Friday, June 01, 2007

A Rash Decision

Shiloh has a Doctor's appt. on Monday.
Hopefully we'll get her rash finally cleared up once and for all.
I'm at my wit's end with analyzing everything that she comes in contact with, and trying every cream & treatment I can think of. It's time to call in the pros.

I'm glad that we waited though, the nurse came on the line and asked me if we had tried sooo many things and I was able to say "Yes, that and much more!"
And now if they give her a steroid cream, she is past her worse teething stage so less should get into her mouth...and she's also a lot happier, and older as well so I feel less nervous about a stronger cream than when she was younger.
Her young age is why I think the Dr. recommended just the hydrocortisone cream at her last appt. instead of something stronger.
At least I know I have exhausted my options and it's not something stupid that I just stop feeding carrots or something.

It still doesn't bother her unless she's sleepy, or rather I should say she's too busy to let it bother her!

Shiloh also thinks it's hysterical when we do chin-ups. DH put up a bar, and she thinks it's one of the funniest things she's ever seen! :) You never know what will tickle her funny bone...

Last night we had some progress with the word "No".
Once again she made her way over to the standing lamp, and both her Daddy and I shouted "No! Don't touch it!". She studied our faces so I tried to make mine as serious as possible, then she crawled away from the lamp! Yay!

I was trying to teach her to clap her hands, she's only done it once or twice. She prefers to slap things, and I can see her studying me and thinking that I am a nut...because why in the world would she want to slap her own hand?? That would hurt!'s a work in progress.

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