Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chicken Little & Rice

Yesterday I was on a cooking/baking frenzy.
The weather was good for it and so I just kept the oven on and popping more things into it.
I roasted a Cornish game hen, but I think it's the last time I will do that. It just seems like a waste, all the work of a regular size chicken to prepare and bake...and then less reward/less food at the end!! And truthfully I felt bad preparing it, it was so small like a baby chicken...or Chicken Little or something.
I also made a grape pie (((Mom, the crust protector worked great!))), and several dozen cookies...oh, and some yellow (saffron) rice to go with my hen.

Shi napped & nursed & chewed on her frozen teether in the meantime.
She's been having cranky episodes with her teeth, and is all but refusing to eat any solids.
I did get her to eat a few bites of rice, but only if I held her on my lap. Last night she even completely refused a bite of grilled cheese sandwich, which has become one of her new favorite foods.
She's barely eating even Cheerios, but she's certainly making up for lost calories in nursing!
The one tooth top is still visible, but hasn't broken through completely yet and her entire top gum is very swollen. :(
Gotta pick up more Tylenol this weekend!

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