Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rockin' 'n Rollin'

Last night, I asked DH to bring my rocking chair upstairs.
I had just brought the exercise ball down to the living room because we haven't used it in quite some time to bounce Shiloh to sleep...instead she thinks it's quite fun and it wakes her up because she wants to bounce on it!

It wasn't easy, because it is a glider rocker but he was able to get it up our "L" shaped staircase and into the bedroom. I plan to leave it upstairs, either in our room or Shiloh's bedroom for quite awhile anyways.

Shiloh thought it was the most exciting, funniest, thrilling thing in the world to watch her Daddy try to carry the rocker up the stairs.
I was holding her and she was just squealing with excitement and had her arms and legs going like crazy.
She wanted to get right in there and help Daddy! :)
All that excitement though, meant it was a little difficult getting her calmed down to sleep but the rocker worked great...much more calming than the exercise ball has been.

Shiloh is just growing by leaps & bounds. She's started standing without holding onto anything...this morning for a good 5 seconds! Then she took a step to me and kinda fell into my arms.
I don't think that really counts as a first step but it's close!
She climbing over & through & under things, and even moving items out of her way to get where she wants to go.
She likes to push/kick the exercise ball across the floor, she looks amazed that it moves because it's about 3x bigger than she is! :-D

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