Thursday, September 20, 2007

The great outdoors

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I decided to take Shiloh outside to enjoy the nice weather.
I put her socks on, set her in the enclosed back porch and fetch both of our pairs of shoes and bring them to the back porch.
Shiloh has taken off her socks and is waving them like tiny pink flags from the country of Nike.
I put her socks back on her feet, then realize I forgot my cellphone.
Grab that off the table and put it in my pocket.
Go back to the porch, once again...put the socks back on Shiloh's feet, quickly capping them on with her sneakers.
Put my own sneakers on quickly before she figures out the velcro straps on her shoes.
Then we are ready to enjoy the outdoors!

(If you know Shiloh, you know this is not a dramatization in anyway)
I let her run around a little without holding onto my hand...
She takes off full speed towards the paved driveway. I lunge and catch her envisioning her trip on the edge and skinned up chin or worse.
I redirect her to the soft grass.
She makes a beeline to the concrete stones lining the thorny rose garden.
Once again, I lunge and redirect.
Then she runs around, and stumbles almost landing on the *ONLY* pricker plant (the flat, hidden type that has to be dug out because a mower won't touch it) in the entire yard....I am right behind her so I catch her.
Then she heads to the fence, to shake it vigorously....Ta da! isn't there a small apple tree leaning against the fence that is FULL of hornets & wasps!

Okay, so we walk around the yard...hand in hand. ;-)
We also make a few laps around the house. There are a few taller weeds, at least from Shiloh's viewpoint, and she comes to a dead stop then carefully side-steps them.
She picks a older dandelion flower and carefully studies it, before wondering how it tastes.
She sees a small piece of wood, and pulls me over to it so she can carefully balance on one leg while stomping vigorously on it with the other. There that piece of wood won't be bothering us anytime soon!
So much entertainment, in such a small walk. :)

Shiloh has started giving kisses all the time. It's really sweet! Also if I am laying on the floor playing with her, she comes over and hugs and pats my head. :-D
She also has a little mirror, and when she sees herself in the mirror she has to kiss it.
This morning I was trying to get her to be quieter, so I put my finger in front of my mouth and said "Shhh!".
So she stuck her index finger into her mouth and was wandering around going "shhwaaa"! lol.

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