Friday, August 31, 2007

Who needs weights when you've got a baby?

I weighed Shiloh this morning on our scale...19lbs! Yay!

I decided to weigh her after about the millionth time of carrying her up the stairs because I just needed to grab something but Shi-Shi insisted on being carried along.
19lbs. I should be getting some pretty nice biceps by now..

She's talking more now, at least in baby babble. She'll have a conversation with me, showing me things and babbling away...much more than she ever has. Shi also likes to hum or sing...even when eating or nursing!
She's so hard to keep an eye on constantly!
Even when she's sitting quietly looking at magazines...the next second she has her mouth crammed with the front cover!
Perhaps the anorexic cover models make her hungry?
I was trying to hang up laundry yesterday, and everything seemed to be picked up well, she was happily playing with the remote control behind me.
Next thing, I turn to check on her and she's managed to grab a cup of water off the nightstand and dump it completely down herself.
Not a peep out of her (actually that's usually my first clue that something is humming or babble or playing sounds), she just tried pulling her soaked clothing away from her body. If I could just get this outfit off....Mom will never know what happened!
Fortunately her diaper absorbed a major amount of the water. Hmm, so that's why babies can't swim with a diaper! ;-)
That's the problem with them growing and getting taller...suddenly they can reach more things.
And Shi certainly is not one to look, and not touch.

Just gotta close with this. I just laid Shi-Shi down for her morning nap...Is their anything cuter or more precious than a sleeping baby??? :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

Now that Shiloh can clap her hands, and loves to do so, she can express her thanks to me. :-)
Today, while preparing to nurse her...I got a standing ovation! Then when she was done eating and sat up...she applauded her thanks over a good meal. :-)
How's that for gratitude?

Some of the nice, sweet things about Shi-Shi walking now, are walking with her holding her hand and having her come over to me and wrap her arms around my legs hugging me. Too precious!

Right now, Shiloh is walking around holding her phone to the *back* of her head and babbling "Ohhhh....Ohhhhh....Dada! Dada!"
She's imitating my pretend conversation with her Daddy, but for some reason we can't get her to say any words into a real phone.
But maybe that's because we're holding the phone to her mouth instead of to the back of her head! Silly parents! ;-D

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'll never grow up...not me!

My daughter is bouncing in beat to Polka music!
No, I am not so lame as to play polka music, the Cascade commercial came on the television which has polka music....and Shi really enjoyed it! :)

I've been trying to teach Shiloh to clap for months now. Yesterday she just walked over to me and started clapping and she's doing it all the time now.
Early this morning, she must have been having a bad dream. She was fussy, eyes closed, didn't want to nurse but she kept wiggling and tossing & turning...then started clapping! Eventually she fell asleep but I had a hard time laying her down.
Then she slept in until after 10:30 this morning!!

Today I shook my head, "No" to her. Now she's trying to do that...and keep her balance at the same time, it's quite a feat!
I was sweeping my hand over the carpet, making sure I got all the pieces of a cheerio she had dropped. Shi thought that was funny and imitated me, now at random times she's petting the carpet. lol.

I was baking yesterday, I told my husband that I really need to take a picture of the kitchen afterwards because of Shiloh's rearranging while I am busy.

She moves things into odd places so sometimes you don't notice right away until you find her sneaker tucked in the cupboard next to the flour or her sippy cup in the basket of fruit. ;)

My poor hip is so black & blue and SORE!!
I also have some nice rug burn on my knees...and bruises on my shins.
Playing hide and seek with Shiloh, crawling around and hiding....then I banged my hip twice on the corner of my piano...then another time (while crawling) on the floor molding.
All the same hip which is the one that I usually carry Shi-Shi on, so it hurts every time I pick her up now!

My legs look like I'm 9yrs old again! Well, I wanted to look younger but that's not exactly what I had in mind! ;-P

Saturday, August 25, 2007

'crikey she's a feisty sheila!

