Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shiloh & The Giant Peach

I called Shiloh's Doctor this morning to find out what the next step is with her rash, and we're going to continue the cream for another week and see how it goes.
It's finally starting to improve, so I really hope it continues...

I received Jury summons this morning!
I called to see what I could do about it since I have the baby, and with nursing I can't leave her for 8 hours a day.
I got upset just thinking about it, I've never been apart from her before...for really any period of time, and don't even get me started on feeding her bottles which I don't even have!
When I called I got a message saying I'd have to call back because they were out of the office.
Meanwhile Shiloh woke up, so I got us both ready in case I had to go to the court house and sign or fill out anything...after which, she spilled sorbet on her onesie so we still weren't really ready to go anywhere. :)

I called them back at the appropriate time, with Shiloh yelling at her toys in the background which, I think, added emphasis to my call (lol), and the lady was very nice about putting my summons on hold...not even asking if I was nursing, the fact that I am the sole/primary caregiver was enough.
She was at first just going to hold it for a few months, but since it doesn't seem likely at all that a few months will make a difference, it's being held for a couple of years. Yay! Though she did take my phone # in case they need to reach me.
It's kinda funny though, I had a good 10yrs. where I was eligible and available for jury duty.
This is the first year where I am not free to do so, and the first year that they contact me??
Ah well, even if I had served previously, it only gives you 2 years summons free, so it wouldn't have really mattered.

Shiloh gave herself a peach shower this morning!
She will only feed herself hard foods, and just mushes everything else around, but I figure I have to keep trying. So this morning I gave her some diced fruits...including peaches.
She was having a blast mushing it all over her tray, she wouldn't even let me feed her a piece because she was having too much fun!
Then she takes a nice juicy piece of peach...lifts it over her head, and SQUEEZES it!!
She really squeezes too, when she was done the peach was more dehydrated than any of those Ronco things can do.
Anyways....the baby, the highchair, and the floor are all covered in sweet-smelling, sticky, peach juice.

Fun! Fun! See what I would miss?!?! ;-D

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