was so upset and I didn't want her to wake her Daddy.
So we watched "The Cosby Show" (there isn't much on at 2:30am), and about another half an hour later, she fell asleep again.
After that, I kinda lost track of how often and how long she woke...but I don't think it was as bad.

She breaks my heart though, peering at me over her crib rail with her red face and huge tears, going "Uh-Ma-Ma-Ma" which is what she cries when she's really upset. Today, she's just chewing on her teethers, and drooling a lot...I'm wearing drool.
My blessing is that she is an excellent napper, and usually naps very well after a bad night, so I have high hopes of regaining some Zzz's today.

I was starting to feel kinda old. What with next year being one of those *big* birthdays...
But then yesterday the postman brought a package for my husband that needed signing, and he said "I have a package for such-and-such, is that your Dad? Is your Dad home?".
I told him no,the package was for my husband.
He looked shocked, then stammered "Are you serious? You look 12!!"

I was probably beaming at that point!...
Which I think, how excited I got about it, actually shows my age more than anything else!! But I haven't heard any comments like that in quite some even if postman, who for all I know is legally blind, thinks that I am 12 it'll keep me on cloud 9 for a few days. :)

But you know it's just the simple things...a surprise gift of an iced coffee, a sunny day, baby babble, ooh...and painted toenails! I finally found time to paint my toes, for the first time since Shiloh arrived!

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