She might not be ready for weaning, just yet.

This thought occurred to me last night, as my daughter with all the speed and ferociousness of a hungry crocodile, lunged at my husband's bare chest, latched on and tried to do her "death roll" into the nursing position.
He yelped.
She frowned.

Shiloh sat back and studied him very seriously.
Then with her fingers, flicked first one, then the other of his "non-functioning" nips.
Figuring out that this was not an alternate source of the good stuff, she whined at me and she half-climbed, was half-pushed into my lap by her father to quench her thirst.

I think perhaps I won't be hearing the endless question "When are you going to stop nursing?" from him anytime soon! :)

Anyways, Shiloh is walking/running great these days. Walking best barefoot, socks tend to be too slippery and with shoes she steps on her own feet.
She likes to make these laps around the living room, she'll come to me and take a cheerio then make a lap and repeat. It's like I'm her pit stop!

It's a super muggy day, but it just started raining so maybe that will cool things off. There are some warnings and I heard some thunder, so it's probably best to be getting off line now.

Friday, August 24, 2007

No milk? Off with her head!! Off with all their heads!!

I have basically completed my tasks for the day, except for cleaning one of the bathrooms.
The largest bathroom is clean and after you hear of my day, you probably will agree that was enough for one day.

Shiloh only took a 30 minute nap this morning. Just long enough for me to get started on sanitizing her bath toys and clean two drawers of the bathroom cabinet.
Then I changed her diaper, shut the door to the bedroom so she had access to both the bedroom and bathroom and gave her the now cleaned bath toys, a comb, a brush, some lotions with good tops etc. to play with.
Shiloh plays with the toys for about 2 seconds. Then she plays with the door stop. She grabs my roll of paper towel and rips off two sheets.
I take the roll from her but let her keep the two sheets, it's well worth it since it keeps her quiet and happy for quite awhile shredding them into teeny, tiny, microscopic pieces.
Then she notices that I am throwing away old boxes and bottles of lotion and starts to remove them from the garbage.
What is with her and garbage anyways???
That is soon boring to her, and I notice that I have neatly organized drawers and clean countertops and sink....but the floor looks like the puppy pen at Petsmart!

I decide it's time to drop it all and go eat lunch.

When I get back to the job it's no better, perhaps worse. Shiloh is now bored of all of the above activities...she refuses to leave the bathroom and my immediate vicinity. She knows she hasn't gotten her milk as often as she would like, so she's not letting me out of sight!
Shi spends some time trying to open the undersink cabinet, which has a child lock. Tries to shred the toilet paper roll, since the papertowel was so fun. Then like any princess, she wants to check out the throne...but Mommy won't let her.
So then as I clean the "throne" with one leg jutting out oddly to prevent her from coming too close....she decides to wash her mouth out by eating some soap!

At this point, I am done.
We'll just lower the wattage of the lighting in the room and no one will notice if it needs cleaning at all! Or maybe remove some bulbs, or just start using least until the dust becomes too flammable.
Hey...whatever happened to a good old-fashioned outhouse anyways!!!

Not a good idea to do anything anyways on a day when you are going to start the weaning process.
Before, I was afraid that perhaps I offered Shiloh to nurse too often, perhaps it was me that was the cause of her nursing so frequently.
She wants what she wants and she wants it often and basically....hell hath no fury.
When she falls down, after she's eaten, when she's sleepy, when she's woken up, when she's feeling out of sorts, when she has a whim...she wants it.
She's like someone who just had their Prozac taken away.

She's eaten quite a bit, and has free access to water, and snacks.
It's not that I've even gone cold turkey...more just delaying.
If she wants milk at 3pm...delay until 4pm if possible, and not delaying at all if it is because it is naptime.

So I am realizing it is less likely a weaning problem, and more likely a 1 yr old not getting what she wants, problem.
Poo, this kid has a temper!

(ETA: Shiloh figured out how to stand up without *any* assistance the other holding on anything, right in the middle of the room! Big Accomplishment!!)

