Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No way, Tooth Fairy!....these teeth are mine!

Yesterday I was able to get Shiloh to eat about 2/3rds of a Yobaby yogurt and even though the containers are small, that was a lot of food compared to what I have been able to get her to eat recently.
She refused to finish the container though...even when I offered it to her twice later in the day.

Her gum was so ridiculously swollen and red, it looked horrible! Her tooth that popped through almost wasn't visible, it had swelled so much around it. She has at least one more tooth coming though I think it may be more like three more!

After all this pain & effort to get these teeth in, I'm thinking they'll be saved in a platinum box when they eventually fall out. I could then look at them and recall that this particular tooth was the result of 23 sleepless nights, 8 frozen teethers, 5 temper tantrums, about 3 ounces of Tylenol & Motrin, 2 migraine headaches....and a partridge in a pear tree!!

Nights are iffy at best...we had one night where she slept 5 1/2 hrs. straight, then last night she was up nearly every hour on the hour.
She's doing fine in her own room though...not noticing her being bothered by it.

I'm really dragging today, and to top it off. I wanted ice cream and an iced coffee today when I went out to run errands.
Well, my timing was bad...I went after the baby's morning nap.
They were just loading the ice cream into the coolers at the grocery store so you couldn't get over to look at them, they blocked it with two huge trolleys and were taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r!...and there was a super-long line at the drive-thru and Shi was already fussing at being put into a hot carseat soo...

I came home and had a diet coke instead. Which since I haven't had any caffeine in awhile (we've been drinking decaf) did its wonderful work and I had the energy to get the rest of my errands done around the house.
But Shi has been pretty clingy these days so if she can't have a hand in to help me with things, she thinks it's the end of the world.
Old magazines have been helping a lot, as long as she doesn't put it in her mouth, I let her sit at my feet and play , crumple, take apart, and shred a magazine when I *need* to get something done.
Its been much easier to clean up after her than trying to keep her hands out of my work!
Also I have found she's excellent at shredding old bills! ;)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Three teeth and counting...

The tip of one of Shiloh's top teeth finally broke through yesterday! Yay!
She still didn't eat much breakfast today just a couple cheerios and two bites of toast...I thought she ate more cheerios, but I found them scattered on the floor.
She must have been flinging them from her highchair when I wasn't looking.
I bought some Yobaby yogurt yesterday, and she tends to like that so I'm hoping I can get her to eat some later.
Every food I've tried recently she'll either refuse completely...as in fling it, or push it away, or scream and turn her head away.
OR she'll reject it three times and on the fourth time she'll take a bite then chew it with such a sour face...but I think she's probably just trying not to mess with her sore gum too much.

Last night was the first time she slept in a room separate from ours.
I've been kinda pushing for it recently as she's getting older. She's a restless sleeper so it seemed that she might sleep better in her own room.
I'm surprised that it bothered me though as much as it did, since it is what I wanted.
She just looked so tiny in her crib, and not quite as old enough to sleep in her own room as I thought.
I think I checked on her about 1/2 dozen times while she was just sleeping.
And then I didn't sleep too well, listening for her...which is really ridiculous because I am sleeping right at the entrance of her door!
She was still up at night, but woke happy this morning.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baby Maid

Maybe I pick up the baby's toys a bit too much.
I'm not sure, I find myself picking them up a lot during the day, but I also don't want her tripping over them when she's walking.
Though some creative mess might be good for her?
Anyways, I've noticed her starting to pick up her toys as well...don't get me wrong there are still many toys left around.
But she especially likes to pick them up and put them in her little ride-on toy that has a storage space.
She'll often pick things and put them in her ride-on toy and push it around.
Yesterday I was knitting on the couch with the remote control next to me, when I reached for it I found that Shiloh had swiped it on one of her rounds with the push toy and there it was inside the storage part! lol!
She's also continually shoving things under the couch when she's done playing with them.
That's usually where the remotes or toys or our slippers have been tucked away by her baby hands. :)

Tonight I brought Shiloh upstairs and had some things to do so I gave her the bucket that holds her bath toys to play with.
She grabbed her baby comb out of the bucket and started trying to comb her hair! It was soo sweet!! :-)
Then she started beating her rubber ducky senseless with it, soooo...
Usually when she has access to the comb (like to keep her still so I can put her diaper on after her bath) she'll just wave it around or nibble on it.
Typical baby stuff...so I was surprised tonight.
Even when you don't notice it or think they are too young, they are always observing and learning!

