Saturday, August 04, 2007

To sew or not to sew

Last night went about the same as the night before, so I did get some rest. Yay!
We're still not back to pre-teething sleeping, but I'm also not sure if she's done for the moment or not...since only one tooth has popped out despite her whole gum being swollen.
Yesterday she went back to not eating, where the day before she was starting to improve so I thought maybe this teething session was done.
Then yesterday she wouldn't even eat her yogurt, which has been one thing I've been able to get her eat recently...
I think Shiloh has outgrown her baby bathtub. :(
She's very determined to keep pulling the drain plug in it and it's getting difficult to have enough room to lay her down to rinse her hair.
She's also started grabbing the sides of her tub and trying to stand up or pull herself to her knees.
So next bathtime, I'll try her in just the regular full-size tub.
She's getting big...sometimes she looks at me and she doesn't look like a baby, but a little girl!

I am working on knitting her a sweater, it's a pretty grape color. I'm making it in a size 2 so that it will last for awhile since baby growth spurts are hard to predict. I have the back done and just a little bit left on the front...then on to the sleeves and hood. I may add some decoration if I feel ambitious by the end.
It's nearly impossible to get done with the baby though.
She thinks the yarn is fascinating and wants it desperately!!
I also pulled one needle completely out of my work once, when I jumped to catch her because she tripped on her toy.
Thankfully, I was able to thread it back through without much difficulty.

Tomorrow I need to pick-up fabric to make us curtains for our new bedroom that we've moved into. DH thinks the ones we have up now let in too much light, so he can't sleep well in the morning.
He's supposed to keep an eye on the baby for me tomorrow so I can work on sewing those.
If she's hard to keep away from my knitting, I can't imagine having any luck keeping her *happily* away from the sewing machine without major distraction....and though it's out of her reach I'd have to have her separated from me while I worked on them.
I'm not planning anything fancy just a couple hems mostly so we shall see how long it takes.
The bad part is they are gigantic windows, so no short hems at all and tons of fabric to maneuver!
I think I'll shop the curtain aisle first, if I can find some that will work, normally I wouldn't mind...but that way will be easier because of the baby. ;)

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