Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's do lunch, Mommy!

Today I was trying to teach Shiloh to share her cheerios with me....
I had a handful on her tray, and I'd pick one up and put it in her mouth and then showed her how to reciprocate.
Then it was her turn, and I waited expectantly...

Shiloh studied my face seriously, then stuck her fingers into her mouth...fished out her soggy cheerio....and popped it into my mouth.
Then picked up another cheerio from her tray and proceeded to eat that one instead!!!!!!!

Ahhh...a used, touching. I think something got lost in the teaching there. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kisses for my migraine

I am so glad/relieved etc. that I haven't been getting migraines too frequently.
Because I had a bad one yesterday, the first one with the baby being so active.
Shiloh was really good for me, though she did fuss because I had a cloth on my forehead and she wanted it!! :)
She was having a busy morning, leaving teeth marks in my piano books...then chewing on the tape her Daddy had just put on the corners of his speakers to protect her from bumping her head.
I ended up removing the tape because she was pretty obsessed with it.

We played on the floor for awhile and I was trying to teach her how to roll a ball back and forth. She just figured it out and started pushing the ball then got so excited, she scrambled over to me and wanted to sit in my But we didn't have anyone to roll the ball to us then!
Sooo I bounced it off the wall and she thought that was just hysterical!

Then because it was such a hot day (today is supposed to be worse)...and Shiloh had the beginnings of heat rash around her diaper edge. I put her in just a diaper....don't think I'll be able to do that too often though.
She was pulling and pulling on her diaper, trying to figure out how to get it off.

She was sitting on my lap playing with a toy yesterday, and then she suddenly turned around, gave me a kiss on the lips, then went back to playing!
It was soo precious. (Her Daddy says it was because I had a headache and she wanted me to feel better :)
Today she gave me kisses a few times when I asked.
But later I made a kissy face and asked her to kiss me and she looked at me like I was nuts. comes & goes.

Her face/rash is looking greatly improved. I'll probably still be holding my breath about it until it completely disappears for awhile, but I am hopeful since it looks so well now.
Her 9 month appt. is on Monday. That should be pretty basic...and they'll probably tell me I can feed her things that I already have, like eggs or cheese.
Height & Weight and those things.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Steps and Stones

After Tuesday's insane hail storm, today is the first real day where we got a chance to check out the damage after the storm.
There were (of course) tons of branches, leaves, & pine cones down all over our yard, my husband had cleaned those up earlier in the week.
But it also chipped the paint all around our front windows, and what we just discovered this morning...broke one of our attic windows in two places!

We actually fared better than most of our neighbors, as we drove out today we found nearly every house has (at least) one broken window....some have as many as four. Well over a dozen broken windows on our street!
One newly repaired house must have used cheap glass or something, they had so many windows boarded up that I lost count!
The wind flung those giant hail stones with such force!
It was a pretty scary storm, watching all the neighbor's lawn tables flip over and their giant trees swaying like crazy.
I was watching their tree, and ready to take the baby to the basement the second that thing toppled!

Shiloh took her first step the other day!
It was pretty exciting and she did well too, taking a step then balancing herself.
I need to relax and not automatically reach to steady her though and give her a chance to steady herself.
I know it's one of those things that soon in the future, I'll be pounding my head, saying "Why, oh why did I help her to walk?!" :-D She's already been pulling herself to standing against the walls, and found a whole new level of things that she can now reach!

Then with every step forward, there are two steps back it seems. I guess she went through a growth spurt.
But she was up EVERY TWO HOURS at night, nursing like she was starving!
Last night, I made an effort to get as much solid food into her as she'd eat before bedtime and she was up a little less frequently.
So I got a little sleep that I really needed, because I was so exhausted I could barely function for a couple days, and every time I tried to nap she'd wake right up!
It was actually worse than when she was a newborn, because at least newborns' sleep! And then Mommy's get to sleep at that time too.

But with a 9 month old. A quick nap and they are refueled for another 3-4 hours of pure energy!

