Thursday, June 14, 2007

A true musing of the sleep-deprived

Happy Flag Day!! & Happy 9 Months Shiloh!!

Do you ever wonder if there is a sentence that hasn't been spoken yet?
Like if you've ever said a completely new sentence? I mean there are billions of people talking daily for centuries.
I kinda wonder when I talk gibberish to the baby, like asking my tushie girl if she has a squishy tushie...or those odd phrases that you would wonder if anyone else on earth has uttered.

Like, "I thought the lobster was lettuce so I almost stuck my hand in the bag" or when you invent new words and tell someone "Would you stop dwaddling?" ...that is dawdling & waddling at the same time. lol.
Yes...phrases I have said before. :-D I'm such an original!
I am certain we are making new sentences, especially as items phase out and new things come in. We talk about playing Halo on our PS2 hooked up to our HDTV, with the sub-woofers on and Dido playing on the wireless CD player...and people a couple of decades ago would have gone huh? even some people today would do the same. lol.

Okay. Bear with me, I am after all, sleep deprived...and I shouldn't be analyzing things on a few restless hours of sleep and a half cup of coffee.
Shiloh was wide-awake 2 1/2 hours early yesterday...then 45 minutes early today.
I don't do well with lack of sleep, or so I found out.
Yesterday afternoon, I was halving grapes for a recipe, and I couldn't believe how dull my knife was!
It kept mushing the grapes, and how sharp does a knife have to be to cut a grape anyways?? stupid knife.
Then I realized....I had to turn the blade around.

I gave Shiloh some cubed banana and peeled quartered grape. She still won't feed herself mushy foods, but she had a grand time mushing banana everywhere. Not as juicy as peaches so there were no showers this time.
She also had some cheese for the first time, which she liked pretty well now that she has a couple of teeth to work with.

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