Friday, August 03, 2007

Can you do the mashed potato?

So I had about three nights in a row where the baby was up *every* hour at night. (poor thing, just moaning in her sleep!)
I even tried to give her a bottle, since I was getting pretty exhausted...but I expected she would reject it and she clamped her lips shut and wouldn't even let the bottle in!

Last night was a little better. She was up at 1am...then again at 2am. At which point I must have fallen asleep in the rocking chair with her because the next time I looked at the clock it was suddenly 3am!
I put her back in the crib and went to bed, and she didn't wake me until 6am.
She was cold so I turned off her fan and nursed her, and she slept again til 9am!

This morning she found that she can clink her teeth together (1 top, 2 bottom) and also that she can grind them!!
Eek! I'm shuddering and she thinks it's so cool!

Last night she also started playing peek-a-boo where she would crouch down and pop up giggling. It was so cute...and she's not done that before, usually I'm the one hiding.
She's also big on bouncing to any beat...a jingle on the TV, her musical toys, or Mommy singing. She bounces and sometimes gets her head bopping to the beat as well. :)

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