Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't let her size fool you!

Shiloh took her first steps a month ago, and she'd take a few steps from this chair to that. But her *walking* was mostly a running lunge.
She just got so excited with walking that she ended up speeding!
Then yesterday afternoon, just out of the blue, she started walking everywhere. She's even carrying toys here and there, and turning around!!! I can't believe it!
When I got down on the floor with her, she got all excited and started squealing and running again. But when she's calm she's doing great!!
It's like I blinked and she grew up!!

She's such a petite thing too! Right now she's wearing a 3-6 mos. outfit and the shorts are falling off she pulls all the pillows off the couch and wrestles them! ;-D!

I think "Expect the Unexpected" is Shiloh's motto! :)
I've had one room downstairs child-proofed for Shiloh, and the other day I decided to add another room for her since it seems she needs more play area. (Read this to mean...her toys are overwhelming one room!)
Day 1...Shiloh plays & explores.
Day 2...Shiloh is playing in the other room banging on her toys, I keep lifting my head to check on her.
Then I hear a different banging noise. I'm looking and walking at the same time because in a flash, Shiloh has climbed the two small toy boxes that were stacked against the side of my piano and is standing on them banging the lid of the small aquarium that I have on top of the piano, with a HUGE grin on her face!!!
I pick her up, move the boxes far away from the piano and no longer stacked, clean up the aquarium hoping its inhabitants aren't permanently brain-damaged.

And 2 seconds later Shiloh is over there, stretching on her tip toes as far as she can trying to reach the aquarium and even pulling up on the windowsill to try a reach farther!

BTW, in case you were wondering...she now has access to 1 1/2 rooms. (at least until I can go over that area again)

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