I'm having a difficult time getting her to eat with these teeth coming. She'll nurse fine, but is refusing all bit the minutest bit of food.
Even her favorites are being rejected....BUT for some reason she chews away on the corner of a cardboard box???
Hopefully tomorrow I can pick up something at the grocery store that will appeal to her....and has a little less fiber.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Life in plastic, its fantastic!

Shiloh's two top teeth are being stubborn.
They are right there!
Right there, and they won't pop through!!!!
At least Shiloh is good about taking her Motrin & Tylenol, maybe she realizes it's relief.

We've been playing house a lot these past couple days.
I realized it's one of the joys of having a daughter, even when she's a pretty rough & tumble baby, she still plays house nicely.
She's trying with the phone too, she'll imitate me saying "hello" though it's hard to make out.
I was flipping her little plastic hamburger in the little plastic frying pan and she thought that was just hilarious!! :-D
It's fun to play house with her, because otherwise I'd just be this crazy lady in a toy house flipping plastic burgers and talking on a pretend phone with a microwave that was really just a sticker.

We had some pretty big storms today, I watched a huge tree go down our creek...very noisily! I think it took out some more trees along the way.
Also lightning struck the creek too, that was pretty scary since we are so close!
I thought it hit a tree but I didn't smell anything burning so I think it struck the water.
At least no hail this time, but wow! these summer storms are getting powerful!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't let her size fool you!

Shiloh took her first steps a month ago, and she'd take a few steps from this chair to that. But her *walking* was mostly a running lunge.
She just got so excited with walking that she ended up speeding!
Then yesterday afternoon, just out of the blue, she started walking everywhere. She's even carrying toys here and there, and turning around!!! I can't believe it!
When I got down on the floor with her, she got all excited and started squealing and running again. But when she's calm she's doing great!!
It's like I blinked and she grew up!!

She's such a petite thing too! Right now she's wearing a 3-6 mos. outfit and the shorts are falling off her...as she pulls all the pillows off the couch and wrestles them! ;-D!

I think "Expect the Unexpected" is Shiloh's motto! :)
I've had one room downstairs child-proofed for Shiloh, and the other day I decided to add another room for her since it seems she needs more play area. (Read this to mean...her toys are overwhelming one room!)
Day 1...Shiloh plays & explores.
Day 2...Shiloh is playing in the other room banging on her toys, I keep lifting my head to check on her.
Then I hear a different banging noise. I'm looking and walking at the same time because in a flash, Shiloh has climbed the two small toy boxes that were stacked against the side of my piano and is standing on them banging the lid of the small aquarium that I have on top of the piano, with a HUGE grin on her face!!!
I pick her up, move the boxes far away from the piano and no longer stacked, clean up the aquarium hoping its inhabitants aren't permanently brain-damaged.

And 2 seconds later Shiloh is over there, stretching on her tip toes as far as she can trying to reach the aquarium and even pulling up on the windowsill to try a reach farther!

BTW, in case you were wondering...she now has access to 1 1/2 rooms. (at least until I can go over that area again)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chicken Little & Rice

Yesterday I was on a cooking/baking frenzy.
The weather was good for it and so I just kept the oven on and popping more things into it.
I roasted a Cornish game hen, but I think it's the last time I will do that. It just seems like a waste, all the work of a regular size chicken to prepare and bake...and then less reward/less food at the end!! And truthfully I felt bad preparing it, it was so small like a baby chicken...or Chicken Little or something.
I also made a grape pie (((Mom, the crust protector worked great!))), and several dozen cookies...oh, and some yellow (saffron) rice to go with my hen.