Shi is so cheerful though!
Like most kids her age, her favorite thing is for Mommy to give her something from the kitchen to play with.
Measuring cups, or an empty oatmeal container, or Tupperware keeps her so happy!
She also LOVES it when Mommy or Daddy crawl on the floor with her, especially while playing "Hide and Seek" though she gets a bit too excited crawling away from Daddy and tends to trip on her own hands and face plant....but she's up the next second squealing with laughter as she scrambles away. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A day of Doctors & Hailstones

These are the photos after today's hailstorm. The first is of our garage, then our front porch. Aren't the rings of the hailstones amazing?
The last one is of the neighborhood groundhog, checking out the damage. :)

Today I got Shiloh in to see the Dr. for her rash again. It was doing its get better, then worse, then better thing.
She saw a different Dr. this time and it was nice that I had the time to discuss the history of the rash with her.
Yes, I have become a rash biographer. :(
AND now we are back to a diagnosis of childhood eczema!

There are about a million things I will be doing to treat it...*including* going back to the hydrocortisone cream, using Cetaphil for her bathes & as a moisturizer, and also using Benadryl before bed if she needs it.
And so much for my gradual weaning plan, the Dr. wants breastmilk to be her main staple for awhile because it is the least allergenic food Shi can eat.
I am relieved in that respect that I continued nursing, since my original goal was only to nurse for 6 months!
The Dr's were nice though, they said that the only reason Shiloh's rash hasn't spread is that I have been so vigilant with it.
That was soooo nice to hear.
They also said there doesn't seem to be a cause or reason for the rash, and it will probably be something she'll just have to outgrown but gave me the ways to help it along.

Shiloh actually fell asleep during the exam...when it's nap's nap time!
She took a long nap too!
Then I had to rush to the store for the Cetaphil & Benadryl, and find someone to help me find the Cetaphil....and then they had to find another person to help us find it.

Then rush back home because we were under severe storm warnings.
Whoa! Am I glad we made it back in time. Golf-ball sized hail!!!!
It sounded like the house was falling down around us, and like the windows might break!
I didn't even dare to go out into our backporch and close the windows...that roof was pounding so bad, and our giant pines were swaying.
It was crazy.
I carried Shiloh around, and surprisingly she didn't make a peep.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Yesterday was such a busy day!
Tons of shopping to do...and took DH out to Denny's for brunch.
Shiloh was pretty wakeful too, not taking her first morning nap until 1:30 when she normally takes it between 11-11:30am.
It was such a hot, sticky, muggy day! I think that was part of the problem.

I gave Shiloh her sippy cup of water when I put her in her carseat, because we were thirsty after shopping and it was just too hot to nurse. She drank a lot too.
She was talking and yelling up a storm in both the restaurant and stores. She wanted people to notice her it seemed! She'd yell at them as they walked past and babbled "Mama & Dada" the whole day....guess she worked up a thirst!

She's usually quiet when we go out and is just noisy at home, but I guess no longer.
When we got home she played for the longest time...with a closed bag of popped popcorn. She thought that was great....and took off with it, with her Daddy chasing behind her because he wanted to eat popcorn!! lol.
All the toys are never as alluring as anything "grown-up"!

She will stand up for a time unassisted...but it depends on her mood. If she's busy, she doesn't have time for wobbling! :)
She has her power crawl too, so if she wants something fast...she's going to crawl, though sometimes she trips on her own hands.
Boy, crawling is hard on the knees though!
I was crawling with her playing hide 'n seek, and wow that gets tiring. She has red knees by the day's end, but pants & shorts tend to trip her up so she'll end up leaving those strewn on the floor anyways.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A true musing of the sleep-deprived

Happy Flag Day!! & Happy 9 Months Shiloh!!

Do you ever wonder if there is a sentence that hasn't been spoken yet?
Like if you've ever said a completely new sentence? I mean there are billions of people talking daily for centuries.
I kinda wonder when I talk gibberish to the baby, like asking my tushie girl if she has a squishy tushie...or those odd phrases that you would wonder if anyone else on earth has uttered.

