Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

Now that Shiloh can clap her hands, and loves to do so, she can express her thanks to me. :-)
Today, while preparing to nurse her...I got a standing ovation! Then when she was done eating and sat up...she applauded her thanks over a good meal. :-)
How's that for gratitude?

Some of the nice, sweet things about Shi-Shi walking now, are walking with her holding her hand and having her come over to me and wrap her arms around my legs hugging me. Too precious!

Right now, Shiloh is walking around holding her phone to the *back* of her head and babbling "Ohhhh....Ohhhhh....Dada! Dada!"
She's imitating my pretend conversation with her Daddy, but for some reason we can't get her to say any words into a real phone.
But maybe that's because we're holding the phone to her mouth instead of to the back of her head! Silly parents! ;-D

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