Shi napped & nursed & chewed on her frozen teether in the meantime.
She's been having cranky episodes with her teeth, and is all but refusing to eat any solids.
I did get her to eat a few bites of rice, but only if I held her on my lap. Last night she even completely refused a bite of grilled cheese sandwich, which has become one of her new favorite foods.
She's barely eating even Cheerios, but she's certainly making up for lost calories in nursing!
The one tooth top is still visible, but hasn't broken through completely yet and her entire top gum is very swollen. :(
Gotta pick up more Tylenol this weekend!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What did Superman's mom do for child-proofing??

Last night, I gave Shiloh a late bath and then Motrin...which for some reason last night made her hyper.
When I finally got her calmed down and sleeping though, she slept great without all the moaning & screaming of the night before.
She did wake up about 1/2 hour early, but she was bright and chipper, all smiles and giggles. :)

She seriously could be a tester for a child-proofing company though.
Shi's already ripped off those table corner pads and is trying to climb her child-gate...she's even smart enough to pull over her ride-on toy and try to use it as a step!!!
She figured out how to pull up the lousy wall-to-wall carpeting...yes, the carpet! Until her Daddy fixed that...and she has a quest to play with the blinds even if it involves climbing over, under, around, through, or 20 minutes of pushing something out of the way to do it.
Yesterday she spent a lot of time trying to pull herself into the chair in our living room...she was extremely close then got either tired or bored with it.
(She's trying again today!)
She definitely has her Daddy's determination and boy, does that keep my hands & days full!

Yesterday I put a little oatmeal on Shiloh's spoon and let her hold it while I fed her with a different spoon.
M-E-S-S-Y! But then Shi kept opening and closing her sticky hands and didn't seem too thrilled that they were messy, so I am hoping that will translate into less of a fit at having her hands and face washed in the future.
I can hope, right? ;)

Friday, July 20, 2007

If you're going through Teething, keep on going...

We had a nice Anniversary and a nice time with DH home. :)
Went to the mall and the "99 Steakhouse" for lunch and Shiloh napped most of the time so it was really nice to sit and talk quietly.

Shiloh spent a lot of time clinging to her Daddy, she's always excited to see him and it didn't lessen at all with him being home more.

It's been 2 months since Shiloh got her two bottom teeth in, and she's been such a happy, smiley baby too.
Last night at dinnertime she just had a serious conniption!!!
So I realized that it's quite a 180 on her personality. I gave her Motrin and a frozen teether and I had a happy baby all evening.
Then middle of the night, Shi's tossing and turning and moaning in her sleep. Early morning she wakes up...just screaming. I gave her Tylenol & teething tablets, got her calmed down and she slept well the rest of the night.
This morning I look in her mouth and the tip of one of her top middle teeth is visible!
I can also see the outline of a total of ((4)) teeth on the top! My poor girl!
I hope they pop through quickly for her.

At least this time I feel better prepared, and that I am sure what is going on now.
Last time she was miserable for about 2 months before they popped through so I kept second-guessing myself and thinking maybe it's an ear infection or stomachache or whatever the mind comes up with at 2am.
She was miserable for sooo long too, that I was beginning to think it was her personality!
Then the teeth came through and she was a totally different, cheerful, happy child...and I just felt so bad that she must have been in so much pain.
Now at least, I can reassure myself that it IS her teeth, and take care of it without all the other worries.

I am hopeful that since I can see the top of one, they'll be through quickly. Last time the two teeth came out within a week of each other, so if that happens this time I don't blame her one iota for being crabby.
My wisdom teeth give me enough annoyance, I can't imagine having 4 teeth trying to pop out at once!
Poor baby...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anniversary Vacation

Just a quick update since DH is home for a few days vacation.