I've found a reason for me...

I have a million & one things to do today....which I am happily putting off just to write this blog. :-D

I'm not quite sure where to begin in my tasks, which range from reattaching a button to one of the baby's shirt (and securing the rest!), to cleaning the bathrooms, to finding a better way of fastening the covering of Shi's crib rails due to the delightful finding of tiny teeth marks in the wood!

Shi is happily kicking a ball back and forth in the living room...yep, while standing. She holds onto something and really kicks the ball across the room!

This blog has been great for me to check back on so that I can properly update Shiloh's baby book. I might not note down immediately in her book when another tooth has arrived, but I certainly did on here and so I'm able to search and find the exact date! :)

Shiloh had applesauce, oatmeal, & a little chocolate milk for breakfast. I am hoping now that her teeth are through, she'll be more inclined to eat and that seems to be the case.

I am really torn about weaning...seems like a final step in transitioning her from "baby" to toddler or child. She is still nursing such a great deal, but I'm finding that along with sitting her down for a meal, letting her "eat and go" seems to be working best with solids. I was resistant to this because I don't want cheerios stomped into my carpet. But I give her a couple, one goes into her mouth and one in her hand and she wanders around, eats it, and comes back for it hasn't been too bad and it is resulting in her eating a lot more solids. And I'm assuming will lead to less nursing.

I guess I am ready...or my body is. I lost a lot of weight through her nursing binge while weighing less than pre-pg, my hair is still falling out just as bad as the beginning post-partum, despite vitamins, and I would like to drink more caffeine, and eat General Tso's, and wear a dress that doesn't have "easy access" openings.

I won't list the reasons to continue nursing or else I will talk myself out of weaning. Of course, I'm not doing it cold-turkey so I guess I have time to get used to it. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Half a post...

Today, we (Shiloh & I) enjoyed a great shopping trip with my sister and my nieces and nephew.
I bought some stuff for Shiloh, and probably could/should have bought more! :)
Good sales going on, and possibly I can remember my way back to this mall and shop there more?
We'll see...but either way, DH's days off will be limited for awhile so it will be some time before I can test my road remembering skills.
Shi is obsessed with looking at, and waving at, herself in mirrors! ;)
She thinks she's so cute! Then she fusses if we walk away from the mirror and that adorable chubby face.

I have a feeling that Shiloh is just storing up all these words and then one day she'll just start talking to me.
Yesterday, I got her to say "mow" to me, imitating a cat meowing.
When I ask her if she's done with her bath, she'll put her arms up for me to pick her up.
She'll also pick up her little snack container and bring it to me when she wants a few cheerios or goldfish crackers.
She's starting to get more generous with her kisses too, though she's known what that meant for awhile....a lot of times when I ask for a kiss, she just giggles and turns away (the little stinker!)
But she's started giving more kisses, but when she does, she doesn't stop at one it's more like 5 or 6....big, generous, wet, kisses!

(Okay there was more to my post, but blogger glitched as is indicated in the time of this's actually nearly 11pm!! and I'm too tired to rewrite it all...just so you know, because this seems rather unfinished!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Parking lot rage (my vent)

Sooo Shiloh and I took a quick trip to the grocery store this afternoon.

Just wanted to pick up a few things...

Shi was good in the store, though she did pull my keys out of my purse and drop them on the floor.
I even picked up the new Doritos which have two flavors of chips in one bag. I think DH will like that. :)

Then I get to the parking lot.

I park away from other vehicles, because my vehicle is still newer, I have the baby and it's much easier to pull the cart next to the truck and load it, and I once saw an accident happen just a few feet from me in the main parking lot of this store.
So I park in the more side lot away from the bulk of the vehicles.

