Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Super Shiloh and the Lipizzaner Zebra!

My daughter is such a daredevil!
She could star in a Lara Croft/Indiana Jones adventure for toddlers!

She is just loving all her birthday presents. :)
Her Aunt Heather got her the FP Bounce & Spin Zebra, and Shi absolutely loves it. On Sunday she figured out how to climb on and off by herself.
She couldn't have been more proud of herself either, she was just beaming! :)
She's still a little short for it (only one foot touches at a time) but that doesn't stop her from bouncing and spinning and climbing on and off.
By Monday, she figured that was a little tame.
So while riding it she tries putting both of her feet through the handles...I took her off the toy.
Next thing...she's STANDING on the back of the zebra, BOUNCING and giggling hysterically! Lol.
She looked just like a little circus girl!

What else would I expect from a child who uses her rocking chair to climb on top of the end table so she can play with the remote controls?
A child who tries piling pillows & stuffed animals so she can climb onto the couch?
A child who uses the drapes like a rope ladder, and who puts her toy car on her foot like a roller skate? (Yeah, she's been walking all of 3 months so that got a little tame)

She just figured out her ride-on toy as well. At first she only went backwards, but within 1/2 hr she had it figured out, of course now she's trying to flip it.
I received a big, shiny, silver, AAA sticker in the mail, so I put that on her toy. She loves it!
She keeps trying to see her reflection in it! :)

Some of the other toys she's loving....her Glo-worm, she claps every time it finishes a song. lol. Her little car that plays music, she has to laugh every time the toy laughs. :) Her little bath boat is teaching her, that although her hand might fit in the shape hole, her hand *with* a toy in it, won't fit back out!
She keeps trying though! :-D
She loves all her toys though and who knows which one will having a starring role in her next adventure. ;-)

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