Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stew...everyone have some stew for supper!

I just finished making some beef stew and biscuits. Yum!
Good Fall time food, DH was really the one to be craving it. I usually start craving Apple cider, Cider donuts, and pumpkin pie as my first fall foods.
The crock pot is doing the rest of the work on the stew now. That's the best way to cook something like beef stew which is tastiest after a long cooking period.

It takes me a ridiculous amount of time though to make a rather simple meal.
Browning the meat on the stove, while scrambling an egg that will be happily squished between her fingers and not eaten at all by my daughter.
The peeled potatoes had to take a long water bath, while I changed Shiloh and fed her and laid her down for her nap, and hoped that they didn't darken on me.
Thankfully, I have a sweet husband who peeled & cut the carrots and onions for me.
I can never cut onions without sobbing as if I am watching "8 Below" while pregnant! ;-)

Lol, while trying to find the link to the old post, I read some of my other pregnant musings.
I am silly when I am pregnant...shush, I am not like that right now! ;-)
Like worrying that Shiloh would have frostbite on her head...hee hee!
Her head is fine, thank you very much!

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