I come back and there is a car parked on the passengers side of my vehicle. Too close to fit a cart, and too close to open my door fully.
Okay...all right. I just need to open the drivers side doors anyways.
I walk to the drivers side...where there is a stupid tan Aztec parked so close that our side mirrors are almost touching. I mean Sooo close....even if I had a mini van with sliding doors you wouldn't have been able to get in on that side!

I didn't even know what to do!!

I have a cart of groceries and the baby. I look around but there are no cart boys around to send to find the owners of the vehicle, and then would I trust them to back out of the spot without hitting my truck??
I briefly think of calling the police...but what would they do? Give them a stupidity ticket?....bad parking ticket?....ticking off a Mom with a baby ticket?

I end up loading my groceries in the back. Then I have to take the baby and go through the passengers side door to put her in her carseat which is on the drivers side...and poor thing, I bumped her head a little on the ceiling trying to get her in.
That just made me madder.
Then I had to get in the passengers side and climb over the seats to get into the drivers seat.

I'm glad the baby is old enough that I didn't have her in her carseat in the cart...then I wouldn't have been able to reasonably get her in the truck and I'd have had to go inside and page down the jerk.
I'm also glad that I have been driving long enough, and well enough, to back out of that tight space safely!

My hands were shaking, I was so mad...

Maybe it's because of the baby. I know I've had to do that before but with a different vehicle and before the baby...and I'd just say "What a jerk, with a Cracker Jack Box license" and let it go.
But I mean, seriously I was so mad, I had to keep reminding myself..."No, that's not Christian...let it go" ....and repeat....and repeat.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It will all come out in the wash...

Shiloh has been keeping me busy.

Last night DH and I were watching a movie while Shi napped. She woke, and I picked her up and cuddled her on the couch with us.
Then I realize she's soaked...her shirt, her pants, her blanket. So thankful I put a waterproof pad in her pack 'n play!
So then I'm stripping blankets, giving her a bath and a fresh change of everything.

Today, I barely caught her morning poopy really, really, didn't look like the diaper had contained it but by some miracle.
Then instead of her usual 30 minute nap this morning, she took a 3 hour one!
Very nice...but then laundry again, another complete change of clothes.
Then another poopy explosion. This one also was contained. Yay!
Right now, she's walking around with chocolate milk dribble marks down her shirt and pants. Somehow despite a tiny cup and my holding a paper towel under her chin.
Bathtime is in a little bit or she'd be having a total of 4 changes of clothes today!

Just wanted to add how it is a mystery to me, that when she's wearing a onesie, pants, AND a bib. Yet I can open her diaper and there will be a cheerio or goldfish cracker in there????

I'm guessing my lunch at the "99 Steakhouse" didn't agree with her, judging by the diapers I'm changing!?!?
I gave all the onions to DH, and only ate a couple of spoonfuls of cole slaw just for her tummy but something didn't work.

Also, I think maybe there's a growth spurt in the works? Shi normally takes 3 naps totaling about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.
She's only taken two naps so far and they've already totalled 4 hours! Not sure if she'll still fit in the 3rd nap, but still. wow.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Shiloh just took her morning nap so I was able to check and her 4th tooth has definitely cut through...I suspected so, after her fussiness all night long.
That means she now has two bottom middle teeth and the two top middles!

Hopefully, there will be peaceful, blessed, cherished, longed for, missed, needed, beloved, SLEEP in our household once again!

Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched "Elmo in Grouchland" it's actually an older movie.
My brother gave it to me at my baby shower, and I just happened to see it on the rack and realized I hadn't watched it yet.
Shiloh was captivated by it, but fell asleep shortly after it began, so I ended up watching it myself while knitting her sweater. :)

I thought the moral of the story was rather hidden by song & dance. But I'm not sure what I expected of Elmo...having never seen him before.
It was neat to see the same people that were on "Sesame Street" when I was young, still going strong.
Though I did spend most of the movie going "Is that Mandy Patinkin?", "I think it is him, but he looks old...and mean!" (he plays a villain)
It turns out, it is him and Vanessa Williams is in there as well.
I never watched him on the show he was on, way back when..."Chicago Hope"??
But I remember him from the "Princess Bride" which is a 20yr. old movie, so I guess he should be expected to age a bit!

