Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'll never grow up...not me!

My daughter is bouncing in beat to Polka music!
No, I am not so lame as to play polka music, the Cascade commercial came on the television which has polka music....and Shi really enjoyed it! :)

I've been trying to teach Shiloh to clap for months now. Yesterday she just walked over to me and started clapping and she's doing it all the time now.
Early this morning, she must have been having a bad dream. She was fussy, eyes closed, didn't want to nurse but she kept wiggling and tossing & turning...then started clapping! Eventually she fell asleep but I had a hard time laying her down.
Then she slept in until after 10:30 this morning!!

Today I shook my head, "No" to her. Now she's trying to do that...and keep her balance at the same time, it's quite a feat!
I was sweeping my hand over the carpet, making sure I got all the pieces of a cheerio she had dropped. Shi thought that was funny and imitated me, now at random times she's petting the carpet. lol.

I was baking yesterday, I told my husband that I really need to take a picture of the kitchen afterwards because of Shiloh's rearranging while I am busy.

She moves things into odd places so sometimes you don't notice right away until you find her sneaker tucked in the cupboard next to the flour or her sippy cup in the basket of fruit. ;)

My poor hip is so black & blue and SORE!!
I also have some nice rug burn on my knees...and bruises on my shins.
Playing hide and seek with Shiloh, crawling around and hiding....then I banged my hip twice on the corner of my piano...then another time (while crawling) on the floor molding.
All the same hip which is the one that I usually carry Shi-Shi on, so it hurts every time I pick her up now!

My legs look like I'm 9yrs old again! Well, I wanted to look younger but that's not exactly what I had in mind! ;-P

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