This past weekend Shiloh & I took our first vacation. Also first time away from Daddy and for me first time being away from him since we were married!!
We had a good time though Shi wasn't too thrilled (to say the least) with the 3 1/2 hour car ride!
We went up to my parents' new camp, which really is wonderful and in a small community like we grew up in so it just totally feels like home away from home.
Also making it feel homey is all the items my parents brought from home. :)

Shiloh turned 10 months old & took her first boating trip on the same day. I thought she'd balk at the life vest, but she thought it was a great pillow and fell instantly asleep.
Surprisingly she didn't try to take off the vest even after she woke up.
We also did some shopping, and it started to rain and Shiloh thought that was the greatest thing!
She squealed, giggled, and kicked her legs in the rain. :)

Tomorrow DH & I will celebrate our 4th Anniversary!
Not sure exactly what our plans are...probably some shopping and maybe lunch/dinner out with our baby.

I was just thinking that last year on our Anniversary we had a nice meal out, but then spent the evening in Childbirth classes & touring the hospital! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who says you can't go home..

I have lived on a dead-end street all my life...just a simple fact.
Living in the country that was never a problem, in fact it was great for tons of reasons.
The city though, is different.

We had city DPW crews working on the end of the street for a few days last month. I don't even leave the house that often, but it happened that the days they were working I had Shi's Dr. appt's and errands and had to drive down our narrow street, then wait for them to let me through and even then I had to go up on the curb to get by.

Today, I went out and visited my sister, then to Price Chopper for groceries. I threw a diaper, a wipe, and two toys in my purse...normally I'd add a snack for Shiloh but her containers were drying in the dish rack and I only had a couple stops, and would only be out a few hours.

Our town is near a local speedway so there tends to be race cars and drivers all over, and one of the drivers owns property near us, and his parents live on the opening of our street.
After all my shopping, I pull onto our street and it is *completely* blocked by the race-car driver's truck, giant trailer, AND race car that they were either trying to get on or off the trailer and now is seriously stuck on the curb.
I see that they have noticed me so I wait.

It's so frustrating to be able to *see* your home but you can't get to it!

Shiloh starts screaming at the top of her lungs, she knows we are at home or close to home and we've stopped and she doesn't know why she's still stuck in her hot carseat.

I wait...I put the truck in Park and hand Shiloh a toy from my purse.
I'm in the middle of the street but I'm the only one waiting for this race car to move.
I wait...I have the AC running full blast to keep Shiloh cool in the backseat so I'm keeping an eye on the temperature gauge, the guys are now putting a jack under the race car.
I don't know what they are doing, but judging from their faces and gestures...there's a lot of four-letter words flying around.
After about 10 minutes of waiting, one of the men walks over and tells me that I should park there and walk home because it's going to be awhile...

I need to carry my 10 month old screaming baby, several bags full of MELTING groceries, and I live at the other end of the street!
Not to mention the fact that the truck and trailer are completely blocking the sidewalks on *both* sides of the street as well, and they have some loud machinery running, which in Shi's current state would probably terrify her having to walk so close to it...nor how thrilled I am with the thought of leaving my truck at the opening of our narrow street.
Or the fact that *whenever* the street is clear, I'll have to bring the baby all the way back to the truck and strap her into her seat again, just so I can drive it home.

All this goes through my head in a matter of seconds, as my daughter's cries for freedom are reverberating in my skull.

So I end up backing the truck onto the main street (there's no place to turn around), and driving to the restaurant where DH works.
That was nice though. He got to show the baby to his co-workers.
She clung to her Daddy's neck when one of them got a little too close to her....so I'm sure he'll want to buy her pony. Lol :)
She's certainly got the key to his heart.
We waited for 1/2 hour and DH checked on us a few times and Shiloh got excited to see him, so he couldn't resist her and would carry her around again. :)

She's smells like Chinese food now. lol. Yum!

Shiloh started screaming again, when we put her back in the truck, but thankfully our street was now clear.
Shi's been nursing & napping for 4 hours now, so I think the yelling really wore her out.
But ((yay!!)) we're finally home!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I do slapstick on the side...

My daughter finds the oddest things, amusing.
My looking at her while nursing, results in choked giggles as she forgets to swallow first.
Her Daddy walking behind us, going up the staircase...puts her in hysterics! It also works vice versus with Daddy holding her and Mommy following behind...she laughs like it's the funniest thing in the world.

