Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stew...everyone have some stew for supper!

I just finished making some beef stew and biscuits. Yum!
Good Fall time food, DH was really the one to be craving it. I usually start craving Apple cider, Cider donuts, and pumpkin pie as my first fall foods.
The crock pot is doing the rest of the work on the stew now. That's the best way to cook something like beef stew which is tastiest after a long cooking period.

It takes me a ridiculous amount of time though to make a rather simple meal.
Browning the meat on the stove, while scrambling an egg that will be happily squished between her fingers and not eaten at all by my daughter.
The peeled potatoes had to take a long water bath, while I changed Shiloh and fed her and laid her down for her nap, and hoped that they didn't darken on me.
Thankfully, I have a sweet husband who peeled & cut the carrots and onions for me.
I can never cut onions without sobbing as if I am watching "8 Below" while pregnant! ;-)

Lol, while trying to find the link to the old post, I read some of my other pregnant musings.
I am silly when I am pregnant...shush, I am not like that right now! ;-)
Like worrying that Shiloh would have frostbite on her head...hee hee!
Her head is fine, thank you very much!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Super Shiloh and the Lipizzaner Zebra!

My daughter is such a daredevil!
She could star in a Lara Croft/Indiana Jones adventure for toddlers!

She is just loving all her birthday presents. :)
Her Aunt Heather got her the FP Bounce & Spin Zebra, and Shi absolutely loves it. On Sunday she figured out how to climb on and off by herself.
She couldn't have been more proud of herself either, she was just beaming! :)
She's still a little short for it (only one foot touches at a time) but that doesn't stop her from bouncing and spinning and climbing on and off.
By Monday, she figured that was a little tame.
So while riding it she tries putting both of her feet through the handles...I took her off the toy.
Next thing...she's STANDING on the back of the zebra, BOUNCING and giggling hysterically! Lol.
She looked just like a little circus girl!

What else would I expect from a child who uses her rocking chair to climb on top of the end table so she can play with the remote controls?
A child who tries piling pillows & stuffed animals so she can climb onto the couch?
A child who uses the drapes like a rope ladder, and who puts her toy car on her foot like a roller skate? (Yeah, she's been walking all of 3 months so that got a little tame)

She just figured out her ride-on toy as well. At first she only went backwards, but within 1/2 hr she had it figured out, of course now she's trying to flip it.
I received a big, shiny, silver, AAA sticker in the mail, so I put that on her toy. She loves it!
She keeps trying to see her reflection in it! :)

Some of the other toys she's loving....her Glo-worm, she claps every time it finishes a song. lol. Her little car that plays music, she has to laugh every time the toy laughs. :) Her little bath boat is teaching her, that although her hand might fit in the shape hole, her hand *with* a toy in it, won't fit back out!
She keeps trying though! :-D
She loves all her toys though and who knows which one will having a starring role in her next adventure. ;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The great outdoors

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I decided to take Shiloh outside to enjoy the nice weather.
I put her socks on, set her in the enclosed back porch and fetch both of our pairs of shoes and bring them to the back porch.
Shiloh has taken off her socks and is waving them like tiny pink flags from the country of Nike.
I put her socks back on her feet, then realize I forgot my cellphone.
Grab that off the table and put it in my pocket.
Go back to the porch, once again...put the socks back on Shiloh's feet, quickly capping them on with her sneakers.
Put my own sneakers on quickly before she figures out the velcro straps on her shoes.
Then we are ready to enjoy the outdoors!

(If you know Shiloh, you know this is not a dramatization in anyway)
I let her run around a little without holding onto my hand...
She takes off full speed towards the paved driveway. I lunge and catch her envisioning her trip on the edge and skinned up chin or worse.
I redirect her to the soft grass.
She makes a beeline to the concrete stones lining the thorny rose garden.
Once again, I lunge and redirect.
Then she runs around, and stumbles almost landing on the *ONLY* pricker plant (the flat, hidden type that has to be dug out because a mower won't touch it) in the entire yard....I am right behind her so I catch her.
Then she heads to the fence, to shake it vigorously....Ta da! isn't there a small apple tree leaning against the fence that is FULL of hornets & wasps!

Okay, so we walk around the yard...hand in hand. ;-)
We also make a few laps around the house. There are a few taller weeds, at least from Shiloh's viewpoint, and she comes to a dead stop then carefully side-steps them.
She picks a older dandelion flower and carefully studies it, before wondering how it tastes.
She sees a small piece of wood, and pulls me over to it so she can carefully balance on one leg while stomping vigorously on it with the other. There that piece of wood won't be bothering us anytime soon!
So much entertainment, in such a small walk. :)

Shiloh has started giving kisses all the time. It's really sweet! Also if I am laying on the floor playing with her, she comes over and hugs and pats my head. :-D
She also has a little mirror, and when she sees herself in the mirror she has to kiss it.
This morning I was trying to get her to be quieter, so I put my finger in front of my mouth and said "Shhh!".
So she stuck her index finger into her mouth and was wandering around going "shhwaaa"! lol.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It was the Headless Horseman!