Like, "I thought the lobster was lettuce so I almost stuck my hand in the bag" or when you invent new words and tell someone "Would you stop dwaddling?" ...that is dawdling & waddling at the same time. lol.
Yes...phrases I have said before. :-D I'm such an original!
I am certain we are making new sentences, especially as items phase out and new things come in. We talk about playing Halo on our PS2 hooked up to our HDTV, with the sub-woofers on and Dido playing on the wireless CD player...and people a couple of decades ago would have gone huh? even some people today would do the same. lol.

Okay. Bear with me, I am after all, sleep deprived...and I shouldn't be analyzing things on a few restless hours of sleep and a half cup of coffee.
Shiloh was wide-awake 2 1/2 hours early yesterday...then 45 minutes early today.
I don't do well with lack of sleep, or so I found out.
Yesterday afternoon, I was halving grapes for a recipe, and I couldn't believe how dull my knife was!
It kept mushing the grapes, and how sharp does a knife have to be to cut a grape anyways?? stupid knife.
Then I realized....I had to turn the blade around.

I gave Shiloh some cubed banana and peeled quartered grape. She still won't feed herself mushy foods, but she had a grand time mushing banana everywhere. Not as juicy as peaches so there were no showers this time.
She also had some cheese for the first time, which she liked pretty well now that she has a couple of teeth to work with.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shiloh & The Giant Peach

I called Shiloh's Doctor this morning to find out what the next step is with her rash, and we're going to continue the cream for another week and see how it goes.
It's finally starting to improve, so I really hope it continues...

I received Jury summons this morning!
I called to see what I could do about it since I have the baby, and with nursing I can't leave her for 8 hours a day.
I got upset just thinking about it, I've never been apart from her before...for really any period of time, and don't even get me started on feeding her bottles which I don't even have!
When I called I got a message saying I'd have to call back because they were out of the office.
Meanwhile Shiloh woke up, so I got us both ready in case I had to go to the court house and sign or fill out anything...after which, she spilled sorbet on her onesie so we still weren't really ready to go anywhere. :)

I called them back at the appropriate time, with Shiloh yelling at her toys in the background which, I think, added emphasis to my call (lol), and the lady was very nice about putting my summons on hold...not even asking if I was nursing, the fact that I am the sole/primary caregiver was enough.
She was at first just going to hold it for a few months, but since it doesn't seem likely at all that a few months will make a difference, it's being held for a couple of years. Yay! Though she did take my phone # in case they need to reach me.
It's kinda funny though, I had a good 10yrs. where I was eligible and available for jury duty.
This is the first year where I am not free to do so, and the first year that they contact me??
Ah well, even if I had served previously, it only gives you 2 years summons free, so it wouldn't have really mattered.

Shiloh gave herself a peach shower this morning!
She will only feed herself hard foods, and just mushes everything else around, but I figure I have to keep trying. So this morning I gave her some diced fruits...including peaches.
She was having a blast mushing it all over her tray, she wouldn't even let me feed her a piece because she was having too much fun!
Then she takes a nice juicy piece of peach...lifts it over her head, and SQUEEZES it!!
She really squeezes too, when she was done the peach was more dehydrated than any of those Ronco things can do.
Anyways....the baby, the highchair, and the floor are all covered in sweet-smelling, sticky, peach juice.

Fun! Fun! See what I would miss?!?! ;-D

Monday, June 11, 2007

Festival weekend

Yesterday, Shiloh's rash started to improve a little.
So I am going to wait until tomorrow to call the Doctor and find out what the next step is.

This weekend it seemed there were tons of festivals, fairs, etc.
Our town was doing their annual heritage festival or whatever they call it. I have never attended, but I was reading about it in the Sunday paper.
It looks really nice, they have reenactments, people in costume, etc.

The only problem is that they only let the vendors sell food & products that would be similar to what the time period is that they are celebrating.
I much prefer more modern vendors selling any type & time period craft that they please and fried dough, cotton candy, and snow cones to a roasted turkey leg and a glass of buttermilk.

