Friday, June 08, 2007


Yay! She's napping!!!
Shiloh is being a bit cranky today...she has all the signs of it being her teeth again, but I don't see anything coming yet.
She's also pooping all morning, which I don't know if it bothers her or she's just becoming the type of baby that doesn't like a messy diaper.
She'll suddenly burst into tears and scramble over to me, and I catch a whiff....then I burst into tears (just kidding lol... :)

Changing her is fun too, nothing is working to keep her still. I end up using moves only seen on WWF, and we still end up with a diaper that looks like a monkey put it on her.

Her Daddy is too funny, he called me today from work and I told him about my day, which is Shiloh going from happy giggles to end of the world sobs in 0-60 (which is exactly the way her earlier teething went).
At the same time Shiloh starts fussing in the background.
He goes "I wish you well. I love you. Bye."

Okay, I guess the all-too-short nap is over.
Time to pop some teethers in the freezer and see if that helps or not.

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