I will watch the movie again, but in the end I was wishing there was more Cookie Monster and the Count and Oscar the Grouch...and a little less Elmo.

We had another restless bad night, Shi was very whiny and wanting cuddles or to nurse all night...and up nearly every hour.
Sure enough the elusive 4th tooth is pushing through. I'm not sure if it has actually cut through the gum or not, but I can feel it more prominently.
I rather like my fingertips so I'm waiting to really examine it when she naps.

Shiloh is walking non-stop now. She's walking about 80-90% of the time now, only really crawling when she falls down, because she needs to crawl to something to pull herself up on. She hasn't yet learned to stand up without assistance.
Last night I got a nice rug burn on my knee from crawling around, playing "hide and seek" with her. She loves it!!!!!!!!!!
When she finds me, I chase her and she screams, squeals, and giggles as she tries to run away to her "safety zone". Ultimately she gets too excited, trips, and ends up crawling the rest of the way while I tickle her toes. :)
She can play that for a long time!
Then we were both exhausted and needed a Popsicle to cool down. ;-D

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hamburger in the mail

Shiloh likes to keep busy.

She seems to get bored very easily...kinda like her Daddy, I think.
So yesterday I took her outside and she walked...yes, walked, around the entire house.

She thought our plastic owl (to keep away bats/birds etc) was great!
At first she would just stare at it and didn't want to get too I patted the owl on the head to show her it was okay. Well, that was all she wanted to do after that...walk a few steps, then back to pat the owl's head, then a few more steps...and so on. ;-)

I try to rotate her toys, and today I rearranged some furniture and her larger items of keep her from being bored.
She explored all of rearranging.
She discovered the not-so-tastiness of plastic grapes.
She figured out how to climb onto her rocking chair and STAND on it!
She shredded some magazines.
She tried to crawl under the couch...her head is the only thing that won't fit, so she inches her way until only her head is peeking out.
She tried to get into the garbage again...remembering the interesting broccoli from the other day!

We also played "Hamburger in the mail" for a l-o-n-g time. That is what I have dubbed the game anyways, I'm not too creative at game names.
Anyways...the gist is, Shiloh is inside her toy house. Mommy is outside.
Shiloh hands Mommy a plastic hamburger through the window.
Mommy says "thank you" and with what should be an Oscar-nominated performance, pretends to eat the hamburger.
Then Mommy pushes the hamburger through the mail slot of the door, Shiloh takes it from the door slot and waves it in amazement over her head.
It is the equivalent of the biblical never ending oil jar to her...the hamburger that reappears!!!! :-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

11 months old, today!

Hard to believe my baby is 11 months old!
She's getting so big and doing so much.
Today, since the weather was much cooler than it has been, I made DH's favorite cookies, and then some pasta & meatballs for dinner.
The only thing that made this cooking session different, is that Shiloh was underfoot the whole time!

She used to be fairly content to sit in her highchair or bounce in her jumper or exersaucer while I was in the kitchen.
Now she a girl on the move! :)
A pot & spoons...especially the whisk, kept her entertained for a few minutes. Then she explored under the table.
Then she removed everything from the diaper bag, carefully inspecting each item.
Then one by one she removed pieces of paper and books from the shelves.
Then flipped over the rug to see what was on the other side.

At one point playing with the pots and spoons scared her, and she came crawling and crying over to me to cling to my leg....of course it is at the exact point when I'm up to my elbows in meatballs!
Thankfully clinging to my leg for a moment was all the comfort she needed and she was off exploring again.

We just bought some new cutting boards!
I watched a "Good Eats" episode on food safety and it really got me thinking about my cutting board.
Especially with the baby, and wanting to keep germs, bacteria, etc. away from her.
Wal-Mart had a great cutting board set. 4 different pastel boards with holder and they have a little picture in the corner. One for veggies, one for meat, fish, and chicken.
I really like that.

