Tuesday, August 14, 2007

11 months old, today!

Hard to believe my baby is 11 months old!
She's getting so big and doing so much.
Today, since the weather was much cooler than it has been, I made DH's favorite cookies, and then some pasta & meatballs for dinner.
The only thing that made this cooking session different, is that Shiloh was underfoot the whole time!

She used to be fairly content to sit in her highchair or bounce in her jumper or exersaucer while I was in the kitchen.
Now she a girl on the move! :)
A pot & spoons...especially the whisk, kept her entertained for a few minutes. Then she explored under the table.
Then she removed everything from the diaper bag, carefully inspecting each item.
Then one by one she removed pieces of paper and books from the shelves.
Then flipped over the rug to see what was on the other side.

At one point playing with the pots and spoons scared her, and she came crawling and crying over to me to cling to my leg....of course it is at the exact point when I'm up to my elbows in meatballs!
Thankfully clinging to my leg for a moment was all the comfort she needed and she was off exploring again.

We just bought some new cutting boards!
I watched a "Good Eats" episode on food safety and it really got me thinking about my cutting board.
Especially with the baby, and wanting to keep germs, bacteria, etc. away from her.
Wal-Mart had a great cutting board set. 4 different pastel boards with holder and they have a little picture in the corner. One for veggies, one for meat, fish, and chicken.
I really like that.

As I was using the appropriate board, and thinking how nice and clean and sanitary it keeps things around the baby......Shiloh reached her hand into the garbage trying to pull out the broccoli remnants that I had just tossed in there!!!!!!

Well, I do my best to keep things clean....but the forces of Shiloh are against me....and they are powerful!

There was soooooooooooo much cleaning to do afterwards.
I may never cook again.
Not only the usual pots and pans from cooking.
But cleaning up after Shiloh and picking up all the paper/books/pans/spoons/cookie crumbs off the floor.
Then fixing the rug, and washing the highchair, and re-packing the diaper bag.

But Shiloh did like the pasta!
She ate some pasta, tofu, broccoli, and meatball...and had a cute little orange smile afterwards from the tomato sauce. :)
I'm so glad her appetite seems to be returning!!!!

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