Saturday, August 25, 2007

'crikey she's a feisty sheila!

She might not be ready for weaning, just yet.

This thought occurred to me last night, as my daughter with all the speed and ferociousness of a hungry crocodile, lunged at my husband's bare chest, latched on and tried to do her "death roll" into the nursing position.
He yelped.
She frowned.

Shiloh sat back and studied him very seriously.
Then with her fingers, flicked first one, then the other of his "non-functioning" nips.
Figuring out that this was not an alternate source of the good stuff, she whined at me and she half-climbed, was half-pushed into my lap by her father to quench her thirst.

I think perhaps I won't be hearing the endless question "When are you going to stop nursing?" from him anytime soon! :)

Anyways, Shiloh is walking/running great these days. Walking best barefoot, socks tend to be too slippery and with shoes she steps on her own feet.
She likes to make these laps around the living room, she'll come to me and take a cheerio then make a lap and repeat. It's like I'm her pit stop!

It's a super muggy day, but it just started raining so maybe that will cool things off. There are some warnings and I heard some thunder, so it's probably best to be getting off line now.

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