Monday, August 20, 2007

It will all come out in the wash...

Shiloh has been keeping me busy.

Last night DH and I were watching a movie while Shi napped. She woke, and I picked her up and cuddled her on the couch with us.
Then I realize she's soaked...her shirt, her pants, her blanket. So thankful I put a waterproof pad in her pack 'n play!
So then I'm stripping blankets, giving her a bath and a fresh change of everything.

Today, I barely caught her morning poopy really, really, didn't look like the diaper had contained it but by some miracle.
Then instead of her usual 30 minute nap this morning, she took a 3 hour one!
Very nice...but then laundry again, another complete change of clothes.
Then another poopy explosion. This one also was contained. Yay!
Right now, she's walking around with chocolate milk dribble marks down her shirt and pants. Somehow despite a tiny cup and my holding a paper towel under her chin.
Bathtime is in a little bit or she'd be having a total of 4 changes of clothes today!

Just wanted to add how it is a mystery to me, that when she's wearing a onesie, pants, AND a bib. Yet I can open her diaper and there will be a cheerio or goldfish cracker in there????

I'm guessing my lunch at the "99 Steakhouse" didn't agree with her, judging by the diapers I'm changing!?!?
I gave all the onions to DH, and only ate a couple of spoonfuls of cole slaw just for her tummy but something didn't work.

Also, I think maybe there's a growth spurt in the works? Shi normally takes 3 naps totaling about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.
She's only taken two naps so far and they've already totalled 4 hours! Not sure if she'll still fit in the 3rd nap, but still. wow.

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