Friday, August 24, 2007

I've found a reason for me...

I have a million & one things to do today....which I am happily putting off just to write this blog. :-D

I'm not quite sure where to begin in my tasks, which range from reattaching a button to one of the baby's shirt (and securing the rest!), to cleaning the bathrooms, to finding a better way of fastening the covering of Shi's crib rails due to the delightful finding of tiny teeth marks in the wood!

Shi is happily kicking a ball back and forth in the living room...yep, while standing. She holds onto something and really kicks the ball across the room!

This blog has been great for me to check back on so that I can properly update Shiloh's baby book. I might not note down immediately in her book when another tooth has arrived, but I certainly did on here and so I'm able to search and find the exact date! :)

Shiloh had applesauce, oatmeal, & a little chocolate milk for breakfast. I am hoping now that her teeth are through, she'll be more inclined to eat and that seems to be the case.

I am really torn about weaning...seems like a final step in transitioning her from "baby" to toddler or child. She is still nursing such a great deal, but I'm finding that along with sitting her down for a meal, letting her "eat and go" seems to be working best with solids. I was resistant to this because I don't want cheerios stomped into my carpet. But I give her a couple, one goes into her mouth and one in her hand and she wanders around, eats it, and comes back for it hasn't been too bad and it is resulting in her eating a lot more solids. And I'm assuming will lead to less nursing.

I guess I am ready...or my body is. I lost a lot of weight through her nursing binge while weighing less than pre-pg, my hair is still falling out just as bad as the beginning post-partum, despite vitamins, and I would like to drink more caffeine, and eat General Tso's, and wear a dress that doesn't have "easy access" openings.

I won't list the reasons to continue nursing or else I will talk myself out of weaning. Of course, I'm not doing it cold-turkey so I guess I have time to get used to it. :)

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