Monday, August 06, 2007

Better use your melon

Judging by the sour expression Shiloh gave me...she's not a fan of watermelon.
Kinda surprising! But yep, it took her a l-o-n-g time to eat one tiny piece (I almost took it back out of her mouth) and she certainly didn't want any more!
We bought a watermelon on Saturday and it is soo good, nice and sweet!
I thought Shi might like it, but I guess not....maybe she'll take after her Grandpa and not like melon?
She ate that one little piece on Saturday, refused any more and didn't want any on Sunday either.

Last night I got her to eat a few pieces of grilled cheese sandwich.
It definitely wasn't easy to get her to eat.
But then she slept for 6 1/2 hours straight!!! So it was worth the effort if that's what helped.
She did end up needing Tylenol yesterday afternoon, so we're not quite over the teething hump yet, still waiting for the other middle top tooth. I can feel it this morning so it should be soon making an appearance.

She's walking all over the place too. Even turning completely around! She likes to tease us now and walk *almost* into our arms, then squeal and turn suddenly running the other way! She such a stinker!
She's so smart...I know every parent says that, so it's my turn. :)
She's really imitating us now, she picked up her toy phone and put it on her shoulder, and she's working on saying "hello" though it's barely recognizable at the moment.
Then last night DH and I were playing karaoke on the PS, and in between songs Shiloh picked up one of the mikes and held it to her mouth and was making singing sounds!
I wish I could have caught it on video, it was adorable.

I did end up buying curtains yesterday instead of making them, so much easier. Though instead of putting these in the bedroom we did a switch with the living room curtains. But it worked out, and made it seem like more rooms had an instant make-over. In fact I could picture becoming a curtain-aholic, if there is such a thing, and have several changes of curtains for each room!

Changing Shi's diaper was becoming a nightmare trying to keep her still, especially since my changing table doesn't have a belt.
What's working now is having a selection of interesting items that I'll let her pick from, then play with while I change her. (Just handing her something wouldn't work, she has to pick it out!).
So right now she can choose from a toy, a bulb syringe, a large infant med. dropper, a hairbrush, a tube of Vaseline, or a diaper....all apparently fascinating.
And I try to add/remove other things to keep it interesting.
So far, so good!
Whew, it's not easy being creative and keeping one step ahead of her!

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