Friday, May 18, 2007

Quality control

There are far too many recalls, I think. Especially on baby products!
Is it so hard to make it right the first time? I thought, that is the reason after all, for product testing and quality control.
At least we now have a seemingly good system of notification, and with the power of the web, I can find out about recalls before the company even notifies me.

Anyways, Shiloh's carseat had a recall for the handle. So for about a week we couldn't carry her around in the carseat by the handle, though thankfully it was still safe for driving purposes.
The repair kit came yesterday, mustard colored latches to replace the bright red ones....4 plastic bolts, and a metal rod to assist the removing of the old handles.
Shiloh immediately crawled over to help me, so that meant the incredibly not child-safe parts had to be quickly put up.
It wasn't easy removing the old latches, took quite a bit of force but together with my beautiful assistant we got it repaired.
Shiloh shook the whole carseat for me to test my work, and DH double-checked my bolts to make sure they were super secure. :)
See we have three person quality control right in our own home!!

Shiloh's little tooth is so sharp! She was chewing on my hand and I could really feel it!
Now I know why, when she chews on her own fingers, they are in the corners of her mouth and not where the tooth is!
Her 2nd tooth is playing peek-a-boo, not yet able to be felt and only sometimes seen depending on the swelling of her gums.
Hopefully once that comes through things will go smoother, though today I noticed a little bump on her top gum.
I hope she's not just going to pop out all her teeth at once!

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