Saturday, June 02, 2007

There ain't no bugs on me...

After attempting to feed Shiloh her cereal this morning...which she didn't want.
I dampened her washcloth and wiped her face and hands, then I started to rinse the cloth off again and a house centipede starts scrambling up the sides of the sink just inches from my arm!
I screamed and flung water everywhere because I still held the dripping washcloth in my hands.

DH sprayed it with a Clorox spray, while slipping on the now wet floor, and threw it out. Then I had to bleach and scrub everything!!!! I could just picture its nasty million legs touching this or that...ACK!
I had just bleached & scrubbed everything the day before too!

Then after everything was scrubbed and sanitized...I had to save the chocolate.
I don't know...the cleaning brain is not always reasonable, but you do not argue with it. So I gathered all my chocolate stash into tightly sealed plastic bags and into the fridge they went. Ha! Ha! nasty bug!

Now I am itchy.

I looked them up because DH said it came up through the drain, and I told him "But I just bleached and dumped bleach water down the drain yesterday".
So I looked them up and it said right on the page..."they do not come up through drains".
Well...where did it come from then????
Then I had to clean some more.

I am tired. I just spent yesterday cleaning, and then today had to re-clean the same things I just washed because of the stupid bug...and its million legs. ((shudder))
DH promised to bug spray tomorrow.

I spend so much time cleaning after the baby so any dropped crumbs won't attract bugs...and the nastiest looking bug of all isn't even interested in crumbs, so I can't really do too much to deter them besides DH spraying the house.

But meanwhile, if you'd like to know where the most sanitized place in the US is, that would be my kitchen. I may charge admission though...not sure yet. :)

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