Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baby Maid

Maybe I pick up the baby's toys a bit too much.
I'm not sure, I find myself picking them up a lot during the day, but I also don't want her tripping over them when she's walking.
Though some creative mess might be good for her?
Anyways, I've noticed her starting to pick up her toys as well...don't get me wrong there are still many toys left around.
But she especially likes to pick them up and put them in her little ride-on toy that has a storage space.
She'll often pick things and put them in her ride-on toy and push it around.
Yesterday I was knitting on the couch with the remote control next to me, when I reached for it I found that Shiloh had swiped it on one of her rounds with the push toy and there it was inside the storage part! lol!
She's also continually shoving things under the couch when she's done playing with them.
That's usually where the remotes or toys or our slippers have been tucked away by her baby hands. :)

Tonight I brought Shiloh upstairs and had some things to do so I gave her the bucket that holds her bath toys to play with.
She grabbed her baby comb out of the bucket and started trying to comb her hair! It was soo sweet!! :-)
Then she started beating her rubber ducky senseless with it, soooo...
Usually when she has access to the comb (like to keep her still so I can put her diaper on after her bath) she'll just wave it around or nibble on it.
Typical baby I was surprised tonight.
Even when you don't notice it or think they are too young, they are always observing and learning!

I'm having a difficult time getting her to eat with these teeth coming. She'll nurse fine, but is refusing all bit the minutest bit of food.
Even her favorites are being rejected....BUT for some reason she chews away on the corner of a cardboard box???
Hopefully tomorrow I can pick up something at the grocery store that will appeal to her....and has a little less fiber.

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