Americade was also this weekend, a motorcycle fest I guess.
I know several people who went to that, including my brother and his fiancee...lucky girl! lol. ;-)

Also the annual Violet Festival was running in my hometown. That was what I attended, along with my Mom & Shiloh.
I don't think it has been that packed with both vendors & crowds in quite awhile.
After first being startled by the bands, then enjoying some fried dough (see...we know where the good festivals are!), Shiloh found the whole thing exhausting...and ended up napping in her stroller for most of it.
That included walking past the yapping, barking, dogs & puppies there, and walking again past the bands, and through the noisy crowds. She was sound asleep.

Shiloh turns 9 months this week. She's definitely going through the stranger/separation anxiety, which is a real change from her usual daredevil, fearless personality.
Not that she's not still adventurous though, it's just a different, more extreme reaction when things startle her than before.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Yay! She's napping!!!
Shiloh is being a bit cranky today...she has all the signs of it being her teeth again, but I don't see anything coming yet.
She's also pooping all morning, which I don't know if it bothers her or she's just becoming the type of baby that doesn't like a messy diaper.
She'll suddenly burst into tears and scramble over to me, and I catch a whiff....then I burst into tears (just kidding lol... :)

Changing her is fun too, nothing is working to keep her still. I end up using moves only seen on WWF, and we still end up with a diaper that looks like a monkey put it on her.

Her Daddy is too funny, he called me today from work and I told him about my day, which is Shiloh going from happy giggles to end of the world sobs in 0-60 (which is exactly the way her earlier teething went).
At the same time Shiloh starts fussing in the background.
He goes "I wish you well. I love you. Bye."

Okay, I guess the all-too-short nap is over.
Time to pop some teethers in the freezer and see if that helps or not.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

3x a charm

This is my 3rd attempt at posting, I'm not sure why I always thought the older Shiloh got the more time I'd have for these things.
It is certainly not the case.

I started a post earlier while she was napping, but the neighbor decided at that same time, to mow our lawn (which is incredibly sweet of them)....BUT he started up the lawn mower right next to the window where the baby was sleeping.
It wasn't too bad though, as it was time for her bath & time for a reapplication of her cream anyways.

DH & I decided this morning to stop using the soap when I wash her face before applying her cream. She was so itchy yesterday, I was thinking she was going to *give* herself an infection.
I hate it when I second-guess my Mother instincts, it was great to have DH backing me up and reassuring me that it was the right decision...
Especially if it is just eczema like I think, then why make it worse before the Dr. prescribes the right meds?
I'm still washing her face just using water & a clean cloth the way I normally would and just not adding soap.

Last night I went on a baking frenzy. I'm not sure why. It was finally cooler temps...and I was tired, but I couldn't nap or sit down because then I would be sleepy and the baby was WIDE awake.
So I baked...brownies...biscuits...meatloaf.
Yep, it was totally random baking.
Had to save the meatloaf for today though, to make a wonderful sandwich.

The princess is up....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is it still Monday?

Sorry to be so tardy with an update, I know people are wondering about Shiloh's Dr. appt.
It has just been one of those starts with Monday and you don't know if it's just a bad Monday, and then Tuesday rolls along and you find out that Monday was the theatrical trailer of your week to come.

Monday was a drizzly day, Shiloh was pretty good at the Doctor's. She wanted to get down in the waiting room, but I just told her no and she played with my purse instead.
She even smiled at the nurse and the doctor...until he actually touched her. Then the tears started falling.

He thinks it is a bacterial skin infection, which I disagree with...even more so after studying it online.
The treatment is a cream that needs to be applied 3x daily, and her face has to be washed with soap and water before applying.
When I was treating her eczema, you need to limit the soap usage because it aggravates the drying of the skin so I was very nervous about using soap that often.
When I picked up her prescription cream, I also bought her a very sensitive baby soap to hopefully lessen the drying effects.

I am supposed to see improvement in 3-5 days and if no improvement in 7 days call the Dr. again. Today is day 3, and the rash looks the same to me...and now I've caught her scratching it several times today, so I am pretty sure the soap is drying her skin too. :(
I do hope that it improves but I'm pretty sure I'll be calling the Dr. again.