Yesterday morning after eating our breakfast, I was busy with the baby in the living room and my husband was in the kitchen.
He looked out our front window to check the thermometer so he could tell me the temp.
Next thing, I hear him all upset "There's pumpkin on our front porch!", "Why is there pumpkin on our porch?!" Sounding quite upset, he says "Who would DO such a thing?!?!"

I set the baby down and rush to the window, fully expecting smashed pumpkin to be covering our porch...I know we have teen pranksters around though it seems a bit early for pumpkin smashing, and I'm also wondering how we didn't hear it smashing since pumpkins tend to be rather heavy.

I look out the window, and there is a perfect, beautiful, WHOLE, pumpkin just sitting nice & rather decoratively on our porch.
I went out and rescued the pumpkin.
I'm laughing as I bring it inside..."Dear, it's just a pumpkin. I know you're not crazy about them...but it's a nice pumpkin and not some malicious threat. People don't just *set* pumpkins on your porch as a evil act...or do they? muwah! muwahaha! <-that's my typed evil laugh" :-D
All day long I was giggling about his saying, "Who would DO such a thing?!"

Anyways, my Dad dropped off the pumpkin...which was really nice and not a bad thing. :)
In fact, I want to take some Fall pics of Shiloh & the pumpkin, she's pretty interested in it.

Shi's teething again...still? Gotta love Tylenol & frozen teethers though!
These are top ones so those tend to be pretty miserable.
Surprise though! I got her to eat lunch today!
When she teethes her eating tends to be even less than usual, but I gave her a frozen teether at the same time as her food and I guess that eased the tooth pain enough?
She had yogurt, then some cereal, yellow rice, bite of hotdog, bite of oatmeal cookie....all in one seating!!
Amazing! Maybe we've finally reached that point where food becomes appealing to her, I hope so.
I actually took her cue that she wanted to nurse and instead plopped her in the highchair and started piling on the food hoping "something" would interest her...and she tried it all! :-D

Monday, September 17, 2007


Shiloh had a great time at her birthday party!
Even missing her naps, she was still pretty chipper.

We had some really good pizza, I was worried about trying a place that hadn't been open long, but it was great! Shiloh tried a couple bites then preferred to chew on her frozen teether instead.
She fed herself some cake too, she just didn't like the messy hands afterwards...but at least some got into her mouth. :)
And she was pretty neat considering, didn't even mess her clothes.

Opening the gifts, Shiloh didn't know where to look next, it was all so fascinating! From the cards which she opened and closed repeatedly, to the colorful enticing ribbons & bows, and the clothes & toys.
I tried to get her to open some of the wrapped gifts...even ripping a hole so she could see the toy inside, but she just reached her hand into the ripped paper and played with the toy that way instead! my new issue of "Woman's Day" looks like it was lining a gerbil cage, but she won't tear the paper on her birthday gifts? Hmmm... ;-D

One of the highlights of the party, was Uncle Jon being scared witless and nearly losing his eyebrows to a possessed spinning, sparkler, musical flower candle.
Sparks! Flaming candles spinning! A shrill shriek! (from you guess who)
hee hee! All part of my plan to throw an entertaining party! :-D

Hard to believe though that I am the mother of a 1 year old! Wow!
I miss the smallness...but I just love the hugs & kisses, pats on my head, giggles and smiles. The singing and hearing "Mama" ...yep, it's all good. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Superheroes have birthdays too

This morning, the three of us ran some errands getting ready for Shiloh's party tomorrow.
We picked up her birthday cake this cute, but I think I went overboard with the candles & decorations and now I'm not sure they will all fit! lol!
The past few times I've taken Shiloh grocery shopping she's been fascinated with the conveyor belt at the checkout!
She loves it and watched very closely as I put each of my items on the belt and they move down the line.
Next thing I car keys are going down the line and she has one hand shoving my wallet on next and the other is reaching into my purse for more things! I didn't think she could even reach!!
Yes, she's very helpful. lol.

