Saturday, August 18, 2007

Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched "Elmo in Grouchland" it's actually an older movie.
My brother gave it to me at my baby shower, and I just happened to see it on the rack and realized I hadn't watched it yet.
Shiloh was captivated by it, but fell asleep shortly after it began, so I ended up watching it myself while knitting her sweater. :)

I thought the moral of the story was rather hidden by song & dance. But I'm not sure what I expected of Elmo...having never seen him before.
It was neat to see the same people that were on "Sesame Street" when I was young, still going strong.
Though I did spend most of the movie going "Is that Mandy Patinkin?", "I think it is him, but he looks old...and mean!" (he plays a villain)
It turns out, it is him and Vanessa Williams is in there as well.
I never watched him on the show he was on, way back when..."Chicago Hope"??
But I remember him from the "Princess Bride" which is a 20yr. old movie, so I guess he should be expected to age a bit!

I will watch the movie again, but in the end I was wishing there was more Cookie Monster and the Count and Oscar the Grouch...and a little less Elmo.

We had another restless bad night, Shi was very whiny and wanting cuddles or to nurse all night...and up nearly every hour.
Sure enough the elusive 4th tooth is pushing through. I'm not sure if it has actually cut through the gum or not, but I can feel it more prominently.
I rather like my fingertips so I'm waiting to really examine it when she naps.

Shiloh is walking non-stop now. She's walking about 80-90% of the time now, only really crawling when she falls down, because she needs to crawl to something to pull herself up on. She hasn't yet learned to stand up without assistance.
Last night I got a nice rug burn on my knee from crawling around, playing "hide and seek" with her. She loves it!!!!!!!!!!
When she finds me, I chase her and she screams, squeals, and giggles as she tries to run away to her "safety zone". Ultimately she gets too excited, trips, and ends up crawling the rest of the way while I tickle her toes. :)
She can play that for a long time!
Then we were both exhausted and needed a Popsicle to cool down. ;-D

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