As I was using the appropriate board, and thinking how nice and clean and sanitary it keeps things around the baby......Shiloh reached her hand into the garbage trying to pull out the broccoli remnants that I had just tossed in there!!!!!!

Well, I do my best to keep things clean....but the forces of Shiloh are against me....and they are powerful!

There was soooooooooooo much cleaning to do afterwards.
I may never cook again.
Not only the usual pots and pans from cooking.
But cleaning up after Shiloh and picking up all the paper/books/pans/spoons/cookie crumbs off the floor.
Then fixing the rug, and washing the highchair, and re-packing the diaper bag.

But Shiloh did like the pasta!
She ate some pasta, tofu, broccoli, and meatball...and had a cute little orange smile afterwards from the tomato sauce. :)
I'm so glad her appetite seems to be returning!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pirate weekend

Shiloh and I had a fun weekend at my parents' camp.
On Saturday morning, we had a nice breakfast at the Koffee Kove (which is where DH and I ate most of our breakfasts on our honeymoon!) I just love their choc. chip pancakes!
Then we marched in the Children's Pirate Parade! So many people in costumes that really varied in complexity. The photo above was taken just before the parade began...and that was the only time she sat in the stroller.
I ended up carrying her through the parade, but she wasn't nervous around the peg-legged, hook-armed, scurvy pirates that crowded us....she even waved to the bystanders! :-) I guess Shiloh is a natural!
We also did some shopping at the local mall, and I finally found this children's book that I have been searching for.
I was pretty excited about that! :)
Shiloh is working on tooth #4, on Sunday it was visible...then today the gum swelled up again and I can't see it. She woke from a nap, just hysterical, so I think it should pop through soon............please...
But she is starting to take a longer nap in the afternoons which has been great...still taking her 3 naps a day, but instead of 1/2 hr. the middle nap has been ranging from 1-2 hours! yay!
I'm not sure, but it seems the last nap of the day may be phasing itself out soon with this change.
But for now, I'm enjoying....especially since she keeps me on my toes when she's awake. :-)
Today I noticed little black baby handprints all over my white end table. Shi must have grabbed the newspaper, then been patting the table.
Kinda cute, got me thinking of doing some hand & feet prints of hers before her birthday.
Need to do it while I still enjoy tiny handprints, and I'm not weary of cleaning them off of everything. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Better use your melon

Judging by the sour expression Shiloh gave me...she's not a fan of watermelon.
Kinda surprising! But yep, it took her a l-o-n-g time to eat one tiny piece (I almost took it back out of her mouth) and she certainly didn't want any more!
We bought a watermelon on Saturday and it is soo good, nice and sweet!
I thought Shi might like it, but I guess not....maybe she'll take after her Grandpa and not like melon?
She ate that one little piece on Saturday, refused any more and didn't want any on Sunday either.

Last night I got her to eat a few pieces of grilled cheese sandwich.
It definitely wasn't easy to get her to eat.
But then she slept for 6 1/2 hours straight!!! So it was worth the effort if that's what helped.
She did end up needing Tylenol yesterday afternoon, so we're not quite over the teething hump yet, still waiting for the other middle top tooth. I can feel it this morning so it should be soon making an appearance.

She's walking all over the place too. Even turning completely around! She likes to tease us now and walk *almost* into our arms, then squeal and turn suddenly running the other way! She such a stinker!
She's so smart...I know every parent says that, so it's my turn. :)
She's really imitating us now, she picked up her toy phone and put it on her shoulder, and she's working on saying "hello" though it's barely recognizable at the moment.
Then last night DH and I were playing karaoke on the PS, and in between songs Shiloh picked up one of the mikes and held it to her mouth and was making singing sounds!
I wish I could have caught it on video, it was adorable.

