Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It was the Headless Horseman!

Yesterday morning after eating our breakfast, I was busy with the baby in the living room and my husband was in the kitchen.
He looked out our front window to check the thermometer so he could tell me the temp.
Next thing, I hear him all upset "There's pumpkin on our front porch!", "Why is there pumpkin on our porch?!" Sounding quite upset, he says "Who would DO such a thing?!?!"

I set the baby down and rush to the window, fully expecting smashed pumpkin to be covering our porch...I know we have teen pranksters around though it seems a bit early for pumpkin smashing, and I'm also wondering how we didn't hear it smashing since pumpkins tend to be rather heavy.

I look out the window, and there is a perfect, beautiful, WHOLE, pumpkin just sitting nice & rather decoratively on our porch.
I went out and rescued the pumpkin.
I'm laughing as I bring it inside..."Dear, it's just a pumpkin. I know you're not crazy about them...but it's a nice pumpkin and not some malicious threat. People don't just *set* pumpkins on your porch as a evil act...or do they? muwah! muwahaha! <-that's my typed evil laugh" :-D
All day long I was giggling about his saying, "Who would DO such a thing?!"

Anyways, my Dad dropped off the pumpkin...which was really nice and not a bad thing. :)
In fact, I want to take some Fall pics of Shiloh & the pumpkin, she's pretty interested in it.

Shi's teething again...still? Gotta love Tylenol & frozen teethers though!
These are top ones so those tend to be pretty miserable.
Surprise though! I got her to eat lunch today!
When she teethes her eating tends to be even less than usual, but I gave her a frozen teether at the same time as her food and I guess that eased the tooth pain enough?
She had yogurt, then some cereal, yellow rice, bite of hotdog, bite of oatmeal cookie....all in one seating!!
Amazing! Maybe we've finally reached that point where food becomes appealing to her, I hope so.
I actually took her cue that she wanted to nurse and instead plopped her in the highchair and started piling on the food hoping "something" would interest her...and she tried it all! :-D

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