Yesterday was just a day of annoyances.
Everything from burning my hand in the oven to soap in my eye in the shower.
I'm thinking of using Shiloh's bath products...I mean, I'd like "no more tears" too. Whoa, regular stuff hurts!
Shiloh is also really thrilled with having her face washed an additional 3x on top of the usual cleaning after she eats. Yep, and she's very vocal with her enthusiasm too.

We had some storms these past few days...thunder, lightning, heavy rain with the threat of hail. It kept waking Shiloh up from her naps, it seems every time I laid her down another storm would roll through.
So it's either that it really messed up her schedule, or her face is really itchy (each time she wakes scratching/rubbing her face), or a growth spurt or something is keeping her from staying down for a good nap.

On Sunday, we bought her a toy that pops colorful balls, spins them around etc.
It makes her slightly nervous though. She scrambled into my lap pretty quickly then she's fine to watch it from that safety.
Pretty sweet.
I've always watched kids do that with their Moms....but never been on the Mom side before.
It's touching that I am her protection from the crazy popping-ball toy. lol. :-)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

There ain't no bugs on me...

After attempting to feed Shiloh her cereal this morning...which she didn't want.
I dampened her washcloth and wiped her face and hands, then I started to rinse the cloth off again and a house centipede starts scrambling up the sides of the sink just inches from my arm!
I screamed and flung water everywhere because I still held the dripping washcloth in my hands.

DH sprayed it with a Clorox spray, while slipping on the now wet floor, and threw it out. Then I had to bleach and scrub everything!!!! I could just picture its nasty million legs touching this or that...ACK!
I had just bleached & scrubbed everything the day before too!

Then after everything was scrubbed and sanitized...I had to save the chocolate.
I don't know...the cleaning brain is not always reasonable, but you do not argue with it. So I gathered all my chocolate stash into tightly sealed plastic bags and into the fridge they went. Ha! Ha! nasty bug!

Now I am itchy.

I looked them up because DH said it came up through the drain, and I told him "But I just bleached and dumped bleach water down the drain yesterday".
So I looked them up and it said right on the page..."they do not come up through drains".
Well...where did it come from then????
Then I had to clean some more.

I am tired. I just spent yesterday cleaning, and then today had to re-clean the same things I just washed because of the stupid bug...and its million legs. ((shudder))
DH promised to bug spray tomorrow.

I spend so much time cleaning after the baby so any dropped crumbs won't attract bugs...and the nastiest looking bug of all isn't even interested in crumbs, so I can't really do too much to deter them besides DH spraying the house.

But meanwhile, if you'd like to know where the most sanitized place in the US is, that would be my kitchen. I may charge admission though...not sure yet. :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Rash Decision

Shiloh has a Doctor's appt. on Monday.
Hopefully we'll get her rash finally cleared up once and for all.
I'm at my wit's end with analyzing everything that she comes in contact with, and trying every cream & treatment I can think of. It's time to call in the pros.

I'm glad that we waited though, the nurse came on the line and asked me if we had tried sooo many things and I was able to say "Yes, that and much more!"
And now if they give her a steroid cream, she is past her worse teething stage so less should get into her mouth...and she's also a lot happier, and older as well so I feel less nervous about a stronger cream than when she was younger.
Her young age is why I think the Dr. recommended just the hydrocortisone cream at her last appt. instead of something stronger.
At least I know I have exhausted my options and it's not something stupid that I just stop feeding carrots or something.

It still doesn't bother her unless she's sleepy, or rather I should say she's too busy to let it bother her!

Shiloh also thinks it's hysterical when we do chin-ups. DH put up a bar, and she thinks it's one of the funniest things she's ever seen! :) You never know what will tickle her funny bone...

Last night we had some progress with the word "No".
Once again she made her way over to the standing lamp, and both her Daddy and I shouted "No! Don't touch it!". She studied our faces so I tried to make mine as serious as possible, then she crawled away from the lamp! Yay!

I was trying to teach her to clap her hands, she's only done it once or twice. She prefers to slap things, and I can see her studying me and thinking that I am a nut...because why in the world would she want to slap her own hand?? That would hurt!'s a work in progress.