I did end up buying curtains yesterday instead of making them, so much easier. Though instead of putting these in the bedroom we did a switch with the living room curtains. But it worked out, and made it seem like more rooms had an instant make-over. In fact I could picture becoming a curtain-aholic, if there is such a thing, and have several changes of curtains for each room!

Changing Shi's diaper was becoming a nightmare trying to keep her still, especially since my changing table doesn't have a belt.
What's working now is having a selection of interesting items that I'll let her pick from, then play with while I change her. (Just handing her something wouldn't work, she has to pick it out!).
So right now she can choose from a toy, a bulb syringe, a large infant med. dropper, a hairbrush, a tube of Vaseline, or a diaper....all apparently fascinating.
And I try to add/remove other things to keep it interesting.
So far, so good!
Whew, it's not easy being creative and keeping one step ahead of her!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

To sew or not to sew

Last night went about the same as the night before, so I did get some rest. Yay!
We're still not back to pre-teething sleeping, but I'm also not sure if she's done for the moment or not...since only one tooth has popped out despite her whole gum being swollen.
Yesterday she went back to not eating, where the day before she was starting to improve so I thought maybe this teething session was done.
Then yesterday she wouldn't even eat her yogurt, which has been one thing I've been able to get her eat recently...
I think Shiloh has outgrown her baby bathtub. :(
She's very determined to keep pulling the drain plug in it and it's getting difficult to have enough room to lay her down to rinse her hair.
She's also started grabbing the sides of her tub and trying to stand up or pull herself to her knees.
So next bathtime, I'll try her in just the regular full-size tub.
She's getting big...sometimes she looks at me and she doesn't look like a baby, but a little girl!

I am working on knitting her a sweater, it's a pretty grape color. I'm making it in a size 2 so that it will last for awhile since baby growth spurts are hard to predict. I have the back done and just a little bit left on the front...then on to the sleeves and hood. I may add some decoration if I feel ambitious by the end.
It's nearly impossible to get done with the baby though.
She thinks the yarn is fascinating and wants it desperately!!
I also pulled one needle completely out of my work once, when I jumped to catch her because she tripped on her toy.
Thankfully, I was able to thread it back through without much difficulty.

Tomorrow I need to pick-up fabric to make us curtains for our new bedroom that we've moved into. DH thinks the ones we have up now let in too much light, so he can't sleep well in the morning.
He's supposed to keep an eye on the baby for me tomorrow so I can work on sewing those.
If she's hard to keep away from my knitting, I can't imagine having any luck keeping her *happily* away from the sewing machine without major distraction....and though it's out of her reach I'd have to have her separated from me while I worked on them.
I'm not planning anything fancy just a couple hems mostly so we shall see how long it takes.
The bad part is they are gigantic windows, so no short hems at all and tons of fabric to maneuver!
I think I'll shop the curtain aisle first, if I can find some that will work, normally I wouldn't mind...but that way will be easier because of the baby. ;)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Can you do the mashed potato?

So I had about three nights in a row where the baby was up *every* hour at night. (poor thing, just moaning in her sleep!)
I even tried to give her a bottle, since I was getting pretty exhausted...but I expected she would reject it and she clamped her lips shut and wouldn't even let the bottle in!

Last night was a little better. She was up at 1am...then again at 2am. At which point I must have fallen asleep in the rocking chair with her because the next time I looked at the clock it was suddenly 3am!
I put her back in the crib and went to bed, and she didn't wake me until 6am.
She was cold so I turned off her fan and nursed her, and she slept again til 9am!

This morning she found that she can clink her teeth together (1 top, 2 bottom) and also that she can grind them!!
Eek! I'm shuddering and she thinks it's so cool!

Last night she also started playing peek-a-boo where she would crouch down and pop up giggling. It was so cute...and she's not done that before, usually I'm the one hiding.
She's also big on bouncing to any beat...a jingle on the TV, her musical toys, or Mommy singing. She bounces and sometimes gets her head bopping to the beat as well. :)