Saturday, June 23, 2007

Steps and Stones

After Tuesday's insane hail storm, today is the first real day where we got a chance to check out the damage after the storm.
There were (of course) tons of branches, leaves, & pine cones down all over our yard, my husband had cleaned those up earlier in the week.
But it also chipped the paint all around our front windows, and what we just discovered this morning...broke one of our attic windows in two places!

We actually fared better than most of our neighbors, as we drove out today we found nearly every house has (at least) one broken window....some have as many as four. Well over a dozen broken windows on our street!
One newly repaired house must have used cheap glass or something, they had so many windows boarded up that I lost count!
The wind flung those giant hail stones with such force!
It was a pretty scary storm, watching all the neighbor's lawn tables flip over and their giant trees swaying like crazy.
I was watching their tree, and ready to take the baby to the basement the second that thing toppled!

Shiloh took her first step the other day!
It was pretty exciting and she did well too, taking a step then balancing herself.
I need to relax and not automatically reach to steady her though and give her a chance to steady herself.
I know it's one of those things that soon in the future, I'll be pounding my head, saying "Why, oh why did I help her to walk?!" :-D She's already been pulling herself to standing against the walls, and found a whole new level of things that she can now reach!

Then with every step forward, there are two steps back it seems. I guess she went through a growth spurt.
But she was up EVERY TWO HOURS at night, nursing like she was starving!
Last night, I made an effort to get as much solid food into her as she'd eat before bedtime and she was up a little less frequently.
So I got a little sleep that I really needed, because I was so exhausted I could barely function for a couple days, and every time I tried to nap she'd wake right up!
It was actually worse than when she was a newborn, because at least newborns' sleep! And then Mommy's get to sleep at that time too.

But with a 9 month old. A quick nap and they are refueled for another 3-4 hours of pure energy!

Shi is so cheerful though!
Like most kids her age, her favorite thing is for Mommy to give her something from the kitchen to play with.
Measuring cups, or an empty oatmeal container, or Tupperware keeps her so happy!
She also LOVES it when Mommy or Daddy crawl on the floor with her, especially while playing "Hide and Seek" though she gets a bit too excited crawling away from Daddy and tends to trip on her own hands and face plant....but she's up the next second squealing with laughter as she scrambles away. :)

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