Monday, May 28, 2007

Shiloh's Crib

I mentioned before about needing to buy some crib rail protectors, and the other day Shiloh just started chewing on her crib....and it was on the top part where they don't even make a protector to cover!
I shopped around and couldn't find anything I liked, with good reviews, and that would also cover the top sooooo.....I made my own!

I'm pretty happy with it. Her theme is mostly yellow & pink, so I bought yellow polka dot material and pink polka dot ribbon! (it's knotted tightly so she won't be able to remove the ribbon)
You can also see all the extra ties I sewed onto her bumper because she kept stepping on it and wrestling it..etc.
Today I removed her mobiles as well, she has one that I can remove the top moving part and leave the music box but I haven't put it back up yet. I moved her crib as well, to a darker corner and I'll drape a blanket over the sides....I'm hoping with a little less sunshine in the early morning hours, she'll let me sleep a bit instead of climbing all over me babbling "Da-Da" and trying to put her fingers in my mouth.
Or if I leave her in her crib, at least she won't be trying to pull her mobiles down on her head.
That's my hope anyways! Wish me luck!!

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