Friday, July 20, 2007

If you're going through Teething, keep on going...

We had a nice Anniversary and a nice time with DH home. :)
Went to the mall and the "99 Steakhouse" for lunch and Shiloh napped most of the time so it was really nice to sit and talk quietly.

Shiloh spent a lot of time clinging to her Daddy, she's always excited to see him and it didn't lessen at all with him being home more.

It's been 2 months since Shiloh got her two bottom teeth in, and she's been such a happy, smiley baby too.
Last night at dinnertime she just had a serious conniption!!!
So I realized that it's quite a 180 on her personality. I gave her Motrin and a frozen teether and I had a happy baby all evening.
Then middle of the night, Shi's tossing and turning and moaning in her sleep. Early morning she wakes up...just screaming. I gave her Tylenol & teething tablets, got her calmed down and she slept well the rest of the night.
This morning I look in her mouth and the tip of one of her top middle teeth is visible!
I can also see the outline of a total of ((4)) teeth on the top! My poor girl!
I hope they pop through quickly for her.

At least this time I feel better prepared, and that I am sure what is going on now.
Last time she was miserable for about 2 months before they popped through so I kept second-guessing myself and thinking maybe it's an ear infection or stomachache or whatever the mind comes up with at 2am.
She was miserable for sooo long too, that I was beginning to think it was her personality!
Then the teeth came through and she was a totally different, cheerful, happy child...and I just felt so bad that she must have been in so much pain.
Now at least, I can reassure myself that it IS her teeth, and take care of it without all the other worries.

I am hopeful that since I can see the top of one, they'll be through quickly. Last time the two teeth came out within a week of each other, so if that happens this time I don't blame her one iota for being crabby.
My wisdom teeth give me enough annoyance, I can't imagine having 4 teeth trying to pop out at once!
Poor baby...

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