Last night, I was carrying her up the stairs for a diaper change and saw one of those tiny spiders with the lobster-claws...(the thing that freaks me out is I could find them through Google!).
Anyways I run to our back porch, grab the fly-swatter and head back up the staircase. I swat and the spider leaps at me!!
So I frantically swatted that thing in self-defense....I mean, I really swatted it...part of my fly-swatter broke.
Shiloh is on my hip the whole time and thought it qualified for "America's Funniest Videos". She has to gasp for breath, she's laughing so hard.
Glad I can be of amusement! :D

I've been using my exercise ball as a blocker for one door to our bathroom. She pushes and it doesn't move and she moves on...usually.
Today I am in the bathroom and I see the ball lift up!!!
I don't know how she's lifting it but she is...the ball is taller than she is!
Take one tiny person, 100% determination,some super-human baby strength, and they'll figure it out!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Aren't Pampers in the Plumbing dept.??

We had a rushed morning, trying to fit a day's worth of errands into a couple of hours because DH unexpectedly had to work today. :(
So we rush to Home Depot, they don't have two of the items we are looking for and one of their associates is clueless about the third item telling us *maybe* it's with the lumber or maybe an associate down in lumber will know where to find it.
We're rushed on time and the trip to Home Depot was a waste, we don't even bother searching the lumber section and instead head down the street to Lowes!

Lowes was practically enshrouded in heavenly light. They not only had each item that we were looking for...but had a selection! To be honest they were a bit pricier and the brands were different than my intent.
But they were accommodating to our needs...so it balances out.

I had Shiloh in her stroller, usually I would just carry her since I think it's safer with all the construction workers barreling through with trolleys dropping copper piping or swinging 2x4's on their shoulders.
But today I needed a place to set her so I could really shop, and she has her toys this way..etc.

I was talking with an associate, when Shi started fussing, she was bored...which will happen to nearly everyone who enters one of those stores without a "Y" chromosome! :)
I picked her up and set her on my lap...she looked around...b-o-r-i-n-g!!
So she did her new thing that she does at home when she is bored....

She stuck her tongue out and started spitting. In seconds her shirt is soaked and since she turned to look at me, my face is...damp.
The associate is cracking up, people passing by who were admiring the "cute baby" are giggling as they walk by.
My hand over her mouth merely deflects some of the spray, and results in a dripping hand.
It just proves that you really never know what a child will do when they are bored!!!

We managed to make it out of the store, and Shi's diaper is soggy so I figure I have a quick spare minute while DH loads the stroller & purchases and change it in the truck.
Turned out to be a poopy one too, so I am glad I took the time to change it or she would have fussed royally on the way home.

While I buckled Shiloh into her carseat, DH carried her diaper to the store's trash can...We weren't eager to drive in 80 degree temps with a poopy diaper!!!
I caught sight of a nearby driver giving DH such a look about the diaper. Lol, this guy probably thinks nothing of being up to his elbows in car grease...but wow! the sight of that diaper grossed him out. ;D!

Guess it really isn't a sight often seen at Lowes...diapers...or spitting babies!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Red, White, & Bloo

Happy Independence Day!!

They are playing a "Red, White, & Bloo" marathon on Cartoon Network today...a marathon of "Foster's School for Imaginary Friends" cartoon.

Um, I have it on for Shiloh...yep, even though she's napping at the moment, she's probably listening in her sleep. lol. :D

Monday, Shiloh had her 9 month Doctors Appt. it went well. Shiloh was very good in our long wait, just playing with my purse quietly.

She didn't want the Dr. to touch her at all though, she only started crying when she couldn't push him away from her.

She's 17lbs....hard to believe when she wasn't even 6lbs at birth! :)
Her face/rash has improved a great deal, though I'll probably continue treating it for awhile after it disappears, and I guess in can continue to flare up in the future. But at the moment it is barely noticeable. YAY!! :D

Shiloh just woke from her nap, so I have to check the weather (it's a rainy/stormy day today) and if it looks clear we'll be off to the grocery store to pick up some stuff.
Including sweet potatoes since they are Shi's favorite. :)

Hope everyone has a great 4th!!