Saturday, July 21, 2007

What did Superman's mom do for child-proofing??

Last night, I gave Shiloh a late bath and then Motrin...which for some reason last night made her hyper.
When I finally got her calmed down and sleeping though, she slept great without all the moaning & screaming of the night before.
She did wake up about 1/2 hour early, but she was bright and chipper, all smiles and giggles. :)

She seriously could be a tester for a child-proofing company though.
Shi's already ripped off those table corner pads and is trying to climb her child-gate...she's even smart enough to pull over her ride-on toy and try to use it as a step!!!
She figured out how to pull up the lousy wall-to-wall carpeting...yes, the carpet! Until her Daddy fixed that...and she has a quest to play with the blinds even if it involves climbing over, under, around, through, or 20 minutes of pushing something out of the way to do it.
Yesterday she spent a lot of time trying to pull herself into the chair in our living room...she was extremely close then got either tired or bored with it.
(She's trying again today!)
She definitely has her Daddy's determination and boy, does that keep my hands & days full!

Yesterday I put a little oatmeal on Shiloh's spoon and let her hold it while I fed her with a different spoon.
M-E-S-S-Y! But then Shi kept opening and closing her sticky hands and didn't seem too thrilled that they were messy, so I am hoping that will translate into less of a fit at having her hands and face washed in the future.
I can hope, right? ;)

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