Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who says you can't go home..

I have lived on a dead-end street all my life...just a simple fact.
Living in the country that was never a problem, in fact it was great for tons of reasons.
The city though, is different.

We had city DPW crews working on the end of the street for a few days last month. I don't even leave the house that often, but it happened that the days they were working I had Shi's Dr. appt's and errands and had to drive down our narrow street, then wait for them to let me through and even then I had to go up on the curb to get by.

Today, I went out and visited my sister, then to Price Chopper for groceries. I threw a diaper, a wipe, and two toys in my purse...normally I'd add a snack for Shiloh but her containers were drying in the dish rack and I only had a couple stops, and would only be out a few hours.

Our town is near a local speedway so there tends to be race cars and drivers all over, and one of the drivers owns property near us, and his parents live on the opening of our street.
After all my shopping, I pull onto our street and it is *completely* blocked by the race-car driver's truck, giant trailer, AND race car that they were either trying to get on or off the trailer and now is seriously stuck on the curb.
I see that they have noticed me so I wait.

It's so frustrating to be able to *see* your home but you can't get to it!

Shiloh starts screaming at the top of her lungs, she knows we are at home or close to home and we've stopped and she doesn't know why she's still stuck in her hot carseat.

I wait...I put the truck in Park and hand Shiloh a toy from my purse.
I'm in the middle of the street but I'm the only one waiting for this race car to move.
I wait...I have the AC running full blast to keep Shiloh cool in the backseat so I'm keeping an eye on the temperature gauge, the guys are now putting a jack under the race car.
I don't know what they are doing, but judging from their faces and gestures...there's a lot of four-letter words flying around.
After about 10 minutes of waiting, one of the men walks over and tells me that I should park there and walk home because it's going to be awhile...

I need to carry my 10 month old screaming baby, several bags full of MELTING groceries, and I live at the other end of the street!
Not to mention the fact that the truck and trailer are completely blocking the sidewalks on *both* sides of the street as well, and they have some loud machinery running, which in Shi's current state would probably terrify her having to walk so close to it...nor how thrilled I am with the thought of leaving my truck at the opening of our narrow street.
Or the fact that *whenever* the street is clear, I'll have to bring the baby all the way back to the truck and strap her into her seat again, just so I can drive it home.

All this goes through my head in a matter of seconds, as my daughter's cries for freedom are reverberating in my skull.

So I end up backing the truck onto the main street (there's no place to turn around), and driving to the restaurant where DH works.
That was nice though. He got to show the baby to his co-workers.
She clung to her Daddy's neck when one of them got a little too close to I'm sure he'll want to buy her pony. Lol :)
She's certainly got the key to his heart.
We waited for 1/2 hour and DH checked on us a few times and Shiloh got excited to see him, so he couldn't resist her and would carry her around again. :)

She's smells like Chinese food now. lol. Yum!

Shiloh started screaming again, when we put her back in the truck, but thankfully our street was now clear.
Shi's been nursing & napping for 4 hours now, so I think the yelling really wore her out.
But ((yay!!)) we're finally home!

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