We also bought her some helium balloons since she loves those. She was so happy in her carseat watching those balloons bounce around. If only I could see better driving while they were in there, they would make a great baby soother on a car ride! Also have to add how cute it is when a wobbly one-year old is trying to walk AND look up at the helium balloons on the ceiling at the same time!!! :D

When we got back, I wrapped presents. Mostly decorative bags go a long way...but I really wanted her to have some to rip the paper off so I did wrap a few.
Then Shi played happily with the empty cardboard wrapping paper roll. ;)
With her favorite Cool-Whip container hat, and her trade-mark one sock look, and her cardboard sword...she's a pretty stylish super hero! ;-D

I decorated too, my husband wanted to get those long balloons that you can make into shapes.
So I made some dogs & swans & a sword...that looks rather inappropriate, truth be told.
That is the limit of my creativity, though I got tired of the rest of the balloons falling off things and floating everywhere so I just twisted them together....looks like a giant pink spider, or maybe some type of anemone.
Ta Da! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wearing my daughter...on the catwalk..

I've been pretty busy lately, and not had much time for posting.
We had Shiloh's 1yr. photos taken on Monday. She did very well, and the lady was pretty good at getting a smile from her.
I had wanted a photo taken of her standing but though we didn't get that, we did get photos taken with the number "1" which I really wanted.
Then we went out to a late lunch, and my husband noticed that Shi had two new bottom teeth that had just cut through!
That means she has 6 now!!!

Yesterday, Shiloh was pretty miserable....and only took micro-naps. I'm not sure if it's the two new teeth? Those are already cut through, so I'm thinking there may be more on the way....and her lingering cold didn't help her mood any either.
She just wanted to be held or carried...even though she was fidgety, and really she just wanted to nurse 24/7.

She was so clingy and whiny...which then rather frazzled me.
So I ended up badly bruising my knee trying to climb over her child gate, and later *twice* burning my hand trying to remove a pan out of the oven while trying to keep Shiloh away from the hot stove.
At least I found another use for those frozen teethers! They work great on burns!

Then last night, after Motrin, a frozen teething ring, teething tablets, and Anbesol....It was still 2am. before I was able to get her to finally sleep.
It's Shi's typical teething regime so I need to try and check if any more may be on the way.

This morning, she's slightly happier so I'm hopeful I'll get the floors mopped like I need to. Maybe if she takes a good nap, because it will be awful difficult to mop which a one-year old velcroed to my leg. Hmm, now that's Attachment parenting! :-D

Hard to believe she'll be one in just a few days. Time flew!
She was just so incredibly tiny when she was born, and now she's just doing so much. I found her teeny-tiny hospital bracelet and that got me misty eyed.
It's just sooo small!

Okay, she needs a nap now...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tissue Issues

Shiloh has her first cold, I think. :(
She did have a bit of stuffy nose when she was about 3 wks. old, but I think this is the real deal. I still keep hoping it's just the weather change....

She woke up several times last night and was congested, having trouble breathing and nursing at the same time. Today she mostly just has a super runny nose...that's she's just loving me wiping btw! She went through two tissues in just the first hour of waking...and it doesn't help that she keeps grabbing the tissues from my hands and trying to shred them!

She's being good-natured otherwise, playing and she ate some of her favorite...sweet potatoes.
I'm hoping to get a nap when she does but (today of all days), our neighbor on the side of the house where both of Shi's beds tearing up his driveway with a jackhammer & a backhoe!!
The jackhammer scared Shiloh and she was clinging to my leg as I walked around so we ended up cuddling on the couch looking through a "One Step Ahead" magazine...and turning on the television to drown out the scary sounds a bit!
I have the Vicks vaporizer running today, and she has no temp so it's not too bad.

I think she's mostly over her fear of stuffed animals...not sure about the ones that make noise though, but last night she brought me her socks that she had removed....then she brought me her stuffed bear. So I put her socks on the bear.
She loved that, thought it was pretty funny....removed the socks and wanted me to put them back on the bear...and repeat....and repeat.
No fussing, she's been patting the bear on the head instead so that's a good sign.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

13 1/2 hours later

Not too long after we got back home from camp yesterday. Shiloh fell asleep.
I expected she would be tired, after shopping and long hours of traveling and playing with her cousins.
I put things away, unpacked, did a little baking since we had nothing for breakfast, took a shower, and got things ready for the baby's bath.
Little did I know that except for barely rousing to nurse several times, Shiloh would sleep for 13 1/2 hours...even through a diaper change, and being moved to her crib!!!

We had a busy, fun, weekend. Boating, shopping, talking, eating. Shiloh followed the kids around, and made her fussy face, and pretended that *everything* was a phone...from a coaster to a giant bubble wand. She ate pretty well too.
Today, she's playing with all the toys she missed so much.
We had to run out to the grocery store as well, because we didn't have any milk or bread or other staples.
Shi ate her goldfish crackers and pulled things out of my purse and handed them to me while we shopped.

It is true though that you will buy more things when you are hungry! I also wanted to get different things, hoping more things will tempt Shi's appetite.

This afternoon, Shi-Shi just started carrying a blanket around and hugging it.
I think it must be just from watching her cousins and their blankets this weekend? Anyways....she's trying to eat it now, so I better go!