Friday, July 27, 2007

Life in plastic, its fantastic!

Shiloh's two top teeth are being stubborn.
They are right there!
Right there, and they won't pop through!!!!
At least Shiloh is good about taking her Motrin & Tylenol, maybe she realizes it's relief.

We've been playing house a lot these past couple days.
I realized it's one of the joys of having a daughter, even when she's a pretty rough & tumble baby, she still plays house nicely.
She's trying with the phone too, she'll imitate me saying "hello" though it's hard to make out.
I was flipping her little plastic hamburger in the little plastic frying pan and she thought that was just hilarious!! :-D
It's fun to play house with her, because otherwise I'd just be this crazy lady in a toy house flipping plastic burgers and talking on a pretend phone with a microwave that was really just a sticker.

We had some pretty big storms today, I watched a huge tree go down our creek...very noisily! I think it took out some more trees along the way.
Also lightning struck the creek too, that was pretty scary since we are so close!
I thought it hit a tree but I didn't smell anything burning so I think it struck the water.
At least no hail this time, but wow! these summer storms are getting powerful!

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