Monday, May 21, 2007

Whirlwind of babyhood...

Yesterday we had a busy day!
Ran to Wal-Mart and picked up a new ride-on toy for Shiloh (she started trying to push her toys and walk behind them), then to Lowe's to pick up materials for a fence for our backyard.
I always assumed that by the time Shiloh really started walking it would be near wintertime and the fence wouldn't be necessary til next year...but since she's already so mobile, that doesn't appear to be the case and we have a major drop off in our backyard.
We also took her to Ponderosa for the first time, she was very good. She sampled a variety of foods, and learned how to drink from a straw for the first time...she loved that so much I think she would have just drank water the whole time if I let her!
Then she stuck her hand in my salsa...guess she likes her food spicy, like her Daddy! ;)
I took her into the bathroom to wash her hands and she started laughing because she saw me in the mirror.
Sometimes when she sees me in a mirror, she'll reach for the mirror image...thinking that somebody else is holding her! :-D

Her 2nd tooth popped through! It's been less than a week since the first one came up and now she has two!
She's already using her tiny teeth to scrape stickers off her toys!!
Guess I really need to get going on buying the crib rail protector...Target didn't have them and I've been procrastinating about ordering them online.

Shiloh has been on the go, so much!
She still loves to sit on my lap for a long time but just started occasionally wriggling to get down so she can play. :(
She figured out how to pop her Daddy's games out of the stand...then started to use his sub-woofer as a walker, pushing it across the floor!
I was using the exersaucer as a barrier/child-gate...but she just figured out how to crawl underneath it to get to the other side!
She's also started (when standing) reaching onto the table or couch and pulling things off, so now those have to be child-proofed as well!
Child-proofing is definitely a work in progress, it's just impossible to think of everything those little fingers can get too...and then they get bigger and can reach more things!

But today I realized that it really is nice though that she is able to play and do those things. I was able to put her in her jumper and get the whole house mopped, and then she played quietly and happily while I did some other cleaning.
Before I could only do those things while she napped...even just before the teeth popped through she was so clingy I had to carry her everywhere.
They don't seem to bother her as much now that they've popped through. Yay!

Shiloh's also started letting me know when she likes something that she's being fed too, like pieces of popsicle. She'll tap my arm or pull on my sleeve when she's finished her piece to let me know she wants another. :)
It's great to have a little more communication with her.

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