Friday, August 31, 2007

Who needs weights when you've got a baby?

I weighed Shiloh this morning on our scale...19lbs! Yay!

I decided to weigh her after about the millionth time of carrying her up the stairs because I just needed to grab something but Shi-Shi insisted on being carried along.
19lbs. I should be getting some pretty nice biceps by now..

She's talking more now, at least in baby babble. She'll have a conversation with me, showing me things and babbling away...much more than she ever has. Shi also likes to hum or sing...even when eating or nursing!
She's so hard to keep an eye on constantly!
Even when she's sitting quietly looking at magazines...the next second she has her mouth crammed with the front cover!
Perhaps the anorexic cover models make her hungry?
I was trying to hang up laundry yesterday, and everything seemed to be picked up well, she was happily playing with the remote control behind me.
Next thing, I turn to check on her and she's managed to grab a cup of water off the nightstand and dump it completely down herself.
Not a peep out of her (actually that's usually my first clue that something is humming or babble or playing sounds), she just tried pulling her soaked clothing away from her body. If I could just get this outfit off....Mom will never know what happened!
Fortunately her diaper absorbed a major amount of the water. Hmm, so that's why babies can't swim with a diaper! ;-)
That's the problem with them growing and getting taller...suddenly they can reach more things.
And Shi certainly is not one to look, and not touch.

Just gotta close with this. I just laid Shi-Shi down for her morning nap...Is their anything cuter or more precious than a sleeping baby??? :)

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